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Chapter 51 -

Harry's eyes slowly opened, he blinked several times in an attempt to reduce the sleepiness he was experiencing, he was well aware of the two bodies in bed with him. Tonk's was on his left, her hair pink and spread out, her head leaning on his shoulder with her arms wrapped around his and her leg draped over his own. Fleur was on his other side, looking perfect as usual, her head was resting on his chest with her body pressed into his side and her leg draped over his other leg.

Harry sighed happily, making no move to get up, this moment was patronus worthy for him, he kind of hoped it would never end. His life had changed so much in the last few years, he was just glad it was for the better. When he was with the Dursley's he had no idea what would happen to him, he figured he would have probably broken in someway or form and then would have more than likely tried something extreme, and if he didn't then that would mean he would have had to endure all that suffering until he could finally leave.

When he came to Hogwarts he had hope, hope which had only lasted a short while until he realized that it was just another place where he had to try his best to be someone else, be the Harry Potter that everyone wanted. He was glad that he had finally stopped pretending in his fourth year, if he hadn't then he probably would not be in bed with these two beautiful women, he probably wouldn't have Sirius and he would have more than likely have been dead by now.

Of course the question now is what to do for the future, Harry knew there were several options available for him. He could defeat Voldemort then do what Dumbledore had done and take every big position he could, but would he want to do that? What if that made him like Dumbledore? Power corrupts after all, yes Harry had done some bad things but he wasn't really at the 'sacrifice innocent children level'. Also he didn't really know where he wanted to focus his efforts, he could focus on the ministry as Lord Potter and Lord Black and work on changing the laws, or he could got to Hogwarts as a teacher and work on changing the people. Though he supposed he could do both, he could work as a teacher and attend Wizengamot meetings or have a proxy assigned for when he couldn't.

Either way, that's a problem for the late future. He had more pressing concerns, namely Snape. After he had caught Snape he had shoved a potion down his throat that would basically damage his mental shields beyond repair, that was especially funny seeing as he had made Voldemort order Snape to make it in the first place. Harry had then read the mind of the unconscious grease bag, he was glad to see that there wasn't much in Snape's mind that could be used to harm him.

It was fortunate that Dumbledore had not told Snape about the horcruxes, if he had then Harry would have had to mind wipe Snape to prevent the man from telling everyone that Harry had been a horcrux. Harry figured that Snape would probably have just done that just to drag Harry down to hell with him. Once that was done Harry had waited for the aurors to arrive to take Snape away, tomorrow would be Snape's trial. Harry was still thinking about if he was going to send Sirius there as his proxy or show up himself, hopefully Snape would get the dementor's kiss or get pushed through the veil, if he didn't then Harry would make sure the man was killed. He was far too dangerous to be left alive, if Harry spared him then he had no doubt that the greaseball would probably try and escape Azkaban, if he did then he might go after Tonks, Fleur, Sirius or anyone else who he suspected that Harry would care for.

No, Harry needed to clean up first, then he could focus on the future.

Harry was currently sat alongside Sirius during Severus Snape's trial, when Snape had been brought in he was wearing the exact same clothes from when he had been captured. He also looked very roughed up, that did not surprise Harry, Snape had no shortage of enemies. The idiot bullied and insulted whoever he could, especially children, then expected Dumbledore, Voldemort and his positions to save him from suffering the consequences of being a first class asshole.

The aurors shoved him into his seat, a little but rougher than necessary, chains rose up from the chain and wrapped themselves around a tired and livid looking Severus Snape. Snape glared at everyone in the courtroom, especially Harry and Sirius, not something that helped his case.

The judge for this case was Amelia Bones, previously the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement but was now the new Minister of Magic. The trial started with listing all of the various crimes Snape was accused of, including the ones he was accused of before the last war had ended, because apparently Snape had got off last time thanks to Dumbledore's claims that Snape was a spy for him all along which had pretty much shut down the trial nearly immediately. That excuse wasn't going to work as well seeing as he was being accused for killing the old fucker.

"How do you plead?" Amelia Bones asked once the long list of charges was read.

"Not guilty." Snape said without hesitation, even if he didn't look very confident.

"Defiant to the end." Harry whispered to Sirius who snorted in amusement.

"He always was a stubborn bastard." Sirius agreed.

"Very well," Madam Bones nodded as if she was expecting that answer. "let us continue." She said.

