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England, 1492 A.D.

"Are we sure she is the doppelgänger?" Rebekah demanded, brandishing Nik's letter – made of very easy to rip parchment – with a disturbing amount of strength.

"The letter said they were sure" Ingrid reminded her gently, understanding the reason behind the growing rage in her sister's blue eyes. And, knowing Niklaus and Elijah as well as she did, she was sure there was no way they'd made a mistake, not when they were bringing the girl to their home. And, judging by her sister's scowl, Rebekah knew it too. Glaring at it like she was placing the blame of everything on it, her sister threw the letter with an irritated huff to the center of the round table.

The original idea of a room with a round table for their most important discussions and decisions as a family had been Elijah's – It'd been something he'd come up after he read for the first time Geoffrey of Monmouth's Historia Regum Britanniae – and they all had agreed to put it into motion. Now, centuries later, it was a tradition, and requirement, that every single one of their homes had a family study, where you could always found a round table with six chairs. And – because the room was protected by all the enchantments, curses and wards Ingrid and Kol had managed to learn and/or create over the centuries – they also used it to safeguard their family's most invaluable and priceless possessions, like the silver daggers, grimoires, ancient books, rare jewels, and other extremely important magical items.

"What I want to know is why we've to host this girl in our home and pretend to be humans just for her benefit" Kol said from beside her, reclining in his seat so he could throw his feet in the table. "The wench is going to be dead in less than three weeks, I don't see why we've to be bothered with this charade. Why can't we just throw her to the dungeons until the full moon?"

"Be a little kinder to the girl, Kol" Finn admonished, pursing his lips in slight disapproval "The girl has a death sentence hanging over her head because of our family. The less we can do is make her last days as pleasant as possible"

Kol pouted a little at this, vexed at the idea of being denied about something so insignificant like a human's life, and he crossed his arms in stubborn defiance, letting them know he wasn't pleased with their oldest brother opinion.

But it wasn't him who was more enraged at Finn's speech.

"If you think I'm going to be nice towards that harlot, you're delusional" Rebekah spat, fiercely.

"Rebekah! The insult towards the girl is uncalled for" Finn protested, appalled.

As their sister's eyes flashed with barely restrained fury, Ingrid decided it was time to intervene and be the voice of the reason; otherwise, her sister's rant could go on for another century.

"You don't know this girl, Bekah. There's no need to be so harsh."

"Of course there is, sister. This girl is a descendant of that strumpet Tatia and, therefore, she's the same as her ancestor"

Ingrid sighed, looking towards the ceiling instead of replying, knowing very well that there would be no changing Bekah's mind, not when it involved the only person, besides Mikael, that her sister had truly hated when she was human.

"Our sister's centuries-old grudge aside" intercepted Kol smirking "I think that, for the moment, we should leave aside how we are going to treat the wench and focus in what her presence means"

They all sobered up at that, knowing perfectly well of what he was speaking about. After a pause, in which they all exchanged meaningful glances, Finn was the first to speak. "Will everything be ready to break the curse in the next full moon?"

She and Kol exchanged a loaded glance, having a full conversation with just one look, a pair of raised eyebrows and one single shake of their heads. And then, they both turned to look at their siblings and nodded in perfect synchrony. "The only thing we don't have is the werewolf…" she started.

"…Which would be tricky but not impossible to get before the full moon" Kol completed.

"Good" Finn said, pleased "With the curse broken, our brother will finally be free to enjoy his full nature…. Moreover, Niklaus will gain the power to make an army of hybrids and, hopefully, that will deter our father a little the next time he manages to track us down."

His declaration was a reflection of everyone's thoughts. After all, Mikael was the only source of fear in their family, and they all knew that Niklaus wanted to break his curse not only because he wanted to enjoy his full nature as a hybrid – like he should have since he'd been turned and made his first kill – but because he wanted to change others werewolves into hybrids and create an army that would protect them. That way, the next time Mikael managed to find them, there would be a barrier, between him and them, in the shape of an army of hybrids.

"In that case, I suppose I can put up with that trollop" Rebekah conceded after a moment, scowling a little. "But only if she stays as far away as possible from me"

"And I can try to be on my best behavior" Kol agreed, sighing in disappointed "Though it's going to be a pity that I won't get the chance to drink from her. I've always wondered how doppelgänger's blood tastes… I bet it's delicious."

Finn shook his head, exasperated with their siblings' antics, and focused his attention on her. "What's the girl's name, little sister? I think we should start calling her by her proper name if she's going to be staying with us."

Ingrid hummed, scanning the letter once more. "Oh, here it is. Her name is Kate–"

Before she could finish, a timid knock made them all pause and turn in the direction of the door. Even with all the magical protections on place, that wing of their castle was forbidden for all but a selected few, and if they were daring to knock the door of the study then it meant they'd urgent news to share.

Finn stood up and opened the door on a flash. On the other side stood Rose-Marie, Ingrid's personal maid, who bowed once before smiling timidly at them. "Excuse me for the interruption, my lords and my ladies" Rose-Marie said "But we just received word that Lord Niklaus and Lord Elijah are going to arrive very soon"

"Thank you, Rose" she said, smiling kindly at the vampire, who bowed once more before disappearing in a flash towards the ground floor.

"Well, no time for discussions now" Kol said, smirking as he stood up "Time to face Tatia's look-a-like"

An hour later, the four of them were standing in the main foyer – elegantly dressed with the finest fabrics and silks, like it was expected from the high-ranking noble family they were posing as – when three persons walked in. She barely paid attention to the only girl in the group, the one farthest away from them, and only spared a quick glance in Elijah's direction to make sure everything was alright with him, before her eyes seeking the ones of the lone figure on the front, the one who had already his eyes pinned on her.

