"It's time, up! Up, up, up!" sung the 18-month old as she climbed onto the bed. Her dad buried himself deeper under his blankets with a sigh. He just wanted five more minutes of sleep, but he knew he wasn't going to get it now. The next best thing was to have fun. He waited till he felt the tiny hands start shaking him. Crawling closer to his head. He waited till tiny hands started pulling on his blanket before he pulled the blanket the other way. Not hard enough to really do much, but get a giggle.

"No, daddy. Time up!" before the tug of war started. Finally getting the blanket, the toddler giggled as her dad put his head under the pillow. She then had a short fight for the pillow before winning that round too.

"Daddy! Wake!" said the toddler as she tried prying his eyes open. With a roar, the man grabbed his laughing daughter and flipped her onto the bed. He then started a small tickling fight, which ended with him showering her in kisses.

"Morning, daddy," she said as she gave him a sloppy kiss, before giggling.

"Morning, princess" he whispered before glancing at the clock, he knew he had to start getting them ready for the day. She had daycare and he had his first day at his new school.

"Ok, princess. It's time to go have breakfast and then get ready. We got a busy day ahead of us."

Today was quite a milestone.

He looked up at the school with nervous energy. This was the first for many things. It had the nervousness and jitters of new school emotions. It also had sadness and grief. This was the first time he went to school without her by his side. He quickly pushed those thoughts aside and walked through the doors.

He walked around for a bit trying to find the main office. Giving up, he looked around the hall for help. Unfortunately for him, most of the students were talking and not paying much attention to the teen. He was about to give up and look for a teacher when a question startled him out of his thoughts, "Do you need any help?"

"Yeah, I do. I am looking for the main office. I have to pick up my class schedule," he replied as he turned around to face the student that was helping him.

Much like himself, the student didn't wear the expensive school uniform. The clothes he wore are baggy clothes that were his uncle's that barely passed the dress requirements, because of the joys of fatherhood. (His uniform got covered pancakes and he had to make a fast wardrobe change.)

The fact he ran out of time to comb his hair and put in his contacts this morning didn't help him in the look department. He had to wear his dorky glasses, which he honestly preferred to wear right now. He didn't want to look like that man any more than he had to. He didn't want to be reminded of them. Not after what they did.

And by the looks of it, he wasn't the only one wearing hand me downs. The boy in front of him wore shapeless clothes that looked to be two sizes too big. A sweater with a white dress shirt underneath and dress pants. The thick glasses and messy hair didn't help the nerdy, geek vibe. But he wasn't one to talk.

"It's down the hall, turn a right, go down that hall, then turn left. It's the fourth door down." explained the student before seeing his confusion, "I can take you there if you want."

"I would appreciate that. I am not the best at directions. Sorry."

"It's no problem. I have to go this way anyway."

"Thanks. By the way, my name's Okamoto Yuka."

"Your welcome. My name is Fujioka Haruhi."

"Funny running into you again," whispered Yuka.

"Not so funny since we agreed to meet," stated Haruhi. What she said wasn't untrue. They had agreed to meet up after school for a bit. The two had gotten to know each other earlier that day when Haruhi showed Yuka to the office.

The first library the pair went to was crowded and since neither of them had the time, they decided to split up to check out the other libraries. Haruhi turned around and faced the upperclassman.

"I guess your search for the perfect library was a bust?"

"What do you think?" Haruhi deadpanned.

"Well, as I was walking around. I found an abandoned music room. Maybe the door is unlocked and we can study in there?" suggested Yuka. He wanted to get his homework done before going home. Schoolwork aside, he still did chores, cooked, cleaned, and raised a toddler. Having a toddler at home wasn't the best place to get much stuff done as many parents would know. Not that he would trade his life right now for anything.

"I guess that would be better than nothing," muttered Haruhi as Yuka lead him towards the room.

'What?' thought Yuka as he looked at the scene in front of him. Flower petals, a bright light, and a group of hot guys greeted him as he and Haruhi entered the room. Hot guys all posing as if they expected them, but the looks on their faces, Haruhi and Yuka were the ones the group was not expecting to see. Did he forget to mention that they were hot?

"Wrong room. Let's go, Yuka-kun," said Haruhi as she grabbed ahold of his arm and started to pull him away.

"Hold up. What's your hurry?" asked the set of twins as they wrapped an arm around their chosen targets and guiding them more into the room. "Stay awhile."

