Chris called Lara.


"Hi Lara," Chris said, "I was wondering if Hao could come over. Tam wants a playdate."

"That would be great," Lara said, "I'm not feeling well so I think this way she can have fun and I can rest."

"Are you okay," Chris asked concerned.

Lara laughed.

"I'm sure I'm fine," she said, "I probably just overdid it the other day so I'm paying for it now."

Chris was relieved.

Chris and Lara said goodbye and Chris told Tam Hao was coming over.


Chris thought of something Hao and Tam could do.

"How about when she gets here we bake cookies," Chris suggested.

"What are cookies," Tam asked.

"It's another treat," Chris said, "Just like ice cream. It's fun to make"

When Lara came over with Hao, Chris was worried about Lara. She looked pale and was sweating.

"Are you sure you're okay," Chris asked, "I have-"

"I'm fine," Lara said, "Probably just overworked and maybe a touch of the flu."

"I still think you should go to a doctor," Chris said.

"I have an appointment for Wednessday morning," Lara told him

Lara said goodbye to Hao and then left.

Tam and Hao talked excitedly. Chris and Kim helped them bake cookies and they had a great time doing it.

"How about we go to the park now," Hao said.

"We can't sweetie," Kim replied, "Tam still can't use his ankle right now."

"Oh," Hao said, "Sorry."

"Don't be sorry Hao," Tam said, "Next week I'll be able to use my ankle again."

"We don't know that buddy," Chris said gently, "It could take a few months for your ankle to heal."

Tam pouted.

"But I want to get better soon," he said.

"I know," Chris told him, "Come on. It's time for the cookies."

Chris gave Tam 4 cookies and Hao 4 cookies.

"This is delicious," Hao said.

Tam's eyes lit up.

"This is so good," he said.

Later it was time for Hao to go home. Kim walked her to her apartment and gasped. There, on the couch laying there dead was Lara. Quickly she rushed Hao outside and back to the apartment she shared with Chris and Tam.

"Kim," Chris asked, "What's wrong?"