In many ways Jake O'Neill was your typical 16 year old and in just as many ways he wasn't for one he had never had a child hood as he had been cloned by an Asgard named Loki originally the clone was only supposed to replace Jack O'Neill for a day or so but because of some genetic markers that had been put into Jack's DNA by the Asgard when they had helped him get the knowledge of the ancients out of his head before it had killed him the cloning process had resulted in him being replaced by a 15 year old version of himself.

Jake had spent his first couple of months at Star Gate Command (SGC) after his DNA structure had been re-sequenced so that he could live a full life ahead of him. His first few weeks he saw Dr. Fraser a few times as she had to get him updated on all of the vaccines that he would need so that he could go to high school, along with some tests to find out if he was able to reproduce and supply himself with enough testosterone to be able to grow up as a male. They had also decided on what his back story should be, it had been decided that Jack O'Neill would be his uncle and his Mom had passed away giving birth to him well his dad was MIA and presumed dead, and he had been living in foster car since he was 10 which was when his dad had gone missing, Daniel gave him lots of information about various things that happened to him well he was in foster care so he had an idea what it was like if someone asked him a direct question about it. They had decided to allow him to be an emancipated minor as it would be easier then having to explain anything about him to civilians. He had also decided on the name of Jacob Gorge O'Neill, he had picked Jacob after Samantha Carter's father as she had to supply some DNA in order for his to be re-sequenced he had taken Gorge after General Hammond who had been one of the main people who had helped to set things up for him. Also he had to get a few items of clothing that fit him and weren't Air force issue, although he did keep his Air Force t-shirt for lounge wear when he was at home in in the basement apartment of an aunt of Walter Harriman (the chevron guy) she was given a need to know briefing about Jake and told that if anything happened to him to call her nephew immediately. Jake also had a tracking device embedded in him and an SGC staff member was assigned to watch over him 24/7, he was also given a cell phone with an untraceable number and always had a secure connection on it.

Jake O'Neill woke up like he always did every morning since he had started high school again. A few things had changed in the year since he had been cloned. First he had grown out his hair to more of a skateboarder length, another big change had happened to him only about 6 months ago when he had gone to the dentist and had been recommended to have braces. Jake had weighed his options carefully both on what he figured he could put up with and what he found out would be covered by the dental plan he was given by the Air force. He had decided to go with regular metal ones which he didn't find as bad as the ones he remembered having when he was Jack also he had gotten blue bands put on them that kind of reminded him of the Air force uniforms.

He had woken up that morning with a stomach ache and decided to tough it out as it was probably just some bad pizza that he had the night before. He went to school as he normally did, instead of driving he decided to just skate to school as it was a nice day out. He had actually gotten pretty good at skateboarding for someone who had only been doing it for about a year, but he seemed to learn things very quickly maybe it was because of the way that his brain was engineered by the Asgard as they had created him to be a temporary replacement for then Col. Jack O'Neill, but because of a genetic marker that had been placed by the Asgard it had actually created an immature clone of him at about the age of 15, The clone had actually only been designed to be used for a short period of time but thanks to some reengineering of it's DNA structure he was able to live a normal life as a Teenager.

On his way to school that day Jacob or Jake as he preferred to be called thought about how it had been just over a year since he had been cloned it was also nearing the end of the school year, it had been a wild year too he had stared a new high school in September.

Jake got through his day at school although how he did it, he couldn't remember as he was in a lot of pain by the end of the day. He decide that he needed some medical attention and as he wasn't sure if he should go to a hospital or if he should call someone at the SGC. He decided that he should just call the first number that he thought of it happened to be Col. O'Neill's office.

Jack O'Neill was sitting in his office writing out a mission report from there last mission when his phone rang. He looked over to it o see who was calling him. The number was unfamiliar and it also said restricted for the person calling. He wondered who would be calling his office at the SGC from a restricted name. He picked it up and said "Hello Col. O'Neill's office, who am I speaking with?"

All he heard on the other end was heavy breathing as if someone was scared or panicking about something. Again he asked "who is this?"