What followed was roughly about an hour or so of various people who knew Snape and Dumbledore discussing Snape and answering questions, including the Hogwarts teachers. The other three head of houses very coldly informed them of the uncountable times that they had received complaints about Snape only to be brushed off by Dumbledore who would always say that same things, either he trusted Snape or he would talk to Snape, only one of those sounded true.

Sirius was even given the opportunity to speak up against Snape, Sirius had to restrain himself and was barely able to keep the gleeful look off of his face. Sirius began talking about all the many times he had argued with Dumbledore about having Snape, not just as a spy but also as a teacher for Hogwarts. He also talked about how Snape was the one to stop him from catching Pettigrew during Harry's third year, something which did not help Snape's case.

Eventually Harry was called up to speak, Harry had to stop himself from looking too happy, much like Sirius had. Harry had calmly walked to the witness box, Snape was snarling at him the whole time. Not something that helped his case but he either did not notice or care that everyone else in the court was noticing his reaction to Harry.

"Mr Potter." Amelia Bones spoke. "You have known Mr Snape since your first year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, is that correct?"

"Unfortunately." Harry nodded.

"What is your relationship with the accused?" Amelia Bones asked.

"The best way I could probably describe it is regular guy meets psychopath stalker." Harry replied.

"Explain." Amelia Bones frowned.

"Well Snape over there has made no secret of the fact that he hates me, yet the majority of the time it is him who approaches me." Harry shrugged. "Now I am no expert but I would imagine that a mentally healthy person would take steps to avoid someone they dislike but in Snape's case he does the opposite and actively seeks me out to taunt and bully me. I have lost count of how many times he has done that then relied on his position and Dumbledore to protect himself. As you can imagine I was not able to retaliate against Snape when I was eleven years old and forced to listen to him insult my dead father in front of me." Harry said, earning gasps of disbelief from the court.

"He insulted your father?" One member of the court asked.

"Allow me to explain," Harry said before taking a deep breath. "during my first potions class I had entered the classroom, and I was admittedly rather excited as the subject had sounded quite interesting to me. But then Snape stormed into the room, when he took the register he mocked me for being a celebrity despite the fact that I had not said anything to him. He then singled me out and asked me some very advanced questions that we were not expected to know for our first class.

Then instead of explaining how to make potions, the effects of ingredients or even basic safety rules, he wrote the instructions on the black board before walking around and breathing down the necks of students, looking at us like a pervert would look at his sister. The rest of the lesson went by with him constantly insulting and intimidating me and the other Gryffindor students, he either complimented or ignored the Slytherin students. At one point one student, Neville Longbottom, made a mistake which ended up with him being covered in boils. A mistake that I do not think would have been made if he was allowed to go through the class with proper teaching and instructions plus no intimidation tactics from Snape." Harry said, he paused and noticed that Neville's grandmother, Augustus Longbottom, looked pissed off to say the least. "Snape, instead of accepting that he could have done better as a teacher, decided to blame me for Neville's mistake even though I was busy working on my own potion."

"You liar!" Snape yelled. "You spoilt and arrogant brat! Just like your father! Always lying to get your way, you little..."

"Enough!" Amelia Bones shouted. "Aurors silence him." She ordered, the nearest auror didn't even hesitate and silenced Snape. "Continue Mr Potter."

"Thank you," Harry nodded. "after the first lesson I had hoped that things would get better but they did not. The first time we ever made a poison Snape had said 'everyone collect your poison and leave a vial at my desk, apart from you Potter, you can drink yours'. And at the time I had no idea if he actually meant it, that's how bad he was." Harry said.

Harry lost count of how long it was but a long while later he had finally finished telling the court every bad thing he knew about Snape, including the fact that the bastard liked to use legilimency on people. By the time Harry was done the few people who did not originally dislike Snape were now full on hating him. Sirius had also suggested that the court use truth serum on Snape, which after a few minutes of discussing if they actually could, was agreed upon.

The truth serum was shoved down Snape's throat and he admitted to all of his crimes, including giving the prophecy to Voldemort and leading them to the Potter's. By the end of it people knew that there was a prophecy involving Harry and Voldemort, they did not know what the prophecy was beyond the few lines that Snape knew but they all could have guessed what it basically meant. Once the truth serum had worn off there was no doubt that pretty much everyone wanted to get rid of Snape.

