Out West Chapter 2

Upon Clay's arrival, every patched member walked into the chapel and closed the doors. Once everyone took their seats, Clay opened the meeting with one statement.

"They found him."

"How far did he get?" Piney asked. No one had to guess. The Nomads found Kyle Hobart.

"He was in a dive bar just a few miles away from Las Vegas. They should be here in time for church tonight. In the meantime, there's the issue of our hangaround."

"What do you think, Jax? Does he have it in him?" Tig asked. Of everyone sat at the table, Jax was the one who spoke to Juan the most.

"He's definitely tech savvy. Club has a lot to charters here at home and overseas. Communication is going to become key in our survival and success. He could definitely be an asset," Jax started, "The world is becoming more and more connected with technology. I say we need to bring the MC into the 21st Century or we could risk everything in the long run."

Clay looked at all the members at the redwood table. "Any takers on sponsorship?"

After a moment of silence, Tig raised his hand and said, "I'll do it."

Once the meeting was closed, Tig got on his phone and called Olivia. "Go pay April a visit. Tell her we found him."

Waking up with Coyote in her bed was a welcome change of pace for Cricket. He wasn't her first, but he was the only one who stuck around. Her two exes couldn't adapt to, let alone understand, her lifestyle.

Being a member of an MC himself, Coyote didn't have that problem. But despite how great the sex was, they never thought to ask each other for their real names.

After Coyote woke up to Cricket sucking him off, they enjoyed a good round of morning sex. After having taken a shower together, Cricket asked, "How soon do you need to get back to the truck shop?"

"It's my day off. That's why I'm not in a rush to get out the door." Coyote remarked. "What about you? If we're lucky, we could go out for breakfast together."

"Unless I hear something different from the club, all I have is an afternoon shift at the nursery." Cricket replied as they started doing a routine check on their sidearms. It took her mind off how personal Coyote's suggestion was and what it could lead to.

Cricket was all about the Glock 19. To her, it was the AK 47 of the handgun world. If properly maintained, It wouldn't break or jam.

But because they'd never felt right in his hands and looked ugly to him, Coyote preferred a Beretta 92FS. It was a simple, plain and effective firearm that fit well in his hand with minimal recoil.

"Thank you for letting me spend the night." Coyote said as he tucked the gun into his kutte. "I hate to ask, but...do I have to worry about you sleeping around with other guys?"

"No more than I have to worry about how many women you fuck." she replied. "I'm not your Old Lady. You're not my man. You and I have a great time together, but that's it."

Coyote didn't turn into a blubbering mess but the disappointment in his eyes was clear. "What happens to you matters to me, Cricket."

The moment was broken with the sound of Cricket's phone ringing. "Hello? They arrived? I'll see you at the clubhouse. Thanks for letting me know, Shelby."

As she hung up, Cricket crossed the distance between them and kissed Coyote on the lips. "So much for a free morning. Gotta go to work. That means you're leaving too."

"Alright. I'm leaving." Coyote did a last check for anything he may have left unintentionally.

Once he was sure he had everything, Coyote looked at Cricket, who stood at the front door. "You leave anything in my room?"

Coyote shook his head. "Everything I brought in, I'm walking out with."

Before he could step out of her home for the last time, Cricket put a hand on his arm. "You were better than I expected. I am glad that I met you."

Coyote leaned in and gently kissed the side of her head. Cricket was glad he chose to walk away. He would have seen her try to keep a hard expression on her face.

After she closed and locked the door, Cricket turned towards the empty hallway. Coyote was already gone from sight.

"It's the right call, April. I always thought Kyle was out of his league with you."

It was only a day after she made the decision to do it but April needed someone who understood where she was. One phone call later, Olivia Evans showed up to her house after Charlie had gone off to school, put the kettle on and they began having a heart to heart conversation over fresh brewed tea.

"Some days, I can not remember why I married him to begin with."

"It wasn't all bad. You did get Charlie. Hopefully, you'll make sure he becomes a better man than his father." April gave a soft smile as she took a sip from her tea.

