I like starting my stories with promos like the trailers you see for blockbuster movies.

This will be the true sequel to my first two stories in this series in this American Dragon Universe where all humans have been turned into Dragons.

Anyways here is the promo:

It has been 5 years since everything changed. But there has not been peace.

President Carter: "New York, Washington DC, Hong Kong. These are just a few of the battles the Dragon Order was involved in with massive casualties and collateral damage."

Now the governments all over the world want the Dragon Order to follow the same rules as them when it comes to dealing with Magical Creatures and the Magical World in general.

President Carter: "The people are afraid of what they don't know."

Some agree that the Dragon Order have been going too far in what they do to protect the magical world.

Jesse Long (Jake's brother): "He is right. We need to be put in check. Otherwise it all ends up killing innocent people. That is something we cannot let happen."

And others don't.

Jake Long: "I understand. But it will always be our job to protect the magical world. That is something they will never take away from us."

How far will Jake go to protect his job as the American Dragon?

President Carter: "He is not protecting us from them. He is using them to attack us!"

And what will happen to those around them.

Jake: "I'm sorry about what happened Jesse. I don't want to fight you but I will if I have to."

Jesse: "Sorry. From what I have seen it looks like you killed them Jake! You just started a war!"

But there might be more to it than any of them imagined.

Unknown: "Killing them is not enough. The best way to truly get revenge is to have them take down each other from the inside."

Find out in Legacy Of The Ancients 3: Civil War