Chapter 3: Do It For Them

After breakfast, Peridot and Lapis decided to watch some Camp Pining Hearts tapes with Junior. "See, Steven 2.0? That's Percy. Can you say 'Percy'?" Peridot asked eagerly every five seconds or so, much to the amusement of Lapis. Amethyst was resting on the couch with Rose sleeping on her tummy. Pearl was cleaning the dishes with Connie as they recalled sword practicing they did many years ago. Steven was talking to Lion, Garnet and Greg about doing something special later that day while Bismuth was still trying to make seashell swords.

Pearl smiled as she and Connie cleaned the last dish, observing Amethyst and Rose sleeping together. "Let's take a picture." Connie suggested as Pearl leaned close to the couch. The mother just chuckled as she grabbed a camera with film in it and smiled. "Smile and say 'cheese'."

"Cheese?" Pearl asked as Connie took the picture. "Why do you earth beings say 'cheese' when you take pictures exactly?"

"We just do." Connie smiled.

"Look, Steven 2.0! It's Pierre! Say 'Pierre'. Come on, Steven 2.0. Say 'Pierre'." Peridot continued as Lapis chuckled at her barn mate's consistency to get Junior to talk.

"He'll talk when he's ready, Peridot." Lapis chuckled.

"Easy for you to say." Peridot huffed.

"What's all the fuss?" Amethyst yawned as she awoke. Pearl gasped and fell over, making Rose giggle. Sighing, Pearl chuckled as she picked up the baby. "Is it lunchtime yet?"

"No, it's not lunchtime yet." Pearl said as she grabbed a book and decided to read to the baby. "Now Rose, I'm going to tell the story about your grandmother, okay?"

Rose giggled, making Pearl smile. "Okay. Many, many years ago, on Homeworld, there lived four diamonds-"

"As if she'd be interested." Amethyst groaned.

"AMETHYST!" Pearl exclaimed as Rose began crying again. "Oh dear. What happened, Baby? Do tell aunt Pearl."

"Apparently, your species is not capable of human communication during the first 365 days of its life, but develops one over time." Peridot commented.

"PERIDOT! NOT YOU TOO!" the salty bird mom exclaimed again. Rose kept crying.

"What's going on?" Steven asked as he entered the house and scooped up Rose. "How's daddy's little girl?"

Rose stopped crying and smiled at her dad, trying to wrap her tiny arms around him. "That's good to know."

"How come she didn't cry when you held her?" Pearl groaned.

"He's her dad, P." Amethyst explained. "She loves him."

"That's a laugh." Peridot scoffed. "Anyhow, I'll be enjoying the beach after the recording stops, if anyone wants to join yours truly."

"I'll come." Lapis insisted.

"Okay." Peridot smiled. "I like being with my gem friends. Besides, there's something I've ALWAYS wanted to do with you, Lazuli."

"What is it?" Lapis asked as the recording ended.

"You'll see." Peridot promised as the two headed to the beach.

"You don't think, do you?" Steven asked everyone as Amethyst began playing with Junior.

"I can already see it." Garnet said, monotony.

"See what?" Connie asked.

"This will take some time." Garnet said. "I hope Peridot understands."

"Hey Greg." Peridot waved as she and Lapis headed on the beach. "Now, Lazuli, may I have this 'dance'?"

"Sure." Lapis chuckled nervously as Greg played his guitar for fun. The two gems danced around to the music before the music stopped. They held hands as they bowed.

"Bravo." Greg applauded.

"Thank you." Peridot smiled as she realized her gem was glowing. Lapis' gem was also glowing, and before they knew it, taking their place was a gem with a mixture of their colors, a circular visor, four eyes, four arms, two skinny legs and large butterfly-like wings.

"What is going on?" Peridot's side of the fusion asked.

"I don't know." Lapis gulped, beginning to remember her fusion with Jasper. This time, it felt different. This fusion felt more stable and Lapis was beginning to feel ready to explore it.

The fusion took a few steps on the beach before falling over. "Okay. Legs are too skinny and we have two arms too many. Better try the wings." She said as she flew around the house, a bit wobbly.

Inside the house, Garnet gulped. "EVERYONE OUT OF THE KITCHEN!" she exclaimed.

"Why?" everyone asked as they got in the living room. Just then, the newest fusion crashed through the roof and landed in the kitchen. Lapis and Peridot unfused, both were panicking.

"What happened here?" Amethyst asked as Junior and Rose giggled.

"Lapis and I fused." Peridot explained. "It was a bit weird how we made such a weird fusion."

"You were Percy and Pierre." Garnet said. "Over time, your fusion will improve, just like their relationship."

"Oh." Peridot blinked.

"Well, is no one gonna mention that the roof is broken here?" Pearl asked.

"We can fix it." Amethyst said. "BISMUTH! WE NEED YOUR HELP!"

"A broken roof from fusion? Only Peridot…" Bismuth chuckled as she and the other worker gems aided with repairing the roof later that day.

"Sorry about the damage." Peridot blushed.

"As long as you two didn't crack your gems, that's all we care about." Connie smiled.

"Is my gem okay?" Lapis asked.

"It's just the same as before." Steven smiled. "So is Peridot's; her visor is a bit bent though."

"As long as my gem ain't cracked, that really doesn't matter, Steven." Peridot shrugged before scooping up the twins. "You two wanna go flying with aunt Lapis?" she asked them as they cheered.

"Well, looks like I'm on babysitting duty." Lapis chuckled anxiously.

"This is a bit risky, so I'll help ya." Amethyst smiled as she turned into a baby carrier for two. "Just hold me in your arms, Lazuli. I won't drop them."

"Okay?" Lapis shrugged as Steven got the babies in the carrier. She let out her wings as she and Amethyst took to the sky.

"WAHOO!" Amethyst exclaimed.

"Be careful!" Pearl cried out.

"We are, P." Amethyst scoffed.

After a wild day, everyone decided to turn in. "Hey, at least we didn't hurt the twins." Amethyst told Pearl, who groaned in disbelief as Peridot cradled Junior in her arms. The salty gem cradled Rose.

"Well…that's true." Pearl sighed.

"So, do you think the new roof will last?" Steven asked Connie.

"I hope so." Connie stated as Garnet pulled out a large metal tub and placed it by the patched up part of roof.

"No need for thanks." Garnet said.

"This better be a joke, Garnet." Connie blinked.