Waking up to the rocking of the ship was a common occurrence for you. Honestly, you and Caspian spent little time in Cair Paravel anymore. There were so many things to do and Caspian had a hard time saying no to the ocean's call. You had to admit, it was a hard call to resist.

The banging of sticks could be heard from the cabin, so you made your way out. On the main deck, you found Caspian, sparring sword in hand, swinging elegantly at the sword in Rilian's hand to teach your son how to fight.

"How long have you two been up," you smiled, crossing your arms.

Rilian dropped his sword and ran to you. "Mama!" He leaped into your arms, trusting you to catch him– which you did.

You kissed his head. "Having fun with your father?" You peered over at Caspian whose face lit up at the sight of his family.

"Yeah! He's teaching me how to fight!"

Placing Rilian on the floor, you met Caspian in a sweet kiss. "You know, he taught me how to wield a sword when we were younger."

"It was only once."

"And it was enough to keep me wanting to learn more."

"You really taught Mama how to fight, too?"

Caspian smiled. "I did for a little bit."

"I want you to teach me, too!" your son said to you.

"I'd love to, Rilian. For now, go see if Drinian needs any help. I need to speak with your father."

Rilian grinned and ran off toward the captain.

"What do you need to talk about?"

"Come with me," you said, taking his hand and leading him back into your shared quarters. He eyed you curiously when you shut the door and leaned against it.

"What's wrong? Is everything okay?"

Without your consent, fat tears rolled down your cheeks, scaring Caspian more. "Everything is wonderful, Caspian. Really."

"Why do you cry?" He came close to wipe your tears and kiss your lips.

You met his concerned eyes. "I'm pregnant."


"Yes. I only figured it out this morning."

"Are you sure?"

"I had a dream last night… the same kind I had when I carried Rilian before we saw a physician. But this time, Aslan was there. He told me… told me it's a girl."

Soon Caspian's eyes turned glassy and he glanced at your stomach. "A girl?"

You nodded, your tears falling again. "I've been crying about it since I woke up. Rilian is going to have a little sister."

There was hardly time to take a breath before Caspian pulled you into an earth-shattering kiss. He pulled you close to him, already excited to one day feel the bump of your belly. Another child and a girl at that. He couldn't have been happier.

"I can't wait to see you with child again, Y/N," he said against your lips. "I can't wait to watch you mother a little girl… our little girl."

Your arms rested on his shoulders, circling around so you could toy with the bits of hair that never made it into his ponytail. "And I can't wait to see you dote on her like you dote on me."

"I'm so happy we're almost home. You'll need your rest. I'll once again stay in Cair Paravel like I did with Rilian. You won't do this alone."

"I know."

"When will we tell Rilian?"

"Now? I don't want to hide this from him. He won't be an only child anymore."

Caspian kissed your neck and ran his nose along your jaw. "I have a suggestion before we tell him."

You chuckled. "Will you be so insatiable as you were the last time?"

"I can't help it when you look so stunning carrying the child we made together. You didn't seem to mind."

"No, I didn't."

"Then it's settled."

Caspian swiftly lifted you off the floor– much to your amusement– and carefully placed you on your bed. He gazed down at you in a way that made all your past fears unwarranted. There was nothing to be afraid of with Caspian around.

"I love you," you cried, unable to hold back the dam of emotions.

He caressed your cheek and kissed away your tears. "I love you, too. I'll make sure to protect you, Rilian, and our new baby." When his hand covered your belly, you sniffled to fight back another wave of emotion. "I'll always be with you."

Nodding, you wrapped your arms around him and pulled him against you, meeting at your lips first. Neither of you seemed to mind both your tears mingling together.

You and Caspian found Rilian helping Tavros with mopping. He was such a kind helper. The crew loved his enthusiasm.

"Rilian," Caspian said. "Come here a moment."

The boy did, looking up at you curiously. "Did I do something wrong?"

"Oh, no, of course not," you soothed, kneeling down to his level. "We have something very important to tell you."

"What is it?"

Caspian came down to Rilian's level. "Your mother… she's going to have a baby. You're going to be a big brother."

Rilian's large eyes grew larger. "A baby? Will it be a brother or a sister?"


He looked at his father fiercely. "I need to learn sword fighting fast, so I can protect her and Mama."

Caspian laughed. "Absolutely. We'll have to work together to keep them safe, okay?"

"I promise to protect them every day!" Rilian's stare softened as he looked to you. "Can I touch the baby?"

Smiling, you stood, took your son's hand, and held it against your stomach. "That's where she's growing, Rilian. In a few months, she'll grow big enough to come into the world like you did."

"I love you already, little sister," Rilian said to your stomach, proceeding to make you cry again. "Are you okay, Mama?"

Caspian stood. "She's happy you love your sister like we do."

"Hurry up and come out!" he said, before cackling at himself. "How much longer now?"

"Still a few months."

"Okay." Rilian hugged you, his face pressed against your stomach. "I'll wait."

"You are so much like your father," you smiled, glancing at Caspian.

"I hope the new baby is like you, Mama."

"I do, too," Caspian said, putting an arm around you. "I suppose it's time we tell the crew?"

You nodded, gazing up at your king, your husband, your best friend. "I suppose so."

Many years passed. Rilian grew up into a bright young man and took his princely duties in stride like Caspian once did. He even became a better sword fighter than his father, which worked well since he decided to protect his little sister as she grew older.

Lucy– lovingly named after the Queen of Old and your friend– was as adventurous and troublesome as you were at her age. She knew where she stood when it came to her beliefs and fought hard for herself. Half the time, Rilian didn't need to watch over her.

Both sailed with you and Caspian as often as the days came and went. It was rare when they stayed in Cair Paravel, learning how to rule a kingdom. It made you happy to have them come with you. It made voyages a family affair.

The day you had to make the journey to Aslan's Country was hard for everyone, even you. The thought of leaving Caspian and your children behind tore you to pieces… but the last dream you had showed you they would find you again one day.

You saw your parents who you lost several years before. Reepicheep was there, too. For the first time, you met Caspian's father. Everything you knew about your best friend made complete sense when you had the chance to talk with Caspian IX. Even without knowing his father, Caspian was just like him.

Time didn't exist in Aslan's Country. You never knew how much time went by because there was only light and joy. Just one day you were celebrating Aslan and Caspian, your Caspian, arrived.

You cried and hugged him tight, so happy to finally have him with you again. He no longer looked like the man with graying hair you left behind. He was the Caspian you knew when he was king.

"It was so hard without you," he said against your hair. "We missed you so much."

"Now you're here," you smiled, wiping away his happy tears. "And one day we will see our Rilian and Lucy again."

"Rilian is going to be a wonderful king."

"Just like his father." You pulled Caspian behind you. "Speaking of fathers."

The look on Caspian's face when he finally looked upon the man he only ever heard about made you so happy he was there. The older man wrapped his son in his arms, and they wept together. It was as beautiful as the day you welcomed your children into the world.

"I'm proud of you, Caspian," his father said, nodding toward you. "And I'm proud of the woman you chose as your queen. Narnia will never be the same because of you two and your family."

"Thank you," Caspian said, wiping his face.

You took his hand. "Welcome home, Caspian."

And it was home. Every now and then, your family got bigger. People you knew before would arrive and people you never had the pleasure of knowing came, too. Your big family felt more complete when Peter, Edmund, and Lucy Pevensie showed up. A few years later, Eustace did and eventually Rilian and your Lucy.

You could never thank Aslan enough for the life He gave you, the people He gave you to make your life what it was… to make your eternity what it was.