"Hi, Tama!" yelled Emi as she ran into the club room followed by her father "You want see?" She held up her arms, waiting for him to pick her up.

"Hi, Princess Emi. What do you want me to see?" asked Tamaki, picking up the little girl. She handed him a picture she drew in daycare. Tamaki couldn't tell what it was. There was what looked like a stick figure, with yellow on its head. In front of the figure, was a big, brown blob.

"I draw you" grinned the little girl as she pointed to the stick figure "You play" she pointed to the blob.

"She drew you playing the piano" explained Yuka "She can't quite say piano yet"

Last week the host club helped a middle school student, Shiro, play a piano piece for a fellow classmate the boy had a crush on. The classmate was moving away, so club hours were canceled and Tamaki taught Shiro to play the piano that the little girl wanted to play with Shiro.

Since Emi heard Tamaki play, she has been enamored with him. She loved hearing him play the piano and honestly, Yuka did too. Yuka played the guitar and can sing, but the way Tamaki could play was truly beautiful. He could see why his little girl has been over the moon with Tamaki since then.

"Ah, I love it" exclaimed Tamaki as he hugged Emi, getting ah's from his customers.

"She has him wrapped around her finger" grinned Rini, watching Tamaki run around the room, holding the giggling toddler as he showed everyone her picture.

"He isn't the only one" smirked Yuka. The other club members had smiles on the faces as they complimented the drawing. The twins joked that there should be stars and roses around Tamaki, which got a few laughs when Emi grabbed a rose from a vase and smacked Tamaki in the face with it. Tamaki, being Tamaki, took it in stride and thanked Emi for the flower.

"So, what's the plan for today?" asked Rini. She had the diaper bag packed and ready to go, with a beach bag that held Yuka and Rini's swimsuits.

"We are going to a resort Kyoya's family owns. It's supposed to be a relaxing, tropical-themed resort" explained Yuka "A break from club activities in away. With the twin fight and right afterward, Shiro coming in. It's been rough"

"Yeah, I bet. Shiro wasn't the nicest kid"

"That's being nice" scoffed Yuka "Rude, annoying, brat would be better"

"I am so glad you have a girl. Imagine if Emi was a boy. She would be even more of a handful for you" smirked Rini "Of course, she will be a handful in her teenage years"

"Don't even start that" hissed Yuka. He didn't want to think about that yet.

"Of course, I would hate to be the boy that dates her, or breaks her heart" joked Haruhi "Imagine her daddy and a bunch of uncles threatening and possibly bodily harm involved. He won't stand a chance"

"Possible?" questioned Honey.

"You know that boy won't survive the twins and Tamaki, let alone the rest of us" stated Kyoya, getting agreements from the rest of the club.

"We plan to be in your lives for a long time" smirked the twins.

"We are family. Through and through" concluded Tamaki, handing Emi back to Yuka.

"Wouldn't have it any other way" Yuka chuckled.