There was a single moment, frozen in time, when their eyes met across the room, blue-green clashing with emerald green, and then they were both running towards the other as fast as it was humanly possible. Niklaus reached her first, spinning her around the room and making her laugh aloud, delighted. A moment later, he put her down, hugging her fiercely against his chest as he inhaled her scent. "I've missed you, my love"

Ingrid didn't have his heightened senses but, after so many centuries, the combined scents of fresh paint, coconut, and something else that was essentially him, made her melt her against him, knowing everything was alright now that he was back after so many weeks apart. In his arms, she was home again. "And I missed you, dearest"

She felt his hand cupping her cheek, making her look up and get lost in his beautiful blue-green eyes. It was almost unbelievable sometimes, after all their centuries together, how irrevocably in love she was with him. How a touch, a caress, a kiss could send her heart soaring and make her skin shiver, anxious for more. It should probably terrify her, how deep and unconditional it was her love for him, but it didn't. Because when she stared into his eyes all she could see was his love for her and she knew he loved her just as much. So, when he bent down to kiss her, she stood on her tiptoes and throw her arms around his neck to kiss him back with equal fervor. There was a familiarity in the way their lips moved, dancing with synchronized steps they'd perfected as the years went by, but her stomach still did flip-flops when their tongues met and her whole body still tingled with reckless need at the way he dominated the kiss, his lips and tongue moving with a passion that only seemed to grow as the years passed. And when he sucked on her tongue in that way that made her crazy, she completely forgot where they were.

But, of course, the rest of the world didn't forget about them.

Someone cleared their throat. Loudly.

"What are we? Chopped liver?" demanded Kol, indignant "Where is my greeting, Nik?"

They broke apart, lips swollen and panting slightly, and shared an exasperated look, well-accustomed to the fun their siblings got out of interrupting their romantic moments. With a resigned sigh, Nik pressed a kiss to her forehead. "Later" he promised in a whisper, turning her around to embrace her by her waist, so he could put his head on top of hers. Only then, he looked up and rolled his eyes towards their sibling. "I've missed you too, Kol... There. Satisficed?"

Kol seemed to consider it, his dark eyes twinkling with mischief. "No" he declared, smirking "I want my kiss"

Niklaus made a face. "Besides the obvious fact that my lips belong only to my lovely wife… I regret to inform you that you aren't attractive enough to even consider it, little brother."

"Please, Nik. I'm the most handsome man in the world"

"Keep wishing that, brother" Rebekah chimed, smiling all too innocent "Maybe then our sister would take pity on you and transfigure your face so it won't look so much like a troll"

Kol pouted while the rest of them laughed. "It's good to see you as snarky as ever, little sister" greeted Nik, still smiling "And I hope these two hadn't given you too much trouble, Finn"

"I kept their shenanigans to the minimum" their oldest brother assured with a straight face, even if all the siblings could see the warmth and laughter in his eyes. "I've to say we're all very glad to have the two of you back home, brothers"

"It's good to be home" Elijah promised walking towards the circle they'd formed and shared a genuine smile with the five of them. And it was truly good to be together once more, and the smiles in all their faces reflected that.

However, the moment ended and reality came knocking when Elijah's face smoothed into his polite and aloof mask as he turned towards the famous doppelgänger. "My dearest brothers and sisters, may I introduce you to Miss Katerina Petrova. She's going to be staying with us for a season."

It was, Ingrid mused, like staring into a moving painting of Tatia. Because, even if the dress and the hairstyle were different, there was no doubt this girl shared the same face as her ancestor, the one who had been drained of every single drop of blood by her aunt Esther in order to seal Nik's werewolf side into the moonstone. And looking at how the girl smiled in awe as she was introduced to them, she couldn't help but pity her. This young girl thought her prospects in life were going to increase thanks to her association to them – a very well-known noble and rich family – without knowing her death sentence had been signed the moment she'd met Niklaus and Elijah. It was unjust and dreadful that a girl so young like her – who had done no wrong besides sharing the same ill-fated blood and face that Tatia – had to be brutally sacrificed in a bloody ritual.

But there wasn't anything she could do to save her.

The games of destiny had been played, Fate had already spoken and Death had marked a date for his meeting with Katerina Petrova. And therefore, in the next full moon, the girl would die. It was a pity and a tragedy, but none of them was going to move a single finger to change the girl's fate, not when their family's safety and happiness depended on it.

Thus, she smiled as pleasantly as possible and welcomed the girl to their home. And, very soon, her siblings were following her example.

After all, that was the vow they'd swore to each other centuries before. A vow to stick together as one, to stand beside each other, to fight for each other and do anything in the name of the bond the six of them shared.

Family above all.

Always and forever.


"Mistress needs to have proper rest" Kreacher fretted by her side, making her sigh.

"Two hours of sleep is enough for now" Aria assured, drinking her delicious hot chocolate as she opened another ancient book from her family collection, scanning it over and making sure she hadn't made any mistakes with the complex set of runes she'd created overnight "Besides, this is nothing compared to other times. I'd slept less. A lot less."

After Caroline had cried herself to exhaustion, Aria had given her a cup of blood before taking her nicest guest-room where, with a few simple twists of her wand – Merlin, she loved magic – she'd gotten rid of all the blood and changed Caroline's clothes into comfy pajamas. And only after tucking Caroline inside the bed, she'd retreat to the library, determined to find everything she needed to know to protect and take care of her new protégé – And by Lord Death and Lady Magic, she needed to know if the new bond she'd towards Caroline actually meant that she was now the magical guardian of a baby vampire; how what's that even possible? – which had taken her practically the whole night.

Luckily, she'd been able to sleep a couple of hours just as dawn broke down – she'd actually drooled a little over her books, bringing back fond memories from her school days – before she'd been jerked awake by one of her pesky dreams. And, for some very odd reason, she'd woken up with the strange urge to hunt down Elena and curse her; which had been motivation enough to not go back to sleep and keep working on her little gift for Caroline. Honestly, what reason would she have to curse a seventeen years old human girl?

But, of course, Kreacher wasn't amused at all by her lack of sleep and was being a mother-hen about it. "Before, mistress has done it for good and important reasons. Protecting a nasty half-breed is not."

Aria sighed, idly wondering how Kreacher would react to the fact that – maybe; probably; almost surely – at some point in between promising everything was going to be okay to the new vampire and taking her to the guest-room, her magic had identified herself as Caroline's new magical guardian, something it'd only happen when she'd met Teddy for the first time. Maybe it would be best if she didn't tell him just yet, she didn't want to cause him a heart attack or something. Especially when it shouldn't be possible in the first place and she hadn't the first clue about how the bloody hell it'd happened. Damn her Potter Luck. "Caroline is my new friend, Kreacher. And you know I take my friends' well-being very seriously"

It was Kreacher's turn to sigh but, instead of keep arguing as she'd thought he would, he decided to completely change the direction of the conversation. She'd hoped it was a good sign. "Kreacher is a good elf to his Mistress so he is going to go finish cooking breakfast…. And if Mistress is so concerned about the filthy half-breed, Kreacher will take care of obtaining more disgusting muggle blood"

"Thank you, Kreacher" The elf nodded and then promptly popped out the room.

