Hi! Ever since the "Enhanced Community Quarantine" happened here in the Philippines and all that, we never had school again. Which was weird. Good news was that vacation started. Bad news is that I'm no longer an honor student. Big step down, but oh well.

So, remember that instance in Act I? The introduction thing? Well… the exact same thing happened here. Hehehe… I have this written out, but I don't even have the Tenors introduction finished, and I still had over five more intros. So yeah, I got pretty lazy, and SHABAM! I took the whole thing out and replaced it with the very first episode. Well, practically because I feel guilty about leaving you all hanging here plus Act I is only sorta halfway done.

I'll have to admit, a rather huge plothole was made because we won't get a huge glimpse on the characters. But to make it up, I'll put what they auditioned for when the character has been eliminated.

Also, please bear with me for this season. This season has basically the largest cast that I'm ever going to use… 30 contestants. I initially planned it to be only 24, but I included in the veterans to those OCs who weren't really given justice, so yeah.

Aaaaand welcome one and all to the official first episode of the long awaited second installment of the Total Drama Act Series!

Now, I might have mentioned that the gameplay will be a little bit different… no- very different, particularly the eliminations. But I'll promise you guys on this one that this is still Total Drama, so yeah.

Anywho, let's get started!

I don't own Total Drama, Chris McLean, Chef Hatchet, Blaineley, or any of the OC cast (besides my own characters). They all belong to their creators.

Day 1: Musimental Theater Dance Practice Room, 8:00AM

The camera cuts into a rather large room, with black, sleek floors, mirrors in the left side that pretty much covered up the whole wall, some drawers in the right side, five chairs in the middle, and a bunch of cameras, all ready for rolling.

A woman, around her late 20s, enters the room. She was pretty tall, dressed in a long red dress.

A microphone was given to her as she gladly took it.

"Good morning, fellow viewers! Blaineley here, as a new co-host of this season of Total Drama Act!" she greeted with the most 'enthusiastic' smile she could muster. "We are now here in the sequel to one of the most dramatic and intense seasons, Total Drama Act I: Musical Impact. Now, I would like to present our four returning hosts from the past seasons!"

Four people enter the room. Mainly Chris, Chef, Don, and Candela. Neither of them changed a bit since the auditions from the other day and they all looked excited to roast- I mean, meet the contestants. All four of them were given a microphone so they could say some words.

Chris wore a gray shirt and khaki pants.

Chef wore his Chef's costume.

Don wore a blue shirt, black pants, and a blue blazer.

Candela wore a white shirt French-tucked under blue skinny jeans. Her hair was also up in a mid-ponytail.

"Good day everyone, this is the original, one and only, Chris McLean!" Chris grinned.

An applause roared in the room, well, technically it was just a soundtrack as in reality, no one was applauding him but he didn't give a damn anyways.

"And I'm the host who pretty much got suspended after Chris did. 'Tis I, Chef Hatchet!" Chef introduced himself as some of the cameramen began applauding. Chris frowned in response.

"Why you oughta-"

"And don't forget about the host that hosted The Ridonculous Race, a reality show that had its ratings soar up to the sky! I'm Don!" Don interjected the sadistic host which made him fume a bit.

"You lil' motherfu-"

"LAST BUT NOT THE LEAST, it's the only female host from last season, and the one who pretty much produced this series! It's me, Candela Monsoon!" Candela cheered as Chris was interrupted once more. However, Blaineley shook her head.

"Nuh-uh. Candela, you're getting a stage name." She announced.

"What! Doesn't Candela roll the tongue?" Candela crossed her arms at the sudden decision.

"Nope. I say both of us female hosts of this season should have something in common with our names. And not you starting with the letter C like Chef and that old hag over there." Blaineley said, pointing to Chris. "Let's have our names start with a B. Like me. Blaineley is my stage name, right? So I think your name should be-"

"Isn't Blaineley part of your real name?" Candela hissed, not liking the sudden decision Blaineley made. "Surely, you can't think of any good names that start with a B, right?"

"Oh yes I can." Blaineley scoffed. "Let's see, how does Brittney sound?"

"Ew, what the hell. Doesn't fit me." Candela shook her head.

"Hmm, how about… Bella?"

"No way."




"..." Candela didn't say a word.

"Well then, Brea it is." Blaineley smirked as she turned to the camera.

"Can't we just cut to the cast already?" Don rolled his eyes.

"Oh, yeah. Almost forgot about that." Blaineley snapped her fingers. "Let's have the opening theme first!"

"You fucking idiot, we don't even have an opening yet!" Brea snapped.

