"Promise me, Ned. Promise me you'll keep him safe. If Robert finds out, he will kill him. You know he will. Promise me."

Those words haunted Eddard Stark from the moment they left his younger sister's mouth. Her tears that were rapidly falling, to the way she was holding the babe tight to her chest still covered in blood, and especially the blood gushing out of her which would soon take her life. He thought the predicament through, trying to find a way he could keep the babe hidden from her betrothed and his best friend.

"Ned, promise me. Please. I need to know he's in good hands."

Hesitating, he nodded his head and spoke those two words back to her. Hesitantly, she handed the new-born to him who immediately whined at not being in the warm embrace of his dying mother anymore.

"His name is Jaeron Targaryen. Rhaegar was certain he would be a girl and we would call her Visenya. But after getting it through his head that he may be a boy, we decided on a name that is of Valyrian origins, but there's been no other ruler by said name. A new start."

Targaryen. Not Sand. Targaryen. His beloved sister was not kidnapped. He always had a feeling there was more to it than what was let on, but he didn't want to dishonour his sister and enrage Robert Baratheon as the stag had a temper that even the Mad King couldn't rival. Lyanna Targaryen. It suited her. As he looked down at the babe to see the pale lilac eyes which seemed to shift to his mother's pale grey, there was no denying who's the boy's parents were.

"Ned, take that chest with you back to the North. It contains all the documents needed to prove his identity if needed. He's the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. On his sixteenth name-day if he survives to that age, tell him. Do not tell him before as I want him to be a man grown when he makes his decision."

One of the midwives pushed the small chest over towards him, along with a long skinny parcel. He looked at it oddly, wondering what it contained. This was answered as the woman holding it opened it to reveal the contents. It was rare Eddard Stark was taken aback, and Lyanna had to bite back a laugh at his facial expression.

"Dark Sister. The very sword Visenya Targaryen wielded. Give this to him the day you tell him the truth Ned. Rhaegar wanted his eldest to inherit it, but little Aegon was killed by the mountain, and Rhaenys by Amory Lorch. It's his."

A loud cry from the infant broke him from his trance as he shifted his arms position. Once the boy settled, he had a plan. He had been away for eleven months. He would tell his new wife that after a battle he had strayed and that he regretted it massively. But the woman had died giving birth to the babe, and he couldn't leave him be. Then on his sixteenth name day, he would sit down with the boy and explain everything to him. He would support his nephew with whatever decision he makes at the time. Jaeron Targaryen. He would call him Jon for short- a name derived from the Northern name Jonathor. He was about to explain his plan to his sister, but when he looked to her, he noticed her eyes had closed forever.

"I'll do it for you Lya, I promise."