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Day 11, 9:00 AM

"What IS this?" were the first words heard in the episode. Chris, Chef, Blaineley, Brea, and Don were seen standing in a circle. The voice heard actually came from Chris as he was trying to get something off the lens of the camera. "Why is there, like, a piece of fucking gum stuck on the camera lens?"

He looked at all the other cameras that the cameramen were holding, and they all had the gum thing stuck on the lens as well.


The cameraman shuddered. "Uhh… we didn't knew that there was a piece of gum stuck on the cameras! Please don't fire us! I swear there wasn't any piece of gum stuck on the camera lens yesterday!"

Brea let out a sigh. "Well if the gum got stuck on the cameras JUST today, then I believe you. Otherwise," she looked up on the sky. "What the hell is that?" She asked, pointing towards a figure falling from the sky.

"The what-" Blaineley looked up on the sky as well, and widened her eyes. "HOLY SHIT, IT'S A METEOR! TAKE COVER!"

The cameramen began screaming and runnig about, while the hosts hid on the bushes.


Lots of smoke can be seen on the screen as several coughs from the hosts and cameramen were heard.

A few seconds later as the smoke cleared up, we get a clear view of the metor that had fallen down… but it actually wasn't a meteor.

It was a girl, who looked like more of a… scientist who tends to fail on a lot of experiments due to her lab coat that was spread with tears and burn marks. Under her lab coat, she wore a red tank top, white pants, white running shoes, a satchel bag with some handles of tools sticking out of it, and safety goggles on top of her head to complete the scientist look. She stood around 5'10 in height, sporting a skinny build, pale skin, hazel eyes, and shoulder-length blonde hair. But due to her rather "explosive" entrance, her hair had some black marks on it.

Blaineley coughed hard. "The fuck are you?"

Brea coughed a bit, before fishing out her (crumpled) lists of guests from her pocket. "I wouldn't be surprised if you were," she coughed again. "Erin Summers-"

"That's right!" Erin cut the hostess off (causing her to facepalm) as she dusted herself off. "You guys know how I got here? I made an invention that will surely fail since I'm not sure where is the nearest bus terminal here. So that invention exploded, busted out my whole lab and blew me out, and here I am!" Erin cheered gleefully. "You guys want to hear what my invention was-"

"NO!" Don shouted louder than a megahorn would, prompting stares from everyone around him, including bypassers. "I mean… no thank you."

"Let's just start with the intro, okay?" Chef facepalmed. "This is taking longer than expected. Also, be sure that the contestants get here by 4PM sharp."

"I thought I already did my intro?" Erin raised an eyebrow.

"No. I- UGH JUST START IT!" Blaineley shouted, already annoyed at the current situation before the screen fades to the opening.

*Opening Theme #1*

Dear mom and dad, I'm doing fine

The camera zooms into the dance practice room where Lyle was practicing his ballet. May and Sami were watching him and applauded as he landed on his plié successfully, while Arabelle on the other hand, watched with disgust.

You're always on my mind

The camera leaves the room and heads to the auditorium where we can see Beatrice masterfully playing the piano until Antoinette sits on the keys smirking, causing several off-key notes being played. Ryder sees this and pushes Antoinette off the piano, causing her to land face first to the floor and Ryder and Beatrice high-fived.

You asked me what I wanted to be

The camera zooms under the high-five and next thing we see is that we are in the bedroom of one of the teams' houses, where Janice was writing in her diary. Toxa was standing right behind her, rubbing her hands as if she had a plan. Toxa then turns back, only to find Misha crossing her arms. On the window however, we can see Pierre trying to get a peek of the girls.

And now I think the answer is plain to see

The camera warps to the other house's living room, where we can see Rival and Therion doing their handshake. Mara is then seen in the window waving at them causing Therion to blush but then scowls when he sees Mara taken away by Ulysses. Both boys however, ignored Alec, who served them a plate of cookies, with a shocked expression on his face.

I wanna be famous

The camera zooms into the cookies and warps to the backstage where we can see Carter and Mag arguing, with Nash trying to break them up, by throwing his lasso at them. Lee on the other hand, freaks out as he sees this, and runs away from them instead of telling them something important.

I wanna live close to the sun

We then get a view of the storage room, where Gordon and Vanessa were looking for something. Colin opens the door, scaring the two, but leaves after that with a downed expression.

Go pack your bags, I've already gone far

The camera then warps again to the dressing room, where we see Adala and Zack comforting Sybil, who looked as if she were crying. It then pans onto ELV on the other side of the room, who happens to pass by and (unintentionally) begins to eavesdrop.

Everything to prove, what can you say?

We now go to the cafeteria where we can see Holly, Evan, and Leticia chatting. Arreis and Kimmie have plates of food in their hand but Kimmie accidentally drops the food on Holly, making her mad. Mairead was on the other table, laughing, while Gabe didn't look too pleased.

I'll be there one day

The camera quickly zooms into a small library where Dustin, Oli, and Robert were playing cards. However Maya comes in and slams the table, causing all cards to fall off, getting glares from the three boys.

'Cause I wanna be famous

The scene then swaps to a camera room, where we can see Brea, Blaineley, Chris, and Chef arguing. Don then arrives and stops everyone but is stopped when Enrique starts scolding them.


The scene switches to the office room where we can see Chris holding a bunch of papers, then leaves his office with a note that says "NO TRESPASSING" in big red letters.

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

The first "I wanna be" shows the Sopranos (Janice, Sami, Toxa, Beatrice, Kimmie) against the Tenors (Alec, Colin, Zack, Lyle, Oli). The second "I wanna be" shows the Mezzo-Sopranos (Vanessa, Misha, Adala, May, Mairead) and the Mezzo-Tenors (Gordon, Pierre, Therion, Nash, Robert) shaking hands. The "I wanna be famous" shows the Altos (Arabelle, Antoinette, Mag, Sybil, Arreis) and Basses (Rival, Ryder, Carter, ELV, Gabe) sharing a group hug.

I wanna be, I wanna be, I wanna be famous

The fourth "I wanna be" shows the four interns standing there with mixed expressions. The fifth "I wanna be" shows the five judges with different reactions from different performances. In the second "I wanna be famous" shows the five hosts crossing their arms with smirks on their faces.

*whistling in tune*

The whole cast can now be seen on the stage, bowing as the audience applauds them loudly. Flowers were being thrown to the stage as the curtain closed, revealing the season's title, "Total Drama Act II: Musical Power" in gold letters. The episode title, "Episode 10:Out of the Maze with No Clues" can be seen written below, in silver letters.

*End opening theme*

Total Drama Act II: Musical Power

Episode 10: Out of the Maze with No Clues

"Some people act really nasty during the game but actually end up being nice people outside the show."

TIME REWIND: Night 10, 4:00 AM

Minor House

It was already four in the morning, and yet he was still awake.

Robert was seen sitting on the porch of the Major House, looking up on the night sky. He was bummed when Kimmie was eliminated, now that Gabe left, it made him feel worse than he already was.

He could hear footsteps approching him from behind. Not caring who it was, the veteran continued to look up on the sky, imagining himself right now if both of them were still in the competition.

"Hey, Robert." A voice called out, and sat next to him. It was Gordon.

"Oh… hi." Robert sighed, not taking his eyes off the sky above him.

"Can't sleep?"

"Yeah." He nodded. "Might be because I miss Gabe too much."

Gordon chuckled. "You can't miss a person 'too much' you know. It's understandable. I've had those times."

"You don't really look like you miss someone right now." Robert replied, followed by another sigh. "You know what Gordon, if I can't handle this, don't tell anyone that I'll quit."

