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You Are Loved

Part 1

Robin was beyond furious, he had been lied to by one of his own, someone he had loved, someone who he had welcomed into the gang when others had been superstitious, warning him that no good would come of it. They had been right though, ironically, he thought; no good had come of the kind gesture. Robin punched the tree nearest to him in frustration. How could he have been so stupid, so naive? Everything had clicked into place when he had found out who Morgan really was. Had he not shown time and time again that he was someone to be trusted? Had he not kept Marian's secret of being The Night Watchman, had he not kept Morgan's secret of being a time traveler? His whole world had been turned upside down in one moment, and he didn't know how to react to it all.


Robin had noticed all morning that Morgan was nervous and quite jumpy, it was slightly entertaining; however, Robin couldn't recall Morgan ever really being nervous. Morgan had always been a rock and hid his emotions well, this is what had caused Robin to stop and observe the man in more detail, as far as he could tell there was nothing physically different about Morgan. 'Maybe it's trouble with a woman' Robin thought to himself, he had seen Morgan with a certain young lady on many an occasion, so that had to be it.

Robin was just about to go over and ask Morgan what was bothering him when the man must have felt himself being watched because he turned around and caught Robin watching him. Neither party moved for a moment and then Robin gave one of his famous smirks, that he knew drove Morgan crazy, and made his way over to the man.

"You're jumpy today, care to tell me what it's about, is it trouble with your lady friend perhaps?" Robin asked, placing a hand on Morgan's shoulder and squeezing it, Robin noticed that Morgan's cheeks seemed to blush upon the gesture, but that was just preposterous he thought to himself, 'Why would Morgan blush? It's out of character for him.'

"Robin, there is something that you need to know, something that I haven't told you before…with the way, I've been feeling, and circumstances being what they are, and with you planning on going back to the holy land…I can't keep it anymore" Morgan stated in a rambling fashion.

"Morgan, lad, I don't have the slightest idea as to what you are talking about. Did you hit your head or something, because you're not making any sense!" Robin laughed at Morgan's obvious frustration, which seemed to add to the lad's misery, given the groan he let out at Robin's statement.

Morgan drew a hand over his face, this was not going the way he had planned it at all! He was going to come unglued at this point and that would not be good. 'This needs to be done carefully, I don't want to scare him off completely, but I need to tell him. I can't continue this charade another night.' Morgan thought to himself. He had a plan on how this would play out, but so far it was going an entirely different direction.

"Robin, what I'm trying to say is…That I…in order to- in order to better explain come to my room tonight, I think it will be easier to explain in private." Morgan finished awkwardly and walked away, leaving an even more confused Robin standing alone in the middle of their camp.


Robin had decided that one last raid was needed before they left for the holy land in a few days. Robin had heard via a little birdie, that a shipment of fine foods and wines was coming through for the sheriff. Food that would be much better off going to the starving families who would eat all the food not letting a single crumb go to waste; unlike the sheriff and his men. Robin had debriefed the gang earlier in the day on the plan and had figured it would be an easy smash and grab deal.

"Alright here it comes, everyone get ready!" Robin stated quietly to his comrades as the wagons approached. There were two wagons, both being escorted by a small number of guards, nothing the gang couldn't handle.

Upon Robin's signal, they ambushed the wagons easily taking a few of the guards out within moments before they could react. These guards were not your typical, easy to defeat, little to no combat skills, guards. This particular group seemed to have received some decent training and was making the team have to think a few steps ahead.

Toying with a few of the guards, Morgan was pleased to be able to use some of the finer skills he had learned while in his country's military. He was finally having some fun and was enjoying this challenge.

Morgan had always excelled in the hand to hand combat portion of training, he hadn't been the "best" in his platoon per se, but he was pretty damn close. There were a few women who had been better than him, and he had no shame in admitting that. This wasn't to say that women couldn't excel in the military, just look at what had happened in December of 2019! A woman completed the Navy Seal Officer Assessment and Selection. Morgan's time in the military had made him a valuable asset to the gang, like Robin because he had received formal training, where the rest of the gang made it up as they went along. Sure, Robin and Morgan had shared techniques with them, but it just wasn't quite the same.

The two guards and Morgan circled each other, both parties sizing each other up and attempting to find each other's weakness before the actual fighting began. One of the guards feinted, attempting to draw Morgan into attacking him; however, Morgan was smarter than that and simply sidestepped the false attack with ease, while still keeping an eye on the second guard. Morgan landed the first blow, striking the guard on his sword arm and leaving a deep gash.

Morgan, just like Robin, tried to disarm and outwit his enemies when he could, he didn't relish taking another person's life. The second guard, who had simply been standing by up until this point decided to join the fight.

'I see, the other one was just a warmup act. I'll bet this guy is the real thing.' Morgan thought to himself as he dodged a blow from the first guard.

These guards seemed to be older than him and outweighed him, he might just have an advantage. The less you weighed the lighter you tended to be on your feet but if the enemy locked weapons with you, it might be your downfall.

