"Baby, I've got the whole day off tomorrow. What do you want to do?" Shelby asked her daughter as they snuggled into bed late on the Friday night.

"Can we go and see a show?" Rachel asked. She couldn't believe her time with her mother was almost up. Her flight home was on Tuesday and it was almost Saturday. She hoped she'd get to see her mother again soon. It was hard with her being in New York.

"Of course, what do you want to see?" Shelby asked rubbing her daughter's stomach caringly. Rachel thought for a moment.

"Mary Poppins or The Lion King" Rachel said thinking hard trying to decide which one she'd rather see.

"Actually no Tarzan" She said "It's closing in July so I want to see it"

Shelby smiled and nodded.

"We could see two if you want" Shelby said. She knew her daughter loved theatre and would love to be the person with her for her first ever two show day. Rachel looked at her mother before sitting up.

"You'd take me to see two shows?" Rachel asked excitedly and Shelby nodded.

"Yeah, I want to see them too" Shelby said laughing.

"Please Mum. Oh please, can we see Tarzan and Mary Poppins" Rachel asked.

"Of course, once I get you off to sleep. I'll book them" Shelby said.

"Can't you book them now? So, I know they are definitely booked" Rachel begged.

"Don't you trust me to do it?" Shelby asked.

"I do trust you but just what if there aren't any tickets left" Rachel said. Shelby laughed. Come on, she was on Broadway. She had ways; she knew someone from almost every show on at the moment. She would get them tickets, and good tickets at that. Shelby quickly fired some emails and went onto the booking system and was able to book tickets. Her plan was to book tickets to keep Rachel happy and then see if she could get them upgraded to better seats once she'd spoken to her friends.

Seeing her mom booking the tickets made Rachel happy and she quickly settled back into bed with her mother. Since they had spoken on Tuesday, Rachel had relaxed back into life living with her mother and had spent every night since then sleeping with Shelby rather than in her own room. Shelby didn't mind, she loved having her snuggle monster with her and that is exactly how they both drifted off to sleep that night.

Shelby woke up to a weight on top of her. She opened her eyes to see her daughter fully on top of her. Shelby's legs were slightly open and both Rachel's legs were there. They were lay stomach to stomach. Shelby smiled, it was slightly uncomfortable but as long as her daughter was happy, she was happy. Shelby then started to play with Rachel's hair knowing that it won't be much longer before the girl was awake as well. Often it was Rachel who was the first one awake.

Slowly Rachel's eyes opened and she hide her face into her mother's chest. She loved her mother and just wanted to be in her arms.

"Morning baby" Shelby said softly as she felt her daughter move in her arms. Rachel loved it when her mother used that soft voice with her.

"Do we need to get up now?" Rachel mumbled.

"Well it's almost 10 o'clock so we do need to get up soon. I thought we could go to lunch before the theatre" Shelby said and Rachel mumbled.

"What are we seeing first?" Rachel asked.

"Tarzan and then Mary Poppins tonight" Shelby said and Rachel nodded. Rachel clutched her mother's tank top tightly in her hand.

"You okay?" Shelby asked softly.

"Mum, see when we went swimming" Rachel asked and Shelby nodded wondering where this was going.

"Are you still like on your period?" Rachel asked and Shelby shook her head.

"No, it stopped on Wednesday. Why are you wondering?" Shelby asked.

"How come I didn't know?" Rachel asked and Shelby looked at her daughter confused.

"What do you mean?" Shelby asked.

"How come you never said before? I just found out by accident" Rachel admitted.

"Well when you get to my age, I've had periods for nearly 20 years now so it's just like a normal part of each month" Shelby admitted, and Rachel nodded.

"So you don't tell people?" Rachel asked.

"Well I don't tell everyone but it's not like a secret. I'd tell my friends if it was going to affect something" Shelby explained "But when you first start it's different. You probably will find that to start with you will tell me or your dads".

"I don't want to have to tell my dads" Rachel said blushing.

"I know it seems embarrassing, but they will help you. And you know you can tell me too" Shelby said and Rachel nodded. She was still embarrassed for having brought it up. Shelby could tell this but didn't want to push the girl so instead, she played with the girl's hair.

They stayed like this for nearly 15 minutes before they really needed to get up. They both showered and then got dressed by this time it was after 12 o'clock. They walked into Times Square looking for somewhere to eat.

"What do you fancy?" Shelby asked.

"Em, burger and fries" Rachel said grinning and Shelby laughed.

"Fine then I suppose" Shelby said as she took her daughter to a nice diner. They quickly ordered and settled down.

"Can't I just stay here forever?" Rachel asked as she looked out of the window onto Times Square.