"Cut to the title card!" Chef shouted.

Total Drama Act II: Musical Power

Episode 1: Rising Up the Red Curtains!

"Cheers to us, for having the first curtain call of the season!"

The title card appears for five good seconds before it shatters as if it were a mirror because of Blaineley's yelling.

"I say we welcome the judges first!"

Chris rolled his eyes.

Chris (Host): He stared at the camera and took a deep sigh.

"There's Blaineley giving Candela, or should I say Brea, a nickname and there's me hoping that she doesn't steal the damn spotlight. She is just a fucking co-host for Musimental's sake."

"Hey, you've told the cast about the confessional booth?" Chef asked.

"Pretty much." Chris replied.

And as if on cue, the five judges entered.

Enrique Lopez, a muscular man in his 40's with tan skin and a black mustache. From the looks of it, he looks Mexican. He had black hair that reaches to his neck and wore a blue dress shirt and pants. He walked in and sat on the first chair.

Evan Zito took the chair next to Enrique.a blonde haired man in his late 30's. He also wore a similar suit like the Chinese man, and had emerald green eyes that look surprisingly sad.

Holly Rosewood snarled a bit as she took the third seat. She was a 50-year-old looking woman. She had short blonde hair and piercing blue eyes and has an incredibly strict look. She wore a black blazer over a white dress. Oh boy, everyone is going to have a hard time to impress this boss.

Lee Chang, a Chinese man, looking a lot like a teenager, dressed in a black suit. The youngest judge, barely passing the age of 19. To surprise you, this charming young man might be as old as some of the contestants.

And Leticia Henderson, a dark skinned woman in her mid 30's. She had long black hair that was braided and black eyes. She also wore a maroon dress that suits her nicest judge. Probably the easiest to impress… unless if she has some standards. Unlike Holly here...

Applause was heard all over the room. And now…

"Let's welcome our contestants!" Candela- I mean Brea, announced. "Should we go from alphabetical order or from voice range?"

"Whatever's easier for you." Don replied.

"Okay. So our contestants will tell us their age, where they come from, and a fact about them. Why? Because it will be a part of the first challenge! :D" Brea grinned.

"You literally spoiled it, you imbecile!" Chris facepalmed.

"Well, for that, let me introduce you… Vanessa Navarro!" Chef smiled as he decided to take on… some random route.

Vanessa entered in her cue and stood in front of the microphone stand, crossing her arms over her red sweater (which sort of matches her short red hair).

"Wow… what a fantastic intro." She scoffed sarcastically. "Anyway, I'm Vanessa, some random 19-year-old Canadian who decided to audition, but anyway. One fact about me is that I love playing the piano."

Not seeming too keen on the pianist, Blaineley replied, "Thank you, Vanessa. Please stand in the back of the room, behind the hosts." Vanessa then went to the back as she was told.

Leticia looked at Vanessa as she remembered something.

Leticia (Judge): "Ah, it's nice to see some future professional pianists in the making." Leticia smiled, but gave a downed look. "I just hope that the piano back in Midcreek wasn't broken, so that I could work on my piano skills. I would love to coach her anyway."

"Next up, we have a contestant, who actually has participated in a bunch of other Total Drama seasons before this one, such as a classic spin-off of this series, Welcome To The Musical Parade!" Chris smirked. "Please welcome, Rival Survival!"

Rival entered the room before even his name was called. He fixed his red spiky hair and pulled up his dark shades as he adjusted the microphone stand a bit to match his tall height.

"Hello, everyone! I'm Rival, and I hope to make all sorts of friendships and Rivalries." He then laughed at his own pun. "Get it? 'Cuz my name's Rival and-"

Chef shot him up with a death glare.

"O… kay… ANYWAY! I'm 19 years old, from Hawaii, USA! And my fact is that I don't really have a good past, but let's just roll along with now, shall we?" He cheekily grins before being told by Blaineley to stand beside Vanessa at the back.

Evan stared at him with wide eyes.

"Everything alright, Mr. Zito?" Lee asked him.

"Ah, yes. Please do not worry about me, Lee." Evan slowly nodded as he looked at the floors beneath him.

Evan (Judge): "Sorry for acting like that… It's just that… that boy really reminded me of my son, Devin. He died two months ago because of heart failure. And that boy really had it all... His horrible puns, his carefree personality… Though sometimes, he still haunts around wherever I go…"

He sighed sadly.

"Probably why I was so sad these days…"

"Two down, twenty-two more newbies to go. Yeesh, this is taking a lot longer than I expected…" Brea facepalmed. "Oh well. Come on out, Misha Thomas!"

