Hey guys! So, yeah, this story is ass. I know. But, the reason I made it wasn't to be good, it was basically just a prequel, so i'm sorry if some things aren't explained or some things aren't going well with how everything was laid out, it was rushed and i'm sorry. However, the new story will be tons better and I hope you all enjoy it when it's out.

It had been weeks since Steven vanished. Weeks. No phone calls, no clues, nothing. Lapis can't find Peridot either, and Lions just have been very moody in general. Pearl sat at the table, rapidly pressing the number in and waiting. She listened to it ring, only for it to go to voicemail again. She groaned, and repeated the process. "You think after more than 900 calls he would answer" she said. Amethyst nodded. At first, she was reassuring. Telling both Garnet and Pearl he'd be home soon. But as time went on, so did her optimism. Every once in a while, Connie knocked on the door, wondering if he had arrived yet. Of course, the answer was always no. It wasn't till late one afternoon, when children's eyes were beginning to close and a slight mist was starting to stir in the air that they knew where he was.

It was quiet. Serene. Couples walking across the beach, the gems in little homeschool learning their trades, and people just generally having fun. However, the big boom from the sky broke all of that. It was a fleet, hundreds and hundreds of Gem ships poured in from the initial breaking point, spreading throughout in all directions. The trio watched from the window, a mix of shock and fright. "Didn't the diamonds agree to stop this!? I swear, if they're the reasons Stevens gone, my fist will be so far up their ass it isn't even funny".

It only took hours for the streets to be cleared. A curfew had been put in place for 9 pm, 11 pm on weekends. If you were caught out, then you were jailed and put to trial. Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst watched from afar. The majority of the Gems were combat oriented. Rose Quartz, Jasper's, Amethyst. As well as some Blue Agates barking orders. "Are we sure they're here to do anything harmful? I mean, so far they've just been really polite to the people about the curfew, and the majority of them are cleaning up trash from the boardwalk and beach". Pearl asked her question as a statement, thinking out loud instead of actually looking for an answer. "Honestly, I don't know either, we should just head inside for now. If we get into a fight, it would end badly. We're outnumbered, heavily.".

Walking back inside, they saw an illumination from the top of the stars where Steven's room lay. They hurriedly rushed in, hoping Steven had come home, only to see the television on. It was Steven. He was glowing brightly, his hair itself turned completely pink. "Is it on? Yeah? Thanks Palladium! So, you all might be wondering why I maybe, sorta, kinda, hacked-every-video-broadcasting-device-on-earth. So, I just wanted to let you guys know about some new changes. So, if you don't know who I am, my name is Steven Universe! And welcome to Era 4! By now, you might have noticed the mass numbers of Gems around your towns and streets. Don't worry, they're there just to help. They catch bad guys, clean up messes and load them onto ships which dump them directly into the sun's corona, and to make sure that you lead a safe life. Do not try and resist this. Please. They have orders to put down any resistance immediately. And so far, that has resulted in the dissolving of the following countries governments: Sudan, China, Russia, Niger, North Korea,-"

As Steven listed off the various countries which are now gone, Amethyst stared blankly at the television set. Pearl did the same as tears began to welt in her eyes, a single trembling hand covering her mouth. Garnet however, wasn't Garnet anymore. Half way through the speech, she had defused, leaving an angry Ruby to stomp around in her room while Sapphire isolated herself in the restroom.

"So please, do not resist. I know that it might be a bit scary, but trust me, I'm helping". The Camera began to zoom out, revealing Stevens surroundings. Homeworld, sitting atop White Diamonds throne. Blue and Yellow at both sides, a look of anger and anguish mixed onto their faces. Above hanging on strings, the shattered pieces of a diamond. "That's all I'm doing, helping. So welcome to Era 4! And I hope the rest of your days go well. This is autotranslated to whatever language is in the reason right?-"

The Camera shut off. The Tv went dark. And the gems went silent. Pearl took the first steps toward the window, and stared at the sky as more ships poured in.

(Line cut)

2 am. With Pearl in her room sobbing and with Amethyst in hers staring off into space, Garnet took the opportunity to use the warp pad. Homeworld wasn't her favorite place in the universe, but it was where Steven was. The millisecond she landed, she began running. She ignored everything. Absolutely anything. She was driven on pure instinct before she had arrived at the door. It opened, revealing 3 diamonds, and dozens of Gems. Steven was congratulating them. "Good job guys! Well done. I think we got the message across, and that if they just listen, everything will be fine. Yeah, everything will be fineā€¦"

"Steven!". Steven recognized that angry yell, and turned to face Garnet. He laughed at the fact he was taller than her. "What do you think you're doing? You invaded Earth! Your home!." Steven nodded, before replying quickly. "While it was an invasion, it was necessary. People don't know how to not keep causing problems, you and I both know that". Garnet glew a brilliant white, and nearly unfused. But Steven saw as both Ruby and Sapphire reached and pulled themselves back together. "I cannot believe you would do this to your home! The Crystal Gems swore to protect this planet from no matter who. If you want to invade, you'll have to fight us."

Steven walked forward, facing Garnet directly. "Careful Garnet, your Ruby is showing. And you know how you are when she's in control. You get angry". Garnet looked at the boy. Before turning off. "We'll fight off your fleets. We've done it once, we'll do it again". Garnet felt something grip her hand as she walked. It was cold, metallic. She heard a broken voice yell. "I told you to not resist".