It has been a couple of weeks and despite Naruko pretending to be clumsy and needing a lot of help from others, there is no bite with Mr. Wako even though he hits on her with every passing second he can get getting happier and happier that Naruko is still there. Today, Naruko is in a heart-shaped black dress that is short with a white middle. There are no sleeves but the top looks cut open on the top which works with showing Naruko's chest off. There is a white part that wraps around her neck like a chocker. Her nails have been painted black to Naruto's dismay and she has on black socks and white heals to go with the white middle. She walks around bored she doesn't even realize that Sakura is calling out to her until Sakura yells at her.

"Huh sorry?" asks Naruko.

"I was wondering you first mentioned that you didn't make Naruko for this reason. Missions I mean why did you make her, for pranks?" asks Sakura.

Sasuke wouldn't admit it but that's actually why he thinks Naruto made Naruko. Naruto was always goofing off and picking on the adults.

"No..this is kind of embarrassingā€¦.I made her because I ran out of food actually.." says Naruto.

This caught everyone's attention they weren't expecting that.

"It isn't what your thinking! This is the lowest thing I have ever done! I feel ashamed but actually...sigh okay okay! I went a couple days of food and wasn't getting any money for food until next week. I'm used to going days without food actually but we had a training day the next day. I wasn't going to get far if I was starving so I practiced all day until I got her. I knew that sometimes Mr. Ichiraku gives Raman to the pretty girls so I figured I would give it a shot. So I went and gave it a try and it worked! I know sometimes I used her to get my way but I only use her once in a blue moon...the main reason is so I can eat. When I get paid again, I would pay him extra for my next meal and run off to pay for the both times I ate," says Naruto.

It's quiet for a few minutes, the others don't know what to say it sounds so heartbreaking. That explains why sometimes he would be trying to sleep during lessons he didn't have the energy and all they did was lecture him and yell at him or in Sasuke's case call him: usuratonkachi.

"Guys?" calls Naruko.

Before they could answer her, a man pins Naruko to the wall putting a kani to her throat. He presses all of the weight against her.

"Listen here, hot stuff, I have been watching you for a while, you don't pay for meals and everything is on Mr. Waka. That means you have extra cash or else," says the robber.

Naruko smirks at that finding this a joke.

"Or else what?" asks Naruko.

He presses the blade to her neck little droplets drip down her neck.

"Do I have to be more descriptive or is that pretty neck gonzo," says the robber.

Naruko just smiles narrowing her eyes, she uses her strength to get him off of her and pinning him to the ground. She kicks in his arm almost breaking it and making him scream in pain.

"You should leave me alone, don't want anything to happen to that pretty arm," states Naruko.

"Get off of me!" says the robber, "You're crazy,"

"You attacked me, threatened to kill me but I'm the crazy one, alright," says Naruko.

She twists the arm harder. The man screams and taps promising to leave her alone. She lets him go and goes to pick up the purse she was told to carry.

"Naruto, are you alright?" calls Kakashi.

"I'm fine," states Naruko.

The wound on her neck was already healing. She goes to pick up her purse and get going.

"You're throw was sloppy. He could have easily escaped," comments Sasuke.

"Sasukeā€¦" says Sakura.

"No no it is okay, Sakura," comments Naruko.

She stands up and sees three men around her on each end. She goes quiet and starts walking away to try to lose them. She doesn't answer the others, she goes back to pretending to be normal. She goes into a store and while shopping she uses the store's restroom. The others wait in the distance outside of the store. Naruko is ready to go back outside to see if she lost the men but a person gets behind her putting a handkerchief to her mouth. She is scooped up quickly and transported through the back. It takes Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke a few minutes to understand something is wrong. They go into the store and scout it, Sasuke goes over to where Sakura is just standing to hold something.

"Sakura?" says Sasuke.

Sakura shows Naruko's purse sadly but she was very angry.

"We'll find her, let's get Kakashi," says Sasuke.

"Right," says Sakura.

They go off and find Kakashi, Sakura silently hands the bag to Kakashi.

"Kakashi-sensei what if-" starts Sakura.

"Nothing bad will happen to her, I swear it. Let's get going," says Kakashi.

They nod, they have some information but they are pretty far from the building that they need to go to. In the meantime, Naruko wakes up but notices she can't move. She tries to move her wrist she is forced up by another man who undoes her bandana around her eyes. She adjust her eyes and sees Mr. Waka.