Misha, the rebellious looking girl from head-to-toe with pink neck-length hair that somehow stood out, entered the room with an angry expression on her face. She went behind the microphone, straightened up her black jacket and began to say something… quite unexpected.

"Hello! First of all, my intro sounded like someone calling out for their fucking dog." She hissed. Brea took note of it and had a slight frown on her face. "And second of all, the name's Misha. I'm 18, and I'm from the United Kingdom and one thing you can learn about me is that I've kicked a lot of asses before, and I'll be kicking a lot more here if they don't do the right shit."

Misha ended her speech with a proud smirk as she walked up to Rival and Vanessa.

Brea (Host): "Note to self: Be careful when choosing what to say. Someone could get really hurt. Not physically, mind you." Brea read the note in her journal out loud.

"Also, remember Faith from Act I? Man, those two potty mouths would really get along. No wonder why she got along with Vivianne so easily…" Brea rolled her eyes. "Oh wait, I don't think Vivianne's a potty mouth. Hmmm…"

"Welp, there goes number three. But hey, we still have number four! Please welcome, Colin Lanthored!"

Colin limped to the microphone. The judges looked at how… messy he was. From his curly black hair that was still over the place from his audition, his ragged clothes, to his mismatched pair of socks inside his black sandals which obviously have broken buckles. Yes, you heard it right. Socks under sandals.

He took a deep sigh, shaking unconfidently and began.

"Well, you all know. I'm Colin, just some random 16-year-old from Canada whom you shouldn't have picked… my fact is that… whatever, I'll probably lose this thing anyway…" he shrugged as he went to join the others in the back.

Vanessa eyed him once, suddenly, her eyes went wide.

Vanessa (Mezzo-Soprano): "Okay, so yes. He is kinda familiar to me. Last year in school, I remember that Colin was a freshman. Well, I was part of the seniors that time. An incident happened with him and the next thing you know, almost everyone in the school rejected him. I don't know what it was, since I was absent that time due to my piano recital. I asked my best friend Sarah about it, and she said she doesn't know too much about him and never gave a fuck, so yeah. Wasn't expecting him to be on this show out of all places." Vanessa told the camera as she combed her red hair with her fingers.

"Hey, I know you!" Vanessa called out as Colin made his way to the three.

"Him?" Misha raised an eyebrow. "From where?"

"No, I don't think you know me." Colin plainly shrugged. "No one does."

"Well I do." Vanessa looked at him. "And I do have a feeling you know me."

"Holy shit, I don't have a good feeling about this." Rival panicked a bit as he stepped back.

"So you're saying that we should just let them fucking be. Yeah, I'm with you on that." Misha rolled her eyes a bit as she stepped back as well.

To the bathroom.

Before any more drama could occur, the camera cuts back to the front of the room.

"Anyway, we have contestant number five! Here comes Therion Suarez!" Don took the introduction as another contestant joined in.

Therion entered the room, his long, black, surfer style hair being one of his stand-out features. He rubs his stubble a bit before going in front of the microphone.

"Hello, hehehe." Therion laughs sheepishly. "I'm Therion Suarez and I'm 18 years old. I'm also from San Juan, Puerto Rico. Well, I guess my fun fact is that I can speak in Spanish, English, Japanese, and French."

"So I can't swear in Spanish anymore? Dammit…" Enrique frowned and technically swore. In English.

Therion walked to the others, and was met with a huge grin from Rival.

"Brooooo! I missed ya!" Rival cheered and he and Therion did some… freaky handshake that they came up with after their reunion in Total Drama Wars.

"So how are things going?" Therion asked him.

"Pretty good. Some light tension happening between Vanessa and Colin. Plus Misha went to the bathroom as soon as she backed up. I don't know why, hehe." Rival gave an awkward laugh.

"Well, you do know why I am here, right?" Therion asked him.

"Oh yeah, that. Don't worry. Brea told me that the interns are coming in after the last contestant. Which means, once we have free time, we can surprise her." Rival grinned as he rubbed his hands.

"Okay. Wait, who's Brea?" Therion asked, unaware of the sudden stage name change but Rival seems to be aware of it.

"It's Candela. Brea and Candela are just the same person. Blaineley gave her that pet name." Rival shrugged.

"The fudge!?"

Rival (Bass): "Therion and I have been together for quite some time now." He realized what he said. "No, not like that! He's with Mara Garcia for goodness sake!"

He looked at the camera for a bit.

"Oh shit, I wasn't supposed to spill that now, was I?"

He ran out of the door.