Gordon widened his eyes in shock. "No, why would you quit?"

"I just can't. I'm getting tired of all this." Robert answered.

Gordon shook his head. "Well… would Robert or Kimmie want you to just give up and quit? The hosts gave you another chance to compete since you were unfairly eliminated last time, and now you're just gonna waste it?"

The veteran looked up to him. He never knew Gordon could be the type to give advice… let alone in a time like this.

"Just… don't give up because your loved ones are now gone. They would want you to keep on moving, hell maybe even win. You know that." Gordon added with a smile.

Robert thought about it, and finally returned the smile to Gordon. "Yeah… maybe you're right…"

"Since when was I wrong?" Gordon asked, followed by a chuckle from the both of them as he got up. "I'm getting sleepy now… wanna head back in?"

"Yeah, sure. I'm getting sleepy too." Robert said as he also got up, dusting himself off. "Thanks, Gordon."

"No problem."

Day 11, 7:30 AM

Minor House - Girls' Bedroom

In the girls' bedroom, the girls of the Minor team were asleep, except for Sybil as she was not present in the room for some reason.

Vanessa woke up from the other side, groggily rubbing her eyes. She looked around the room to see Antoinette still asleep, and Sami was-


The pianist widened her eyes and turned to see Sami approaching her.

"Oh… hey good morning, what's up?" Vanessa yawned a bit.

Sami sat on her bed. "Can I ask you something like… super duper important?"

"Yeah, sure." Vanessa yawned again, feeling as if she wanted to go back to sleep but at the same time, she wanted to listen to Sami.

The fandom girl cleared her throat as she fumbled with her fingers. "Do I seem like a bully these past few days?"

Vanessa raised an eyebrow. "What? Bully? No, I don't-"

"I mean… when I'm around Sybil." She answered.

The pianist sighed. She hated to tell her but... it was the truth after all. "Well… you kinda ignored her almost every single time we were all together… and cut her off when she was about to say something… so yeah, maybe a little. Or maybe… not… little?"

Sami sighed as she her hands covered her face. "Oh my god… people are really going to hate me now-"

"Whoa, chill." Vanessa placed a hand on her shoulder. "Maybe you can just let her know that you're sorry and maybe reconcile with her." She suggested. "That always works."

Sami gulped. "Well… what if she still hates me?"

Vanessa shook her head. "She doesn't hate you, don't worry. She still cares for you of course. And since you plan to apologize and tie the strings up with her, it just means that you care for her too."

Sami sighed, lying down on Vanessa's bed. "I don't know… maybe I could try… where is she anyway? As soon as I woke up, she was already gone. In fact, I actually haven't seen her all night!"

"Maybe you could talk to her later or something." Vanessa suggested. "Just give her some space for now."

Sami nodded. "Alright then. Thank you so much, Vanessa." She gave off a warm smile before leaving the bed, the pianist glad that she helped out a fellow teammate.

Minor House - Living Room

Colin was staring directly on the window, with not much emotion on his face as of late. He was thinking to himself over and over that everyone, most especially the veterans, are way more powerful than him.

However, that wasn't the only thing going on his mind. Since the veterans are more powerful than him… or at least that's what he thinks… he is also thinking of a way to get rid of them… to lessen the bigger threats.

He dreamed of… rising to the top again… like how he used to be-

"Hey Colin! What are you thinking about, hmm?"

-and Zack just had to interfere it.

"Nothing, really." Colin sighed, getting back into his act. Although… some of his actions weren't actually an act. Just some. "Trying to get over the fact that Oli had that… that thing."

He was being true this time; he couldn't shake off even that tiniest feeling of guilt- he thinks that he should've gone home instead and not Oli. But a part of him is actually pleased that another veteran was off the list...

"Ah, I feel you." Zack answered, plopping himself on the couch next to the latter. "Look, it's not your fault that that happened, okay? It's just some crazy coincidence, but let's face it, even Oli was glad that he did better here than in the previous season. See? It's kind of like… a win-win, but technically it's a lose-lose." Zack chuckled, but frowned as soon as Colin didn't react. "Aww. Well, Gabe and Robert told me about your conversation a day before our previous challenge."

Ah, so he already knew?

"Well… why would they tell you that, exactly?" Colin asked.

Zack stared at him for a bit- before coming off to a shrug. "I have no idea, honestly." He placed a hand on the other boy's shoulder. "But hey, if you need someone to talk to, we're all here for you, okay? No need to be so down on yourself."

Colin nodded in understanding. Zack smiled once he did so, and turned to leave.

As soon as he left though, this somehow gave Colin an idea…


Sybil fluttered her eyes open as she held her blanket close to her chest. She looked right next to her and saw Pierre still asleep. Closing her eyes, she began to remember everything that happened the night before...

Flashback:Sybil was entering the garden. It looked empty, until she went behind the gazebo and saw Pierre standing there with blankets neatly settled on the floor."Hey, I thought you'd like to spend time with me watching the night sky?" He chuckled. "You know, just like old times?"Sybil's lips grew into a smirk. "Well… have you forgiven me?""Of course I do, why wouldn't I?" Pierre said to heras he lightly kissed her forehead.Sybil giggled as she sat on the blankets, with him following suit."If you feel sleepy, we could always go back to the team house, you know-""I want to spend this night with you." Sybil declared, cupping his face with her hands. "Just for tonight since we're together again." She added, before pulling him in for a loving kiss. Even he didn't hesitate to return it to her.Soon after, it grew a makeout session between the two, but what caught him off guard was the fact that her hands travelled lower."Wait-" Pierre breathed. "You wanna do that now?""Well… I'm going to admit: I've been wanting to this for a long time.""You sure?" He asked again, his left hand already at the zipper of her dress."Yes, yes I'm sure." She answered.And the rest was history.End flashback

Sybil widened her eyes in realization as her lips began to tremble. Pierre noticed this and looked at her in surprise.

"Syb? You alright?"

"You… D-did you… did you… protect yourself?" She finally said, stammering through every syllable. Pierre widened his eyes as well as he realized the same thing.

"Oh god… wait… don't tell anyone about this, okay?" He quickly said in panic. "If something happens to you, just tell me as soon as possible and we'll get this sorted out. Just… try and act as if nothing happened."

"Nothing happened? Pierre, do you know what we have done? We're not supposed to be doing that in a time like this!" Sybil frantically said as both of them began dressing themselves up before anyone steps in on them.

"Sybil, listen." Pierre grabbed her shoulders. "I'm sorry I dragged you into this. I didn't know it-"

"No. I'm sorry. It was my decision for us to do it, remember?" Sybil sighed. "Oh my god, I'm so stupid. People are gonna hate me now." She choked up and ran away from the garden, leaving Pierre shocked.

Major House - Living Room

Toxa, Beatrice, May, Misha, Mag, and Arreis were all eating breakfast. Beatrice, May, Misha, and Mag were all analyzing Toxa's moves every now and then, leaving Arreis baffled and confused of what is going on.

"I'm gonna go back up to our room." Toxa stated as she stood up, the rest of the girls looking down so that things won't be obvious.

"Alright, see you later." Beatrice waved. As soon as Toxa left, the girls glanced at each other.

Arreis was still confused. "Wait why are you guys looking at each other like that?"

"We're thinking of getting rid of that asshole for fucking brains Toxa." Misha blurted out.

Mag widened her eyes. "Oh my god, you guys are thinking about that too? We should be forming in an alliance or something."

"Sounds like a plan." May nodded. "Who else is aiming for Toxa on the boys' side, Mag?"

