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Just to make things clear, for the P3MC's name I'll be using Makoto Yuki for multiple reasons. First off, it's the official name Atlus gave him (the movies and P3DiM). Second, Minato Arisato was the name used in the manga, which is not official, as it was not released by Atlus. Third, I really don't like how people prefer Minato Arisato over Makoto Yuki because: a) Minato Arisato is the "cooler" name, b) Makoto Yuki is a "girly" name, and c) School Days. I don't have an issue with his name being Minato Arisato in the manga; my issue is with the reasons why people prefer Minato Arisato over Makoto Yuki when it goes the the P3MC's name.

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Makoto knew something was wrong the moment his eyes opened. His last memory was of resting his head in Aigis's lap on the roof of Gekkoukan High School, life fading away as his friends surrounded him. He should have been the Great Seal, yet here he was... wait, where was he? Looking around, he realized that he was in a room one would expect to see in a nobleman's office in a movie. However, one detail stood out and caught his attention – everything was blue. He couldn't stop himself from staying silent. "What..." This was the Velvet Room, but how?

A voice came from in front of him. "Ah, Makoto Yuki. I'm glad to see that you've awakened." Turning around, Makoto looked at the man in front of him. Despite being seated behind the desk, the Messiah could tell that the man was tall. He had light skin and dark hair pulled back into a ponytail. Brown eyes peered through an elaborate mask, which revealed only the lower right side of his face, whereas the upper left part of the mask resembled an orange butterfly wing. He wore a black turtleneck shirt and black pants, not that anyone could see the latter. Folding his hands in front of him, the man continued, "It's a pleasure to finally meet you in person. I am Philemon, master of the Velvet Room. You may know my servant, Igor."

Makoto immediately cut to the chase. "What happened? Why am I here?"

Chucking amicably, Philemon responded, "Oh, don't worry. The Great Seal has not been broken. In fact, it stays as stable as ever. You're here because it no longer needs your soul to power it."

Eyebrows furrowed, the blue-haired boy asked, "What do you mean?"

The man responded, "Elizabeth, that wily girl, finally did what she said she would. She found a way to get rid of Erebus for a long time, if not for eternity. As such, you have been released from the Great Seal, as I have said."

Filled with hope, Makoto asked, "Does that mean…" Could he see his friends again? SEES, Bunkichi and Mitsuko who owned the bookstore in Iwatodai Strip Mall, Kazuki and Yuki from the kendo club, Maiko, Chihiro, and even Hidetoshi and Tanaka were among those he wanted to see again.

Shaking his head sadly, Philemon answered, "I'm afraid not. Many, many years have passed since you stopped Nyx. Your friends and loved ones are no longer living. However, know that they honored your memory by living their lives to the fullest."

Saddened, Makoto asked, "The why am I here?"

Smiling faintly once more, Philemon said, "I am here to make you an offer. A new chance at life, so to speak." Seeing the boy look at him with wide eyes, he continued. "As you know, the Velvet Room exists between dream and reality, mind and matter. This means that it exists in a realm of its own, connected to – yet separated from – all worlds. The world I would like to send you to is in dire need of help. If you do not wish to accept, I understand. You may pass on to the next life and reunite with those you love. The choice is yours to make."

Makoto frowned, contemplating the offer. On one hand, he would be given a new chance to live. On the other, he could pass on and meet his friends again. However, he couldn't just turn a blind eye to a world in danger. After a moment, he made his choice. Looking Philemon in the eye, he asked, "When do I go?"

Philemon pulled out a small metal briefcase from under the desk. Pushing it across the surface, he handed it over to Makoto. Opening it, the boy was surprised to see his Evoker. Not only that, there was a second Evoker, though it did not have SEES imprinted on the side. Seeing his confusion, Philemon calmly replied, "You never know if you'll need another. And don't worry, you still have everything you gained during your journey."

A bright light surrounded Makoto. As blue light surrounded him, he asked "Why me?"

Philemon answered, "I have watched every Persona user to have ever existed. That includes you, Makoto Yuki. And while the Velvet Room has had many excellent guests, you truly are the greatest and best of them all. After all, you were the first and only Persona user to have had the Universe arcana. Now go forth, Messiah, and begin your journey anew." At this point, everything around Makoto was glowing blue, and dissolved into blue butterflies. Eyes widening, he remembered the blue butterfly he saw on the train the day he moved into the SEES dorm. The world spun around him, and the boy blacked out.