...And then came back a few seconds later.

"Okay, never mind. Therion told me that I can spill it to the audience but not to the other members of the whole cast. Haha, that'd be way too wrong. SO! Therion, Mara, and I were contestants from Total Drama Wars, but those two have competed in Total Drama Fire, in which Mara won the entire season. Mara and I practically eliminated ourselves in Wars because of this Musically Powerful season, hehehe." he laughed at his weird pun. "They were happening at the same time, and well… Therion just kinda tagged along."

He checked his watch.

"Yeaaaaah, I think I've been in here for way too long now."

"OKAY! This time, we are going to introduce to you our sixth contestant!" Blaineley said. "There's still eighteen more to go… Sheesh. Hey, at least it's less than twenty but who cares! Make way for Sybil Van Tropé!"

Sybil entered the room, looking around with her heterochromic eyes. The French-Korean girl stood in front of the microphone stand and began her intro.

"Hello. So, my name is Sybil and I'm from… France but I was born in South Korea due to my incredibly picky mother. Anyway, I'm 18 years old and you probably know me from this television series called 'Dramatic High'. You know, that girl named Sabrina that got caught chatting with her boyfriend by her strict parents and all that cheesy shit? Oh wait, that's probably my fun fact. Oh well."

Brea then gestured to Sybil to go to the others and she did so. Once she arrived however, she was approached by Misha.

"Hey, I've seen that show, but I'm not really into one of those shitty, fucked up romances. My older sister Martha was a fan though. You were Sabrina in the series, right? Dang, I never thought you looked pretty in real life." Misha smirked as she eyed Sybil. From her long dark brown hair with rose gold tips to her white bell sleeved minidress, she wasn't kidding. "Did you even do the kissing scene with Aidan? I mean, the one who played as Aidan?"

"Um, why'd you ask?" Sybil tilted her head, noticeably uncomfortable with the question.

"Nah, just something out of the fucking blue." Misha shrugs and whistles it all off as she just casually walks away as if nothing happened.

Sybil (Alto): She looked around with an uneasy face.

"It was an underrated show. I honestly was expecting that no one really knows it, but for some reason, I'm just uncomfortable with that one scene. Plus the one in the Prom Scene. Ugh."

She shudders as she squeezes her eyes shut, unable to make contact with the camera in front of her.

Misha (Mezzo-Soprano): "Great, so I just failed at an attempt to make a friend with one of the people that Martha is a fan of. What the actual fuck."

Misha curses as she slumps on the chair.

"Okey-dokey, let's say we get on to contestant number seven because WE ARE NOT EVEN HALFWAY YET! WE STILL HAVE LIKE, SEVENTEEN MORE TO GO PLUS SIX VETERANS AND FIVE FUCKING INTERNS! PLUS, THE WORD COUNT IN THIS DOCUMENT IS ALREADY AT 3000 WORDS, WHAT MORE!? UGH!" Chris ranted and swore in front of the camera.

No one moved a millimeter.

"Say that again, McLean and you'll be cLeaning the toilets on Day 1." Said the director off-camera. "Or should I call you, McDirty Mouth!?"

"HAHAHAHAHA! HOLY SHIT, THAT WAS A GOOD ONE!" Rival laughed so hard, he wiped an invisible tear from his eye. Even the director was a bit try-hard with these puns… probably only Rival can understand that.

Colin (Tenor): "Everyone here's got some tricks up their sleeves." Colin sighed as he played with a hole in his ragged striped shirt. "Rival and Therion competed in other seasons so of course, they have experience with Total Drama. Vanessa is talented at piano. Misha looks like she could take charge. Sybil has beauty that can give her an advantage to almost anyone. And what do I have? Nothing. Absolutely nothing..."

"...I just hope Vanessa doesn't know what she's talking about. This could affect my whole game."

"Let's call on number seven now, shall we? Here's Adala Harris!" Don announced.

Adala walked as she took off the hoodie of her yellow crop top and looked at everyone from her gold rimmed glasses. She smiled at the judges and bowed in front.

"Hello! I'm Adala, and I'm a 19-year-old girl raised in Chicago, Illinois. And, my fact is that… I come from a competitive family. That's it."

For the first time, Holly smiled.

Holly (Judge): "Oh, I was waiting for this girl." She nodded in affirmation. "I love her determined appearance. She had that aura ever since her audition." She sat there quietly for a bit. "...She kinda reminds me of me when I was younger. Way back before everything I loved was swept away from me..."