Alone once more, Aria finished verifying the runes and then, very carefully, started drawing them on Caroline's new daylight bracelet. When the piece of jewelry glowed golden a minute later, Aria smiled, pleased with the knowledge that the magical protection was perfectly in place.

That done, she picked a rare and ancient book on magical bonds from the Peverell collection, determined to know if, at some point in the known history of the wizarding kind, somebody else had formed a bond of magical guardianship with a magical creature. Because, as far as she knew, it'd never happened.

The magical bond between a guardian and their ward was a safeguard created by Lady Magic herself, in an effort to protect young, naïve and inexperienced wizards and witches who, more often than not, were orphans. With it, Lady Magic tasked the guardian to take care, protect and guide their ward as they were introduced to the wizarding world. It was a bond that made the guardian and ward as good as family, at least in the eyes of Lady Magic and the magical community.

It was a bond she'd shared with her godfather.

She'd been too young to remember but Sirius had told her later that when he'd picked her from her crib on the night her parents had died, the magical bond of guardian and ward had settled between them, strengthening their magical bond as godfather and goddaughter. It was a bond so strong that had stood through everything; from Azkaban, Dumbledore's machinations, their time apart and to their impossibility of living permanently together. And, in the end, the only thing that had been capable of break it had been her beloved godfather's death. Feeling how the bond snapped inside her had been a very, very painful thing to experience, and her grief and all-consuming pain hadn't helped. Honestly, with all things considered, it was no wonder why she'd tried to run after Sirius; not when it'd felt like everything good in her life – family, happiness, home, security – had been snatched away at the moment Sirius had felt through the veil. If it hadn't been for the fact Remus had stopped her, restringing her mid-run, she would have gone after her godfather, consequences be damned.

The broken pieces of her bond with Sirius had stayed with her through the years, and it'd only been after she met Teddy that she'd started to heal. After all, in the eyes of Lady Magic and the wizarding world, her little wolf had been her godson and also her ward – her family – since the moment she'd held him for the first time. It was a magical tether, binding the two of them, and making the world a little brighter with the knowledge that, though not by blood, she was still connected to someone through the bond of family.

But none of that helped her to understand why Lady Magic would give her the magical guardianship of a seventeen years old girl. Up until ten hours ago, she hadn't thought it was possible for that kind of bond to form with a magical creature, much less a vampire who wouldn't be able to actively feel the bond. Why would a baby vampire even need a magical guardian?

It was such a headache-inducing question that she was half-temped to mirror call her best friends and beg for help. But she was able to push through the temptation, her best friends would freak out in big proportions and insist on visiting her or something like, she knew it, and there was no need for that.

Not yet.

"Good morning" chirped a familiar voice, making her jump and almost spill hot chocolate over an invaluable, ancient and very delicate book.

"Hey, Caroline" Aria greeted back, noticing how Caroline stood in the threshold of the library, still in pajamas, and looking almost shy "Did you sleep well?"

"Oh, yeah. Fantastic. Better than that even. Did your beds are magical as well? It felt like I was sleeping on a cloud. And waking up on such a pretty room – which is ginormous by the way – definitely helped to make me feel even better."

Aria smiled, amused by the speed of the girl's speech, knowing it was something inherently Caroline's. "I'm glad you slept well. And no, the bed isn't magical. It's an interesting idea though" Seeing how the blonde attention had been completely captured by their surroundings, she couldn't help but tease the blonde a little. "Oh. I see. Books are more interesting than me. It's okay, I get it. Everyone has their preferences"

Caroline snorted, still staring in awe to the rows of books that extended to the infinite, beyond even a vampire's sight, as well as the crystallized dome that served as a ceiling. "This is amazing! The size of your library is un-be-lie-vable! It looks like you could fit the whole town inside here! How is this even possible?"

Aria shrugged. "Magic"

Caroline stared at her, unimpressed with the response. She stared back, raising an eyebrow.


"Sure. It's an undetectable extendable charm. Makes something as big as you want without changing the outside proportions" Smiling playfully, she added "It creates very interesting purses"

"I bet" Caroline grinned, sounding equal parts wistful and marveled "Your kind of magic is wonderful"

Aria beamed, preening a little. "Thanks… Now, sit down. I've something for you." When the blonde was finally seated in front of her, she extended the charm bracelet with a flourish "Ta-da"

Caroline traced the different charms with a smile, her eyes alight with wonder. "It's very pretty"

"Is not just pretty" Aria said immediately, too excited to be offended about how her incredible magical accomplishment had been reduced to a simple comment about its beauty. What she'd created was a masterpiece. And, honestly, Caroline was lucky she'd already created a very similar set of wards and enchantments for Teddy years before or, otherwise, she wouldn't have been able to finish the bracelet in such a short period of time. "The blue heart charm is going to be your permanent reminder that you've got a good heart. And when you'll see it, you'll be seeing a big and bright heart just like yours. This charm is also the key of the ward that's going to protect you from the sun" That'd been the hardest part of everything, making the sun-protection ward coexist in harmony with the rest of the wards and enchantments, but Caroline didn't need to know that "The princess crown charm is there to be a reminder to always be true to yourself, no matter what everyone else in the world thinks. That's why it's enchanted to stop any direct physical attack you face, no matter how powerful the attack is. The only problem is that it can only be used once every eight hours or so. But, hopefully, it would give you the edge to run away, fight back or ask for help. If you don't manage any of the former options then the next charm is the answer… The bluebird charm is the symbol of the joy, happiness, and freedom you should experience every day of your immortal life. So, if you ever find yourself in a life-threatening situation without no way out, touch it three times and think of me, and I promise I'll come to you…" she assured, staring into Caroline's wide blue eyes to try and convey how serious she was. To let her know she meant every word. "Finally, you have the book charm, because you should always remember that your mind, full of creativity and endless possibilities, is your best weapon. That's why the charm holds a very powerful notice-me-not spell, which makes it impossible for others to notice you're wearing the bracelet unless you tell them about it… Oh! I almost forgot! I also added some runes to make sure nobody but you are able to remove the bracelet once you put it on."

Aria finished her explanation with a smile, still feeling very proud of the magical fit she'd accomplished. Ten years ago she would have needed Hermione or Bill's help to create wards so complex in such a short time. And now, she'd managed to do it in a single night.

