Fast and Furious New

Walking down the street from picking up some supplies for us, I tried to keep a low profile and avoid being seen by those who shouldn't see me. My name is Kazue Hasbro Seoul, Han and Giselle's thirteen year old daughter and a racer just like my parents. When I got back, I found my parents, the rest of my team and my family in the big room of our hideout, working on a plan for our next job.

"Hey Kazue, you get the supplies we needed?" Hobbs asked.

"Yup I got them Uncle Hobbs." I said, setting the bags down and taking off the small one I had.

Coming over to join them, I stood by my parents.

"So, what job do we have?" I asked.

"Breaking into a warehouse, stealing a safe and making off undetected." Uncle Tej said.

Getting ready to go, we all spit up to make sure we had our weapons ready and get into our cars. Since it was a dangerous job, my parents wanted me to ride with them instead of riding solo. Sliding my quiver and bow into the backseat of the car, I got in the passenger side, dad at the drivers side and mom on her motorcycle. Driving off, we drove to our specific locations and set up. Myself, dad, mom and Uncle Tej were on a blocked off bridge looking down below.

"Alright we're all set up here, how about you guys?" Dad asked through our coms channel.

"Yep, we're clear." Uncle Hobbs replied.

Nodding, mom came up to me, I was standing on the sidewalk close to the edge.

"Kazue, do you have your new arrows that have the rotating, revolving heads?" Mom asked.

"Yup, I do. I grabbed those before we left." I answered, glancing back at mom.

Then, Uncle Tej came back over to us, saying that it looked like some of the police officers were seeming suspicious. Looking down, we noticed that too. Then hearing and seeing an explosion, we saw two cars driving with a safe behind them.

"Looks like Uncle Dom and Uncle Brian got the safe, but also brought a couple friends along for the ride." I answered.

Mom, dad and Uncle Tej nodded in agreement and we got ready to move on Hobbs's orders. Once he gave the order to us to move, Mom jumped on her motorcycle and drove off, I got ready to shoot. Grabbing one of my explosive tipped arrows from the quiver on my back, I aimed at one of the patrol cars following them.

"Aim for the grail of the car, we don't want to kill anyone." Dad said.

Lowering the tip of my arrow down to the grail of the car. Once I had it in my sight, I fired and the front grail of the car exploded and the car swerved and hit a telephone pole.

"Nice shot Kazue, now just need to take care of the remaining 5 cars." Uncle Tej said.

"Do I have enough of the explosive arrows?" I asked.

"You should, I made 38." He said.

Nodding, I pulled out another one and was able to take out 3 more, leaving 2 to go.

"They're speeding up, I don't know if I'll be able to hit the remaining two." I said.

"Kazue, you're a great shot. Don't worry about missing." Dad said.

Nodding, I got ready to shoot again. Hearing the sound of another car, we all looked back and saw two guys climb out and aim their guns at us.

"Kazue, we'll take care of these guys. Focus on taking out the cars." Uncle Tej said.

Dad and Uncle Tej took out their own guns out and went to do their job of distracting the other two gunmen while I focused on hitting the other two cars. Uncle Brian called my com and told me to focus my arrow on the front grail near the hood. When I asked him why, he said if I explode the front grail and the hood, the car would loose control and crash.

Taking aim again, I got ready to shoot once again. Letting the arrow go, it hit the front grail by the hood, which exploded on impact, sending the car into a park swing. Then, taking out the other car, it crashed into a tree.

"Uncle Brian, Uncle Dom, your home free!" I exclaimed into the earpiece.

Thanking me, I turned back to see how my dad and Uncle Tej were doing. Seeing my dad get knocked down and Uncle Tej get clubbed upside the head with the gun, I reached back and grabbed my paralysis arrow and fired, taking out the two guys.

"Thanks for that Kazue." Uncle Tej said, standing up and rubbing the back of his head.

"Uh guys? We have a problem." Dad called from the rail.

Running up and looking down, we found out that several hundred more patrol cars were responding and racing out after them. Heading quickly to our cars, we jumped in and drove off to try to catch up. The types of cars we were driving were the exact same as the patrol cars that had just pulled out of the station. Driving at about 115mph, we were able to finally catch up with them and moved up the back of the rank.

"Dad, we have to take out the back two and then move up!" I exclaimed.

Nodding, my dad motioned to Uncle Tej what our plan was before they executed it. Speeding up even faster than the speed we were at, we slammed into the backs of the patrol cars near the back, sending them spinning and crashing into telephone poles. Uncle Dom and Uncle Brian looked back and saw the two of us taking out the cars with ease.

"Thanks guys, we owe you one!" Uncle Brian said, continuing to drive with Uncle Dom, heading for the safe house, with the rest of us right behind.

Once at the safe house, we took a closer look at the safe. Seeing that it was a handprint lock, we knew we had a problem on our hands. How were we supposed to get his handprint and not let him know we were onto him?

"Let me do it, I can get close." I said.

"No way Kazue, it's way to dangerous." Mom said with dad agreeing.

"Kazue may be on point here, she can make it seem unsuspicious." Uncle Dom said.

"I agree. Besides, we'll all have our coms in and in constant contact with Kazue the whole time." Uncle Tej said.

Finally agreeing to it, I went to get ready to go. Once I was changed, Uncle Hobbs drove me to the drop off point and I went to the crowd.

"Okay Kazue's in. You guys see her?" He asked.

"Yep we got her." Uncle Brain said.

Walking through the crowd, I kept an eye out for our guy.

"Anyone have a name and description for me so I know who I'm looking for?" I asked.

"Give us a second it! His name is Harley James and sent his description to your phone." Mom said.

Sparing a glance at my phone, I found the picture they sent me. Continuing to walk, I finally found him.

"Excuse me sir?" I asked.

"Yes? What can I do for you?" He asked putting a hand on my shoulder.

"Can you point me in the direction of the nearest coffee shop?" I asked.

"Of course, it's down the road and to the left." He answered.

"Thank you." I said, leaving.

Telling them I got what we needed and was heading back to the pick up. Once we were back at the base, Uncle Tej used the handprint to open the safe. Swinging the vault door open, what was inside shocked us all. What was inside were a bunch of stolen guns and other gang related stuff. Knowing we had to turn this stuff over to the police we chose to do it anonymously.

Packaging up the stuff in the safe, we left it outside the post office under an unknown name and the return label to the police station. Getting back, we were able to finally relax.