Dominion War Challenge

1) Make a Borg episode, or even a multiple episode arc, for Deep Space Nine. Certainly, a missed opportunity for Sisko's character.

2) Make a Dominion War episode (or multi episode arc) for Voyager.

Mid-2374 Near Deep Space Nine

Operation: Return is not going well; the Alliance is taking major causalities- the Defiant was barely holding together, shields down to 36%, one of the phaser array's jammed, and several decks were breached. Captain Sisko is considering how to get the Fleet out in some semblance of order, when Dax reports a huge Subspace disturbance off at 2 O'clock. Dodging Jem'Hadar fire Sisko has the Defiant turned around so Dax can get a better sensor reading - the manoeuvre lifts them clear of the main battle for a moment; Worf destroying another bug ship as they get clear. Dax suddenly swears in Klingon as she recognises the energies coming from the forming rift- Ben is about to ask her for more details, when the Rift tears itself open and renders the question moot as 6 Borg vessels emerge. Led by a Cube, the 3 Spheres, and 2 Probes drop into the plane 'above' the battle - before Ben Sisko can even say a word, the Borg start firing.

All the Borg fire is directed at the Dominion forces. Borg cutting beams, tractors, and several classes of weaponry the Alliance has not seen before lash across the Dominion ships. Despite attempts Dax cannot raise the Borg ships and Ben takes a gamble and orders the Fleet to not fire on the Borg, and instead use the time to recover, and regroup. General Martok is not happy with letting the Borg run riot, and nor is Sisko- he, and many other survivors of Wolf 359, Battle of Sol, and many other Borg encounters are barely holding it together. Later it will come out that on some ship's officers had to be relived- on the Defiant the Commanders Chair would need new arms as Sisko nearly tears his to pieces.

Once the Dominion forces are dealt with, the Borg ships turn and fly off from the Alliance fleet taking up position just outside the wormhole. No contact is made with the Alliance. Blocked by the bulk and reading of the Borg ships no one knows if the minefield is still up or down.

Martok, and Sisko have a hurried conference; A decision is made to board DS9 with as many troops as possible- but leaving the fleet between DS9 and the Borg. All ships surge forward - as they do all the power fails on DS9, and the expected barrage of fire never comes. Scanning ahead reveals the fusion core is offline, as are all backups. The female changeling and Weyoun are trapped, as they cannot get any of the docking ports to open. Odo comes to their group and suggests they surrender. Weyoun is outraged at the idea, but the Changeling recognises the game has changed entirely- she will only surrender to Odo himself. She orders the Jem'hadar to escort her and Odo to the security office, and they will obey any commands Odo gives them as if they were from her.

Alliance troops start beaming onto blacked out DS9 and find no resistance from the Jem'hadar on board. They are waiting in orderly lines outside the Security office with weapon sheathed. The Cardassians on-board are confused, the Dominions best are not resisting- they look to Damar and Dukat, but the former cannot find a way off either, and the latter is trying to track his daughter Ziyal who Major Kira is keeping safe along with Rom and Quark. The Cardassians surrender with only a token fight.

Martok and Sisko come on-board DS9 shortly after. The Borg have still made no moves or responded to hails. As soon as word reaches Ops that Sisko is back on-board the lights, power, and heat all suddenly turn back on, thanks to Rom. Dukat is cornered, and joins Damar and the others in custody. Sisko heads for the Security Office, where Odo comes out from among the Jem'hadar and informs him that the female Founder will only talk to him, and the Jem'hadar will not disarm or leave position while she is within- any attempt to make them would be bloody. Sisko wants to know if this means the war is over, and Odo doubts it. Weyoun is sent with Sisko to try and start negotiations in the face of the new Borg threat.

Any attempt to message the Gamma Quadrant fails. Any ship that gets too close to the Borg or wormhole has a warning shot fired at it, and then disabled if it persists- though the Borg make no attempt to assimilate or destroy. For now, it is like the Wormhole does not exist.