The light side wanted to get rid of him because he was an evil son of a bitch who had killed Dumbledore and terrorized their children, the neutral/grey side wanted to get rid of him because he was an evil son of a bitch who cost lives and had terrorized their children, while the dark side wanted to get rid of Snape because he was an evil son of a bitch who was pretty much done for at this point and he had terrorized their children, because not all members of the dark side were Slytherin's, believe it or not. Plus even those who had children in Slytherin were not happy with Snape since their children got by due to favoritism and not actual skill, something which could be dangerous with something like potions. Also...nobody liked Snape, he was an asshole.

At the end of it, Snape was sentenced to the dementor's kiss. Nearly everybody cheered, Sirius was very happy about that because Snape had tried to get him sentenced to a dementor's kiss in Harry's third year. Snape was yelling at everyone even though they couldn't hear him because the silencing charm had been reapplied after he had finished taking the truth serum. The auror wasn't even asked to do so, he had just silenced him and nobody complained.

Though as Snape was taken out he noticed a green eyed boy give him the smallest of grin's followed by a wink, something which caused Snape to go even angrier.

Snape died the next morning, cursing the Potter family with his last breath.

"Minister Bones," Harry approached Amelia Bones after Snape's trial. "may I speak with you in private?" Harry asked.

"Mr Potter, I do not intend to seem rude but I am a very busy woman." Amelia frowned. "Is this important?"

"Incredibly." Harry nodded without hesitation, he leaned in and whispered in her ear. "It's about you-know-who." Harry whispered, he pulled back and saw a stunned look on Amelia's face. She recovered fairly quickly and gestured him to follow her, a minute later they were both sat in her office.

"Alright Mr Potter," Amelia said. "you have my full attention."

"I just wanted to know what would happen if someone was hypothetically capable of defeating Voldemort once and for all but was worried about possible negative consequences that they could possibly suffer if they did so, such as legal consequences."

"Are you saying that you can end Voldemort?" She asked, a hint of hope in her voice.

"No, I'm saying that somebody hypothetically could." Harry responded. "But this person is rather worried about what could happen to him or her if they do so, for example they could be charged with murder or some other crime."

"Are you saying you want me to basically give you full permission and cover for you if you are to do whatever is needed to kill Voldemort?"

"I am saying that this hypothetical person would like that." Harry nodded.

"Hmm...very well, I will help you." She said after a short pause, it was not something she needed to think hard about, helping the person who was going to get rid of the worst dark lord in history was just basic decency.

"I'm sure that the hypothetical person is very pleased."

"This hypothetical person, his first name wouldn't happen to be Harry, would it?" She asked.



"It might hypothetically be." Harry shrugged.

The death eaters, apart from a certain greasy haired one, were all gathered at the current headquarters that Voldemort was using. They had previously been using Malfoy Manor but that was not possible now since the aurors would be checking for them there, which is why Voldemort was using Riddle Manor for his headquarters, after all nobody expected him to go back there.

Voldemort was sat in front of them on a throne with black as night wood plus emerald green padding. The death eaters all kneeled in front of him, including the Malfoys. They were all quiet, waiting for their lord to speak, waiting for him to say something.

"My friends," Voldemort began. "my loyal followers. I have good news,, I have great news. Albus Dumbledore is dead!" Voldemort paused, many of the death eaters began laughing and cheering, Bellatrix could be heard cackling. "Young Draco had been tasked with this, however he failed to complete his mission." Voldemort said, Draco turned an almost Weasley shade of red as everyone glanced in his direction. "Another has completed this mission instead."

"Master," Bellatrix spoke up. "was it Snape?" She asked, the only thing that stopped her from sneering at the mere mention of Snape was the fact that she was in the presence of the dark lord.

"No," Voldemort shook his head. "Severus has been captured by the aurors, he was indeed the one who cast the spell that ended it but the plan was engineered by another. By none other than my heir." Voldemort gestured to Apophis who calmly walked in and stood alongside Voldemort. "My heir, through a well crafted plan, was able to weaken Dumbledore and lower his guard, my heir left Dumbledore dying alone, afraid and in pain while also suffering through the pain of betrayal. He had also managed to place all the blame on Severus's shoulders." Voldemort chuckled at the last part, along with many of the death eaters, Snape was a far from loved individual, even among the death eaters.

"My lord, how did he do it?" One brave, yet incredibly scared, death eater asked.

"Would you like to answer this one?" Voldemort asked Apophis.

"Sure," Apophis replied before he lowered his head and raised his hands up to his hood, everyone drew in a deep breath, all were eager to see the real face of Lord Voldemort's heir. First they saw the raven colored hair, several people among recognized who that hair belonged to, Apophis looked up and grinned at them all. "hello everyone." Harry grinned.