Adala (Mezzo-Soprano): "I find the looks of Ms. Rosewood very intimidating. Since Audition Day. It's like she was staring daggers into my soul." Adala admitted to the camera. "But that's no biggie. I'm gonna keep moving forward whatever it takes!"

"Okay, let's speed this up, I want to get into the drama now!" Chris grumbled. "SO! Here comes contestant number eight! May we call on Gordon Parag!"

Gordon stepped forth into the room, with a monotone expression. He fixed the sleeves of his white dress shirt before taking the microphone.

"Yeah, whatever." He rubbed his forehead. "So, um… I'm Gordon, I'm 19 years of age and I'm from Milan, Italy, but I moved to Canada two years ago. My fact is I've competed in another season with her. But sadly, the season was cancelled so I joined here instead."

He pointed to Vanessa, whose expression was in pure shock.

Vanessa (Mezzo-Soprano): She scratches her head.

"MAN, there are a lot of familiar people in here… well technically, only Colin and Gordon so far… who knows. Anyway, I met Gordon in another season. It's called Total Drama Archipelago, and yeah, we do get along pretty well, maybe because he's kinda like me in different ways. We can play instruments, we can be quite sarcastic. But I'm also wondering how on earth he auditioned. I mean, everyone here practically sang for their audition and I honestly didn't think he could sing." She cooled down a bit. "However, I'm gonna stop being surprised if any more familiar people come in…"

Gordon (Mezzo-Tenor): "Yup, I do know Vanessa. I may even consider her as a close friend, maybe even someone… special to me. Unlike those shitty teens at the orphanage back in Milan. I don't wanna go there ever again."

He crossed his arms, reminiscing every single teen he lived with in the orphanage.

As Gordon exited, contestant number nine, without cue. He just practically sashayed in the room and landed on a successful plié right behind the microphone stand.

"It's not even your cue yet, Lyle Ray." Blaineley sneered as she technically introduced him with a comment. Very normal for her, so to speak.

"Very sorry, madame Blaineley. I just flourished that move yesterday…" Lyle apologized sheepishly. "I think I haven't realized that I was wearing white sneakers instead of ballet slippers when performing that plié. My apologies once again."

He calmed a bit as he went on his intro.

"I'm Lyle Ray, 17 years old from New York City and my fact is that I have a dream of reaching the world's biggest and most beautiful stages to perform my talents!" His eyes glimmered as he mentioned his dream but shifted quickly to guilt. "And I should apologize again for-"

Holly didn't seem to be too fond of his constant apologizing in the judges. She gave a rather disappointing look of disapproval. Lyle quickly noticed this and gulped as he went to the back along with the other contestants.

"O...kay. I lost track!" Brea shouted. "Are we in contestant number ten?"

"Yup, pretty much." Don nodded. "So, let's introduce contestant number ten! Please welcome, Pierre McLowery!"

Sybil in the back gasped loudly.


"Yeah. Why?" Adala looked at the actress next to her as she went red. "Ah. Backstories, I see."

Adala (Mezzo-Soprano): "Look." She stares straight into the camera. "I'm not really the judgemental type, but judging Sybil's reaction, I think this Pierre guy's gonna be bad news. Worst part is, we don't even know what he looks like… yet."

"Quick! Hide me!" Sybil whispered frantically. Adala raised an eyebrow at her first before proceeding to hide Sybil.

"The hell's your deal?" Adala asked as she hid her.

Right on time, Pierre came in. He looked fairly attractive and his outfit practically screamed 'boyfriend material', in blue jeans and a baby blue polo that was unbuttoned, revealing his white shirt inside.

"Oh… so this is the guy you were hyperventilating abo-"

"Shh! Shut up, Adala! You don't want him to think that you're talking to the ground now, do you?" Sybil hissed.

Adala scratched her head in frustration.

Pierre approached the microphone, flattening his dark brown hair to the side and finally started talking.

"Hey, so… my name's Pierre McLowery and I'm 19 years old from Alaska. My fact is that… um…"

"What, don't tell me you never thought of a fact the minute you came in here!" Chris snapped.

"Uhh…" Pierre scratched his head, unable to think of a presentable fact about him.

"How many exes do you have?" Blaineley suddenly inquired.

"Um… f-five." He stammered.

"And it says in your application that you came here just so you could follow someone…" the hostess snickered as Brea elbowed her.

"Yes, yes. Okay, I get it. I'm not really here for the money. I'm just here because I want to do something that's… none of your business! I don't even know if she's here…" Pierre revealed as he looked over the room for that someone.

Brea (Host): Brea looks at the camera angrily.

