Hello everyone! This is a complete rewrite of Look Again! Since my writing style has changed so much, I will be working double time to rewrite this story! There are so many things that I want to change that it's impossible for me to use the old chapters. That being said, I will keep the old chapters posted under Look Again. As you can tell, this story has a different title. It will probably go in a completely different direction than I originally had planned for Look Again.

Welcome and let's begin! Enjoy!

Disclaimer: I do not own Tsubasa Chronicles nor do I own CCS. They both belong to CLAMP. Due to Clear card currently airing and the manga being released monthly, I will not include anything from that. It doesn't work well with my story arc and plot line. Please disregard Clear Card. This takes place after Syaoran leaves Tomoeda but before the second Movie.

Please enjoy this preview of the first chapter!

If the fall from the sky hadn't kill him, the landing certainly tried. 'Syaoran' quickly picked himself up off the ground, catching the desert princess in the nick of time. His knees buckling under her weight for a brief second causing him to stumble.

A thud followed by an angry growl could be heard as Kurogane landed somewhere behind him. It was quickly followed by a screech when Fai landed right on top of him.

Helping the princess down, the amber eyed teen turned toward the other two in their group to see if they were alright. 'Syaoran' opened his mouth but quickly closed it when the princess hurried over towards the other to. Trying not to feel left out, the teen looked around. His eyes widened when he recognized a familiar penguin shaped slide, covered in tinsel and various decoration.

'It must be Christmas.' thought 'Syaoran' as he looked around some more.

The monkey bars that had been here when he was little were gone, replaced by a kid's club house made of plastic. The swing set had been painted recently, his initials gone from the bottom right pole.

His heart gave a painful lurch before dropping into his stomach. He grabbed his necklace, pulling it from his shirt to calm himself down. Toying with the little charm attached, 'Syaoran' examined his surroundings. They could have landed at any point in time.

"Well!" Fai exclaimed as he brushed his pants off. "Looks like we are in a safe world!"

His fake smile was plastered on his face and 'Syaoran' hated it. Hated how they tried to act like everything was alright. Hated how they put on masks to hid their pain. Hated it, hated it, hated it.

Pressing his lips, he kept his words to himself. This guilt that weighted him down was his own to bare. No one else.