Makoto woke up on a bench. Looking around, he found himself in a park. Stretching, his hand brushes against the briefcase. Tensing up, he quickly grabbed it and held it close to himself, quickly checking the contents. Both Evokers were inside, letting him sigh in relief. Closing his eyes, Makoto focused within himself, and sighed in relief again when he felt many familiar presences. He reached into his pockets, and pulled out his wallet. Looking inside, he sighed in relief once more as he counted his yen. Thankfully, he still had all the money he had, enough to last him months, if not a year, if he didn't spend too much on expensive wants. However, that peace would not last for long.

An explosion sounded through the air and sirens started blaring. Makoto snapped to attention, looking towards the source of the commotion. He saw a smoke cloud floating above a stadium, and without second thought, ran towards it. He stopped only to quickly glance at a newspaper stand, checking the date, then quickly got onto a nearby abandoned motorcycle. Summoning a small knife from his inventory, he jabbed it into the keyhole and twisted it, revving the engine. Weaving through the streets, he arrived at the entrance to the stadium, where people were trying to escape. A few seconds later, he saw why.

Large multicolored monsters roamed about, attacking anyone they saw. As Makoto got closer, his eyes widened in horror when he saw what happened to the victims. A woman, trapped in the grip of one of the monsters, cried, "No! Let me go! I don't want to die! I don't want to di-" Her body turned black, and disintegrated into a pile of black powder. The same occurrence happened all around the stadium, regardless of age or gender. Makoto was paralyzed, until he saw a young girl, not much older than Maiko, get crushed by a slug-like monster. He snapped. He was so angry he barely noticed that the monsters would also disintegrate when killing their victims.

Pulling out his Evoker, he raised it, drawing the monsters' attention to him. Pointing it to his head, he roared, "Persona!" and pulled the trigger. Blue shards resembling broken glass flew out the side of his head, forming a figure behind him. The figure had golden hair, white eyes and scarf, white and gold limbs, and a red torso with a speaker-like circle on it. Finally, a lyre formed on its back, which it promptly grabbed. Orpheus Telos leapt into action, bashing the monsters. Meanwhile, Makoto took out the Tobi-botaru, not willing to risk getting too close to the creatures. He slashed through them, noticing how they turned into black powder when killed. Making his way to the center of the stadium, where the monsters were most abundant, he shouted, "Agi!"

Orpheus's eyes glowed, and blasts of flame cleared a path. Dashing through, Makoto approached the horde. When he saw two figures, both female, fighting against them, he faltered, but then continued. As he got closer, what he saw worried him. The two girls were exhausted, having fought so many at once. The red-haired girl in particular was forced into a defensive position, her armor and weapon being chipped away. Makoto was about to jump in and help, but suddenly dodged as a group of the monsters, a flying variety to be exact, swooped at him.

Using his Evoker once again, he shouted, "Principality!" The angel appeared, taking a combat stance. "Holy Arrow!" The Persona fired arrows, taking down the creatures. As he got closer to the girls, he delved into his inventory, looking for anything that could help hide his identity. After all, all he knew was that he was in an alternate Japan, and he couldn't afford to stand out more than he probably already would. Finally, he pulled out a Phoenix Ranger Featherman R Ranger Eagle mask and put it on.

He approached the girls, and heard the red-haired girl singing.

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The blue-haired girl cried, "Kanade! Don't use your Swan Song! With the way you are now, you'll die!"

Eyes widening, Makoto ran in and tackled the girl he now knew as Kanade, stopping her song from continuing. Before she could protest, he said, "Listen to your friend. I'll handle this." He ignored the blue-haired girl, who ran to her friend. He promptly summoned Daisoujou, ignoring the gasps behind him. He raised a hand and calmly declared, "Samsara." The skeletal monk rang its bell, and a barrier of light surrounded the monsters. With a bright flash, they all were reduced to dust. Turning back to the girls, he said, "Diarahan."

Kanade gasped as her wounds instantly healed, leaving healthy, albeit dirty, flesh behind. Looking around, Makoto saw another girl collapsed by a pile of rubble. Walking over to her, he found the girl in a pool of blood. Brushing a lock of her light brown hair aside, he looked for a cause of injury, and noticed the stab wound. He was about to heal her as well when Kanade spoke.

"Don't." He turned around, looking at her. Coughing and weakly wiping away a streak of blood, she ignored her friend's protest and continued, "My armor broke, and parts of it are in her. If you heal her, they'll be stuck inside."