"Definitely Carter and Rival." Mag quickly answered. "Maybe Rival could convince Therion to vote off Toxa as well. I… still don't understand how Clayton, the winner of Act I, is friends with that… person."

"Maybe Toxa was just putting on her game face, you know?" Beatrice stated. "Some people act reeeeaaaally nasty during the game but actually end up being nice people outside the show. Think about… let's say… Amanda."

"Well… even Amanda was nice enough to save Mairead's life last season from what I've learned." Arreis said as she examined her nails. "I don't really know about Toxa."

"We'll just have to see. But please God, don't make anything bad happen to the theater..." Misha sighed. "Anyway, that's like… the fucking majority of us voting for her. If anyone can get Ryder to vote her off too, that'd be really great."

"Will do." Arreis quickly nodded. "We can't have someone like her Heather-ing her way up to the finale now, can't we?"

"Sal Heather'd his way up to 6th last season." May reminded with a slight chuckle. "Hey, even I remembered that and you were the veteran."

"Oh right. Forgot about that." Arreis facepalmed. "So I guess we're going for Toxa since she's Toxic." She laughed.

"Was that supposed to be a joke?" Mag asked as she wasn't laughing at all compared to Arreis.

"Corny as fuck." Misha commented before sipping on her glass of water.

Major House - Boys Room (8:56 AM)

The boys of Team Major, namely Ryder, Carter, Therion, and Rival were just waking up from their slumber.

"Morning guys." Rival greeted everyone before climbing down from his bunk.

"Yeah, good morning." Ryder greeted back as he heard some sounds coming from downstairs. "Looks like the girls already had a head start on breakfast."

"Hm, maybe we could just wait for them to finish before we eat breakfast. I mean, ladies first, right?" Therion suggested.

"Well if you say so," Carter sat back on his bunk, closing his eyes shut. "What should we talk about, then? Maybe about… who should be eliminated from our team?"

"Oh come on, we all know that Toxa's gotta go." Rival answered as he put on his jacket. "She's done enough shit to our team and we don't need any more of that."

Ryder widened his eyes, slightly unaware of it. "Toxa? Why her?"

"Wait, you're not aware of this?" Carter widened his eyes before he threw his head back in realization. "Oh yeah, you didn't see it, I forgot."

"Ah, the incident with Xavier? Yeah, I remember that... " Ryder nodded, the rather unsettling memory coming back to him. "You guys are right, what if she ends up injuring someone else, you know, indirectly?"

"Exactly!" Rival said. "Plus, she has been crushing a number of alliances since that cooking challenge so she is definitely not someone we could trust."

Therion chuckled. "You know guys, I wouldn't be so surprised if the girls in our team are talking about the same thing."

"Same." Carter slouched himself back on his bed. "And I'm sure all of us have our own problems."

"Have you already solved… whatever problem you had with Mag, Carter?" Rival asked curiously.

Carter shook his head. "Nope. No luck." He then fixed his attention towards Ryder. "And I'm also pretty sure that Ryder here hasn't fixed his girl problem."

Rival and Therion both raised an eyebrow while Ryder became a bit flustered.

"Girl problem?" Therion wondered. "Oh… maybe I understand." He said, immediately thinking about… his own girl problem.

Rival sighed in relief. "Thank god, I'm problem-free." He said, as his eyes darted to the window where he could see something… or SOMEONE… falling from the sky. "You know what… I may take that back." He added before dashing out of the room, causing the other three to go confused… maybe except for Therion.

"You know what that could be?" Ryder asked him.

Therion looked at the window as well. "Maybe."

Day 11, 4:00 PM

Theater Frontyard

Later on the day, the contestants, hosts, staff, and interns were now gathered on the front yard of the theater, just by the parking lot.

"So… this is where we'll do the challenge?" Robert raised an eyebrow, almost remembering the time when he, Rival, and Nash messed up Chris' car the other night.

"No, we're just waiting for the bus." Don answered, as he looked at the numerous messages he recieved on his phone. (With most of them are probably from fans)

Chris narrowed his eyes at Don's actions before turning back to the contestants. "Well, while we wait for the bus to arrive, we'll be introducing to you our judge for today! Introducing, Erin Summers!"

Erin jumped to the front before waving vigorously towards the contestants.

"Erin?" Therion widened his eyes.

"Erin!" Mara grinned.

"ERIN!?" Rival jumped up in pure shock.

Rival (Major): "Well, if you guys must know… I have no idea if I said this before but, Erin Summers is… my girlfriend. Yeah, I love her and all but what is she doing here? I just hope that she won't make any inventions that will fail or else… yeah."

Before anything else was said, the bus had already arrived.

"Welp, looks like it's time to board." Chef announced as the bus made its way, opening its doors for everyone to enter.

As everyone got in, the bus left and was now headed for its destination.

CHALLENGE 5.1: Put It Altogether (Location: Far Forest)

The bus had came to a full halt once it reached the forest entrance. Chris was the first person to step out of the bus, and took a breath of fresh forest air.

"Ah, missed this place." He smiled. "Remember something, Robert and Arreis?"

Arreis exited out of a bus and raised an eyebrow. "I don't… oh yeah, the five-phased challenge took place here. Or at least, the running part, the shooting part, and the puzzle part… I think."

"Yes." Don nodded, as everyone gathered up just outside the bus. "However, we will be doing a medley-themed challenge today. Something similar to the five phases challenge from last season, but this is somehow different. It's kind of like a race actually. Care to explain the rules, Erin?"

"Oh sure!" Erin answered gleefully as Don gave her a script. "Hm… I can't read. It's in some kind of… ah! Alien language!"

Rival facepalmed in the back, as you can really feel his second-hand embarassment. Therion was also chuckling at his actions.

Rival (Major): "I swear, it's probably upside-down."

After about a minute of Erin's nonsense, Blaineley growled and snatched the paper away from the scientist. "You know what, I have no idea why are you even here- ahem!" The hostess cleared her throat. "This medley challenge will have only three phases unlike the one from last season that had five. For phase one, it will be, of course, a running challenge. But from here all the way to Clef Cave."

"Guess that never changed." Robert commented.

"For phase two, you will spending the night in Clef Cave." Blaineley added, prompting worried looks from most of the cast (or in Gordon and Antoinette's case, pretty neutral).

Ryder (Major): "Uh, really!? A camping overnight kind of challenge?"

"And finally, for phase three, once you get out from Clef Cave, the race continues. You have to head on over to Harmony River, where two kayaks, one for each team waits for you. The finish line just stops right before the waterfall of the river." Blaineley added once more.

Mag (Major): "Chris is so dead if the boats aren't steady enough."

Misha (Major): "I fucking hate races."

Colin (Minor): "Both Arreis and Robert already know the places, so we all have an advantage." His eyes grew dark. "But either way, one of them's got to go."

"All of you, postion yourselves on the white line in front of you." Chris ordered, the nineteen contestants doing as they were told. "Wow, that was the same white line we used in Act I, can't believe it's still here."

"You will now be racing to Clef Cave, without a map." Brea smirked. "Just follow the trail and maybe follow some of the signs too. The first team that reaches Clef Cave will be able to spend there for the night. As for the other team, you have to find somewhere else to sleep. Oh, and try not to get there on nighttime, because that's where the wild creatures go out and about."

"Ooh~! Can I come!" Erin asked giddily.

"NO!" Don yelled again. "I mean… no."

"Aww phooey."

"Yeah." Chirs nodded. "Tomorrow morning, you must be at Harmony River to use your kayaks and race your way to the finish line. The first team that crosses the finish line before the waterfall wins an advantage for next challenge."

The contestants all looked at each other.

"Oh boy…" May sighed.

"Ready…" Don said.