Then he heard a voice mutter some thing that sounded like "Fuck why is this so hard?"

He realized then who it was and said: "Jake what's wrong I thought we agreed that you wouldn't contact me and watch your language young man."

"I need your help," said the voice on the other end, "I'm not feeling so good and I think I might need a doctor."

"Where are you?" Col O'Neill replied.

"I'm at the gas station just up the road from the mountain; can you come and get me?"

Col. O'Neill said "sure I'll be there in a bit, just hang tight."

Col O'Neill ran to the elevator and took it up to the surface he then got into a hummer that was kept parked outside the mountain just in case it was needed.

He drove down the road to the gas station and pulled up just beside the payphone and rolled down his window and said: "Need a lift?"

The Younger version of himself picked up his bag and opened the door and said "Yeah, Thanks, Uncle Jack."

They drove back to SGC headquarters in silence. Col O'Neill noticed that he (the clone) had grown his hair out and had a skateboard with him. He thought to himself he has made different choices then I did. I never would have taken up skateboarding.

When they got there Little Jack (Jake) was given some odd glances by the military personal who obviously thought it was extremely odd that a sixteen-year-old kid had the same clearance as the Col that was accompanying him.

Once they got down to the level that the SGC was on they begin to head to the infirmary, Jake turned to Jack and said: "before we see the Doc can I grab a drink?"

Jack looked at his sixteen-year-old self and smiled and said: "sure why not I could use some coffee."

They walked into the cafeteria where they saw Major Samantha Carter and Dr. Daniel Jackson doing the same thing.

They both looked at Jack and Col O'Neill, Sam said "What's he doing here? I thought he was living up world and having no contact with you?"

Little Jack just smiled at her and said "I'm having a little stomach pain. So I called the first number I could think of and it just happened to be mine or his, whatever way you want to think of it."

Col. O'Neill turned to him and said "Don't do things like that."

"Things like what", replied Jake.

"Referring to things about me in the first person," Jack replied back

"Oh, sorry about that, it's just that I am you to you know."

They walked up to the front of the line where Col O'Neill turned to Jack and said "do you want something to eat or are you just going to have the Ginger ale?" as the young man had grabbed a can of it.

Jack thought about it for a minute and just said "No I'm not really hungry today just thirsty plus maybe it will help settle my stomach a bit." Col. O'Neill looked at his clone and said "Not Hungry are you felling alright maybe we should go see old Doc Frasier now."

Dr. Frasier happened to be not far from them and over heard the conversation; she knew how stubborn Col O'Neill was about things like that too. She got up and walked over to them and said "Come by for a visit then."

Col. O'Neill looked at him smiled and said "busted!"

The three of them walked into the exam room where Dr. Frasier said to Jake "You up on the bed."

He groaned and got up onto it and said "I'm just having some stomach pains and don't fell like eating that's all."

She looked at him and said "relax it's probably nothing."

She began examining his abdomen, when she got to his right side he said "Ow that hurts."

She then said "Jake have you had your appendix out?"

Both of them replied to her "Yeah when I was sixteen"

She then said "well it looks like you're going to have to have it out again," looking at Jake still.

He muttered under his berth something that sounded like "Fucking Loki."

Col. O'Neill looked at him and said: "hey watch your language."

"Yes Jake watch your language, after all you are in the presence of a lady", Doctor Frasier said.

Jake bent his head down and said: "sorry doc."

"Now that we've got that settled there's still the little matter of your appendix Jake," Dr. Fraser said as she got out the necessary paperwork. 'Now let's get started, shall we? Name"

"Jake O'Neill"

"Age and date of birth"

"16 and I was born June 20th 1988 or 2003 if you want the date I was cloned. Can we just forget all this stuff for now and get the surgery over with?"

Just then General Hammond walked in and said "Major Carter and Dr. Jackson just came to see me, telling me that Jack's clone was here and him having stomach pains

"Right here George", Jake said from where he was lying.

General Hammond came over to him and "how is he?"