"Mr. Waka what is going on?" asks Naruko.

"Hello my little flower, don't worry you will be able to move in a few hours. However, you won't be able to take care of yourself for a few weeks. Which gives us plenty of time to get you fitted," says Mr. Waka.

"For what?" asks Naruko.

"For your training, I will be back soon," says Mr. Waka.

He leaves Naruko locking the door behind him. She finds that odd especially if she is tied up but was wondering what he meant by not being able to take care of herself. She looks at the room in front of her and notices one thing, she doesn't feel rope. She looks down and notices that she isn't tied up. This frightens her that means while she was knocked out she was drugged.

"Sakura? Kakashi-sensei? Sasuke?!" says Naruko.

"Naruko! Finally, what do you see?" says Kakashi.

"Uh.. not much I can't move..I seem to be in a bedroom. The surrounding sounds familiar, I must be in his house," says Naruko.

"We'll be there soon, try cutting the rope," says Kakashi.

"Uh...I can't" says Naruko.

"What do you mean you can't?" asks Kakashi.

"I mean I don't have a rope on me, they paralyzed me," says Naruko.

"What?!" says the others.

"That's what I am wondering but I can't move. He said it would wear off over time but I won't be able to do anything for myself for a while. I hear crying as well so there are other women here as well," says Naruko.

"Hang on we are almost there," says Kakashi.

"Right!" says Naruko.

Naruko shuts up when she hears the key into the door. Kakashi, Sakura, and Sasuke gets to the building and scout the area. Sasuke climbs up to the largest tree and finds Naruko glaring at Mr. Waka. He hears crying and uses his sight to look at the building, he sees that there are multiple girls in the rooms next to Naruko. Naruko was trying her best to scoot away from .

"Found her she's on the fourth floor," says Sasuke.

"Keep an eye on her, we need to save all the women, let's move," says Kakashi.

The two nod and rush in they take out the guards and work on releasing the girls throughout the floors. Mr. Waka makes it over to Naruko and helps her in a chair nearby. He starts cleaning an area on her neck.

"What are you doing?" asks Naruko.

She was starting to get scared and hated that she was useless in this situation. She headbutts Mr. Waka. She tries to get up but can't, she hears women running out of the building killing as they go.

"Aren't you worried about the noise below?" asks Naruko.

"No, they will be stopped," says Mr. Waka.

"How are you sure, they were trained to escape and kill right," says Naruko.

"Why would they even try? We scared them," says Mr. Waka.

He starts dragging Naruko to him. She screams and tries to get away from him yelling at him to get off of her. He ignores her until a kani gets thrown into his throat. Kakashi stands in front of her and scoops her up gently.

"Let's get you out of here," says Kakashi.

"What about the girls?" asks Naruko.

"Sakura and Sasuke are rescuing them soon, they are to meet up at the hotel in ten minutes," says Kakashi.

He carries Naruko through the window and to the hotel. Kakashi calls in back up and gives out the coordinates. Sakura and Sasuke come back ten minutes later. They pack up and Sasuke carries Naruko on his back all the way back to Konohagakure, where doctors look at Naruko. They determine that she is lucky to be alive. Naruko is told to take three weeks off and rest. She's actually very tired so she doesn't fight it. She walks herself home not realizing that she is getting followed. She goes to bed for two days where she transforms back to Naruto without even thinking about it. When he wakes up he goes to the bathroom. What makes him open his eyes, he notices that his bathroom is spotless. He blinks not remembering that his bathroom was cleaned. He runs into the kitchen and finds that it is stocked fully and every one of the dishes is cleaned. The whole kitchen is spotless as well. He opens the cabinets and finds them fully stocked enough to last him a couple of months. He looks in the fridge and freezer to find the same thing. He looks in the living room and blinks to see Sakura with her hair pulled back, Kakashi with an apron on and Sasuke with his arms crossed which is normal.

"Uh...what is this?" asks Naruto.

"We cleaned up for you and stocked up you're fridge," says Sakura.

"Why?" asks naruto.

"We do care about you, usuratonkachi. So don't go weeks without eating again," says Sasuke.

Naruto wipes away tears from his face nodding his face.

"Thanks, everyone," says Naruto.

"That being said, let's eat" says Kakashi.

Everyone cheers and waits as Kakashi makes breakfast.

The End