2374 Delta Quadrant

Captain Janeway faces a choice - aid the Borg or watch them get wiped out by Species 8472. The Doctor thinks he might have a way to fight 8472 after using modified Borg nanoprobes to save Harry Kim, and several other officers lives. After it becomes clear 8472 will not be stopped and will try to wipe out all life in their galaxy Janeway comes up with a plan to forge an Accord with the Borg. After dismissing the concerns of her senior officers Janeway approaches a Borg planet and offers part of the data on how to fight their common enemy- however as she is speaking several quantum singularities open and 16 Species 8472 'ships' emerge- 8 form a star formation that wipes out the Borg planet, and starts picking off the Borg cubes. They others fire at everything- the Cube that has Voyager in traction leaps to warp with the Federation ship still attached, persuaded by 8472 vessels.

For the next 2 weeks Voyager and the Cube are chased; every time they think they have a breather a 8472 ship appears. The bioweapon is worked on when they are not running but is barely started. The Borg Cube is also going deeper and deeper into Borg territory- well away from the route Home Voyager needs, but the Borg Representative Severn of Nine informs Janeway there is no choice if they want to survive. The Cube is joined by 4 others and under fire is escorted to a transwarp hub which jumps them away from pursuit- though they are able to witness the Borg collapse their own Hub entrance to stop 8472 getting in. The battered Cube and equally battered Voyager emerge at a Unimatrix where Janeway and Tuvok are taken to see the Borg Queen.

The Queen reveals that the Borg are losing- pushed by 8472 they have started expanding into the Gamma Quadrant, where they have found out something interesting- the Queen plays them footage of the Dominion war with the Federation. She offers a deal- she will send ships to the Alpha Quadrant to deal with the Dominion problem there, and in exchange Janeway will give them the bio-weapon specifications. Once 8472 are dealt with Janeway and co will be given safe passage back to the Alpha Quadrant. If they refuse, the Borg will take the information the 'other way'. Janeway counteroffers and demands a definite border with the Borg in the Alpha/Beta quadrants- to know exactly what belongs to whom, and the Queen's guarantee that the Borg will seek to further expansion into the Alpha/Beta space. With a smile the Queen is happy to do so.

Borg, the Doctor, Janeway, and Torres start work on the bioweapon. Every day Seven of Nine reports on the state of the war against 8472 - the Borg are actually facing extinction. Soon a sequence of weapons, small and large are ready, and Voyager's crew have no choice but to watch as a Cube with Janeway, Torres and Tuvok leaves with the weapons. Chakotay and Paris debate if it's possible to escape, but Kim reminds them they are not even sure where they are. A week passes before the Cube returns- the weapons have worked, and 8472 is being beaten back. The Queen, true to her word releases Voyager and has them escorted to a Transwarp hub. Seven of Nine navigates the ship through Hub gate after Hub gate rocketing their speed past anything Federation science understands- according to Kim they are touching something like warp 16 or 17, but he is only guessing.

After a week of this dizzying travel they emerge into normal space - their sensors tell them they are in the B'hava'el system, just near Bajor IX. The Federation comm channels explode with traffic demanding to know who they are. Janeway manages to contact Sisko even as Severn of Nine fly's them towards the Wormhole. Janeway tells Sisko 'she has major news'. The drone pulls the ship to a stop right next to the Borg ships. Seven communicates the Queen is pleased with them, and hands Janeway a data chip before she and the other drones on-board Voyager transport off to- presumably- the Cube. Severn of Nine's last words to them are 'The Wormhole is Closed'


Starfleet are not particularly impressed with Janeway's 'treaty'. The chip had contained the recording of the meeting between the Queen and Janeway, plus a documentation of the treaty agreement and maps of the new boarder. The Queen had even supplied the charts of all the systems between 'known' space and the new boarder. However, exciting that was, Janeway had given the Borg a free hand in the Gamma Quadrant, and they now blockaded the wormhole in perpetuity to stop Alpha/Beta powers access to 'their domain'.

Even captured, cut off from home and reinforcements, and with only the Cardassians and Breen as Allies, the female Changeling refused to come to terms with the Federation. Fighting continued for months; even without the Founder the Vorta and Jem'hadar would not surrender. Garak, with much help from Damar, managed to incite a bloody rebellion on Cardassia Prime, splitting the union with the Dominion, just as the Alliance invaded. The Romulans finally got involved invading the Breen and the edges of Cardassian space as the war was rounding up- planets they would refuse to give up later. The surviving Vorta and Jem'Hadar withdrew into the unexplored space beyond Cardassia- their final message was clear- the war would not be over until the Founder was freed...