"Potter?!" Draco blurted out in shock, what the hell was Dumbledore's golden boy doing here?

"That can't be Potter!" Another death eater cried. "Remember, he is a magical creation between our lord's blood and Potter's, he simply looks like Potter."

"A magical creation," Harry snorted as Voldemort chuckled behind him. "I still find it funny that you all believed that."

"He was never a creation from blood," Voldemort said in an amused voice. "he was and has always been Harry Potter."

"That's impossible!" Draco hissed to himself.

"Muggles would say the same thing about magic," Harry smirked. "see Draco, even Voldemort knows I am more important than you." All the death eaters looked at the dark lord who showed no reaction to Harry so casually using his name.

"Then...that means you tortured me!" Draco cried out, remembering all that he had suffered at the hands of Apophis.

"Indeed," Harry smiled brightly. "and I would have continued to do so if you're mother wasn't so good on her knees." Harry grinned.

"What?!" Draco blurted out then looked at his mother who blushed but showed no other reaction.

"I slept with your mother." Harry said simply. "It was really nice as well, if I didn't two girlfriends then I probably would have continued to do so. Hmm, maybe I can convince them to let your mum join us in a foursome." Harry added the last part in a thoughtful voice.

"You half-blood freak!" Draco cursed as he pulled his wand out only to fall to his knees when Harry hit him with a quick cruciatus curse.

"No, no, no Draco." Harry tutted. "In case you have forgotten, I am very much still Apophis." He grinned.

"Master, how did this happen?!" Bellatrix Lestrange asked with disbelief. What on Earth could have possessed her Lord to take a filthy half-blood like Potter as his heir?!

"It is a rather interesting tale," Voldemort smirked. "during young Harry Potter's fourth year he discovered that I had sent one of my servants, Barty Crouch Junior, to Hogwarts, disguised as Alastor Moody. During my resurrection ritual he revealed himself to me."

"Wait a sec, you killed one of Dumbledore order members." One death eater blurted out.

"Actually the only member of Dumbledore's order I killed was old Voldemort's second spy." Harry explained.

"What?!" Bellatrix blurted out.

"You know, as far as last words go...that's not a bad one. I would love to keep explaining everything but I've decided I would rather just have you all die." Harry said before he clicked his fingers. Voldemort nodded before pressing his fingers to his forearm, a few seconds later all the death eaters with dark marks collapsed on the floor, gasping for air, all looking terrified for a few seconds before they left the land of the living.

"What?! What's happening?!" A terrified Draco Malfoy screamed out, him and his mother being the only two in the room who were not marked. "Father!" He cried out when he saw Lucius Malfoy die in front of him.

"Oh Draco," Harry tutted. "didn't you know? Your dark lord works for me." Harry laughed.

"What?!" Draco blurted out, not sure he heard right, there was no way that the dark lord worked for Potter.

"Yeah," Harry nodded. "he really shouldn't have used me for the blood ritual to bring himself back, anyway, Dobby." Harry called, a second later Dobby arrived and handed Narcissa a piece of parchment before popping away.

"Thank you." Narcissa nodded.

"What the hell is going on?!" Draco demanded, confused about why his mother was acting so calm, as if her husband had not jut died.

"I hate your father Draco!" Narcissa snapped at him, shocking him. "I hate him! You are the only one in our family who loved him beside himself! Probably the whole world even! I tried for years and years to convince him to stop corrupting you and for you to just grow up and see the idiocy of following in his footsteps! But you wouldn't listen! No matter what I had done, you wouldn't listen! But you will listen to me now!"

"Mother..." Draco spoke in a quiet voice, as if he couldn't understand what was happening.

"If not for me then you would be dead like all of them!" Narcissa gestured to the dead bodies surrounding them.

"They were killed by the dark mark." Harry added, Voldemort had placed a 'kill this idiot' option into all of his dark mark, in case anyone had ever turned on him. At first Harry had been tempted to just have him use it and quickly get rid of all of Harry's problems, but the Slytherin and moral side of Harry had convinced him to hold off so he could not only make sure all of these assholes were deserving of it but also so he could do it at a more beneficial time in a more benefitting way. "I wanted to kill you Draco but your mother was able to convince me to hold off, give you a chance. This is your chance."

"Draco," Narcissa spoke before Draco could respond. "in my hands I hold a vow that you will perform, you may read but it essentially states that you will leave Britain and never return, you will also never intentionally or knowingly harm Harry Potter or his loved ones in any way or form."