There was a beat of utter silence after she finished speaking and then, for the second time in less than ten hours, Aria was fiercely embraced by a blonde baby vampire. "Thank you. Thank you. Thank you" Caroline chanted on her ear like a broken record, repeating herself over and over again with a hoarse voice filled with emotion.

Aria smiled softly, returning the hug. "I promised you I would make sure everything was going to be okay. I don't break my promises."

"Nobody has ever cared about me this much" Caroline confessed in a whisper, hiding her face in her shoulder.

Feeling how her heart contracted on her chest, Aria wondered if this was one of the reasons behind the magical bond the two of them now shared and then decided that it didn't matter. Nobody deserved to feel like nobody in the world truly cared for you, she could attest to how utterly lonely that felt. "Well, you've me now and I'll be here for as long as you want me to."

Caroline nodded, releasing her and moving back to her seat, smiling almost bashfully as she wiped her eyes with the sleeves of her cute pajamas. "You know, it's weird. If someone else would have made me that kind of promise, I wouldn't believe them. But, for some reason, I can't help but trust you."

Uh, interesting. Maybe it was a little side-effect from the bond?

"I'm very trustworthy, I promise" she said instead of voicing her thought aloud, winking dramatically to the amused vampire. "Now, I think is time for breakfast. I'm dying for some of Kreacher's special eggs. And you need to drink some blood"

Caroline made a face at her words, even if she got up and followed her out of the library. "I don't like drinking blood. My stupid vampire face always appears and I can't control it."

She hummed, remembering all the tidbits of information she'd learned over the years, especially in the last months, about a vampire's nature. "It's your bloodlust. You don't have control over it yet. Lucky for you, I can teach some tricks to get a hang at it."

"Really?!" the blonde by her side asked, her eyes alight with hope and excitement.

"Sure. For what I know, controlling the bloodlust is very similar to refusing to submit under magical orders. And, if you know nothing else about me, know that I'll never let anyone or anything take control over me in any way, if anything, I would probably lash out and do the exact opposite. I'm stubborn and vindictive that way"

By her expression, Caroline had a lot of questions about her statement. But they'd finally made it to the dining room, where Kreacher had already set everything on the table, and the baby vampire's attention immediately zeroed on the big cup of blood waiting for her.

"Now, this will be your first lesson on control, you'll have to wait until after we finish eating our breakfast to drink even a sip of the cup of blood"

The blonde turned around, her eyes wide with incredulity. "Are you seriously expecting me to abstain?!"

"Very much so"

With an unhappy huff, Caroline took her seat on the table, being very careful to avoid looking into the cup's direction.

"That's not going to work" she pointed out, amused.

"I know" the vampire replied, sounding petulant "I can still smell it"

"And yet, you still haven't drink it. Very impressive… Maybe I should make you abstain for another couple of hours after we finish eating our breakfast."

The blonde's response was a horrified squeak of protest that only made her laugh.

Aria still wasn't sure how was possible to be the magical guardian of a baby vampire, had no idea how Teddy was going to react to all of this, had yet decided if she should tell to her best friends about this new development on her life – if she did, she would bet her entire fortune that Ron's reaction was going to be downright hilarious – and had no idea what to do with the Salvatore brothers. But she was certain of one thing, she was going to help Caroline, teaching the ropes of control over her new nature and, bit by bit, she was going to introduce her to the wizarding world.

Lady Magic had chosen her to be Caroline's guardian for a reason and Aria would make sure to do right by the blonde.

Besides, if she was honest, so far it seemed that being the magical guardian of a baby vampire was going to end up being quite the experience.


"And Caroline said a witch helped her?" Stefan demanded, his eyes were wary and his entire posture was tense.

Elena nodded, trying, and failing, to quell the ball of anxiety she'd felt since the night of the carnival when they'd arrived in the dark alley behind the school to find an unconscious Damon, lying next to the dead body of the cute carnival boy Bonnie had flirted early that day and no Caroline on sight.

It had been chaos from there.

Bonnie had immediately lashed out, her magic bursting free as she blamed Stefan and Damon for Caroline's new status as a vampire. And when Elena had being forced to stop her from killing Damon, she'd lashed out against her too, claiming she didn't want to be part of anything related to vampires – not caring about the fact that Elena was dating a vampire and that Caroline was now one too – and then, with one last enraged glare towards the Salvatore brothers, she'd left quickly, without any kind of goodbye. Since then, she'd refused to take every single one of Elena's calls.

After her best friend had left them, Stefan, Damon, and Alaric had tried to track Caroline down but she hadn't been in any of her usual spots and, due to the lack of trail of dead bodies, they hadn't managed to find her anywhere, which it'd made everything even worse. Her friend had been turned by Katherine, probably to spite Elena or something, and, after killing some poor innocent guy, she'd left without saying anything, being off the radar for almost two days.

Elena had been feeling so anxious she'd barely slept lately.

And now, not even half an hour before, just as she was finishing getting ready for her trip to Duke University in order to find more about Isobel's research on werewolves, she'd receive a voicemail from Caroline. In it, the blonde had told her, in her usual perky and frivolous tone, that, although she wasn't very pleased about being turned into a vampire, everything was alright because she'd met a wandering witch – whose name she'd failed to mention – who had been kind enough to help her, explain what happened to her and help her to get the hang of everything. Caroline had even told her something along the lines of 'Don't worry your pretty little brunette head, Elena. The witch I met helped me to get everything under control. So I'm not going to go on a killing spree or something like that. Oh! Please pass along the message to the Salvatore brothers, tell them I'll be on my best behavior, so Damon can put away his creepy collection of stakes.'

Naturally, the first thing Elena had done – after she'd called Stefan to ask him to come to her house – was worry about everything. It made no sense, why would some random witch help her friend? Who was this witch? To whom did she own her alliances? Was she an ally? Or a threat? Why was she in their town? There were so many questions that needed to be answered and Caroline had decided to be extra unhelpful and not pick any of her calls.

"Are sure she's not talking about Bonnie?"

Elena was shaking her head even before he finished his question. "No. Bonnie is too furious right now, she doesn't want anything to do with me… or Caroline" she said, biting her lip in unhappiness. Her best friend was ignoring her because of her boyfriend's nature. Caroline could be putting all her trust into an unknown enemy. And none of them was willing to talk to her.