"New York City isn't a place I'd want my child to grow up" Shelby said honestly "You won't get a normal childhood"

Rachel shrugged. She wasn't like other children anyway. She was different. She would have liked living in New York. They spoke until their food arrived and then held a comfortable conversation as they left. Shelby was glad that she had left in plenty of time because the girl spoke so much instead of eating that she took a very long time to finish her meal.

Once they had finished, they had to quickly run to the theatre. Shelby hated being late.

"Mom, you do know that the show starts in 20 minutes" Rachel huffed as she was dragged into the theatre by her mother. Shelby had nearly pulled Rachel off her feet while they ran through Times Square.

"But I hate when people are late, it's so distracting for the actors and actresses" Shelby explained "And you never know what might happen"

Shelby put her sunglasses on. She didn't think that people would spot her, of course they knew what she looked like but that was only her real fans. The rest of them just knew what she looked like while green. It did help.

They quickly found their seats and waited for the show to start. Rachel could feel people looking at them. It was clear that her mother had been recognised. She sighed, it was cool but it got really annoying.

"Mom, people keep staring. Can you make it stop?" Rachel complained.

"Sorry I can't but it will stop when the show starts" Shelby said just ignoring them. She was used to this. She was always polite to fans when they spoke to her but didn't actively encourage it. It could let to it getting out of hands.

As Shelby had predicted, once the show started Rachel was engrossed in the show that she didn't notice anyone looking at her mother. The fans had also lost interested, at least for just now. Rachel loved Tarzan. She looked at her mother with bright eyes when the intermission started.

"Mom, that was amazing" She said before she started going on about her favourite part and what she thought would happen next. Shelby laughed but listened to the girl.

"Sorry to interrupt but could we get a picture?" Someone asked Shelby. Shelby agreed and suddenly she was surrounded. She took pictures with all her fans and then excused herself. She turned around and expected Rachel to be there. She got a fright when the girl was gone.

Quickly she stood up and made her way to the edge of the row. She looked around in panic. She searched for her phone and turned it on. Why did the damn thing go so slow during an emergency? She phoned her daughter, but Rachel's phone was still off. Shelby made her way to the ushers and asked them if they had seen her daughter. She was asked for a picture of the girl and the usher said she would keep a look out and also alert others. Shelby nodded. The usher said they wouldn't announce anything until the intermission was over as if the girl had gone wandering, she would have returned. Shelby nodded.

She stayed near her seat but looked around for her daughter. The bells rang signalling the near end of the intermission and Shelby's heart started to rise. Should she tell Hiram and Leroy? What would they think of her? She could feel the tears starting to slip down her face when suddenly she noticed long dark hair coming towards her.

"Rachel where were you?" Shelby asked pulling her daughter into her arms.

"Mom, you were taking ages and I needed the toilet" Rachel said not understanding the drama.

"I couldn't find you, I thought you had been kidnapped" Shelby said "Don't you ever go off without saying again"

Rachel nodded and instantly felt bad when she saw how upset her mother was. Shelby went over to the usher to explain her daughter had been found. When the show started, Rachel snuggled into her mother as the reality hit her as to what she had just done.

Once the show finished, they walked around Times Square for a while before nipping into a cheap pizza store. They got a large slice of pizza each and sat down. It was the small things that counted, Rachel much preferred this to a fancy restaurant.

They spoke in depth about Tarzan and then their minds turned to Mary Poppins and what they were expecting. They arrived at Mary Poppins again slightly early. They quickly found their seats and Shelby was relieved again that there were families around, it reduced the chance of her being spotted. This time the intermission went without a glitch. Shelby kept her head down and no one came near her. She quickly whipped the girl to the toilet right at the start and they returned to their seats well before the intermission ended.

Once the show had finished, Rachel was shattered. It had been a very busy week and it was catching up with her. Shelby noticed this and decided to hail a taxi home. She got a taxi quickly and they bundled inside. It wasn't far and she thought the taxi man seemed a bit pissed off about it but soon realised why as Rachel instantly drifted off to sleep in her mother's arms.

They arrived outside the apartment building and Shelby paid the cab driver. She then picked up her daughter and went into the apartment building. The security guard helped her with the doors which she was thankful for. She carried her baby up the stairs and placed her down on her bed. She woke the girl enough for her to do her teeth and go to the toilet before her mother helped her into her pyjamas. Once changed, Shelby lay the girl done on the bed and kissed her.

"I'll be back soon" Shelby said.

"No momma, you leave me" Rachel mumbled.

"I'm just going to lock up and get ready for bed myself" Shelby said and Rachel nodded. That was allowed. She must have fallen asleep as she couldn't remember anything.

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