Entry 2

I count all of the crew of the Andromeda as my dearest friends and family. But there is one among them who has, of late, weighed heavily upon my heart: Seamus Zelazny Harper...my best friend.

Seamus is a bright, gifted, and genius engineer, technician, and mechanic. He is responsible for keeping the Andromeda running smoothly. He also is quite handy at getting us out of any desperate situation in which the tech is a major factor in the possible outcomes. He is from Earth.

The crew loves Seamus, but he does have a tendency to get himself into trouble. He certainly is not without his faults. He loves women to a fault, and, oftentimes, makes highly inappropriate comments towards the the women he meets. He sometimes is rather lacking in wisdom, and, in addition to this, he can also often be rather willful, and self serving. Dylan is often frustrated with him for these reasons. The rest of the crew also, at times, can become frustrated with him. But there is something in him that they miss, that is a driving force in his behaviors.

Harper has a great deal of fear. Yes, the crew does know this to a degree, but I fear that they do not truly understand the depths to which his fears penetrate. They are truly deep-seated, and beyond the understanding of most of those who have not shared his experiences.

Harper's fears are a primary motivational source for his behaviors. Fortunately, his wit and caring temper this. He is very sweet, and, oh, so funny. He took it upon himself to watch out for my younger self. He was my guardian at that time. He was, and still is, my very best friend. He is my human brother. I was so worried that I had lost my relationship with him when I exchanged places with my younger self. However, our relationship has now grown to restoration. He often refers to me as his "Golden Love Goddess." This, somehow, makes me feel more like a human, as my response is one of...happiness? Giddiness. Femininity. Hmmm. Odd...but not an unpleasant sensation.

However, Seamus is often in need of guidance. I do my best, but I fear he is somewhat incorrigible. Still, I suppose that is a part of his charm. I sincerely hope that he will continue to endure. I believe that he will. He is a survivor.

Seamus Zelazny Harper is so dear, and I am so fortunate to have him in my life. He is among the most special of my human family, and I will always remember him, and keep him in my heart. And for now, I shall continue to enjoy his wit, his frailties, his intelligence, and his caring, and I shall remain a part of his life for as long as I may.