Probably sensing her growing distress, Stefan hugged her, cradling her head against his chest and gently stroking her hair. "Hey, it's going to be okay. Bonnie is your best friend. She's going to come around."

She melted against him, feeling reassured by his presence and words. "You're right." Bonnie was going to calm down and everything was going to go back to normal between them, she just needed a little time. That's all. "But what about Caroline? And this unknown witch? What if she's working with Katherine?"

"Don't worry. I'll take care of it." He promised her "I'll go to check on Caroline. She needs someone who can teach her how to control her bloodlust, someone who understands her…. And I'll ask her about this new witch."

"But…." He'd promised her to go with her to Duke and investigate more about Isobel's research.

"I know, I know" he soothed, placing a kiss on her forehead. "But you'll have to go with Damon and Alaric. As a newly turned, Caroline is going to be prone to lose control over her bloodlust and with her mother on the council, a mistake is not something she can afford to make. Someone needs to make sure nothing goes wrong and Damon would rather stake her than help her." Stefan stared into her eyes, cupping her cheek "You understand, right?"

"Of course" she said immediately, even if she wasn't pleased with the idea of going on a trip with Damon. She would endure it though if that's what Stefan needed from her. "I love you"

Stefan smiled, that loving smile he reserved just for her, and bent down towards her. "I love you too"

And for those brief moments, as they passionately kissed inside the safety of her room, Elena felt calm for the first time since Katherine had come down barreling into her life, turning everything upside down.


"Hey, Caroline"

She'd been expecting it, so Caroline wasn't surprised in the slightest to open the door of her house and see Stefan standing outside, looking determined, more brooding than usual and maybe even a little surprised by the fact that she was standing under the sun without burning.

Hiding her smugness at managing to catch him off guard under the perky and gullible blonde cheerleader mask she'd perfected by the age of fourteen, Caroline smiled with all the obliviousness she could muster. "Stefan! What are you doing here?"

Seeing the way he relaxed, Caroline mentally patted herself on the back.

Everyone had assumed since she'd been young that, just because she liked pink and girly stuff, Caroline was just another ditzy blonde. It hadn't matter how high her marks were or how much work she put into all the extracurricular work she did, Caroline Forbes had been classified as a neurotic, control-freak, girly little girl; cute to look at, fun to fool around, but too much work for anything serious, never the one to be picked for anything remotely meaningful. And it'd hurt, more than anyone would have ever known. Because, despite her façade, Caroline cared a lot for others, maybe even a little too much. She cared for her mom, Bonnie, Matt, Elena, her dad, and, hell, even Tyler and Jeremy. She cared about their well-being, their happiness, and how they all seemed to only see the annoying girly little girl side of her and nothing more. So she'd hidden all her insecurities and deepest aspects of her personality behind a mask, letting the world see what everyone thought she already was.

There had been moments along the years, moments filled with hurt and so much pain, when the cracks on her mask had become too much and she'd let others see the most vulnerable and insecure side of her, usually Bonnie or Matt, but she'd made sure to always put her mask back together and pretend nothing had happened. To smile and be girly little Caroline once more. And, somehow, along the way, she'd lost herself on the mask she'd created and Caroline Forbes had become the shallow mask of the person she wanted to be, the person she knew deep down she could be if someone ever gave her the chance.

Nothing like forced vampirism and a wand-wielder British witch to tore down through her mask and turn around her perception of everything she thought certain about the world.

Before everything had gone utterly-batshit-crazy and she'd been turned into a killing machine who thirsted for blood, Caroline had met Aria for the first time in a charity event during the summer and had hated her on sight. Okay. Hate was a strong word. Maybe just disliked her on sight. Very, very much so. It was just that… Aria had seemed so perfect. Beautiful, intelligent, compassioned, elegant and about every other little thing Caroline had always tried to be and had never managed to accomplish. And, even more so, she was respected by everyone who met her, no matter how old or young; even Caroline's own mother and closest friends. But what cemented her strong dislike had been that, for all that she was nice and kind in appearances, Aria had always acted like she was detached from everyone, not seeming to really see them, like she wasn't the same as them or something.

And Caroline had hated herself for being so jealous of someone who didn't seem to care for anyone.

Of course, now that she knew the truth, she could understand Aria's detachment of the muggle world. And wasn't that just even more unreal? There another world, a whole magical society, hidden in plain sight from everyone who didn't have magic. A world where everything was possible and magical creatures like unicorns and dragons were real. It was like all her favorite girlish dreams had suddenly come true. And she would never tell Bonnie but wand-wielders were the most awesome kind of witches and wizards, no doubt about it.

The craziest thing about all of it wasn't Caroline's status new status as a magical creature as well – She'd been changed into a magical creature! – but her quick and very, very strong attachment to Aria. As stated before, she hadn't liked the green-eye British beauty at all, so her sudden trust and affection towards the girl didn't make much sense in the eyes of a normal person. But she supposed that was a natural consequence after someone had saved your life, promised you to protect you, made you an awesomely beautiful protective bracelet, let you crash in their house for two days without complaints, taught you how to control your killer instincts, gave you good advice after you ugly cried and spilled all your insecurities, and treat you better than anyone else had done.

Basically, in two days, Caroline had come to care for Aria like she was the older sister she'd always wanted, the only difference was that Aria was a much more magically powerful and badass version of the idea she'd in mind when she was seven.

And because she cared so much for Aria, she was going to hide her identity from everyone. She didn't want others to try and use her new friend – the way Damon had used her when she was human – and if that meant she'd to use her mask once more, it was alright. For years, she'd used her mask to hide her insecurities, she could do it for as long as it was needed to protect the one person who had accepted her, including her blood-sucking instincts and control-freakiness, without reservation.

In front of her, Stefan smiled. "Elena and I were worried about the voicemail you left her, so I came to check on you... It's good to see you enjoying the sun." He frowned, scanning her over "I don't see your ring though"

Caroline laughed airily, ignoring the urge to cover her bracelet, knowing he wouldn't notice it until she pointed it to him. "Please, Stefan. Rings are not the only kind of jewelry a girl like me can carry"

Stefan nodded after a moment, smiling slightly. "Of course…. Hey, I know this isn't the best situation, Caroline, but everything is going to be okay. I can teach you how to control your bloodlust. What do you think if we go to the woods and I teach you how to hunt?"

Drink from poor little cute animals? No, thank you. "Yeah, of course" she agreed, her smile still glued to her face, walking outside her house and joining him on the sidewalk.