Doctor Frasier said," I think he has appendicitis but I just want to get an ultrasound to make sure." She rolled over an ultrasound machine as she said this and asked Jake to pull up his t-shirt and tucked a towel into the waist of his shorts. After she finished the test she looked over to Jake and said: "I'm sorry young man but it looks like your going to have to have surgery."

Dr. Frasier began prepping Jake for surgery as soon as Jack signed the consent forms, as Jake had asked him to do it as Dr. Frasier had sated him on some pain meds well she got her surgical team ready.

A few hours later once Jake had woken up from the anesthesia, Dr Frasier and Col. O'Neill had a few more questions for Jake, as well he was under the anesthesia she noticed a few bruises on his arms and legs and what looked to be a healed wrist fracture. Jake told them that in the last year he had taken up skateboarding and he had broken his wrist about two months ago. He also said that all of the bruises were from falling well skateboarding.

Well he was recovering he was kept in the SGC Infirmary and was visited by a few of the SGC members, even Jack made time to visit him. During one of his visits, he noticed that Jake had braces and said, "are they as bad as I remember them?"

Jake looked at him and said is "what as bad?"

Jack then pointed to his teeth and said, "having braces?"

Jake replied "not really one quite a few kids in my school have them and there really isn't the stigma with them when you had them. The only time they really bother me is when I've gotten them adjusted."

A few days had passed and Jake was beginning to get restless just staying in the infirmary at the SGC normally at this point Dr. Frasier would realise her patient to either go home or to their quarters at the SGC if they had them, well Jake did have them she was slightly concerned as well Jake did have a home and the person he rented the apartment was very good with him, she had even called Dr. Frasor when he had tonsillitis during his Christmas break from school and had looked after him then. At the same time, she was also getting up in years and had mentioned to both Jake and the SGC that she was thinking of moving somewhere else.

Dr. Frasier approached Jake when she came in that morning and said, "Jake how would you feel about moving in with Cassie and I for a little bit?"

Jake looked at her unsure of how to respond Dr. Frasier then said "what I'm proposing is that it would only be for a few days or so. I have a spare room unfortunately you would have to share a bathroom with Cassie through. I've already cleared it with General Hammond that we can tell Cassie about you as you already know about her."

Jake then said "its funny I was almost thinking about asking if I could move in with you guys as I've been having a hard time finding a new place as Chevron guys aunt is thinking about selling her place, but she said she wouldn't do it until I find somewhere to go because of me being a potential secretary risk."

Dr. Frasier then said, "it's up to you either way."

Jake then said, "maybe I should take you up on that offer, I can pay you some rent of you want or help out with groceries."

Dr. Frasier then said, "how about we see how things are after a week or so." She then said, "you and Cassie are in the same school, right?"

Jake replied, "yeah I actually have math and English with her." Dr. Frasier then said "I wonder if you're the cute guy she has a crush on then?" Jake laughed and said "boy that would be awkward if it was." Jake also winced in some pain then too.

Dr. Frasier then said, "does it hurt a lot?"

Jake replied, "not now just when I laughed." Jake then said, "what would you want me to call you want me to call you at home?"

Dr. Frasor then said, "you can call me Dr. Frasier or Janet whichever your more comfortable with."

Jake then said, "ok so when are you going to release me from here?" Dr. Frasier then said "well let me give you a quick exam and then I'll get your clothes and then I'll help you pack for a few days and then we can discuss moving in when you're ready to. Ok.?" Jake nodded. She did a quick exam on him to check that he was healing well, she had gone in through his belly button which was healing well. She had already removed his catheter the day after his surgery and he had already started eating some food as well as being able to go to the bathroom with limited help from her or a nurse. During his exam Jake asked her if she really had to shave his hair from his body. Dr. Frasier told him that she did during his surgery preparation but that it should grow back soon. Since Jake was her only patient right now she got him his clothes and helped him to her car on the surface. After stopping at his apartment to pick up some things for him she took him to her house and showed him around. She showed him where his room would be and where her room was. Jake decided to just lay on the couch for a little bit well Dr. Frasier went out to get him some things like the prescription that she had written for him