"Look, it's only day fucking one today, and Blaineley thinks that she knows eveything! Dude, does she even have the right to give me this name? Well, it's fine. But I'm not gonna be surprised if she even gave the others a pet name. Plus, I think she's invading the contestants' privacy on day one. Chris didn't even do that last season."

She rolled her eyes.

"But who cares. She's probably just being Blaineley."

"So… finally we reached number eleven! Geez! Okay, may we call on Arabelle Meerer!"

This next contestant didn't look so… approachable. Just by looking at her choices of clothing (which was a black bustier, red short shorts, black combat boots [which looked a lot like Misha's] and black gloves with a fire design on it.) she looked like some rebel that jumped outta nowhere.


"Hello, Total Drama." Arabelle flashed a mischievous smirk before Chef could even speak about… whatever that was. "Name's Arabelle Meerer, 17, from Orlando, Florida. And my fact is that I'm gonna be the winner of this show. Mark my words." She shot everyone a death glare as she walked out and on to the back.

Lyle (Tenor): Lyle shakes his head, obviously disapproving Arabelle's actions.

"Shame on her. She won't probably be getting any allies soon and probably is guaranteed a spot at the losers, no?"

"Up next! We have… uh…" Chef stammered as he rummaged through a packet of papers. "Who's next?"

"Number twelve." Don answered. "Zackary Sanchez. You don't have a copy of the script?"

"No." Chef shook his head as the door busted out open and in came a really tall guy.

"Hey, I think there's someone having a seizure outside. Might wanna come look because I don't think he looks oka- ...hi." Zack greeted sheepishly as he entered the wrong room at the right time. "Oh, sorry, I thought this was the medic room. I can leave now if you wa-"

"No, no. You're practically just on time, young man." Leticia smiled, which calmed the brown haired boy down a bit.

"Okay. Um...hey. I'm Zackary, but I just go by Zack because Zackary's too long hehe. Anyway, I'm 18 years old, from L.A. and a thing about me is that I have acted in several local plays so I thought "Why not join Musical Power?" and boom! Not regretting any decision made here, hehe. Plus I think I would get along with everyone, maybe not everyone but probably most because who knows what's gonna happen in the other chapte-"

"Okay, we've heard enough! Thank you! Next!" Holly shouted which sounded like a certain line from a certain song.. Zack scurried to the back as the hosts were trying so hard to hold their laughter.

Chris, Chef, Don, Blaineley, Brea (Hosts): All five of them were sitting on the couch, laughing their asses off.

"I never expected Ms. Rosewood to be an Ariana Grande fan! HAHAHAHAHA!" Brea laughed.

"I thought she was a fan of more older singers but nope! Sorry to be so judgemental!" Don laughed hard as well as he wiped a visible tear from his eye.


The laughter abruptly died as Blaineley gave a death glare.

"What, it hit ya, hon?" Chris raised an eyebrow.

"DO NOT CALL ME HON YOU SADISTIC BUFFOON!" Blaineley stood and shouted in front of Chris's face.

"Oh, so you can give us nicknames but we can't? How fantastic." Brea remarked sarcastically as Blaineley also gave her a death glare but Brea remained her sarcastic face. "Tsk tsk tsk tsk. Like I'd ever drop a nickname right in front of that pretty face of yours, Mildred."

Blaineley gave up and left the confessional with a huge slam on the door.


"...So she's suspended?" Chef suddenly asked as the other three looked at the door with shocked faces (Chris and Don) and huge evil smirks (Brea).

"...Anyway, let's keep the show going on, shall we? We're onto contestant number thirteen! Please welcome… May Gale!" Don said but Brea widened her eyes.

"May!?" Brea shouted. "She's not even a veteran! Besides, she did horrible in Act I, finishing in 17th place!"

"Relax, Brea. This is May Gale. Not May Quetzal, for Musimental's sake. Besides, why'd you have Oli in the veterans list when he finished 18th? Last?" Don asked back.


As Don and Brea were bickering, they didn't notice that a small petite girl was already standing in front of the microphone stand, trembling in her pink sneakers.

"Uhh…. Hi!" She waved as she tried to muster as much enthusiasm as she could. "I'm May Gale, uh… 15 years old from New York City! Yeah… cool place… so… um… I grew up watching my parents on Broadway and I wanted to follow their footsteps so much, so I think I've joined the right place to get started…"

"You certainly did, sweetheart." Leticia smiled as she gave a small thumbs-up. "Go ahead and join our fellow contestants in the back."

"Um… I will! Thank you!" May did a small curtsy before heading to the others.

As she headed on to the back, she was greeted by a wave from Lyle.