"Coyote and Opie each got half of Kyle's pay. He could have kept that half to himself. Instead he gave it to me."

Olivia looked at April with a puzzled expression. "Coyote or Opie?"

"Coyote. Even said I didn't owe him anything. It's...just weird."

The older woman nodded. "Stranger things have happened. Back in Manchester...strange things always seemed to happen."

They sat in silence for a little while longer, before April asked something that had been on her mind a while. "Why did you leave England? And... it sounds like you have experience with this sort of thing."

Olivia chuckled and replied, "Well...you are right. That is a long story, and yes, I do have experience. Tig isn't my first old man."


"I had one before I came here. It's ancient history. It's also the type of history I would rather not talk about."

"You're right. There're some things not worth talking about over a good tea." April quipped before saying, "Bobby told me Coyote might come back to see Kyle face the club. I offered to let Coyote use my guest room. From what I understand, the dorm room in the clubhouse is never promised to anyone."

"There's nothing wrong with that sort of invitation. As long as you do not offer anything else. I believe he has a lady friend down in southern California." Tact never was Olivia's strong suit. A friends with benefits agreement wouldn't end well.

As she got up, Olivia gathered up the divorce papers. "I'll call you when it's done."

April looked Olivia in the eye and asked, "What's going to happen after Kyle gets patched out?"

Olivia stared at April for a minute before saying, "I'll call you."

Coyote had never held any illusions of Cricket being the one he'd grow old with. It didn't take the sting out of being dumped. Though the sex was great, there was more to it.

Coyote felt as if he had a confidant who understood the life as he did.

Thankfully his phone pulled him out of his thoughts. "Hello?"

"It's Bobby. Nomads found Kyle on your turf."

"He tried to hot foot it through Nevada?" He asked incredulously.

"Kyle never was the sharpest tool in the shed. Head up to Fresno, so you can ride out with them. I'll call Sharky and tell him you're on the way. He was one of the Nomads who found him."

"Great. I could use some of his sage advice right about now."

"Something happen, brother?"

Coyote sighed and pinched his nose, "A happy wake up call followed by a unhappy parting."

"Tough break, kid. Don't sweat it. We know how to help with what's bothering ya. Safe ride."

"Thanks." Coyote hung up the phone, revved up his Road King and rode off.

"Those Sons know how to set folks up with heavy metal, don't they?" Shelby remarked as she checked the sights of the S&W and Ruger revolvers.

Teresa was checking the Glock 19 pistols while delegating who would get what. "A third of these will go to San Diego. Another third goes to Los Angeles. The rest stay here."

Cricket was thankful for the distraction of the gun hook up that was provided to the Hell Cats, even if it was SAMDINO. Their merchandise was definitely high quality. Well worth the money.

After the guns were set in place, Cricket went to the nursery, overseeing the harvesting, processing and packaging of their Nine Lives. That's what they called their top drawer strain of mota.

Normally, the fresh smell of weed would brighten her day. Not today. It wasn't the last words spoken between them that lingered, but the look in his eyes and the final kiss on the head.

"Cricket, what's with the widow's frown? It's too early to be worked up." Mariposa was one of the other three members of the Bakersfield charter that oversaw the daily activities. Along with being one of Cricket's closest MC sisters, Mariposa was also one of the more observant ones.

"I called things off with the Son from back east."

"The New Yorker? I'm surprised he lasted this long. He was more impressive than the other two."

"Carnala, we've got work to do. It's not the time to go over ancient history."

"You're right. That's why you, Palma, Chayo and I are going to have an all-night binge. Tacos, Tequila and weed. That'll do the trick."

Cricket sighed before she said, "After we close up, call them. You all will probably crash on my fold out bed anyway."

At the Fresno charter, the Sons gathered to welcome their Wayward Sage, Sharky and his fellow Nomad brothers. Iron Man was soon lost in the sea of Sweet Butts.