"Get set…" Blaineley followed.

"GO!" Erin cheered.

"ERIN, WAIT NOT YET-" Brea yelled. Luckily, none of the contestants fell for it as they were still at the starting line… well, maybe except for Zack, the tall boy already sprinting off. "Someone stop him." Brea facepalmed.

"Hey Zack, come back!" Sami shouted as she cahsed after him.

About a minute later, the fandom girl had returned with Zack on the starting line, with Zack's face red from embarassment.

Zack (Minor): "Hoo, that was embarassing."

"Yeah, thanks." Chris snarled. "Let's start from the top. Ready…"

"Get set…" Chef followed.

"GO!" The hosts, including Erin, all shouted together as the remaining nineteen contestants were now off.

~Commercial Break~

The camera was filming as Chris, Chef, Don, Brea, and Blaineley sat altogether in a couch.

"Hello, viewers!" Don greeted, giving the most enthusiastic smile he could muster. "Today is the day where we will reveal-"

"The veterans for Total Drama Act III: Odyssey of Performance!" the hosts said in unison.

"Why is it in a commercial though?" Blaineley groaned.

"You weren't here during Act I, so shut it." Brea spat at the other hostess' complaint. "So first of all, we'll be announcing the Soprano veteran! With 83% - 16% of votes, our first Act III veteran is no one other than… Toxa Pexine!"

"Wow, sounds like the fans want Toxa to bring back her rather spicy gameplay on to the next season." Chris chuckled. "Who wouldn't want to see that?"

"Maybe the others." Don muttered under his breath. "For our Tenor veteran, with 62% - 37% of votes, our second Act III veteran is… Colin Lanthored!"

Chef widened his eyes. "Was not expecting him."

"He's a drama king so of course people will like to see him in the future. He definitely beings up the ratings with his negativity." Chris snickered. "I'm really liking the choices of the fans so far."

"Yeah, me too." Blaineley groaned. "But for our Mezzo-Soprano veteran, having a vote of 44% - 33% - 22%, rip the last one, we have… Vanessa Michelle Navarro for our third Act III veteran!"

"Ah, the sarcastic piano girl who ended up being Gordon's girlfriend? Yeah, I can see why our fans picked her." Don nodded in agreement. "Don't get me wrong though, everyone really could get picked as a veteran. In fact, correct me if I'm wrong, those who do not get picked have a chance of competing in Act IV, aka the final season of this series."

"You're… not wrong." Brea replied. "Yeah. Anyway, moving on to the Mezzo-Tenor veteran, having a vote of 50% - 25% - 12% - 12%, wow literally everyone had a vote, our fourth Act III veteran is… Therion Suarez!"

Chris was snickering. "Maybe they picked him for the Mara and Ulysses conflict."

"That's such an invalid reason to select a veteran. I mean, the conflict can even go on even if they weren't on the show." Brea facepalmed. "Anyway, we have our Alto veteran as well! With votes of 50% - 25% - 25%, our fifth Act III veteran is… Miranda Lawrence, or as people like to call her: Mag."

"I swear, I'm gonna laugh hard if this last veteran ends up being either Carter or Ryder." Chris commented, although he didn't actually seemed too serious.

"Well," Chef cleared his throat. "Let's just get on with the Bass veteran. With votes from 40% - 30% - 20% - 10%, our sixth and final Act III veteran is… Ryder Walker!"

"You're serious?" Chris chuckled, snatching away the index card from the chef-turned-host. "Holy crap, you're right."

"Yup." Chef nodded. "Also, I heard that we're gonna be having another host joining us next season?"

"Oh god no." Blaineley shook her head. "Too many hosts."

"Then quit." Chris suggested. "Easy-peasy."

"Yeah, you guys do whatever the hell you want because I'm not going anywhere." Brea scoffed as she folded her arms. "Well… I guess this is the end of our… unexpectedly long commercial break."

"We'll see you folks back on the show!" Don waved as the hosts all groaned.

~End Commercial Break~

Phase 1 - Running Race (Far Forest)

Once the commercial break ended, we cut to Team Major who were now walking up on a trail. Team Minor was also nowhere to be found, but they didn't really care that much as they sauntered forward in hopes of finding the cave in time.

"So… where ARE we?" Arreis asked, scrathing the back of her head.

"Thank goodness you're not doing the 'are we there yet' gag from last week." May sighed quietly.

"Do you want me to do it-"

"No thank you." Beatrice quickly answered before Arreis could even finish her sentence. "And to answer your question, we all have no idea since we all don't have a map."

"You know what, bitches," Misha stopped in her tracks as she had an idea. "We can always google the location of the cave."

"Well, yeah. But two things," Mag turned to Misha. "One, where are you going to get wifi, and two, the hosts might've placed some cameras on god-knows-what so they can probably see us right now!"

"Oh yeah… good point." Misha facepalmed.

"Can we find some water?" Toxa panted. "I'm thirsty as hell."

"We've been walking for only like, five minutes and you're already tired?" Carter sighed. "You guys need to work on your stamina."

"Well how am I supposed to know that we're gonna be doing something physical in a musical based season?" Toxa raised an eyebrow towards the untrusting boy.

"Have you watched Act I? They literally did this kind of challenge." Therion commented.

"So… should we be worried about that or…?" Ryder raised an eyebrow towards everyone.

"If I were you," Rival answered. "My answer would definitely be yes."

The team kept on walking for what seemed like a few hours, until they could hear a source of water nearby. The teens glanced at each other, before making a dash for the sound, racing each other along the way.

"Well…" May panted. "We may have not found the cave, but at least we found the river."

"Are we still going to find the cave or we'll just spend the night here?" Beatrice wondered out loud.

"Last time I checked, the cave is kinda far from the river, so it would be hard for us to find water." Arreis answered. "Or at least that's what I remembered from last season."

Carter sat down on the lush grass below him as he looked towards his teammates. "Would you guys be alright with sleeping in the grass for tonight?"

Therion laid himself on the grass and closed his eyes as the sun started to set. "I don't really mind honestly."

"I'm gonna go find some berries or fruits that we could eat." Misha said. "Who wants to come?"

"I'll go." Mag volunteered. Arreis followed as well.

"Hope you guys don't get lost." Beatrice said.

Arreis chuckled. "Don't worry about us."

And with that, the three girls were off.

With the Minor team members, they were still on the trail; the sun was already setting and their surroundings to grow dark.

"Have you guys seen the cave already?" Antoinette asked everyone with a slightly frightened tone. "It's already getting dark!"

"You're scared of the dark?" Zack smirked. "Neveer expected that from you."

"Well…" Robert began, grabbing his phone, switching on the light. "The cave shouldn't be too far from here. I've been to Clef Cave before. I may not probably remember the way, but I think we should be near it."

"We should follow you then." Colin suggested. "Because of course you know way."

"Yeah, but don't fight me if we get lost." Robert gulped as he began leading the way.

After about fifteen more minutes of walking in the dark, they have finally reached a place that seemed like the cave.

"There it is, guys!" Gordon shouted and the teens made a dash for it.

"Where's the other team?" Sami wondered.

Vanessa shrugged. "Probably somewhere else?"

"I think the cave is a very hard place to nfind though." Sybil said as she sat down.

Pierre turned to everyone. "Alright. Here's what we do. Me, Colin, and Gordon will go find some food and you guys can stay here and find out how are we going to sleep."

"Sounds good." Robert nodded. "We'll be waiting."

Night 11, 7:00 PM

Phase 2 - Overnight Stay

-Team Major-

Therion and Rival were sitting next to each other, staring at the river not too far from them.