"My my my, do we have the same dreams of performing on the big stages. I'm Lyle." The ballerino extended his hand and May gladly shook it.

"My name is May! So um, what brings you here?" May asked.

"I've always wanted to showcase my talents by performing in stages! So of course, I couldn't let this wonderful opportunity slide by my fingers!" Lyle sighed happily.

"Oh wow! That's-"

"Awesome. We got a lil' wee bean that we have to take out." Arabelle scoffed as she walked towards the two. "What's your name, teeny tiny?"

"Why, don't we just have a cocky little fishstick who thinks she's the baddest girl alive." Lyle sneered as he eyed Arabelle from head to toe. "I'll be delighted if you'd just tally-ho your way out of this conversation. You shouldn't tease people who are… not as tall as you!" He snapped at Arabelle, at the same time, trying to not offend May as to being the smallest competitor so far.

"Well, I should not judge people too easily, Mr. Ballerino." Arabelle snapped.

"Yeah, Arabelle. Not cool." Zack approached them as he dusted off his green plaid shirt. "Plus, that's not a way to greet a newly arrived contestant."

"Oh yay. Drama. Yee-haw." Gordon sarcastically muttered but was met by a glare from Arabelle. "Whoa whoa whoa. I'm not tryna get into your business! I've got some business on my own hands too, you know!"

Arabelle then walks away from them; but says something directly to Lyle.

"Oh, just so you know, ballet is a girl's thing."

Lyle fumed. "It is not! There are males who take ballet lessons too, you know!"

Chris was smirking from the other side, seeing how much drama's starting to happen.





"Oh, sorry. Hmm?" Chris turned his head to poor Don, who had been trying to get his attention.

"You can watch that drama later! We still have a lot more contestants to introduce!" He yelled. "Speaking of introducing, here comes contestant number fourteen, Carter Kane!"

A boy with buzzed, blonde hair walked to the microphone stand in his black boots.

"Hello. My name is Carter, 19 years old from Chicago, and I have a fact about myself and that is that I will be flying solo. I will always be flying solo. Trusting people is not the right strategy to win this game. Hell, even some people win by going by themselves." Carter crossed his arms.

Brea (Host): Brea smirks a bit at the camera.

"I can really relate to this Carter kid. You see, back when I was in school last year, we had a diorama making project. As a group leader, I picked on those who I trust and will help me the most. But in the end, it all turned out that I was the one who did everything. Even my best friend Pam didn't even bother to ask me about the project. So yeah, in the end, I didn't give a fuck about either of them. Karma's got them like a stingy bitch, fucking de quatro."

She clutched her fists in the end.

Carter (Bass): He stares at the camera, dejected.

"Look, I'm not some insane person who thinks that trust doesn't make a person. There are reasons and that is basically the truth."

He sighs depressively.

"Well… all of this started with my family… and I will never say another thing about them."

The camera points to Chef who blinked once, then twice, and rubbed his eyes.

"A'ight, let's get into contestant number fifteen you maggots! I say we'll welcome Nash Bobby Kent Jr.!"

Nash entered the room. This person caught the eye of some people, considering his cowboy get-up. Let's say, flannel shirts, cowboy boots, and most of all, a cowboy hat that looks like he isn't going to take it off any time soon.

"Howdy partners! The name's Nash and I'm 18, coming all the way from Luckenbach, Texas!" The cowboy grinned goofily. "Now, about me, I've been born and raised as a cowboy for darn toothin'."

Lee (JUDGE): He fumbles with his fingers as he stares at the camera.

"So… ahem… I've… never been a fan of cowboys like this Nash kid. Well, not really an anti-fan, I'm just… afraid of them."

He shuddered a bit and ran out of the confessional.

The camera cuts to Lee shuddering in his seat as Blaineley took the wheel for the hosts.

"SO ANYWAY!" Blaineley fumed and the expression suddenly changed to a… creepy one. "We will move on to contestant number sweet sixteen! Well, this is, she's not really sweet, it's Miranda Lawrence!"

"Hey." Miranda waved to everyone, without pretty much an expression on her face as she tucked in a long strand of brown (which was dyed turquoise towards the ends) hair under her ear. "It's much better if you guys just call me Mag though. My age and hometown are… pretty much a secret. Can't tell ya." She crossed her arms over her black-silver off-shoulder top. "And a fact that I'll probably spit out is that my nickname is made out of my initials."

"Wait… so Lawrence isn't your-"

"Yup." Mag nodded as she cut off Nash. The cowboy just sat on the floor.

"Well… yee to the haw, partner." He sighed as Mag arrived to them.

