Hey, whats up? My name is Synth, and Im glad you're reading my story. So this is my first Fanfic for Steven Universe, so dont be too harsh, im not like some of the pros on here. Anyways, this is just my take on a different path Stevens Mental Illness could head if untreated rather than the "I am my monster" Episode. Essentially, rather than venting to his family, he makes a new "plan", which may involve reinstating the diamond empire under an absolute Monarchy headed by Steven himself. Anyways, have a good day ya'll!

His presence was imposing, powerful. It sent a mix of shock, awe, and fear throughout those who had the misfortune of seeing the boy. He took steps, little by little to the weakened Gem on the floor in front of him. She was small, frail. Weak. Her skin tinted green, her hair triangular. It was Peridot. "You need to stop Steven", she mumbled as she stood once again. The boys eyes widened, and he smiled. The diamonds in his eyes becoming more and more pronounced as the days go by. "Well Peridot! I could stop, but you're in my littly diddly way there! I just need the keys to the ship and all of this will stop". Peridot knew something was wrong. Steven wasnt inheritely violent, and when she heard his plan, his ideas to "help" people, she knew she couldnt let him, no matter what happened. Stevens stomach glew once more as he took out his weapon. His new weapon. Wrapped around his hands, was a chain. The hexagonal pattern matching his previous wall ability. It was thick, and long. And hard enough to do some real damage. "I cant let you. You need to listen to me. We are friends! Just calm down-"

Steven cut her off. "You know-" his breathing got heavier. "I am really getting tired of people just telling me to calm down". His voice got louder, more threatening as he spoke. "Im tired of all the shit that keeps happening, im tired of losing, im tired of making mistakes and then fixing them without anyone knowing! I know that im acting strange but thats what all heros go through right? Yeah, I'm a hero... You know this form I have right now?". Steven pointed at himself, the large and buff physique was strange to the dorito. "I made myself like this for my fight with Jasper. I shattered her. Do you know, how much that burns on the inside? To shatter a friend? Dont make me do that to you too. Please, move".

Peridot stood her ground. She felt sick all of a sudden as his words fully penetrated into her mind. "Y-you shattered Jasper? Steven, theres no coming back from that-". She was cut off by a chain whipping into her face. "You dont think I know that? Im not a child anymore Peridot. I understand the consequences of my actions". Peridot looked up. Her vision felt, off. It was static like, bits and pieces fading in and out. Thats when she caught a glimps of it. A shard. A shard of her own gem fell from her forehead. "Y-you s-shattered m-me…". She said. She felt her existence fading as more shards fell. From stevens perspective, it was just as strange. It was like unplugging and replugging an hdmi cord. The picture was just rapidly switching on and off in front of him. Like she was glitching out. "I told you to just get out of my way" Steven said. He took steps forward, "I didnt want to do that, honest! You were my friend. One of the best ive ever had". Steven spoke as tears began to come out. He knelt down, and grabbed his dying friend, and embraced her. "You should have just moved. You should have just moved. You should have just"

Gone. All that was left, were the many splintered shards of a green Gem. Steven bubbled them, and sent them to the temple. The keys to the Barn were on the floor now, he guessed she had them tucked away somewhere on her person. He grabbed them before heading to the barn. Opening it up, he saw a familiar face. Yet, the face simply growled at him, backing away slowly. Steven just smiled before throwing the chain around its mouth, making a sort of muzzle. He pulled the animal closer. "Lion! I hope you dont mind, but I need to dive in your mane real quick"