She didn't mind keeping her façade but, seeing Stefan's brooding face, she was sure it was going to be a long and tiring day.

Five hours, a bunch of repetitive questions, several arguments and a decreasing number of bunnies on their forest later, and Caroline had been proved absolutely right.

On Stefan's defense, he wasn't such a bad guy when he relaxed slightly and stopped brooding over the existence of the universe and whatever else he brooded on a normal basis. But he'd questioned her, exhaustively, about the identity of the mysterious witch who saved her – As if Caroline was going to tell him – and the repetitive questions were beginning to be tiresome.

No, she'd never seen the witch before that night.

No, she hadn't mentioned Katherine – and here, Caroline had made sure to question Stefan thoroughly about the bitch who killed her.

No, she hadn't asked for anything in return for her help.

No, she hadn't said her name. It wasn't important, anyway. They'll never see her again.

And if all the questions weren't bad enough, drinking the blood of poor cute bunnies make her feel worse than a serial killer. Why was she doing this when Kreacher had stolen enough blood bags to fill three whole freezers? Oh, that's right, because she was pretending that a random and totally unknown witch had taken pity on her, saved her and make her a daylight bracelet, before going on her merry way, far away from Mystic Falls.

"Are you listening to me, Caroline?" Stefan asked, his brooding face very much on.

She sighed, exasperated. "I am!" She was. Mostly. "It's just… We've been at this all day, Stefan! I was hoping to go to Tyler's party by the swimming hole and talk to Matt... He left me a message inviting me and saying he loves me, you know? And it was the first time he said it! But now is already dark and he probably has already fallen victim to the wicked charms of a bikini-clad scarlet woman!"

"Bikini-clad scarlet woman?" he repeated, lips twitching in amusement. "Really?"

"What?! I'm not going to give her the satisfaction of calling her a bitch. She doesn't deserve that much of my attention." she protested.

"Caroline, do you realize you're talking about a purely hypothetical person, right?"

"That's not the point, Stefan! What matters is that she could be trying to steal my boyfriend right now while you and I argued about her existence!"

He sighed, shaking his head a little. "Fine" he conceded, staring at her in a strange mix of fond amusement and exasperation "We can go to the swimming hole and look out for Matt. But if we see him acting like the good boyfriend we both know he is, then we'll leave to hunt some more"

"Of course" she accepted immediately, walking in the direction of the party "Though, I don't know why I would need more vampire 101 classes, I've everything under control"

"Your restrain is impressive" Stefan admitted, smiling proudly in her direction as he walked by her side "Especially for someone as young as you"

"Thanks" Caroline smiled, preening at the compliment. She'd worked hard in the last two days, following every single one of Aria's instructions – even the more crazy ones, like the one where she'd been forced to dodge the jets of blood Aria had thrown at her while Kreacher cackled in the background and turned her skin green every time she hesitated a moment too long in between running away or towards the blood – and the results had paid off, making her feel more in control of herself. But it was great to hear someone else - another vampire - recognizing her control over her bloodlust.

"It's the truth" Stefan said, smiling back.

The quiet noises of the forest were interrupted by the loud ringtone of a cellphone, equivalent to the shrill of a hundred trumpets for her vampire hearing, and, therefore, making her jump in surprise.

"Sorry" he said, taking out his phone "I've to pick up this. It's Elena"

"Sure. I'll be here looking in another direction, pretending I'm not hearing every single word of your conversation"

Stefan's smile at that moment was full of dry humor. "Thank you for the consideration"

True to her word, Caroline turned around and looked to the other direction, trying to distract herself from the conversation Stefan was having with Elena, which she could hear loud and clear. Even if their conversation wasn't really that interesting, it was about how werewolves were real too – she knew that already – and that their bite was supposedly fatal for a vampire – oh, new information. She would ask Aria about it later – it was better than standing dumbly in the middle of the woods on a full moon night.

Her thoughts screeched to a halt as she checked that yes, she was in the middle of the woods on a full moon night while there was a werewolf on Mystic Falls.

And, like an echo to her increasing shrieks in her thoughts, her advanced hearing picked the growl of something that was running at a terrifying speed in their direction.

Her first instinct was to run. To get as far away from the threat as possible. But she couldn't do that. Not when there was someone else with her, totally unaware of the risk they were in. "….Stefan" She said in a whisper, because she was smart enough to know to raise her voice was a sure way to attract very unwanted attention.

He turned around in confusion, his phone still raised to his ear, and she could only point towards her own ear, willing him to listen to what was out there. He frowned confused but, after a moment, his expression cleared with understanding which quickly morphed into fear. He cut the phone call without saying goodbye and, staring into her eyes, he said three words. "Run, Caroline. Run"

She didn't need to be told twice. She bolted in the opposite direction of the growling, Stefan by her side, running as fast as her new abilities allowed her to, trying to put as much distance between them and their hunter as she could. But no matter how much she pushed herself, how fast she crossed through the woods, it already felt like she was fighting a losing battle as her senses picked how fast the werewolf was running. He was faster than her, she realized with growing dread. Much faster. Her panic only skyrocket as she heard how the werewolf gained speed on them and, soon enough, he was on their heels, his vicious growls and snarls terrifying her to her core.

One second.

That was all it took.

She turned around for one second, just to make sure the werewolf was still at a safe distance and didn't see the big branch on the ground in front of her until it was too late. She tripped, falling into the ground with a loud smack. She tried to get up and run, to get away, but that one second it was all it took.

The werewolf lunged at her, his mouth opened in a savage snarl...


…and impacted into a shining golden dome that appeared around her, bouncing him at least ten feet away from her. And, in front of her, the golden dome vanished almost as soon as it'd appeared.

'…it's enchanted to stop any direct physical attack you face, no matter how powerful the attack is…'

"What was that?" Stefan demanded, helping her to get up. "Caroline? How did you make that shield?"

'…it can only be used once every eight hours or so…. hopefully, it would give you the edge to run away…'

"Run" Caroline said, watching how the gigantic wolf started to stand up. "Stefan, run!"

She took him by his right arm and forced him to run again, trying to get away from the terrifying creature running after them, all too aware of the fact the werewolf was already on their heels and would catch them very soon.

They weren't going to make it.

Not without a miracle…

…or a magical intervention.

