Stardate: 52600.94
Friday Oct 17 2375

Ensign Jorge sat in the small office on the asteroid base-let that monitored his section of the defence grid around Sol. Since the Borg the system containing the Federation's Capital had been covered by a detection grid similar to the one deployed by Starfleet during the Klingon civil war. It had picked up all sorts of smugglers using knock off cloaks in the early days, but now it was simply a spot where troublesome officers where placed as a punishment shift. Jorge sighed - its not as if his Captain's dog hadn't looked cute with the mohawk he'd given her...

A bleep caught his attention. The grid had picked some something approaching the outer Oort Ring. The sensors could not detect what it was, but there was a cluster of something. As trained, Jorge slammed his hand down on the Alert button, and sensor stations all over the grid where brought to life as their operators joined in the scan. The Alert reached several patrol ships in the system as the Outer Grid could not ID the incoming *thing*. The fast shuttles short-jumped to the location provided by the grid only to find the anomaly had moved on faster than expected as the Asteroid field Grid was now detecting it. Alerts now rang out on Mars, Earth, and various Star-bases. Starships where scrambled. The CiC was altered as per the Playbook for these encounters.

The anomaly began to break up into smaller sensor readings as it passed Mars causing the ships chasing it to split up. As the reading neared Earth the Union managed to get a sensor lock and a look at what was incoming - a ship of unknown configuration. The Alert was upgraded to Red, flagged as a possible attack. Starfleet Security interrupted a Federation Council session to order all Councillors to emergency posts. The President was beamed off world. The fast moving points where closed in on, but not before the attack began.

Appearing out of whatever cloak they were under as they hit atmosphere the Unknown ships sped over the planet raining destruction from above on San Francisco, New York, London, Mumbai. Planetary defences long thought obsolete where fired up, but with the exception of one near Moscow none where able to hit the attackers. Starfleet attack shuttles began to shoot down the 25 now identified Breen ships. Civilians began fleeing the planet and the airspace became confused with ships disobeying orders to stay put. An older Tellerite freighter jumped into system and headed for Earth, ignored in the chaos. With 75% of the Breen ships down Air Traffic Control tried to reign in the chaos in the sky. The lone freighter went into a holding pattern over Siberia claiming landing gear malfunction.

The last three Breen ships launched a blistering attack on various Earth based ground weather control stations, scattering planetary sensors as the weather went crazy. An energy spike suddenly appeared over Siberia but was lost in the data, even to those watching from space, who cheered as the last of the attacking ships went down. The Federation Council emerged from their shelters to resume their session when all hell broke loose. A Wave of green devastating energy erupted from the Russian steppes sweeping across the planet. In the Americas there was time to beam only a few to safety before the wave swept through - in seconds Earth was but a bare shell of rock - nothing remained on the surface - the atmosphere was a churning mass of storms and violence, barely holding itself to the planet.

On Starbase One President Zife looked down on the dead world - as a Bolian Earth was not this home-world, but it was the heart of the Federation. A PADD was pressed into his hand from the Breen declaring their Alliance with the Dominion. He turned from the windows and addressed the shell-shocked Admirals
"They have brought War to our doorstep thinking it would cow us? Let them discover the cost of their folly!"