"So how are things with you and Erin?" asked Therion.

"Pretty good." Rival answered as he rested his head on the grass. "Sure Erin can be a klutz, but I guess that's how things just work out for her. May wanna consider toning down the inventions a bit, she's probably having a hard time washing her hair lately."

Therion chuckled. "I can really see that happening… also can I ask you something?"


"You know, whenever you're with Erin, have you ever thought of… how were… your exes would be feeling right now?"

Rival widened his eyes. Honestly, he would never thought about that, but maybe he may be asking that since he still has some conflict between him and Mara.

"Not sure honestly…" Rival sighed.

"Ah, I understand." Therion nodded in understanding.

Meanwhile, the camera pans to Beatrice and Toxa. It seems as if Beatrice was playing strategy to try and get to know more about the latter.

"So Toxa…" the timid seer began as she took a deep breath. "What do you expect from this show now that you've heard it from Clayton?"

"I don't expect it to be fun actually." Toxa said with a hint of vengeance in her voice. "You know, my original plan here was to crush people's hearts. Never thought I'd say this but… I originally wanted to try that method on Alec but… well, change of plans."

Beatrice widened her eyes, not believing what she is hearing. If anything, she could even punch her nose like what she did to Antoinette last week…

"Oh… okay." Beatrice simply nodded. "Never thought of that… but… do what you gotta do I guess?"

Now if anything, she shouldn't have said that.

The camera pans to May, who seated away from Therion and Rival, but was also looking at the quiet river. She looked up and saw that Ryder was about to sit next to her.

"Mind if I sit here?"

"Go ahead." May smiled, admiring the fact that he decided to talk to her, just the two of them. It made her heart flutter a little.

"So… how's being on the show?" Ryder asked, the first thing coming into mind. Yes, he knew that May had a crush on him, possibly Beatrice too, but he tried his best to keep his mind away from his connection with Arreis and Antoinette.

"Good so far." May smiled. "I'm really happy that I've met a friend like Beatrice, I'll really never forget the time that our friendship started."

"That's good!"

After a few seconds of silence, May decided to speak up again. "Um… I want to tell you something."

"Sure, go ahead."


"Hey Ryder!" Carter's voice called out from the other side.

"Oh, sorry May. Carter needs me. We'll talk again if you'd like." Ryder suggested.

"Oh cool…" May squeaked, not knowing if she will have the courage to speak to him again.

Ryder made his way to Carter. "What's up?"

"Mag, Misha, and Arreis haven't arrived yet." Carter said, slightly getting worried. "It's almost an hour and it's already dark. We should go look for them."

"Come on, let's hope they're not in danger." Ryder said and the two ran back into the forest.

Gordon, Pierre, and Colin were currently on the forest looking for some edible fruits to eat.

"What's that?" Colin pointed towards a bush that was moving.

"Uhhh I don't know, you guys see what it is!" Pierre, acting like some coward that he is, pushing Gordon towards the bush.

"Huh? Why me?" Gordon shrieked.

"Because!" Pierre whispered.

"Because he said so." Colin shrugged.


"Ugh, fine." Gordon groaned, slowly approaching the bush (lowkey a bit scared). But then, he suddenly heard some voices possibly coming from the other side of the bush.

"Yeah, we really should get her off."

"She's not really of much use to be honest."

"After her, who should we go for?"

Gordon swallowed all of his reservations. The voices were familiar to him, but he couldn't think about who were those. And so, he opened up the bushes.

"WHOA BITCH FUCK SHIT-" Several swear words were heard (which obviously came from Misha).

"Were you guys spying on us?" Mag asked with a disappointed look as she stuffed some berries into her pockets.

"No, we just heard some noises." Colin countered. "Never thought that you guys were here."

"Oh well… now that you guys are here, wanna pick some food with us?" Arreis offered.

"Well, we haven't got much…" Pierre answered. "Sure."

"Sure?" Colin murmured.

"Yes, sure." Pierre nodded.

"Is there a problem?"

"No." Gordon sighed, as the six teens began picking out fruits.

Around half an hour later, they all heard rushing footsteps towards them.

"There you guys are." Carter rushed up to the six, as he was referring to the girls in particular. "Oh, hey guys."

"Hey," the three boys waved.

"You guys need any help?" Ryder offered.

Mag shook her head no. "No thanks, we got this."

"Did you guys found the cave though?" Carter decided to ask.

"Eh, it's not that far from here actually." Pierre shrugged. "I think we should get back."

"Yes." Colin agreed. "See you guys." He waved, the three boys leaving the Major teens behind.

-Team Minor-

Meanwhile, the Minor team, (excluding Colin, Pierre, and Gordon) were all on their own spots in the cave.

The camera pans to Sami, who was approaching Sybil, the latter seemed to be sitting on a rock, thinking deeply about something.

"Hey Sybil," Sami started, sitting down next to her. "Look, I am really sorry for everything. It's just that I got carried away with everything."

"I understand." Sybil nodded. "I've been there before. And… I'm sorry as well."

"So… we're cool now?" Sami smiled.

"Yes, I guess so-" Sybil said, and eventually the two girls pulled each other into a friendly hug.

Once the hug was broken, Sybil stared onto Sami's eyes.

"Sami… I… I want to tell you something. I've never told anyone else here but… please don't tell anyone I told you this. Especially Pierre." Sybil gulped.

"What? Why?" Sami asked. And so, all the beans were spilled right in front of her as Sami let out a gasp. "Oh my god… what if… I think it's best thatt you take care of yourself."

"Sami, I don't know what to do, really. I'm even more nervous now…"

"But he is right though." Sami countered. "If something happens, you better tell him. In the meanwhile, I'll do my best to cover you."

Sybil nodded. "Thank you Sami…"

On the other hand, Vanessa, Antoinette, and Zack were talking about something.

"How long have they been gone?" Antoinette asked. "Not gonna lie, I'm beginning to worry for them."

"Same." Vanessa nodded.

"Have faith on them, girls. They will be back in no time." Zack said, placing a hand on both of their shoulders. "Besides, we're gonna need an idea of how to sleep inside this cave. Robert is also looking for them right now, so we shouldn't worry."

"Speaking of Robert, maybe we can ask him. Since you know, they've been here before." Vanessa suggested.

"Yeah, but they didn't necessarily sleep in here." Zack countered. "Oh wait, I think that's them."

Zack was indeed correct. Robert was coming back along with Colin, Pierre, and Gordon. They also had briught along some berries.

"Hey guys." Robert said, giving each team member some food. "Let's go ahead and eat before we sleep."

And so, both teams ate whatever edible food they have picked and slept afterwards. Team Major didn't have a hard time sleeping on the soft grass, but for Team Minor, even though they were on the cave, they were still havving a hard time as the ground was cold and hard. Luckily, at least they have a roof above their heads.

-Hosts Tent-

Meanwhile, the staff and hosts were setting up their own tents.

"Hey Erin, can you help me pump this thing?" Brea asked, as she was struggling to pump up her tent.

"Oh sure! How big do you want it to be?" Erin asked, her hands already on the air pump.

"Well… I don't know, maybe make it round-"

Brea was cut off as Erin began pumping her tent. In fact, it grew to be… quite too large, until it popped like a balloon.

"There we go!" Erin smiled, pointing towards the now flat tent.

"Didn't I say it was round?"

"It is round!" Erin nodded. "It's just flat-round."

"Flat… what?" Blaineley asked from the other side as she couldn't control her laughter.

"You know what, lesson learned." Brea sighed. "Never buy an air based tent ever again."

"Told you so." Chris, Chef, and Don said in unison.