Turning back to the wounded girl, he sighed and switched Personas again. Mentally changing to Pixie, he muttered, "Dia." The bleeding lessened, and the girl's breathing became steadier. Getting up, he softly said, "There. It should buy enough time to get her treatment." Without waiting for a response, he quickly left the stadium.

Chuckling weakly, Kanade asked, "Hey Tsubasa, did that really happen? Did a guy wearing a sentai mask just save our lives?" Before Tsubasa could answer, she fainted from exhaustion and the result of attempting to use her Swan Song.

Stealthily moving through the city into a dark alley, Makoto took off his Ranger Eagle mask and put it away. He quickly changed clothes, since his Gekkoukan uniform would surely be reported by the girls. He donned a white shirt with the word "MUSIC" in bright orange letters, black pants that looked almost identical to his Gekkoukan uniform's, a black jacket with a blue stripe across the arms with the sleeves rolled up, and bright blue sneakers with orange laces spattered with various bright splotches of paint. Additionally, to play it safe, considering he saw how much more advanced technology had become, he switched his ATH-EM700 SV headphones and NW-S20x mp3 player with wireless headphones.

Walking out of the alley, Makoto quickly walked into a music store and browsed the aisles, blending in thanks to his appearance. A few minutes later, someone tapped his shoulder. Turning and seeing a police officer, Makoto asked, "Can I help you?"

Frowning, the officer replied, "Have you seen anyone suspicious in the area?"

Shaking his head, he calmly replied, "Actually, I just arrived in this city, so I can't say that I have."

Sighing, the officer finally said, "Sorry about that, kid. A lot of people take advantage of the Noise attacks to commit crimes and do all sorts of things, so you can't be too careful."

Nodding, Makoto replied, "I understand. I'll be careful." He returned to browsing through music as the officer left, presumably to see if anyone else had seen anything or anyone out of place. Humming, he muttered, "So those monsters are called Noise…" Finding a couple albums that seemed interesting, he brought them to the cashier and bought them. Walking out back onto the streets, he looked around and said, "Now to find a place to stay…"

Two years later

Hibiki Tachibana panicked as she ran to class "I'm gonna be late!" she screamed as she nearly tripped on the stairs, recovering almost instantly and nearly collapsing as she reached the classroom. She yanked the door open and ran over to her friend and dorm mate, Miku Kohinata. She flumped into her seat, trying to sit straight and look innocent, all while trying to catch her breath.

Miku sighed and said, "Hibiki, I know you love to help people and animals, but you can't miss class either. You're lucky that Sensei is arriving a bit late since she's bringing someone with her. We don't know who though."

As if on cue, their teacher, a blonde woman with a stern expression on her face, stepped into a classroom. Without even looking up, she said, "I'm glad that you finally arrived for class on time, Tachibana." The girl chuckled sheepishly as her classmates laughed at her. The teacher clapped her hands, and the girls went silent. She announced, "I've brought in the new part-time assistant. Please show him respect."

As another person walked in, the girls gasped and whispered to each other, exchanging their thoughts. Hibiki, curious, leaned forward in an attempt to get a better view. When she saw the new assistant instructor, she promptly blushed.

He was a young man, in his late teens at most. He had blue hair that was swept to the right, obscuring his right eye from view, though his left eye was a shade of blue that almost resembled silver. He was rather lean, though he had definite muscle tone. His pale skin was flawless, accentuating his physical appeal even more. He wore a white button-up shirt, black slacks, and black shoes.

Bowing to the class, he said, "Hello, everyone. My name is Makoto Yuki, but you may call me Makoto. I will be working as a part-time assistant instructor at this school and will be here on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. These are the best times to speak to me if you need anything. Let's all get along." He smiled at the class, prompting the girls to squeal. Faintly twitching, he thought, 'Damn you Yukari and your max charm prerequisite…'

Calling order to the class once more, the teacher announced, "Alright, everyone. It's time for you to practice the song I assigned to you. Come down here and line up." As the students came down and formed a line, Makoto sat down at the piano, looking over the score. Quickly playing a set of scales and chords to warm up, he nodded to himself and looked to the teacher and the first girl in line. When the teacher nodded after looking up from her keyboard for a moment, he began playing.

As the girls performed their songs, Makoto made subtle glances at them. When it was Hibiki's turn, however, he twitched. She was the girl from two years ago. Noticing his reaction, the teacher asked, "Is something wrong, Yuki-san?"

