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The dungeons in the Palace of Justice were cold and damp. Of course, what would he expect any better? Phoebus slumped against the wall; his hands shackled to the wall behind him. Frollo had found them, but how? Phoebus was sure that no one saw him and Quasimodo enter the Court of Miracles. Now, Frollo would kill them all.

Phoebus mentally chided himself. It was his fault that Esmeralda would die tomorrow! If he hadn't found the Court, then Frollo would've captured her! She would still be free and could escape. "No! It's Frollo! He's the one who's gone mad! But you led him toward her. You allowed her to be captured." Taking a deep breath, he closed his eyes in despair, fear washing over him. He sent up a silent prayer, hoping that one day, the world would be a better place.

Quasimodo was chained up in the bell tower, overlooking the square. A great despair and feeling of hopelessness overtook him. Esmeralda, the first person to show him kindness, the most beautiful girl he'd ever met, was going to die. And it was his fault! There was no way he could fix this. He already tried to break the chains to no avail. He'd been so foolish! If he never had gone to the festival, then maybe Esmeralda would still be safe. Perhaps the rest of the gypsies would be safe. There wouldn't be any trouble if Quasimodo has simply stayed in the bell tower. With a sigh, he prayed silently for hope.

Sitting a few cells down from Phoebus, away from his fellow gypsies, sat the Gypsy King Clopin Trouillefou. Hands shackled and sitting against the cold stone, he leaned his head back, wincing from pain. Clopin's back was stinging from fresh whip marks. Frollo had barged into the gypsies' cell and demanded who the leader was. Clopin, of course, stood up despite protest. Normally, he'd put up a fight or have some witty remark but not this time. This time, it would only take one word before Frollo would kill another gypsy. The next thing he knew, Frollo was accusing him of thievery and other crimes before dragging him off to a separate chamber. And Clopin went without a fight, anything to protect the others. After some harsh interrogation and 20 lashes, Frollo had him thrown into an empty cell.

Frollo's words echoed in his mind: "you will watch her die. And when I'm done with her, you and the rest of your kind will die as well. Or, she can be saved. I promise to take very good care of her. You, however, will still perish along with the others." Clopin let out a shaky breath and tried to calm down. No. It wouldn't happen. He wouldn't let it happen; Esmeralda will never be Frollo's, nor will she die. A rare tear fell down his cheek. Clopin never cried, not even in the most painful situations. But now, all he felt was empty and hopelessness. "Please," he whispered, "someone help us, or nobody will."

Esmeralda was sitting alone, isolated from her friends and the other gypsies. This was it, the end. Esmeralda wasn't particularly afraid of dying. Afterall, she lived a fairly happy life and had people who loved her. Still, she didn't want to die now. Fear gripped her body as she wondered if Phoebus, Quasimodo, and her people were ok. She prayed silently, asking God for strength, for hope that someone would save them, for peace. What had this world come to? She prayed that someday, the world would be a happier and fairer place. And she began to sing:


Esmeralda: "Someday, when we are wiser, when the world's older, when we have learned. I pray someday we may yet live to live and let live."

Phoebus joined in, trying not to let the despair flood him.

Phoebus: "Someday, life will be fairer, need will be rarer and greed will not pay."

Esmeralda and Phoebus: "Godspeed, this bright millennium, on its way. Let it come, someday."


In his cell, Clopin, still praying for hope, sang.

Clopin: "Someday, our fight will be won and we'll stand in the sun, in that bright afternoon, oh, oh."

Clopin and Gypsies: "Till then, on days when the sun is gone, we'll hang on and we'll wish upon the moon, whoa, oh."

Far away in Notre Dame, Quasimodo lifted his head and sang quietly.

Quasimodo: "There are some days, dark and bitter (dark and bitter) seems we haven't got a prayer (haven't got a prayer) but a prayer for something better is the one thing we all share."

All: "Someday when we are wiser

Esmeralda: (when we are wiser),

All: when the world's older

Phoebus: (when the world's older),

All: when we have learned

Quasimodo: (we have learned),

All: I pray someday we may yet

Clopin: (let live, let live to live, to live, to live, to live and let live, oh, whoa),

All: live to let live."

Esmeralda: "Someday, life will be fairer."

All: ("Life will be fairer").

Esmeralda: "Need will be rarer."

All: ("Need will be rarer.)

Esmeralda: "And greed will not pay.

All: "(No, no, no"). Godspeed, this bright millennium. Let it come."

Clopin: "Wish upon the moon."

All: "One day, someday."

Quasimodo: "Soon."


Phoebus: "One day."

Quasimodo: "Someday."

Clopin: ("Someday").

Esmeralda: "Soon."

With that final note, Esmeralda, Phoebus, Quasimodo, and Clopin all sighed sadly. Tears spilled down their cheeks as they prayed and hoped that someday, the world would be fairer place.

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