"What?! I'm not making that vow!" Draco snarled. "He killed father! Why aren't you doing anything?!"

"Because he made me take an unbreakable vow to never intentionally harm him or his loved ones in any way or form!" Narcissa yelled.


"I did it for you, everything I have done has been for you! I swore that vow and gave up my body for you! So that you could live! I have done all that I can Draco, but you will swear this vow and leave this country with me!"

"And what if I don't?!" Draco sneered only to stumble back when his mother slapped him hard across the face.

"Then you die!" She growled. "These two want to kill you!" She gestured to Harry and Voldemort who both happily waved at him. "For the love of Merlin, GROW UP DRACO! If you want to follow your father's footsteps then look at where he ended up!" She said, pointing to the dead body of Lucius Malfoy. "Make the vow!"


"NOW!" She screamed. Draco hesitated, he glanced at his father's body before looking towards Harry and Voldemort, both of whom were casually twirling their wands. He was angry and pissed off but there was a reason why Draco was not in Gryffindor.

"I will make the vow." He said, lowering his head in defeat.

"Good!" Narcissa huffed before turning to Harry. "Thank you," She said in a sincere tone, "thank you for sparing my son."

"I will fully admit that I would prefer to kill your son and burry him in a ditch," Harry responded. "but for you I won't. Your husband might have been an evil idiot, who if you are to be believed has a very small dick, but you are a good mother, a caring mother, and for that you have my respect."

"Thank you." She nodded to him before handing Draco the parchment. "Make the vow." She ordered.

Draco, very reluctantly, made the vow. That night he and his mother had snuck out of England and went to live in France, the rest of Draco's life would be a miserable one. The Malfoy's were not well liked in France, and Draco's attitude did not help matters, which was why he could barely hold onto any job at all and had to settle for low paying jobs. He had tried to marry a rich girl but that didn't go over well for him, coincidentally he also became unable to produce more heirs around the same time. His mother had taken control of the Malfoy fortune and kept it from Draco, mostly to make sure he didn't waste it all. She also kept a close eye on him, to make sure he wouldn't do something stupid like go back to Britain.

The day after Narcissa Malfoy had died, Draco had gotten very drunk and had rather stupidly headed towards England to get revenge on Potter, he had taken one step into the country before the vow took action, killing him.

"Here you go Selena." Fleur smiled as she levitated the rat that Kreatcher had caught towards Selena who quickly began eating it, at first Fleur and Tonks had been a bit worried about Selena, but after a short amount of time they realized that she was about as likely to harm them as Harry. Fleur walked out of the room and towards Harry's bedroom, she opened it to find Tonk's sitting on the floor, leaning against the bed and in-between Harry's legs. Harry was sat on the bed and massaging Tonk's shoulder's and neck.

"Oh that's magical!" Tonks moaned, "keep that up Harry, you sexy man who lives in Sirius's house."

"That's me." Harry grinned.

"Enjoying yourself?" Fleur asked as she closed the door after entering, she walked over and sat next to Harry.

"Tonk's over here has been working very hard." Harry calmly stated.

"Yes, well that's your fault." Tonk's said, followed by a blissful sigh. "Keep that up. Anyway, ever since you dragged Voldemort's body into the Ministry and shoved it through the veil of death, the rest of us aurors have had to do a lot of work. Bones has us all working for as long as she can get away with."

"How did you get away with killing all those death eaters?" Fleur asked curiously.

"I didn't kill that many, it was mostly Voldemort. Bones had given me permission to do whatever was needed as long as I refrained from harming innocents, once Voldemort was dead she asked questions, as expected. I was able to dance around most of them, but a few of them I had to imply I was unable to speak about due to a vow and that there were also magics that I wanted to keep secret so no other idiots gets the idea to become a new dark lord."

"'ve defeated Voldemort, what are your plans now?" Fleur asked.

"I don't really know," Harry admitted. "I'm thinking I might spend a few years after Hogwarts playing quidditch, providing I could make it professionally, just enjoy myself basically. After that I would either go work at the ministry or Hogwarts, or both. But for now I'm just going to enjoy my life, and enjoy my two beautiful girlfriends."

"Wise choice Potter," Tonks grinned before letting out a soft moan. "once you finish this I will jump you and rock your world." She promised.

"Harry defeated a dark lord," Fleur reminded her. "we should give him a treat."

"Harry would like a treat." Harry said in agreement.

"Fine, he can chose what costumes we're wearing today." Tonks replied.

"That works." Harry nodded happily.

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