Day 12, 5:00 AM

Phase 3 - Kayak Race (Harmony River)

It was now 5:00 AM. Most people are probably still asleep, but at least, not for Team Minor who were already up and running away from the cave.

"They'll be awake soon, hurry up!" Gordon frantically shouted, as he glanced at the Major team who were still asleep not far away from the river. "Uh-oh."

"What do you mean uh-oh?" Zack asked him as he looked at the Major team: Toxa was already awake and she was trying to wake up her team. To make things even more worse, some of the Major teens saw them, causing them to quicken up their actions.

"Holy shit, everyone get in the boat!" Pierre ordered as the girls Sami, Vanessa, Sybil, and Antoinette all boarded first. Robert, Gordon, Zack, Colin, and Pierre all quickly pushed the boat towards the water. Once they were on the water, Colin and Robert grabbed the oars, boarded the boat along with the other boys, and proceeded to paddle as fast as they could.

"Guys, we're already falling behind!" Arreis yelled to the Major team. "There's another boat over there!"

The Major team all boarded on the boat and did the same as what team Minor did; Toxa, Beatrice, May, Misha, Mag, and Arreis all boarded the boat. Therion and Rival grabbed the oars and helped Carter and Ryder push the boat all the way to the water. Once they did, the boys boarded, and proceeded to paddle as they had to catch up to team Minor who were already far away.

The sun has not come up yet and everything around them was still quite dark as both teams continued the heated race before them. The camera panned to the Minor team, who were already far ahead.

"Where are they?" Vanessa asked as she looked behind.

Sami was looking behind them this whole time. "I think they're far behind or something."

"Unless they found a shortcut." Antoinette added, turning her attention towards the boys, who were seated in front of them. The girls were also using their phone lights to help the boys guide their way through the water as it was still dark. "Are you sure you guys know the way to the finish?"

As the team approached a fork in the road, or in this case, a fork in the river, Robert's unsure expression became more and more uncertain, causing some people like Sami to grow even more worried.

"Please don't tell me we're lost." Sami pleaded.

"We're not! We're not." Zack quickly assured, but his tone was on the more shakier side.

Vanessa groaned. "Ugh, I knew that this challenge was going to be whack."

The boat stayed just before the two paths, with the teens unsure of where to go.

"So… left or right?" Pierre asked.

Robert sighed, gripping his oar tightly. "Let's vote. Majority wins. Who picks left?"

Sami, Sybil, Pierre, and Gordon raised their hands.

"I guess right wins." Robert said, positioning his oar. "We're going right."

"We have to hurry up guys, I think I can see them from over here." Sybil told them frantically.

"Let's go." Colin said from the side as he began to paddle, with Robert following suit. They paddled until their boat headed in the right direction. "Let's just hope that they don't follow us."

As Team Minor paddled away, the camera cut to Team Major who was now approaching the fork in the river.

"Uh… guys?" Therion glanced at his team. "Left or right?"

"There are two paths now?" Rival squinted his eyes to see clearly, but still nothing. "God, I can't see. It's too dark."

Carter carefully made his way to the front of the boat and switched his phone light on. "Yup. There are two paths. Where do you guys think Minor went?"

"No idea." Ryder answered. "How the hell are we supposed to make our way to the finish without a single map?"

Misha sighed. "See, races suck. This is the worst challenge next to that paranormal shit."

"True." Arreis nodded in agreement. "The challenges this season are kinda brutal."

Beatrice looked around. "The Minor team is probably at the finish line by now."

"Doubt it." Toxa stated. "Too dark to see. They were having a hard time navigating at this time as well."

"So where do you guys think we should go?" Mag asked everyone. "We can't stay here until dawn."

"Left?" Therion suggested.

"Yeah, let's go left and get this over with." Carter sighed, as he urged both Therion and Rival to start paddling.

Back at the Minor team, they were still moving slowly, but surely as everything is still dark.

"Ugh, when's the fucking sun gonna come up!?" Antoinette whined. "It looks scary as hell in here when it's dark!"

"I hate to say it but, I agree with you." Sybil groaned as she clutched her stomach. "I feel like I'm getting sick."

Hearing these words from her, Pierre couldn't help but widen his eyes in worry as he approached her carefully. "A-are you okay? D-do you have a fever or something?" He stuttered as he tried checking her temperature by placing a hand on her neck.

Some of the others began raising suspicions towards the both of them.

"Since when you've been this concerned towards Sybil?" Vanessa raised an eyebrow.

"Well, of course I'm concerned, she's my girlfriend for goodness' sake!" Pierre answered, as Vanessa let out an "Ah…" of response.

"She's probably seasick or something. Best to move slowly." Gordon said, gesturing Colin and Robert to go slowly. (With Robert groaning in the process)

"We can't just slow down!" Robert shot up. "We're gonna lose again if we keep this up, I swear."

"Yeah well, not everyone is fond of moving in water!" Gordon yelled.

The veteran was not having it as he stood up, leaving the oar where it was. "They can just hold it in until we get to the finish!"

"You think it's that easy to do so!?" Gordon raged, standing up also.

"STOP FIGHTING YOU TWO! THE BOAT WILL TILT IF YOU KEEP THIS UP!" Sami shouted, overpowering both of their voices.

"You know what, Gordon?" Robert glared at him, fully ignoring Sami. "Thank you SO DAMN MUCH for the pep talk last night! Because guess what! I'M QUITTING THIS SHITSHOW WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT!"

"Then go! I'm not going to stop you anyway!" Gordon shouted again. "I was just trying to get you to stay but you know what, I ACTUALLY DON'T MIND ANYMORE IF YOU LEAVE!"

Robert became even angrier, in fact he ended up pushing Gordon off the boat, causing the other boy to create a big splash on the water.

"GORDON!" Vanessa shouted, and it only made matters worse as his head didn't popped up.

"HEY, STOP IT!" Antoinette yelled towards Robert. "WHAT DID YOU JUST DO!?"

"YOU SHUT UP AND SIT DOWN, YOU SLUT!" Robert retorted harshly towards her. "I AM NOT LETTING OUR TEAM LOSE AGAIN!"

Colin (Minor): "I was right. Robert HAS to go."

Colin tossed Robert his oar. "You know what, if you think you're way better than any of us because you were a veteran and have more experience on this show than we have, then I'd like to see you do it." He said, prompting shocked looks from some of the others due to his sudden change of demeanor.

"Fine then." Robert spat, catching Colin's oar and he began to row the boat all by himself whilst struggling a bit.

Zack was looking around with the help of Sami's phone light. "Where's Gordon?"

"He probably swam the hell away for all I care." Robert huffed, and everyone fell silent throughout the whole way, worried as hell, especially Vanessa.

With Team Major, the sun was finally starting to rise up. The teens with phones turned off their flashlights as they looked around in relief.

Therion, Rival, Carter, and Ryder were still navigating the way while Beatrice, May, Arreis, and Toxa were sleeping towards the back. Misha and Mag were currently on the lookout for any signs of the finish.

"Gosh, when is this going to fucking end?" Misha groaned. "I'm starting to hate it here."

"We won't know any time soon." Carter sighed as he looked down towards the water. It was not that clear as even he couldn't see his reflection, or even the bottom part of it. "God, that looks deep. I do not want to fall into there."

"Yeah, when you think about it, I guess you can see why some people are afraid of water." Mag commented.

As the boat continued to move, there was a creaking sound every time Therion and Rival paddled using their oars.

A worried look started to grow on Ryder's face. "I have a bad feeling that this boat won't hold us for much longer."

"You better fucking pray that it would." Misha countered. "I don't want to fall in there!"