'…if you ever find yourself in a life-threating situation without no way out, touch it three time and think of me, and I promise I'll come to you…'

But Caroline didn't want to do that. She wanted to protect Aria's secret. She didn't want to be a burden to someone who had been so good towards her.

'…It's going to be okay, I promise…'

The werewolf finally caught up with them and growled as he jumped towards Stefan, who was running a few steps behind her. "Stefan! Look out!" Caroline didn't stop to think, she threw herself to the werewolf, and the impact threw both of them far away from Stefan, into a small clearing in the middle of nowhere.

'…you've me now and I'll be here for as long as you want me to…'

She cried out as she impacted with the ground, feeling how her leg twisted and broke, knowing her chances of running away were gone now. A couple of feet away from her, the werewolf got up slowly, like he knew the chase was over. He'd gotten her right where he wanted her. At his mercy.

'…I don't break my promises…'

The werewolf lunged and Caroline closed her eyes and, hating herself a little for being so weak, she touched the magical charm that Aria had made for her, thinking on the only person she trusted to save her life.


"At last! It's ready!" Aria cried out happily, examining the glowing runes in the back of Teddy's mirror with excitement.

After two days, her son's mirror was finally completed.

The problem hadn't been making the runic pentagram to connect her mirror with Teddy's – not when she'd the first-hand experience of making communication mirrors as the co-creator of the set of mirrors that she and her best friends used to keep in constant contact – but, instead, it'd been creating the blood runic heptagram to make sure Teddy, and only Teddy, would be able to use the mirror. It was a matter of common sense really. She wasn't about to send to Hogwarts – to Gryffindor's first-years dormitory – a magical object that anyone could pick up and use it to contact her – and see her forever young and seventeen face – without taking precautions. Big precautions. And this meant that, after Teddy sealed the blood runic heptagram with a couple of drops of his blood, nobody but him would be able to use the mirror. And, just to be safe, she'd added a set of runes that were going to make sure nobody but the person using the mirror, Teddy, would be able to see and hear the person on the mirror. So, if someone were to see her son talking to her in the mirror, it would look like he was talking to his reflection. It was perfect.

And that meant it was time to send it to her son.

"Kreacher, I've got a very important mission for you"

The elf straightened up, gazing at her with wide eyes. "Kreacher would be honored to serve his Mistress"

Aria smiled as she gently handed him the mirror. "I need you to give this to Teddy. Only Teddy… Tell him it needs a couple of drops of his blood to be activated."

Kreacher accepted the mirror with careful hands, nodding with a very serious face. "Kreacher will not fail to his Mistress"

"I know you won't" Aria reassured with utter confidence. With the corner of her eye, she saw the time and grimaced, remembering the five-hour difference between Virginia and Scotland. "And please tell my impatient son he's only allowed to call me after completing his eight-hour mandatory sleep."

"Kreacher will make sure the brat follows Mistress's orders"

"Good" she smiled "Take care, Kreacher. Be sure to be back home safe." She ordered, knowing that way the bond would sure he would come back safe to her. In the same way, decades before, Regulus' order had saved his life in the cave filled with inferi.

The elf, whose eyes were shining, bowed deeply at her words and then disappeared with a pop.

Without much to do until Kreacher returned, Aria waved her wand and watched as the piles of books on the table started to float back to their respective places.

That was the moment her golden bracelet, the one nobody but she could see, started to burn. The bracelet was connected to five people, and it only burned when one of them was in desperate need of her help because of a life-threatening situation. And, at that moment, she knew the person most recently added was the one who needed it.

Aria closed her eyes, focusing her magic on Caroline, and apparated away.

She appeared in the middle of a clearing on the woods and had no time to do anything but raise her hand and conjure a shield as a werewolf lunged at her, his jaws opened on a feral snarl. Most wizards and witches were afraid of werewolves because, when transformed, they were very resistant to any form of magic. So she wasn't surprised to see the werewolf snarling as he kept hitting her shield with his head, despite the pain it must be causing him the constant contact with her magic, trying to break through it to get them.

Behind her, Caroline whimpered.

"Are you okay?" Aria asked calmly. For most, creating a shield capable of hold up against the continued direct attack of a werewolf would be impossible. But she wasn't the Master of Death for nothing. Her magic would hold, even if she wasn't using her wand.

"My leg is broken but I can feel how it's starting to heal"

"Good, then this is what we're going to…"

"Caroline! Are you okay?" Stefan yelled, running into the clearing by side that was unprotected by her shield.

She could perfectly see the moment the younger Salvatore understood what was happening, because his mouth opened on a silent 'o' as his eyes traveled from her to her shield, to Caroline sitting on the ground, and then back to her again. Sadly for him, she wasn't the only one who noticed his distracted mind.

Above everything else, a werewolf was a hunter. And a hunter knew to attack when your prey is distracted on something else.

Stefan got no warning as the werewolf turned around and jumped at him. He fell backward on the ground as he tried to push him off him but a werewolf was strong, stronger than an average vampire when transformed, and a vegetarian vampire was not a match to him. The werewolf snarled, his big fangs in full display, as he prepared to go straight to Stefan's neck. And Aria knew he wouldn't be able to protect himself from his bite.

"Stefan!" Caroline cried out in horror from behind her.

With a sigh, Aria raised her hands and focused on the branches and rocks around the werewolf, transforming them into big unbreakable chains that wrapped themselves around the legs, body, and mouth of the werewolf, immobilizing him completely. Stefan, still under the werewolf, didn't seem capable of doing anything but staring wide-eyed to the trapped werewolf. With another movement of her hand, the trapped creature of the night was floating in the air until he was deposited on the ground a couple of steps from her, growling and glaring at her with pure hate but unable to do anything else with his whole body trapped.

"It'll be better if you're behind me as well, Stefan" Aria instructed, bending down to get closer to the wolf.

"What are you going to do with him?" he asked, speeding towards her side and carefully analyzing the werewolf.

Aria raised her eyebrow. "I think I made that obvious when I didn't kill him directly. I'm going to set him free"

"Are you insane?! He's going to kill us as soon as your chains are off him"

"No, he won't. I'll make sure of it."

"And how are you going to do that? Because…"

"Stefan" Caroline cut him, her voice firm "If Aria says she'll make sure the werewolf doesn't attack us anymore then that's exactly what's she's going to do."

"How are you so sure, Caroline? And please, spare me the lies, I already figured it out that Aria was the witch who helped you."