Shaking his head, Makoto replied, "Sorry, I just felt cold for a moment. It's nothing." He continued playing, shoving the memory to the back of his head.

Hibiki moaned in delight as she stuffed her face with food, Miku giggling in amusement at the sight. Reaching over and wiping her face, the black-haired girl commented, "You really need to stop eating like that, Hibiki. You're making such a mess."

Hibiki was about to respond when the sound of squealing came from across the cafeteria. "I can't believe it! Tsubasa Kazanari and Kanade Amou are here!" True to the exclamation, the two idols were in the cafeteria.

Abruptly standing up, Hibiki exclaimed, "They're here? I have to meet them!"

Miku reached out and started, "Wait, Hibiki! You still ha-"

Hibiki didn't listen. She was about to run to see the girls, only to turn around and come face to face with Tsubasa. Blankly, the blue-haired girl commented, "You still have some rice on your face, you know."

In the last class of the day, Hibiki slumped over her desk, still upset over the lunch encounter. She moped, "Noooo! I embarrassed myself in front of Tsubasa and Kanade! Now they probably think I'm a weirdo! What do I do?"

Miku sighed and said, "That's why I was trying to tell you to wipe your mouth first. You still had rice on your face. Plus, there's nothing you can do about it now. Just find something to do to get over it."

Beaming, Hibiki got up and exclaimed, "You're right! There's a sale on Zwei Wing's latest album! Buying it will make me feel better!" She hastily packed her bag and dashed out of the room, after informing Makoto, who was in the classroom with them, that she was leaving.

Looking at the desk, Miku sighed and picked up Hibiki's wallet. Packing her bag as well, she turned to Makoto and said, "I should go now too. Hibiki will need this."

Walking up to the girl, Makoto replied, "I'll go too. I was planning to go shopping anyways." The two headed out into the city, walking to the music store. Before long, they came across a pile of black powder, with more scattered around the streets, and in the stores. As if on cue, the alarm for a Noise attack rang throughout the city.

Turning to Miku, Makoto ordered, "Give her wallet to me. I'll give it to her. You should go to the shelter."

Miku protested, "But Makoto-san, I'm part of the track team! I can get it to Hibiki and bring her to a shelter with me!"

Makoto placed a hand on her shoulder and replied, "It's good that you care about your friend. But even if it's just a part-time job as an assistant, I'm still technically a teacher, and it's a teacher's job to look after the students." He put Hibiki's wallet in his pocket and turned away. Looking back, he added, "Plus, I was in the kendo club back in school. I'll be fine. Now go get to safety." He then looked back in front of him before running ahead, looking to find Hibiki before the Noise did.

Hibiki and the girl collapsed on the roof of the abandoned facility, gasping for breath. Pulling herself up into a sitting position, the girl said, "I think we'll be safe here." As if she had tempted fate, a large group of Noise crawled up onto the building as well. Hibiki pulled the child closer to her in a protective hug, refusing to let the girl see what was happening around her.

Shaking with fear, Hibiki was terrified. She was about to scream for help when a memory surfaced in her mind. Back in the concert, when she got hurt, she remembered seeing Kanade speak to her, yet the words were fuzzy. However, she could remember the words clearly. Holding the girl closer to herself, Hibiki said, "It's going to be alright. I'll protect you from them, so don't give up on life!"

Suddenly, a bright glow emanated from the scar on her chest. As Hibiki stared at it in a mix of awe and confusion, a song surfaced in her head.

Balwisyall nescell Gungnir tron


In an undisclosed location, scientists clamored in shock. Genjuro Kazanari, a large muscular man with spiky red hair, a goatee, and gold eyes, shouted, "What's going on? Gungnir was destroyed two years ago!" Suddenly, he tensed. Turning around, he saw Tsubasa running off. "Tsubasa! Where are you going?"

Without looking back, she shouted, "I'm going to see what's going on!"

Sighing, Genjuro turned to Ryoko Sakurai, a tall woman with purple eyes, glasses with red frames and yellow tinted lens, and long hime-cut brown hair done up into a beehive shaped dome with a purple butterfly clip on the left side. He asked, "Ryoko, can you go call Kanade? We need to tell her about this."


