Today was an odd mission for Kakashi's students, the place they were going into a country without ninjas but this country sends in their men to capture the women and turn them into their personal ninjas to take down other countries. The issue is Sakura is too young to be a bait and too flat-chested.

"This being said their type is big-chested sixteen-year-old girls," says Kakashi.

"Unless you forget, there are two boys and one girl. However, that being said Sakura is thirteen," says Sasuke.

"Yes, but there is one girl we haven't been thinking about it. Tell me Naruto how hold do you picture your sexy-no-Jutsu?" asks Kakashi.

Naruto doesn't think anything of it and thinks for a second.

"Let's see when I first made her I put her about sixteen to eighteen years old," says Naruto.

"How big is her chest?" asks Kakashi.

"Pervert…" says Naruto.

"Just answer the question, Naruto," says Kakashi, pinching his nose.

"She's a double D," says Naruto.

He crosses his arms not sure how this is going to help the mission.

"So...this version of Naruto reaches the age requirements," says Sakura.

"And the size requirement," says Sasuke.

"Exactly," says Kakashi.

They all look at Naruto, Naruto looks at each of them. He thinks for a few minutes then it finally clicks what they are asking him to do.

"What?! No way! She wasn't even created for that purpose!" says Naruto.

"It's the only way to save the girls, Naruto," mentions Sakura.

"Why not you Sakura? You are beautiful!" says Naruto.

"Aww thanks but weren't you listening? I'm too young!" says Sakura.

"And to flat-chested," thinks Kakashi.

He wasn't one to get on Sakura's bad side.

"Yeah true.." says Naruto.

"So it has to be you!" says Sakura.

He sighs and does the movements to sexy-no-Jutsu but instead of naked he makes her wear a version of his clothes: orange shorts, black sandals, fishnet shirt, his orange and blue jumper jacket zipped up. Her bandana is around her neck just swinging and her hair is up in pigtails.

"*giggle* Hi! I'm Naruko," says Naruko.

Sasuke held his jacket up as the smoke was getting in his face, Kakashi was glad his face was covered.

"There now you are ready," says Kakashi.

"No, he isn't! She can't be bait like that. Naruto never takes off that jacket, that would be a dead give away! We're going shopping!" says Sakura.

Before the boys and Naruko could say anything, Sakura drags Naruko off into a nearby shop. Naruko is nervous as Sakura throws a lot of clothes at her forcing her into the dressing room.

"I don't know about this Sakura! Isn't this a bit much for a mission?" asks Naruko.

"Of course not, we have to dress you up!" says Sakura.

Naruko sighs and shows the clothes to which Sakura gave her honest opinion on all of them. Sakura makes it clear that she hates all of them until they reach a short black dress with an orangish-yellow top. It looks adorable on Naruko, with the frilly orangish-yellow part on her chest, poofy black shoulders that slim down around the arms and the skirt flares out with a frill bottom. She smiles and claps they go up to the front and pay for the dress. Sakura finds a black choker necklace to go with the necklace putting it on her.

"Nice item it comes with ribbons for her hair," says the cashier.

"Excellent!" says Sakura.

They leave with their new haul going to the shoe store across the street where they look at shoes for Naruko. Naruto didn't know what to think about this, it isn't often that Sakura is nice to him. They get Naruko some knee-high black socks with a pair of black boots. They go to a bench where Naruko is asked to kneel. Sakura pulls down her hair and starts brushing it out for Naruko.

"Sakura?" says Naruko.

"Hmm?" says Sakura.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" asks Naruko.

"What is this twerp trying to say?!" says inner Sakura.

Sakura smiles and parts the hair in half.

"What do you mean?" asks Sakura.

"I tolerate me but you aren't really nice to me. You just see me as a nuisance half of the time. Any time I compliment you, you either ignore me or yell at me for being nice to you. I know I'm not the smartest like Sasuke doesn't mean I should be treated so coldly," says Naruko.

