Sup. So heres a sneak peak of the sequel, you know, the better one. I hope you guys like it, its genuinely just a sneak peak from a random section of the story. So, what is this story about? Basically, its after Steven reinstates everything. A facist Earth filled with new gems, people, friends, characters, worlds and places. This story follows 3 sisters, Aurora, Connie and Jasper. Currently living in a new Gem base underground, these sisters try and piece together who they are, what their purpose is, and while their father is known, who are their mothers?

"W-what was I supposed to do! Humans are so, fragile. The second that Jasper headbutt that guy, his head caved in. Do you know how many people saw that? How many Children? All because this guy was caught growing some banned plant. He was on the ground, shaking, His nerves were going haywire. And this Jasper was just, stomping on him-"

Pearl cut in, grabbing Aurora by her shoulders and shaking her. "So you poofed her? Do you have any idea how dangerous that is right now? They'll know when she doesnt return and then they'll come looking for her. I know that hurt to watch, and honestly I would have done the same thing. But im not you. I know that man was nice. And I do agree that growing potatoes doesnt deserve that, but we cant act like that right now." Pearl let go of the teens shoulders, Aurora sighing loudly. She knew Pearl was right, but she didnt like it. Lapis looked up from her phone, and looked at her. Lapis, never liked Aurora. And Aurora could never figure out why. But it was always very aggresive when she spoke- "Dumbass, you're gonna end up leading them back here, and that cannot happen. Hell, where are your sisters? Connie and Jasper are probably out there bringing back armies by now Pearl. Told you we should have left them at the fire station years ago."

Amethyst flicked the womans forehead, allowing Lapis to growl slightly. Pearl nodded in agreement. "Where are your sisters anyway?"