"I see how clever your nickname is, Mag." Carter commented whilst leaning on the wall.

"And what makes you say that?" Mag questioned him, prepared for anything that Carter will say to her.

"Well… let's just say that…" Carter stood away from the wall and faced Mag. "My mother and your father have a lot of explanation to do."

"What are you talking about?" Mag snarked. "I'm here to play Total Drama. Not getting caught up in your tricks. Listen, whatever your name is."

"Carter." He deadpanned.

"Well, Carter, it's day one. Give yourself some space." She scowled as she walked away from him. "Oh, and nice to meet you."

"Whatever you say." Carter scoffed.

Mag (Alto): "I'm not buying anything that Carter is saying. He could probably be mistaken by someone else that is not me." Mag shook her head in front of the camera.

"Welp. I don't know how to react to that." Brea shrugged. "We'll just move on to contestant number seventeen!" The 17-year-old hostess grinned. "Please welcome to the show, Toxa Pexine!"

Toxa entered the room, her long, indigo-blue hair flowing behind her. For the third time in this season, we have another rebellious-looking girl, but who knows, she'll have a different intention.

"Hey there. I'm Toxa, 18 years old, from Toronto, Canada. And I have one thing to tell you all: No one. Messes. With Toxa. Kapeesh?"

"Is that a fact, or-?"

"Can someone shut that Chinese limbo up? That'd be great. Thanks." Toxa sneered at Lee. Holly smacked his leg in return.

"Ow!" Lee yelped in pain as he rubbed his leg.

Lee (Judge): He is in the confessional booth, still rubbing his leg in pain.

"Fuck her!" He swore under his breath.

"No, I was talking about Toxa! Not Madame Holly. She'd probably kill me if she thought that I was cursing about her.

"So… we're gonna have to cut it here." Brea told the other hosts.

"Uh, why?" Don asked. "Is there a program coming up next?"

"Yeah, the news."

"Lemme guess: coronavirus?" Chris guessed.

And boy he was not wrong. And with that, Blaineley went on with the outro.

"I guess we'll see the rest of the cast of-"




"MUSICAL POWER!" The cast shouts as the screen fades to black.

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*returning from Act I: Musical Impact

CONTESTANTS: (italicized if they appeared in this episode)


S1. Janice Alexandra Marlick (Candela Monsoon/me)

S2. Samantha "Sami" Gardner (NoH8-make-a-rainbow)

S3. Toxa Pexine (SpaceZodiac)

S4. Beatrice Eddlestein (Lessoneritalia)

S5/V1: Kimberly Hobbs* (Lord of Sloths)


MS1. Vanessa Michelle Navarro (Gucci Mane LaFlare)

MS2. Misha Thomas (TheUnchartedHollow)

MS3. Adala Harris (adifferenttateofmind)

MS4. May Gale (gamergirl101)

MS5/V2: Mairead Charlotte Kavanagh* (Ash3 Fairy)


A1. Arabelle Meerer (ThisisallIgot/123NumberGirl456)

A2. Antoinette Mirasol (MusicalEssence)

A3. Miranda "Mag" Lawrence (Sephiria Arks)

A4. Sybil Jillian Van Tropé (Candela Monsoon/me)

A5/V3: Arreis Smith* (ThorBringsTheThunder)


T1. Alexander "Al/Alec" Knight (King Pessimist)

T2. Colin Lanthored (PurpleShadowManipulator)

T3. Zackary "Zack" Sanchez (Mare of Mystery)

T4. Lyle Ray (GingerFrancophile)

T5/V4: Oliver Green/Oli* (Ariole195)


MT1. Gordon Parag (Obsidian Champion)

MT2. Pierre McLowery (Ecliptic Plasma)

MT3. Therion Suarez (Epifanio Therion)

MT4. Nash Bobby Kent Jr. (Fuwato2110z)

MT5/V5: Robert Reeves* (Sir Pootis)


B1. Rival "Drama" Survival (SinWriter7)

B2. Ryder Walker (JG243)

B3. Carter Kane (Tempokeep)

B4. ELV (ArmadaELV)

B5/V6: Gabe Johnson* (Gabox15)


1. Chris McLean*

2. Chef Hatchet*

3. Don*

4. Candela "Brea" Monsoon*

5. Blaineley O'Halloran

STAFF/INTERNS: To be revealed soon…


1. Enrique Lopez (Age: 43)

2. Leticia Henderson (Age: 36)

3. Lee Chang (Age: 19)

4. Holly Rosewood (Age: 57)

5. Evan Zito (Age: 39)

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