The moment was soured when Swamp Man and Tom Moran man handled Kyle Hobart out of the cargo van. The Fresno Pres ordered for Kyle to be locked up in the men's restroom until it was time to head out to SAMCRO.

Inside the rec room of the clubhouse, Sharky was nursing a beer when he got a phone call.

"Bobby, how are ya? Just got in to Fresno." Sharky listened to was told to him and grimaced, "Ouch. That's a real kick to the sack. How's he holding up?"

"I mentioned that you and your crew got a head start. He's headed up to Fresno now, if he hasn't gotten there by now, that is."

As the Wayward Sage continued talking with Bobby, Swamp Man saddled up to the bar. "I'll have a Bloody Mary."

"How spicy do you want it?" The Prospect behind the bar asked.

"I brought my own rocket fuel. Just set it up and I'll bring the heat." he replied. After he hung up, Sharky laughed, "You carry that hot sauce for flavor or interrogation?"

"Depends on the day, brother. Speaking of homemade stuff, how was the talk you had with Mr. Lexus?" Swamp Man recalled how they were pulled off the road by a pair of Lexus SUVs and a fully stocked, top of the line Lexus sedan.

Though the SUV riders were packing, they hadn't gone Mad Max at the drop of a hat.

"He heard about my dad's company. Wants me and Vince to come over to Las Vegas to discuss making some exclusively for his casino. Even gave me a number when we were ready to discuss it."

As Swamp Man poured several drops of his sauce into his Bloody Mary, the former Navy SEAL spoke plainly. "Your product, your call, brother. Nobody's going to question what you do with it, so long as the club gets a percentage."

"Want me to put a word for your product too?"

"Why not? It couldn't hurt. In the mean time, how long before we're back on the road?"

"We have a few hours before sundown. We'll cool down here and have some laughs. Coyote from Vegas is on his way up from Bakersfield. He'll be riding along with us to Charming."

"The kid from New York? I didn't think I'd ever see him on this side of the country. Speaking of which, there he is." Swamp Man said, pointing up at the security camera monitor.

"You've built a very interesting network, Felix. Have you considered adding Arizona as another stone in the foundation of your grand empire?" Gustavo Fring was no fool. He knew the ultimate goal to any successful criminal was anonymity.

Though for the biggest kingpin on the West Coast of the United States, he supposed that did pose quite the challenge.

Felix Garcia took a sip of his tequila and replied, "I've done very well for myself. It helps that I do earn well for others."

Fring took out several photographs and laid them out.

"Mayans, Hell Cats, even the Sons of Anarchy. Most of us only deal with one club at a time. What compelled you to establish ties with three?" Felix smirked,

"Money, Gustavo. It's all about the money. Diversity works in social interactions and commercial portfolios."

He offered a cigar to Fring, who accepted it. With both cigars lit, Felix asked, "How is your...personal matter with Don Eladio coming along?"

"Nothing and no one is forgotten. For the time being, Don Eladio is considered essential to some and Hector Salamanca remains a founding member. Sustenance and profit prevails over animosity and strife." The smoke left his nostrils in a slow stream.

"Bide your time, Gustavo. Quietly pool your resources and build strong ties. When the time comes, you will not need anyone to tell you. In the meantime, there is a vital issue that must be addressed between us."

Gustavo grinned in amusement. "Do you love the food of Los Pollos Hermanos that much?"

"If deep fried goodness was made illegal, you would have had your own fast food cartel by now." Felix joked before getting serious. "You have a gold mine with that delectable friend chicken you make. I want to bring some of that New Mexico magic to Vegas."

Gustavo smiled. "I have no problem making arrangements for an exclusive dining experience for you whenever you are in town. For now, any business too successful will draw unwanted attention. Do not worry, Mr. Garcia. I have a contingency plan. If anything happens, you will not go without."

"Let's hope it's not any time soon for anything to happen."

A/n: Big thanks to TellatrixForever for helping me write this story. If things work out right, this story could be the build up to a Breaking Bad / Sons of Anarchy crossover. Time will tell.