"We have things to do..." started Yuka as he slipped away. He wasn't comfortable around strangers and these two made him even more uncomfortable.

"Two rare gems like yourselves don't just come here all the time," exclaimed Tamaki, who Yuka only knew cause he was in his class. He glanced around the room and recognized another student, Kyoya. The others he didn't know.

"Rare gems?" asked Haruhi.

"Don't get a lot of guys here?" guessed Yuka. He wasn't surprised. If his hunch was correct, he knew what this club was and why no guys visited.

Tamaki went on a spill about the club and what it was about. Yuka zoned out after a while and only came back when Tamaki grabbed ahold of him and Haruhi.

"You are rare not just because you are guys. Haruhi is a scholarship student. A commoner around the rich, which is rare here. Yuka is rare cause of how he dresses and he still gets the girls to fawn all over him."

"Should we take offense to that?" muttered Yuka as he glanced at a rather annoyed looking Haruhi.

"Probably." answered the twins.

"Okay, since we aren't leaving any time soon. Introductions. I am Okamoto Yuka. I know those two since I am in their class." Yuka gestured to Kyoya and Tamaki "But the rest of you I don't know."

"The twins are Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin. Takashi 'Mori' Morinozuka and Mitsukuni 'Honey' Haninozuka. I am Kyoya Ootori and that is Tamaki Souh." introduced Kyoya pointing to each member before turning his attention to Haruhi and Yuka.

"Haruhi Fujioka is in 1A. Common folk don't easily fit into our elegant culture and a scholarship student would need a pretty thick skin and mulish stubbornness just to make it through, let alone achieve anything," he stated before turning to Yuka.

"Okamoto-san is a 2A student. Not the top of the class, but not the lowest student. Hard-working, but doesn't like attention. He lives with his aunt and uncle for the last two years for unknown reasons. Not much else is known about him at this time. In other words, he is a mystery," informed Kyoya as he closed his notebook.

"Oh, v-v-very interesting. Now we are l-l-l-leaving," stuttered a blushing Yuka as he tried to squirm away. The twins had yet again lashed onto the poor teen, making his blood run hot with the attention and he was slowly losing it.

"Not so fast. Two trailblazers like yourselves. It would be hard to raise above most in this school. On top of all that, rumor has it you are both man lovers." exclaimed Tamaki causing both guys to blush, or in Yuka's case, blush harder. "So, what are your preferences? Your type? Wildman? Boy lolita? Brotherly love? Or am I more your type?" said Tamaki, leaning into Haruhi's space in a flirty bow.

"No, it's not like that…" yelped Haruhi as he backed away from Tamaki "We were just trying to find a quiet place to study! That's all!"

Both guys failed to see the table behind them as Haruhi kept backing up toward Yuka, who in turn backed up.

"Look at the time, I gotta go. You know places to go, people to see…" muttered Yuka as he tried to push Haruhi closer to the door "I bet you have things to do to, right Haruhi?"

"Yes, if you would excuse us…" said Haruhi before Honey jumped in front of him.

"Oh, please stay. You two are trailblazers. Do your tales? Have you saved princesses? I love those tales!" babbled Honey causing Haruhi to jump backward, knocking Yuka into the table. The next thing the group heard was a huge crash.

Gulping, Yuka slowly turned around. He saw the tipped table and broken vase. A very expensive broken vase.

"That vase was by rune. It was to be featured item in the next school auction."

"The bidding was going to start at $80,000, but I don't think it'll fetch that now…"

"I'll pay for it!" wheezed Yuka and Haruhi at the same time.

"You bet you will, but how? You can't even afford a uniform!" stated the twins "Yuka doesn't even wear a uniform, so he might not be able to afford one."

"All my father could offer was this hand-me-down sweater…" stuttered Haruhi.

"Who cares anyway?! I had a slight accident this morning. Not that it's any of your business." insisted Yuka, his face starting to regain some color.

"Well, Tamaki? How shall we handle this?" asked Kyoya.

"Are you two familiar with then saying…When in Rome, do as the Romans do? And this, if you don't have the cash, pay with your carcass?" smirked Tamaki before pointing right at the teens "As of today, you're both the club's dogsbody!"

'Shit!' thought Yuka as watched Haruhi sway. He put his hand on Haruhi's shoulder till he was sure the other student wasn't going to fall over. Turning his attention to the king, "Really? You couldn't have worded that a little better?"