Not wanting to hear the ongoing argument. She focused on her task as she put her hands on either side of the werewolf's head, ignoring how he kept trying to snarl at her, and connected her eyes with him. Trying to use the confundus charm on a werewolf from afar and with a wand was a stupid idea. But doing it while she performed legimency on him and maintained direct contact with him, it might just work.

"Legilimens" she whispered, submerging herself in the chaotic mind of the wolf, noting how the human part of him was asleep while the wolf was in control, and quickly seizing control over all his thoughts. "Confundo"

She knew instantly that her spell had worked as the werewolf stopped growling and his eyes became glazed. Apparently, even Caroline and Stefan noticed that something had changed because they stopped arguing to stare the werewolf in surprise. With a wave of her hand, the chains fell away and the werewolf stood on his four legs once more but, instead of lunging at them, simply turned around and run in the opposite direction.

"What did you do?" Stefan asked, his eyes wide and incredulous.

Aria shrugged. "I confused him. Tonight, he won't attack anyone else" She would have liked to have the ability to stop him from killing permanently but that was impossible. No spell would hold that much longer, not even the imperius curse, no with the natural ability of the werewolf to develop resistance to the magic that was cast on them.

"And what about tomorrow?!"

"Tomorrow?" She scoffed "Why do you care about tomorrow? By then, the full moon would have passed and the human mind would take control once more over the werewolf"

"What? What are you talking about?"

"You don't know?" she asked, incredulous "The werewolf curse is called a curse for a reason. On full moon nights, the human loses control over his body after the transformation takes effect. When transformed, the mind of the werewolf is very much like the one of a wolf, caring about most of the same basic instincts. The werewolf that attacked us did it because he saw us as prey to hunt, not because he'd a personal vendetta against us. He was following his nature and I won't condemn someone to death for that."

Stefan was gaping at her. "How did you know all that?"

"How don't you know this already?" she asked in return "With how old are you, I thought you knew at least the basics"

How funny. Apparently, the Salvatore brothers' ignorance towards the existence of the wizarding world wasn't the exception of the rule. The vampires didn't seem to know much about anything. How had they managed to survive for so long?

"How do you know so much about me?" Stefan asked, looking wary all of sudden.

Aria snorted, amused. "Please, I knew about your brother and you within a week of you moving here. Not you nor your brother are careful when you're feeding on your respectively chosen diet" she said, pointedly. Honestly, bunnies and deer don't just drop dead, completely dried of all their blood and with teeth marks on them. It was so obvious that it was a wonder how nobody in town, especially those in the known about the vampire existence, didn't put two and two together.

"Why didn't say anything then?"

"Because I don't care about you, your brother, your vampire problems or the people both of you have killed. Nor I cared for your human girlfriend and her witch friend." she admitted with sincerity "As long as you keep your problems away from me, I don't particularly care about what you do."

"Then why did you save us tonight?" Stefan asked, frowning.

"Because of Caroline." she admitted, pointing to the silent blonde, who was watching their ongoing discussion with attention. "She's my friend and I came to her aid. That's all." Not wanting to keep answering his questions, she took a step back and gave him the same polite smile she'd used on him every time their paths had crossed in the past. "Now, If you excuse me. I want to take a long bath and relax in the comfort of my home."

"Wait, Aria… Can I stay at your house again tonight?" Caroline asked looking a bit uncertain, like she was afraid she was going to say no or something crazy like that.

"Sure. I told you the doors of my home were always open for you" She said, smiling. "We can even do a movie night like yesterday"

Caroline's eyes lit up and she nodded eagerly. "That would be great!"

With one last polite smile in Stefan's direction, she took Caroline's hand and apparated them away, not even a little afraid about showing him that piece of her powers. With their non-existence knowledge of the magical world, Stefan and his brother would never figure it out on their own that she was a different kind of witch. The only way would be if she told them, or use her wand around them, and as she didn't plan to do any of those things, everything was alright on that front for now.


"I'm going to kill her"

Stefan rolled his eyes, not surprised by his brother's explosive reaction. In Damon's world, with the unique exceptions of Stefan and Elena, the rest of the people could be classified as those he tentative considered friends – like Alaric – those he was forced to tolerate – like Bonnie and Caroline – those few he wanted them dead on sight for a specific reason – like Katherine – and then the rest of the world, which was considered as ample supply of disposable lovers and possible meals for the future. And, in light of the events of that night, Aria had just moved from 'the rest of the world' to 'wanted dead'.

"You cannot"

"Please, little brother, have a little faith. I'll kill that double-faced bitch-witch"

"I meant it, Damon" Stefan insisted, exasperated "You won't be able to kill her. She's too powerful for you. She's more powerful than Emily ever was! And she's aware of her power. You should have seen her tonight. She was in total control of the situation and every one of her moves was done with perfect calculation."

"She let Mason go" Damon spat, furious "I fail to see why I shouldn't kill the bitch-witch who let go the one thing that could kill us"

Stefan shook his head, irritated with his brother's incapacity of seeing the big picture. "I already told you what she said about werewolves. Her reasons for not killing him are perfectly understandable." When he saw his brother opening his mouth again, he cut him off, determinate to explain his idea before Damon could go and do something stupid. "You can't try to kill her. That would be counterproductive. We need her on our side."

Damon raised an eyebrow, mocking. "And, pray tell me, brother, why would we need her? We already have a witch on our side"

"Bonnie is still new and inexperienced to her powers. She can't help us against Katherine. But Aria…." He left the phrase hanging, waiting for his brother to catch up.

And his brother was many things, but stupid wasn't one of them.

"…is powerful enough to kill our ex for us" Damon finished, looking delighted all of sudden.

"Not for us, with us" he corrected, rolling his eyes. He sincerely doubted Aria would agree to kill someone just because they told her it was safer for everyone that way. "I don't want Aria fighting our battles, Damon. But with her help, we might be able to protect Elena from Katherine's plans."

He didn't like to use the Elena-card with Damon, mostly because it was a permanent reminder that, once more, he and his brother were in love with the same girl. But, for once, he was willing to do it if that meant Elena would be safe from Katherine. Aria was a powerful and knowledgeable witch, who had managed to stay out of everyone's radars, even Katherine's. With her as an ally, Stefan had no doubt that they would be able to protect Elena from Katherine's plans and threats.

And he needed his brother to see that.

Damon didn't say anything for a while and then he smirked that devilish grin that promised trouble. "Well then, brother. Let's go and charm a witch, you and I."

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