"Guys, try not to get worried, okay? I don't want anyone getting paranoid at this." Rival commented. "C'mon Therion, let's try and paddle a bit faster."

"Will do." Therion nodded as the two paddled slightly faster to match their pace with one another.

"Uhm… guys?!" A worried voice was heard from the back, and it was coming from Beatrice who appears to have woken up. "What's that!?"

Mag looked back to where Beatrice was pointing and widened her eyes in horror. There was a crack in the boat, and water was already spilling in gradually. "Holy shit, there's a crack!"

"A crack!?" Rival gasped and looked back.

"Holy fucking shit, I feel bad for saying this but why the hell do I remember ELV every time I hear the word 'crack'?" Misha questioned herself via screaming.

"No time for jokes, Misha!" Ryder scolded her. "Someone wake up Toxa, Arreis, and May!"

Mag and Beatrice quickly complied as they began attempting to wake up the other three girls. Carter luckily found two sticks on the boat and tossed one to Ryder.

"Paddle as fast as you can! Now!" Carter ordered.

After a few minutes of paddling later, water was already reaching to their feet. At the same time, the fork in the road cleared up as they could see the right path, and by coincidence, they could also see Team Major behind them, with Robert paddling by himself.

"Wait, why the hell is Robert paddling all by himself while we have the four of us paddling?" Rival asked, but is met with a frown from Carter.

"That's because their boat isn't sinking unlike ours!" Carter answered.

"What the fuck is happening?!" Toxa shouted from behind.

"We're sinking!" Arreis yelled as she and May moved forward to not get hit by the water.

The Minor team also got a view of the Major team's boat.

"They're already beating us!" Robert said. "This is what happens when a fight is going on like usual!"

"Oh shut the hell up, you're the one who started it!" Zack countered, pushing Robert off to the side and tossing Pierre the other oar. "Come on, we can't let them beat us!" He yelled as he proceeded to paddle very fast.

"Did… did you just pushed me!?" Robert shouted, but was quickly held back by Colin.

"You see Robert, this is your fault. We would've been in the lead if it wasn't for you pushing Gordon off the boat. Now, we are sure to lose." Colin sighed in disappoinment.

"Says your overdramatic ass-"

"Say that again or I'll push you off of this boat like what you did earlier!" Colin yelled, threateningly pointing a finger towards Robert. The veteran gave up and sat down, muttering several words to himself.

Colin (Minor): "I know, it's very unlikely for me to threaten him like that and I know that there are a thousand reasons why Robert is better than me but… I just don't want someone else getting pushed off again. Judging by his look, he looked like he was about to push Zack off too."

Vanessa (Minor): "Ohhh, I hope Gordon is alright…" Vanessa breathed. "Also… I've never seen Colin like that before, even in the past."

-In the finish line-

"Uhhh I THINK I CAN SEE THEM!" Erin's voice yelled, just by the finish line (which was a few meters until the waterfall). "I think!"

"WHO!? WHAT!? WHERE!? WHEN!? WHY!? HOW!? WHICH!?" Blaineley jerked up from her sleeping bag and ran towards to where Erin was standing. "Also, did you even sleep last night?"

"Yep!" Erin nodded.

"How long?"

"About… hmm… one second!"

Blaineley facepalmed. "Can't blame you anyway. Also don't tell me that you seeing them coming is a joke."

"She's not joking, you dunce. You can see two boats off to the distance." Brea spat. "I swear Blaineley, you're not gonna host again for Act III if you don't keep your pipehole shut."

"Is it just me or did one boat sink just now?" Erin asked, squinting her eyes to get a good view.

Don grabbed his binoculars from who-knows-where and placed them near his eyes. "Erin's right. One boat just sink. I think it had the Major members in it."

"Do we need to call the medic?" Chef asked.

"Yes, please do. We can't let the same thing from Episode 6 happen again." Don answered worriedly. "Also, how come the Minor team looked… fewer than yesterday?"

At the same time, there was rustling coming from the bushes off to the right.

"Uhh who was that!?" Chris shouted, already going paranoid at the moment.

"I don't know, you go check and see who's that!" Brea ordered. "Probably just some squirrel or something but just check it."

"Okay…" Chris gulped, slowly approaching the moving bush.

-The Teams-


Several splashes were heard from the Major team as the boat snapped in half, sending the teens into the water, screaming.

"Quick! Grab onto something! The water is already rushing at this point!" Therion yelled as he, Rival, Mag, Misha, and Arreis grabbed onto one half of the boat.

"FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK!" Misha shouted, as her hands accidentally slipped away from the boat, sending her down the surface. Luckily, Mag was quick enough to hoist her back up on the surface. "I TOLD YOU ALL TO PRAY OR ELSE THE BOAT WOULD SINK YET YOU GUYS DECIDED TO IGNORE MY SHIT!" Misha screamed again.

Ryder, May, Beatrice, Carter, and Toxa all grabbed the other half. "Hold on!" Toxa shouted as the water started rushing, signalling eveyone that they were nearing the waterfall.

"STOP PADDLING!" Zack's voice was heard shouting from the other side as he and Pierre stopped paddling just as they were told. "The water's too fast now!"

Sami, Vanessa, Sybil, and Antoinette all ducked on the boat, trying to prevent themselves from getting wet, but it was no use as water splashed on them anyway. Their boat however, unluckily crashed onto a huge rock, causing the boat to have a huge dent on the side.

"Nononononono…" Zack cried as the boat started tilting off to the side. "Everyone, hold on!" He shouted. The teens screamed as the boat tilted to where the dent was, causing them to suffer the same fate as the Major team and fell on the rushing water.

As the teens were moving closer and closer to the finish line, some of the interns began throwing lifesavers on the river.

"Oh boy, whoever passes the finish line first is going to be a pretty pointless win because we already have a winner." Chris chuckled.

"A what now?" Brea asked. "Did you find the squirrel?"

"Oh yes I did." Chris nodded. "But it wasn't a squirrel though."

"Oooh, is it a person?!" Erin grinned excitedly.

"Wow… you are not… wrong..." Chris sighed. "Okay, I just spoiled it. Whatever."

Meanwhile, the Minor team's boat was completely broken at this point, as now they were forced to swim on their own. For the Majors however, one half of the boat completely broke down as Therion, Mag, Misha, Rival, and Arreis swam for their lives. The other half with Ryder, May, Beatrice, Toxa, and Carter however was still intact.

"Ryder, you're gonna be hitting the finish line first, try and reach it!" Carter instructed choppily as water hit his face.

"Gotcha!" Ryder nodded holding onto their broken boat for dear life.

"Ah!" May slipped off the boat, catching Beatrice's attention.

"May!" The timid seer shouted, letting go of the boat and swam to the smaller girl.

"Someone swim faster!" Robert yelled (and coughed due to getting water in his mouth) from the Minor team as his teammates were flailing about, trying to stay back up on the surface.

"I'LL DO IT!" Sami shouted, attempting to swim even faster in order to beat half of the other team.

Everyone was close to the finish line. Some of the teens gave up and grabbed the lifesavers, prompting the interns to pull them back into land.

However, someone's hand managed to reach for the finish line first. And it was…


"...Congratulations Team Minor for winning this challenge!" Chris announced.

"What!?" Ryder yelled, as he was now being pulled by a lifesaver. "I hit the finish line first, what the hell!? Our team should've won!"

"Well…" Chris chuckled. "You guys would've won, had he not crossed the finish line way before you guys did."

A person stepped out of the bushes, and that person turned out to be…


"Oh my god! I thought you were gone!" Vanessa quickly rushed up to Gordon, pulling him in for a deep kiss while Robert rolled his eyes in annoyance. Some of the others like Antoinette, Zack, Sami, and Colin all sighed in relief since not only their team won, but everyone managed to be okay.

