In the central HQ of Providence, at the airtight nanite-proof chamber that serves as the office of the only nanite-free living being on Earth, White Knight was thinking deeply.

Being the man in charge of the most effective organization in dealing with EVOs at global scale, he had the authority to access the expedients to some of the most bizarre and unresolved cases, in various degrees of confidentiality, in case some EVO was involved and take charge of the investigation.

The thing is that when he took note of some unexplained disappearances and deaths, his veteran intuition told him that they had something in common, and after some investigating, some unnerving things came to light: multiple disappearances of girls at very young ages, some appearing deceased from causes unknown to forensic science; high rate of suicides at the incidents' periphery as well as rumors of some paranormal phenomena that some witnesses called 'magic'.

Obviously, not a sane person would believe in magic, but in a world infested with mutagenic nanomachines that can also give powers to the infected, White would suspect that an EVO or a group of them was involved in all this if not for a little detail.

Those incidents have been happening even decades before the Nanite Incident, which makes him more uneasy. Who or what could be able of all that without EVOs existing? Not even purely human cults without access to nanites or advanced technology would be able to fake paranormal effects to that extent.

There were some people who tried to reach to the truth of the happenings only to hit a dead end or be laughed off. With one of the most recent files being compiled by a japanese woman with the name of Misako Ishijima. What is interesting is the use of terms like 'Witches' and 'Magical Girls'.

Strangely enough, since the Event, there were tons of reports of killed EVOs as well as restrained ones, the latter followed with numerous anonymous calls to Providence or the authorities in the sites of the incidents. When the soldiers arrive, there was no one with the exception of the EVOs and weak signals of some kind of unknown energy.

Honestly, White Knight doesn't know what to believe in but one thing was clear: if there was a sign of a menace as dangerous or more than the EVOs then it was his duty to investigate, and if necessary, neutralize it. The fate of mankind could or could not be in risk for something in the shadows but he was not going to take any chances.

And he will begin with Mitakihara, a japanese city that has recently experiencing a promising technological growth as well as being one of the most recent places where those so called 'Witch-Magical Girl' incidents are rising.

Without second thoughts, he reached his intercom "Six, I have a job for you and bring Dr Holiday and Rex with you, too. It's a… somewhat delicate one."

Puer EVO Machina Rex

Rex felt like his head was exploding. It wasn't like that one time he was invited to a drinking party by Noah or when some EVO hits him more than he admits was healthy to him.

There was a lot of noise in the ambient too, explosion especifically, like someone decided to use military grade weapons to orchestrate a verbena of all things. Though there was some other noise that was supporting more to the headache than all those ear-shattering kabooms: a laugh, but it wasn't a normal one or those evil ones from the villains he encountered in his career, but a psychotic, despairing one like if a person just crossed the trauma event horizon and just broke, now only wanting to see the world suffer with the glee of a 5-year old.

It was incredibly unnerving, even for a happy-go-lucky EVO who battles abominations of nature as well as individuals and groups with various degrees of evil.

In the end, his need to see what the hell was happening overpowered his headache, so he opened his eyes, and was witness to something even he would find improbable.

"What the hell?" For what he saw was a city, a ruined one at that, probably due to all the buildings that were floating in the air, as well as some wrecked Providence airships among the midst. But the weirdest thing of all was a giant upside down mannequin, jester, woman giant clockwork thingy in the center of the flying wreckage, and apparently was what was letting out that laugh.

Though he had the strange notion that it was laughing at him.

Rex tried to stand up, only to feel something warm through his glove while he was about to support himself. "Blood?" He noted and saw the puddle that was near him as well as someone who he hoped wasn't there.

"SIX!" Rex immediately went towards his father figure, whose body was partly buried under some wreckage. Rex used his Smack Hands to lift the rubble, only to see his fears true.

"No...nonononono!" Rex despaired. For Agent Six was impaled in the chest by a huge and sharp piece of rebar, making survival very improbable.

"Come on, Six! We're going back to Providence to fix you up, so please hold on!" He took upon Six's body, trying to apply him first aid, only to sense that Six didn't have any pulse.

"It's useless." A feminine voice sounded behind Rex, who turned with tears beginning to form, the interlocutor being a black haired teenager with violet eyes and a small shield on her arm. "He's dead, like most people here."

"Who are you?! And what do you know?!" Rex angrily questioned while neon lines surged throughout his body, preparing his builds in case. "Did you have anything to do with what happened to him?!"

The girl just pointed at the giggling abomination "No matter how many times I turn back, it's impossible for me to defeat her. I thought that this timeline would be the one where I would be successful but it seems I was wrong."

"W-what? Turn back? Timelines? That doesn't make any sense" The EVO said now more confused than anything.

"I'm sorry." The girl said, apologetically lowering her head "But I can only tell you one thing: Don't trust the Incubators."

"Don't trust the Incubators?" repeated Rex. Suddenly, a shadow covers both of them, and when he looked towards its origin, revealing to be a building that was quickly coming towards them.

Rex tried to build his machines but somehow wasn't able to, and the building crashed into them. The psycho laugh taunting him all the time.

Puer EVO Machina Rex

Rex shot up from his bed, breathing heavily and with heart threatening to come out of his chest. After a few seconds, he calmed down enough to assure himself that what happened wasn't real. Or at least tried to.

"Hey, kid." a gruff voice called out, coming from a talking monkey in sleepwear and an eyepatch "Freaky dream?"

"Yeah..." Rex let out.

"Wanna talk about it?" The monkey said concerned.

"Thanks Bobo, but I don't think I'm in the mood for that."

"If you say so." Bobo shrugged "As long as you don't wake me up again, we're good, though if I were you, I would talk about it with the doc." And like that, he returned to sleep in his hammock.

Rex stood in silence for a few seconds until placing his bed in bed "Maybe I should do that…"

He had a dreamless sleep the rest of the night, but couldn't take off that nightmare from his head. Maybe a day of work can help him forget about it. EVO busting was kinda therapeutic for him.

Too bad for him the dream would mark his next mission.

AN: The awesomeness of Generator Rex meets the despair of Puella Magi! This Generator Rex fic will be a bit more dark and serious than the Date A Live one (and DAL can be quite dark) but it will still have the ass-whooping action of the two series combined. Especially in Rex's side.

Just in case someone says Kyubey would have met Van Kleiss in the past, the answer is no. Following the multiple timeline theme of Puella Magi, the events that brought Van Kleiss to modify Breach's powers cannot be made possible if Rex fails in defeating Walpurgisnacht and dies. Only when a successful timeline is created, will the events of Lions and Lambs happen. Time-travelling is very confusing.

Should I make it a little more despairing or more hopeful? Maybe adding an EVO attack or two… Remember, despite being a CN show, Generator Rex setting is potentially bleak: if Rex wasn't discovered, the human race could have eventually been extinguished, either by being killed by EVOs or turned into them.