A/N: *EDITED* I felt as though something was missing in between the two scenes so I added in an extra scene. I used some of the lines from the original scenes but couldn't remember exactly how it all went so just sort of made some of it up. Hopefully it flows a little easier now. Please let me know what you think.

Sixteen year old Jude Harrison's life seemed perfect. She had a record contract, a famous boyfriend, a supportive family and an amazing producer. But what happens when her perfect world starts to unravel, who will be there to pick up the pieces when she starts to fall apart?

Jude couldn't help but smile as she walked down the street toward her house. For the first time in three days she was actually happy. He had just spent the entire day with her sister, laughing and having fun. It was the first time in three days she hadn't thought of Shay, or Tommy or the fact that she had her heart broken twice on the same night. She started humming a tune to herself as she practically skipped along the street.

Her high ended suddenly and her heart dropped as she turned the corner and spotted the familiar sight of a blue viper parked in front of her house, a dark figure leaning against the hood. Looking down and reaching in her bag for her house keys, she tried to ignore him as she walked past but he wouldn't let her.

"Get in." Tommy said abruptly, lifting his sunglasses off his head and staring directly at her.

"What part of 'I hate you right now' do you not understand?" She practically shouted at him.

"Jude, just come back please. Don't let one stupid little mistake..." He regretted those words the moment they left his mouth. She scoffed at him and turned away, heading up the stairs. "I didn't mean it like that...I..." She didn't give him the chance to finish his sentence.

"I had a really great day today Tommy. A REALLY great day. Where people didn't hurt me every time they opened their mouth."

Not wanting to hear anything else he had to say, she opened the door to her house, threw her bag down on the floor and looked up. The shock of what she saw in front of her made her freeze instantly and it took her a few seconds to fully process what was actually happening. Right before her eyes she saw her father, entangled in what looked like a very passionate embrace, with a woman who was not her mother.

She turned abruptly and ran out to the street, not even stopping to pick up her bag, leaving her keys still dangling in the front door of her house, and ran towards Tommy's car. Without even thinking she jumped in and slammed the door behind her.

"Drive!" she shouted at him frantically. "Just go, quick!"

The tyres squealed on the bitumen as he took off and Jude squeezed her eyes shut. Tommy glanced over at her briefly and saw a single tear drip down her cheek as she lowered her head.


If I was drowning in the sea
Would you dive right in and save me?
If I was falling like a star
Would you be right there to catch me?
If I was dreaming of your kiss
Would you look right through me

As Jude sang she knew she was not putting her usual effort into nailing the song. No matter how hard she tried to concentrate on her music she just could not get out of her head. Her feelings about everything that had happened over the past few days were building up inside of her and she was having so much trouble keeping them in that she felt they were going to burst out of her at any minute.

"Men hey." Georgia walked up and Jude stopped playing. "Can't live with them, can't shoot em." She laughed.

Jude didn't respond, she just sighed.

"You should go home Jude, get some rest for Sunday."

"I'm okay." Jude replied. "I can nail it I swear."

"It's under the Mic Jude, they are going to ask you about Shay."

"What if he's not the only one I'm mad at?" Georgia was about to say something when Tommy knocked on the glass.

"Jude, someone here to see you." Jude turned around and when she saw her father standing next to Tommy, she almost broke down straight away. Not wanting to have to explain things to Georgia or Tommy she held her feelings in as she placed her guitar on the stand and walked out of the studio.

"You left these in the door." Stuart held her house keys in front of her as they walked into one of the other rooms for some privacy.

Jude didn't say anything to him, just stared at him, the tears starting to well in her eyes.

"Look Jude what you saw…it's complicated. I never meant for you to find out that way, the last thing I ever wanted to do was hurt you Jude." he took a step closer to her and she turned her head away. "I'm sorry Jude, I really am."

Jude couldn't hold it any longer, she grabbed the keys off Stuart and pushed past him, not saying a word to anyone as she ran through the building.


Jude sat on the stairs to the back entrance of G-Major, her legs pulled tightly to her chest and her head on her knees. She couldn't stop the tears from flowing. She thought back on everything that had happened in the past few days and she just let everything out. She felt so broken and alone and had nobody to turn to. Jamie was busy with Kat, Sadie was out with Simon the photographer and the one person she would normally turn to when she needed comfort, the one person who was always there for her no matter what happened, was the one who had pushed her to breaking point. Jude was so wrapped up in her own thoughts she didn't notice the door open behind her.

"Oh…hey Jude…" Kwest almost stepped on her as he walked through the door. "I didn't know you were out here. Everyone's been looking for you."

Jude looked up at him and wiped tears from her face. When Kwest saw her red, puffy eyes and her red cheeks he knew she had been crying. As the brother of two girls he had dealt with his fair share of tears and he could tell when someone needed comfort. He slowly stepped toward her and lowered himself so he was sitting beside her.

"Everything okay?" He asked, placing a hand on her shoulder, then reaching inside his jacket with his other hand and pulling out a hanky. "If you need to talk, you know I'll listen." Kwest assured her. "No judgement here, I promise."

Jude still didn't speak, she wasn't really sure if she could talk to Kwest. She didn't really know him all that well, she had worked with him a little but not enough to know if she could trust him or not. And if all the other guys in her life had let her down, she didn't really want to put her trust into another one, just to have him let her down too. But when she looked up at him and saw his warm, friendly smile and noticed that he was offering her the hanky, she couldn't help but break down and tell him about everything that had happened over the past few days.

"It's a big deal, getting your heart broken for the first time." Kwest said. "You won't get over it right away, but it will get better. Shay is a dick for doing what he did to you. It's guys like him that give us a bad reputation." He let out a little laugh. "As for Tommy….well he crossed the line. He shouldn't have done that but he just can't help himself sometimes. He's a player and always will be."

"I just feel so stupid for letting myself fall for him." She sighed.

"It's not your fault Jude. People can't control their feelings, unfortunately we just have to learn to live with them, no matter how much it hurts." he gave her a gentle smile. "You will get past it Jude and I'm here for you anytime you need someone to talk to."

"Thanks Kwest." She was surprised at how talking to him had actually helped and she was starting to compose herself again. "What am I meant to do now?" She asked through sobs.

"What do you want to do?" Kwest asked her in return. "You know yourself better than anyone do you usually do to make yourself feel better?"

"Music." Jude responded. "I write and I sing."

"So write then." Kwest responded. "Use your feelings, your emotions, put them all into your music. You are so talented Jude, so passionate. You never know, maybe you might even come up with a new number one hit." He laughed.

Jude sniffed back her remaining tears and smiled.

"Thanks Kwest. You're a really great guy you know."

"Hey don't go getting any ideas." He laughed and put his hands up in front of him.

Jude laughed and nudged him with her shoulder. "You wish."

"Ready to get back inside?"

She nodded and wiped the residing tears from her eyes. Kwest stood and offered his hand out. Jude grabbed hold and he helped her stand up, then the two of them headed back into G-Major.