Everyone was now quickly hoisted up back into shore right before they could fall off into the waterfall, with disappointed looks from the Major team. The hosts, interns, and Erin gave everyone some towels (with Erin dropping one towel into the river in the process [to which Chris nearly glared at]). As Erin gave one towel to Rival, both of them had cheesy smiles on their faces.

"Thanks, babe." Rival smirked.

"No problem!"

"Wait, what!? Babe?" Carter widened in eyes in pure disbelief.

Mag chuckled in the background. "He's just jealous because he doesn't have one." This statement from Mag caused Carter to give a facepalm on himself.

"I was just surprised. That's all." He nonchalantly added.

Therion gave Erin a high five. "Good to see you back again, Erin." He then noticed a small bruise just on her arm. "What happened to that?"

"Oh, I fell up the stairs." Erin responded, chuckling towards the end.

Misha raised an eyebrow. "I'm… not gonna even ask how the fuck does that work,or even the logic shit behind it."

"I still can't believe we lost." Ryder sighed in disappointment as May rubbed his back.

"Hey, at least we don't have to face elimination." She assured.

"Yeah, it's just a challenge for an advantage!" Beatrice chimed in.

Arreis laughed. "Well, at least not everyone is salty about our loss."

"Then again, we almost had it." Toxa sighed.

Meanwhile… speaking of losses… Robert approached Chris with a rather disappointed look in his face.

"Chris. I know that my team won this challenge but…" he took a deep breath. "I'm quitting."

Chris nearly spat his bottle of water (onto Chef's face) as he couldn't control his reaction. "Whoa. You sure?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Robert sighed again. "This show is doing a number on me. It just made me so angry that both Gabe and Kimmie ate gone up to now and I kind of took out all my anger on Gordon."

"Well, if you're sure with that…" Don cleared his throat, grabbing the attention of everyone. "Everyone, due to personal reasons, Robert has been eliminated and will be taking 19th place in Total Drama Act II: Musical Power."

Most of the teens were shocked, especialy Gordon. A rush of guilt quickly replaced his relieved look as he ran up to the veteran.

"Wait… Robert… I'm so sorry-"

"No Gordon." Robert said, placing a hand on the other boy's shoulder. "I'm sorry. For yelling at you and for pushing you off the boat. You did a good job scoring this win though. Sorry to you guys as well."

"It's okay, Robert. We respect your decision, though." Sybil added.

"Sorry you had to go like this." Vanessa said.

Sami chimed in. "Just… try not to get carried away next time, okay?"

"Yes, you really did a number on us with that one. Colin sighed.

"Will do." Robert chuckled. "Again guys, I'm sorry for everything that happened today."

"Stop apologizing, at least you quickly owned up your faults." Zack laughed.

"Yeah, and-"

"Alright, goodbyes are up!" Chris yelled, interruptig Pierre. "That took forever. Interns, please escort Robert out of the forest."

"Yeah right." Ulysses huffed as he was the one who escorted him out.

"So I guess we're two members short from the other team now?" Antoinette asked.

Pierre sadly nodded. "Yup."

As everyone got ready to head back into te bus, the hosts (plus Erin) gathered together for the outro.

"Well… what just happened was… something." Blaineley shrugged.

"Yeah. So how will Team Minor fare out now that their only veteran has quit?" Chris asked.

"How will Sybil and Pierre cope up with their secret?" Don added.

"Does Colin have true colors hiding with him?" Brea followed.

"And what am I supposed to do?" Erin asked, prompting a facepalm from everyone.

Chef sighed. "Find out next time on-"


End of episode.


Major: Toxa, Beatrice, May, Misha, Mag, Arreis, Ryder, Carter, Therion, Rival

Minor: Sami, Vanessa, Sybil, Antoinette, Zack, Colin, Pierre, Gordon

AUTHOR'S NOTES: Before we go, I'd like to say something about the challenge: the challenge for this episode was supposed to be the one suggested by TheUnchartedHollow in the reviews, but I figured that that would be better as the musical-themed challenge, because usually, the challenge scheme for this season goes from non-musical to musical. So Hollow, expect your challenge to be on the next episode! :D I hope this challenge would build them up for the next challenge though since it also relates to the medley theme. God, I said 'challenge' seven times in this paragraph. XD

Also, congrats to those who have an OC chosen to compete as a veteran for Act III! I'll be contacting the following authors for permission to reuse them again: (FYI, the votes ARE NOT biased, as you saw in my profile, ALL veteran polls used the BLIND POLL METHOD. I did NOT vote as well.)

• SpaceZodiac (Toxa)

• Gucci Mane LaFlare (Vanessa)

• Sephiria Arks (Mag)

• PurpleShadowManipulator (Colin)

• Epifanio Therion (Therion)

• JG243 (Ryder)

For those whose OC didn't make it, don't worry as you will still have a high chance of getting a new OC accepted into Act III! As for those authors I've mentioned, you have a slightly lower chance of making in, but my method; quality always takes the cake lol. Also, everyone in Act II (who are not veterans) will be in the aftermath in a similar fashion like in this season!

As for our guest, Erin Summers, I'd like to thank ninjedi for letting me use her! She'll also be appearing on the next episode, because on EP12 and EP13, we'll have the last guest after her before… something happens. XD (It's not too late to send in a guest OC/self-insert though, it's just that something will happen on EP14, heads-up XD)

Now as to why Robert quit… hmm… (major shoutout to JG243 for guessing his elimination right in the discord server!)

His position may vary in my drafts, but quitting was the reason for all of them. I just couldn't find any reason behind him quitting until the previous episode happened, where Gabe got eliminated. It gave me the idea to overwhelm him (since he lost two valuable people to him in the game) in a way that (hopefully) doesn't seem forced or something. If you compare him and the other remaining veteran, Arreis, both of them are quite sociable. The difference is in their level of determination to keep moving forward, and that's where Robert dips. However, a million thanks to Sir Pootis for allowing me to reuse him in this season! If you're reading this, then thank you so much! :D


30th (EP3): Mairead Charlotte Kavanagh (Code: MS5), The Preppy Socialite [4-4 tied vote; double elimination]

29th (EP3): ELV (Code: B4), The Emotionless One [4-4 tied vote; double elimination]

28th (EP5): Kimberly Hobbs (Code: S5), The Dreamer [3-3-2 tied vote; double elimination]

27th (EP5): Alexander Knight (Code: T1), The Wannabe Joker [3-3-2 tied vote; double elimination]

26th (EP7): Arabelle Meerer (Code: A1), The Big Ol' Meanie [Whole Rest]

25th (EP7): Nash Bobby Kent Jr. (Code: MT4), The Southern Cowboy [Whole Rest]

24th (EP7): Janice Alexandra Marlick (Code: S1), The Classy Dancer [Whole Rest/5-1 vote]

23rd (EP7): Oliver Greene (Code: T5), The Flirty Bad Boy [Time Signature]

22nd (EP8): Lyle Ray (Code: T4), The Prima Ballerino [Disqualified]

21st (EP9): Adala Harris (Code: MS3), The Intense Improviser [Injury]

20th (EP9): Gabe Johnson (Code: B5), The Easy-Goer [10-0 vote]

19th (EP10): Robert Reeves (Code: MS5), The Displeased Idiot [Quit]

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Anyways, congrats to everyone since we all made it through 2020 together! I hope for you guys to have a great new year in the future, and always remember to stay positive! (Just… not positive in Covid lol)

Happy New Year! Love you all!