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When Kim opened her eyes she saw a bright light. The light didn't hurt her eyes. She blinked a few times unable to speak. Looking in front of her she saw what she believed to be Chris.


She felt her heart pounding. Chris was supposed to care for his son and now... what would become of Tam. She was so sick at this thought she hadn't yet stopped to wonder what was to become of her.

"So Kim," 'Chris' finally spoke, "My name is Chester and I know you must have many questions."

Kim couldn't speak so she nodded.

"You want to know where you are," Chester said, "and why I look like Chris and what is going to happen to you. You also would like to know who exactly I am and why exactly I'm here."

Kim could only nod.

Chester sat down and looked Kim in the eyes.

"You see," he began, "I am an angel. You committed suicide to save your son from being a dust of life. You wanted him to be with his father.

The memory came flooding back to her. If she could cry she would have but she could not cry or speak.

"Right now you are in a waiting room. You are not ready to leave this world yet. There is still much you need to learn and there is much that you are needed for. Chris needs you. Tam needs you. I look like Chris because it is the image you most feel comfortable with. Soon you will wake up"

Wake up? You mean I'm only asleep, Kim thought.

Chester heard her.

"The bullet was lodged to the right of your heart," he said, "You would have died if it had gone to your heart but I saw to it that it did not go to your heart.

"Chris," John said, "She's moving."

Chris listened trying to hear sounds of breath. Kim opened her eyes.

"Kim!" Chris exclaimed holding her tightly.

"I survived," she whispered, "But you must take Tam-"

"Kim," Chris interrupted, "We'll talk about all of that later. John call for the ambulance."

"I'm on it," John said.

The ambulance was there in five minutes. Kim had to have the bullet taken out of her chest. Ellen held Tam while Chris paced the room.

"Daddy," Tam cried, "I want to see mommy."

Chris gently took Tam from Ellen.

"I know you want to see mommy buddy," he said, "but mommy got hurt. The doctors are making mommy better."

Tam looked like he was going to cry.

"Tam," Chris said, "Let's go get some ice cream."

"What's that," Tam asked.

"You never had ice cream before?"

Tam shook his head. He hadn't even heard of ice cream before. Chris put an arm around Tam and led him away to the cafeteria.

"GOD John," Ellen said, "I feel just sick about all of this."

"So do I," John said, "What on Earth was she thinking?"

"There is so much to figure out," Ellen said with a sigh, "I don't know what we're going to do."

"One step at a time," John said, "She's in surgery now. We can't make decisions about what's going to happen until at least after the surgery is over."

"I imagine that this will have to be dealt with," Ellen said, "I mean the harm this could have done..."

John put his hand on Ellen's arm to calm her.

"Relax," he said, "Take a breath. One step at a time."

"I wish Kim and I could be friends," Ellen said.

"I don't see why you can't be," John replied, "She's going to need a friend to get through all of this."

Ellen nodded. How true that was. What, she wondered, would the friendship with Kim cost her? Ellen could still remember how she used to feel about Kim... until she met her. Kim was a source of resentment and pain to her.

Kim was sweet. Ellen could see the kindness in Kim's eyes.

"Good evening ma'am," Kim had said shyly.

"Don't turn the bed yet," Ellen replied assuming Kim was the maid.

"Oh," Kim said, "I'm not the maid."

Ellen smiled.

"What can I do for you," she asked.

When Kim introduced herself Ellen felt her heart softening towards the girl that didn't know anything from the past 3 years. As Kim talked Ellen's mind flashed back to a time when Chris had reprimanded her severely for tearing up Kim's picture. Now she saw how he loved her.

Chris and Tam came back.

"That was yummy," Tam said, "Can I have another one?"

"Sorry buddy," Chris said, "Too much ice cream gives you a tummy ache."

John took Tam to the playroom so that Ellen and Chris could talk.

"I can see," Ellen said, "I can see why you like her... why you love her."

"I do love her Ellen," Chris said, "and I love you and I love Tam."

"I know you love me," Ellen said, "I love you too... but let's be honest. You love Kim more then you love me."

"N-not more," Chris said, "But I love her differently. She was... is the first love of my life."

"Do you remember the day you severely reprimanded me for ripping up Kim's picture," Ellen asked.

"Ellen," he said, "I'm sorry about that. I don't know what I was thinking."

"Kim did something that hurt you; just like I did" Ellen said, "But she did it to protect Tam."

Chris knew what Ellen was getting at. He had hurt Ellen because Ellen hurt him. Kim's suicide attempt hurt him too. He could never hurt Kim though.

"Ellen," he said gently putting a hand on her shoulder, "I could never hurt Kim. I love her... and as much as I love you Kim makes me complete."

"Well I... I think it's best that I leave," Ellen said, "I love you too much to stand in the way of your happiness."

Chris didn't know how to respond. He loved Ellen but he wasn't IN LOVE with her. She was his best friend.

"You won't be losing me," she assured him, "I'll move near you but Tam needs his family."

Ellen paused.

"And," she added, "You need Kim."

"I do," Chris said.

"And Kim needs you. There is so much she doesn't understand."

Chris knew perfectly what Ellen meant. Kim was not from the same world that Chris was from. She grew up in a different world and knew very little of America. Amazingly she spoke perfect English.

John came down from the playroom with Tam asleep in his arms.

"He tired himself out," John said.

The doctor came into the waiting room.

"We got the bullet," he said, "She's in recovery."

"When can we see her," Chris asked.

"In about an hour," the doctor replied, "But only one person at a time."

Tam woke up.

"Is mommy okay," he asked.

Chris smiled.

"Mommy's going to be just fine," he promised, "You can see her in an hour."

"Mr. Scott," the doctor said, "We normally don't allow children under ten to visit our patients."

"Please doctor," Chris begged, "My son needs to see his mother."

"Alright," the doctor replied, "I'll make an exception for your boy."

An hour passed by quickly. Chris went in first. Kim sat up in bed and smiled weakly.

"Oh Chris," she whispered.

"Kim," he said, "I missed you so much."

"If you get mad at me I understand," Kim said, "But I did what I did for Tam. I wanted him to have a better life then I could give him. I..."

"I know," Chris said kissing her cheek, "and I'm not mad. Kim I love you."

John brought Tam in.

"Mommy," Tam exclaimed. He ran to hug her.

"Gentle buddy," Chris said, "Mommy's hurt remember?"

"Sorry mommy," Tam said.

"Oh Tam," Kim replied, "It's okay. I love you so much."

"I love you too mommy," Tam said, "Daddy gave me something called ice cream. It was really yummy and Uncle John took me to the playroom. It was fun."

Kim smiled as she closed her eyes. They felt heavy. She knew that she was blessed and she thanked Chester for giving her back her loved ones. She did know however that it was only the beginning.

Visiting hour was soon over.

"I want to stay with mommy," Tam said.

"Tam," Kim looked at him, "I need you to be my brave boy and stay with daddy tonight. I'll see you tomorrow."

"Come on buddy," Chris said, "I have some ice cream at home."