Chapter 2: Dad Universe 2.0

"What do you mean by babies, Garnet?" Steven asked.

"A boy and a girl, Steven." Garnet explained.

"Whoa. Twins, eh?" Amethyst smiled at the idea of having two new rascals to play with.

"I just hope this earth pregnancy goes well." Pearl explained. And going well it did.

Many months later and at the Beach City hospital, Connie was resting after an intense labor. Steven was by her side, strumming an ukulele to pass time. The gems and Greg were also there to meet the babies, as was Connie's family. The nurse then walked in with two little babies wrapped in a blue blanket and pink blanket-both blankets had yellow stars on them. Swaddled in the blue blanket was the newborn son, with skin as fair as his mom's with his dad's puff hair and a cute pug nose. The baby boy's sister had skin that was a mixture of Steven and Connie's with a very curly tuff of deep brown hair.

"They're beautiful." Connie sniffled happily.

"So Steven, what're their names?" Amethyst asked.

"I was thinking of Rose for the girl." Steven explained, putting down the ukulele so he could get a better view of his new children. "And…Steven Junior for the boy."

"Junior and Rose. I like it." Connie smiled.

"For someone who was pushing for two earth hours to deliver two defective humans, you sure seem happy." Peridot commented.

"Human babies are supposed to be little." Garnet explained.

"Oh?" Peridot asked in confusion.

"Do you want to hold one?" Amethyst asked as she scooped up Junior and without Peridot's answer, placed him in her arms. Peridot gave a worried smile. What was she supposed to do with this baby? Her confusion went away, however, when Junior opened his opal blue eyes and looked up at her.

"He's so precious." Peridot smiled.

"Just like his father Steven." Pearl sniffled happily.

"Here, Pearl, you can hold Rose." Steven explained as Pearl carefully picked her up, ever so careful as to not drop the newborn.

"I did it for her, then I did it for him. Now, I must do it for them." Pearl thought happily as Rose's opal blue eyes opened and her chubby hands reached for Pearl's long nose. "Rose!" she exclaimed as the rest of the Crystal Gems, the new grandparents and the new parents laughed.

As the days turned into weeks and the weeks into months and the months began turning into a year, Steven and Connie had around the clock help from their parents and the Crystal Gems. Everyone began noticing Junior and Rose's personalities coming out too.

Junior was more interested in 'watching' Camp Pining Hearts than recordings of 'Crying Breakfast Friends' or shows aimed at young audiences. He also had a fondness for Peridot and always tried to snatch her visor whenever she held him. Peridot affectionately nicknamed him 'Steven 2.0', a nickname that made the rest of the Gems laugh.

Rose was fascinated by music, especially her dad's ukulele skills and grandpa Greg's guitar playing. She and Pearl got along well and Pearl also told stories of Rose's grandma. Sometimes Pearl would watch Rose and Junior sleep to make sure nothing bad happened. Luckily, Rose was an early riser and filled the house with her cries. Unluckily, Pearl always took the cries as something bad has happened.

"I can't wait until they learn to talk." Pearl said one morning after Rose awoke everyone during the Crystal Gem's two-day visit.

"Steven 2.0 and Rose sure are interesting little gem…human…fusions?" Peridot explained.

"Little Junior and Rose are just talking baby talk; P. Steven did the same." Amethyst added as she rolled a ball to Junior.

"Still. What if something had happened?" Pearl asked.

"According to my calculations from every visit we've been on since the babies were 'born' as humans say, Rose always wakes up at 5 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds in the mornings-or 5:59 am." Peridot added.

"You logged whenever Rose wakes up?" Lapis asked.

"I don't sleep often; unlike Amethyst." Peridot said, looking over at Amethyst playing with the twins.

"We noticed." Lapis said.

"It's mainly because Lapis snores like the tractor." Peridot added.

"The tractor?!" Lapis gasped.

"By comparison." Peridot shrugged. "For a gem, I had no idea you snored so loudly."

"Let's not get overheated here." Garnet suggested.

"Isn't that ironic since you're part Ruby?" the angry slice of pie asked.

'Guys, let's not argue, okay?" Steven chuckled as he finished making the babies' breakfasts. "Okay, Amethyst, can you get the twins? It's time to eat."

"On it!" Amethyst said as she turned into a kangaroo and carried the babies in her 'pouch'. "BOING! BOING!"

"AMETHYST!" Pearl gasped.

"What, Pearl?" Amethyst asked.


Both twins sniffled and burst into tears at their aunt Pearl's yelling, making both gems gulp. Peridot sighed and scooped up Junior while Lapis scooped up Rose. Amethyst groaned and turned back into her usual form. "What happened?" Amethyst asked.

"Babies just cry when they need something." Connie explained.

"Maybe the Steven 2.0 just needs aunt Peridot." Peridot said as she hummed the Camp Pining Hearts theme to him, making him giggle. "See?"

"I don't know much about babies. What do I do?" Lapis asked.

"Sway your arms back and forth while you hold Rose." Connie suggested as Lapis did so. Rose giggled and reached out for the winged gem.

"I did it." Lapis smiled happily.

"Just in time for breakfast too." Steven said as the two gems got the twins in the highchairs. "Wanna help me feed them, Amethyst?"

"Of course, Steven!" Amethyst smiled. "Open wide, Rosie Posies." She insisted, but the baby didn't open her mouth. "Please? For aunt Amy? Fine, I'll show you the food ain't gonna poof you." Amethyst sighed, taking a spoonful of the mush before swallowing it. "Delicious. Want some?"

Rose smiled and opened her mouth for the purple gem. "That's it! Oooh, that little tooth is coming in for sure, R." Commented Amethyst. "Your turn, Stevie." She added, trying to feed Junior, but he was a bit fussier than his sister. "Please? It's real yummy. You might even like it."

Amethyst tried to feed the baby, but he kept refusing it. She then had an idea and shape shifted into Peridot. Junior giggled at the transformation and as his mouth widened so he could laugh, Amethyst got a spoonful of the mush in his mouth. Junior coughed a little before giggling. "I knew I got this under control." Amethyst told Peridot.

"Because you have experience with earth foods and infants." Peridot smirked.