Sakura paused for a second and thought back, she was right. She was being cold told her without much of a reason but no matter how cruel she is to Naruto, Naruto continues to be nice to her. He only is mean to her when she is mean to him first. She shakes her head at that and finishes one pigtail tying the black ribbon into Naruko's hair and starts on the other side.

"I'm sorry Naruko, you have a point. I never really thought about it," says Sakura.

Naruko was silent for a little bit and let Sakura finish her hair. Sakura finished up feeling worse that she was so mean to Naruto and for what? Naruto wouldn't hurt a fly, sure he did some pranks but it was all out of attention.

"Done, let's head back okay?" asks Sakura.

"Yeah, thanks Sakura...that was kind of fun. Don't tell Sasuke I said that though!" says Naruko.

"*laughs* You have a deal lets go!" says Sakura.

The two run off and start back when they are almost back Naruko is stopped by Sakura.

"Huh?" asks Naruko.

"Wait here, okay?" asks Sakura.

"Yeah, hey if I was a girl? Could we be friends?" asks Naruko.

"Um. Aren't we already friends?" asks Sakura.

"Yeah yeah, don't worry about it, it's stupid," says Naruko.

Sakura isn't sure but nods she shakes her head smacking her face clear. She goes to the boys who are waiting for her.

"Sakura you know better than to run off, where did you go?" asks Kakashi.

"It was for the mission, I told you I went to do some shopping with Naruto..err Naruko! Hey Naruko!" says Sakura.

Naruko came in slowly not used to walking with her healed boots yet, the boys' eyes go wide at that. They never thought of Naruto..actually looking cute.

"Tada! The work of yours truly, now she is ready for the mission!" says Sakura.

"Uh...great work Sakura right let's go then," says Kakashi.

He leads Sasuke and the two girls to the nearest village explaining that a target is a man named Mr. Waka. He is a billionaire and is supposed to be in charge of the women's disappearance. Naruko would have to get his attention by appearing weak and petite until attacked. While the others would be hiding in the buildings nearby. They give him an earpiece that is easily hidden under her pigtail. Naruko isn't happy about being the bait but goes into the village, it doesn't take long for her to think of all of the ways she hates this idea. So far all of the men around Naruko's age have whistled at her while older men have stared her up and down.

"You aren't from here are you?" asks a man.

"Me? Oh no...I came from a nearby village actually. I'm just looking for a nice place to stay for a couple of days," says Naruko innocently.

"Welcome then, I am Mr. Waka and yours?" asks Mr. Waka.

Everyone's eyes lit up as they thought: That was fast. Naruko clears her throat and offers her hand to be shaken.

"Naruko, it's nice to meet you," says Naruko.

"Naruko? Thunderstorm, that doesn't really match your personality. I would call you my delicate flower," says Mr. Waka.

He kisses Naruko's hand before walking away.

"I'm a busy man but if you need help let me know flower," says Mr. Waka.

He winks at Naruko making everyone uncomfortable as Mr. Waka walks away. As soon as he is out of sight Narkuo runs into the nearest bathroom and throws up. She cleans her mouth up and goes outside, she follows Mr. Waka for the rest of the day. Her stomach grumbles and she heads to a nearby restaurant to grab a cheap bite to eat.

"Buy the lady whatever she wants," says Mr. Waka.

Naruko jumps and sits up hearing that behind her.

"Are you sure about that Mr. Waka, I might take it home to my hotel room later. I do eat a lot," says Naruko.

"You're a guest I'm sure," says Mr. Waka.

He leaves letting Naruko eat and she orders everyone's favorite bringing it to the hotel. Everyone digs in after praising the food, they hate that it was because of the man they were trying to stop but they were glad to eat a four-course meal. After eating happily they went to bed with full stomachs. Kakashi did some shopping for Naruto as well with Sakura's persistence that he should do it since Naruto is getting hit on by a pig of a man.