A bright light surrounded Hibiki in an orb, and her clothes were replaced by a skintight orange bodysuit. On all fours, Hibiki was stunned, unsure of what was happening. Then the pain kicked in. She shrieked in agony as giant appendages made of metal burst out of her back then retracted multiple times, before finally creating piston-like gauntlets that settled on her forearms. Getting back up, she managed to wonder, "What's happening? What is this?"

Hearing a sqeal of wonder, she turned and saw the little girl she saved. Looking to the Noise and back to the girl, her resolve settled, and she said, "Don't be afraid. I'll deal with them!"

(Play Genkiso Gungnir)

Singing a song on instinct, she ran towards the first Noise, punching it back. It crashed into the crowd, taking out several others with it, all exploding into dust. She punched and kicked, showing not signs of exhaustion. However, the group of Noise only got larger.

Realizing this, Hibiki picked up the girl and said, "Hold on tight!" She jumped off the building, falling to the ground below, creating a crater where she landed. Breaking into a dash, she tried to escape the Noise with the little girl, but to no avail. They were eventually surrounded by a group of Noise, with a large green Noise the size of a building looming behind them. Hope fading, Hibiki trembled with fear. She pulled the girl closer to herself, then heard a familiar song she heard two years ago.

Imyuteus Ame no Habakiri tron

Approaching the group at high speeds was a motorcycle. The rider, revealed to be Tsubasa Kazanari, stood up and leapt into the air. Meanwhile, the motorcycle crashed into the horde of Noise, exploding. However, none of the Noise were affected. Coming down, Tsubasa landed next to Hibiki and the girl. She ordered, "Don't space out! Protect the girl." She then ran towards the Noise, transforming.

(Play Zetto Ame no Habakiri)

Tsubasa swung her katana expertly, cutting down Noise left and right. She cleaved through them with ease, amazing Hibiki with her skill. "Wow..." the girl muttered, watching the idol kill the Noise. However, a sound behind her prompted her to turn around. Seeing yet even more Noise, she was about to fight them when Tsubasa swept in, taking them down. Unfortunately, this had the effect of the three being surrounded by Noise.

Back in the command room, Genjuro cursed. He shouted, "Damn it! Someone tell me that there's something we can do!"

Aoi Tomosato, one of the operators, responded, "I'm sorry, Commander, but there's nothing we can... Wait, a fast-moving object is approaching their location!"

Back with the girls, they continued to hold off the Noise, but they were gradually being overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. True, Tsubasa had used Blue Flash, One Thousand Tears, and even Heaven's Wrath, but they could only do so much against a horde so large. "Damn it!" cursed the wielder of Ame no Habakiri. "Why are there so many? There's never been a horde this large in one area!" Growling, she was about to use One Thousand Tears once more when she heard an approaching motorcycle. Hibiki and Tsubasa looked to the source, and saw a figure approaching. For some reason, the person on the motorcycle looked suspiciously familiar. "Wait, is that the new part-time assistant from school?"

Barreling through the Noise, Makoto cleared some space around the girls. Getting off, he said, "Sorry for being late. There were more Noise than I thought." Strangely, he was wearing a school uniform Tsubasa didn't recognize. In addition to that, he had a small metal briefcase with him. On his left arm was a red armband with SEES printed on it. And for some unknown reason she couldn't tell, he was wearing ATH-EM700 SV headphones connected to an NW-S20x mp3 player.

Reaching into the case, Makoto pulled out his Evoker. Seeing this, Tsubasa exclaimed, "Makoto-san, guns don't work on the Noise! Take the girl and get out of here!" She was ignored, and Makoto raised the firearm in his hand. To her shock, he pointed it not at the Noise, but at his head. "What are you doing? We need you to get the girl out of here! Don't kill yourself!"

Still ignoring her, Makoto smiled and declared, "Persona!" Pulling the trigger, he summoned Orpheus Telos. The Persona appeared in a flash, and started attacking the Noise almost immediately. Soon after, Makoto joined the fight, swinging the Legendary Cleaver given to him by Elizabeth.

Hibiki and Tsubasa stared in shock. Remembering the concert two years ago, they recalled how a mysterious person appeared and fought the Noise with a large mechanical creature. Tsubasa remembered him as the one who stopped Kanade from using her Swan Song, and the reason Kanade could no longer fight.

However, Hibiki remembered him for a different reason, having a fuzzy memory of a boy wearing that exact same uniform easing her pain in the stadium. Instinctively holding a hand to the scar on her chest, she muttered, "No way... Makoto-san, you're..."

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