Morgan had been right in his assumption of the guards as they both came for him at once, not giving him a chance to prepare. He barely dodged the initial tag-team attack, but when they came at him again, Morgan was better prepared. He blocked the blow from the first guard and was able to swing the first guard around quickly enough to block the attack from the second. Managing to exert enough force he pushed the guards away from him, taking a moment to study them, looking for a tell, or weakness, in their forms.

The guards attacked, again and again, trying to tire him out, they were toying with him, he could tell. The guard to Morgan's right came at him, striking low while the guard to his left came in high. Morgan saw a small opening between the two guards and moved through it like a ninja, turning to fit through the opening. He almost made it when he felt a blade slice through his calf, sending pain up through his body causing him to lose his footing and fall. 'Shit! If he got my Achilles heel I'm done for.' Morgan thought as he quickly rolled to the side and stood, attempting to block the blow that came from above. He tested his weight on his injured leg, it was painful, but he could still bear weight on it, which was a very good sign. Morgan figured he had played nice for long enough and had gotten a good idea on the style of attacks the other men used.

He charged them, punching the nearest one to him in the midsection, causing him to fall to his knees. Taking advantage, he swung himself around the guard, striking him in the back of the head, causing the guard to lose consciousness. Morgan quickly bent down and picked up the man's sword, it was time to get down to business. Swinging the swords in front of him he limped his way over to meet the other guard and figured he'd have enough stamina to finish the fight if it ended soon.

Matching blow for blow, Morgan was impressed that this guard was able to block most of his strikes, not many could handle an opponent with two swords. For what seemed like hours the fight continued, with Morgan giving it his all, trying to land enough of a blow to gain the upper hand, but the blows he did manage to land were shallow ones. Enough to draw blood but not deep enough to have much of an impact. Morgan slowly felt his strength waning and knew he needed to end this fight, and fast! Thinking he saw another guard in his peripheral vision, Morgan turned only to find no one there, he had sworn someone was there though. Suddenly Morgan felt a sharp pain in his side, and looking back in front of him, he saw the guard adjusting the grip on his now bloodied sword. Morgan reached his hand down and pulling it away found his suspicion was confirmed. He had been wounded, but just how deep the wound was he didn't know, and there wasn't time to investigate.

Enraged that he had become distracted by some petty trick he charged the guard, surprising him and aiming for the man's unguarded midsection. The guard recovered faster than Morgan had anticipated, swinging his sword up to block the blow, the guards' blade sliced up from his waist to his collar bone, slicing through his shirt and the bandages that he used to bind his chest fell away, revealing his secret for all to see.

Time seemed to stand still; this was not how Morgan had planned on sharing her secret. The guard just stood there, too shocked to say or do anything. The man that he had just been fighting was, in fact, a woman! As he stood there staring, his eyes darted to behind the woman, he saw one of his fellow companions sneaking up from behind the woman, his sword aimed for the final blow.


Robin kicked the solider in front of him, knocking him to the ground before punching him hard enough in the face to break his nose. The solider howled in pain as he brought his hands up to his face, attempting to ease the pain as well as stop the bleeding. Robin didn't waste time, he grabbed the rope from his pocket and tied the man's hands together behind his back, satisfied that the soldier wasn't going anywhere anytime soon, Robin stood up and took a look around him.

It appeared that the fight was just about over, most of the guards were either unconscious and/or tied up. As Robin continued to scan the area his eyes fell upon Morgan, who's back was turned towards him, and to Robins horror, he saw a guard sneaking up on Morgan, his sword raised for the blow that would most certainly end the man's life. "Morgan, look out, behind you!" He shouted, knowing that even as he ran, he could never reach his companion in time. Robin prayed as he strung his bow that the arrow would fly swift and true. Just as soon as the first arrow was loosed, Robin already had the second strung and released it moments later. Both arrows found their marks in the guard's neck, causing him to fall to the ground, gasping for air before lying still.

Finishing off the guard in front of her, Morgan turned around and saw the former guard on the ground, dead. Morgan looked towards Robin, giving a salute in thanks, but stopped midway upon seeing the look of disbelief on his face. It was then she remembered her predicament and felt the cool air hit her exposed chest. As she opened her mouth to speak Robin shouted to her once again, "Morgan duck!"

Morgan heard the arrow go over her, and hearing a thwack, she turned and saw it imbed itself into the man behind her. Robin started to make his way over to Morgan, who had started swaying ever so slightly on her feet. He stopped long enough to take a shirt off a guard before continuing his way towards her.

Morgan steadied herself, pushing away the pain and dizziness. She could tell the way that Robin was walking towards her that he was livid, not that Morgan blamed him though; however, in her defense, this was not how she had planned on telling him. As Robin came closer to her, he threw the former guard's shirt at her "Cover yourself up, and head back to camp." He said through a clenched jaw, as he turned walking away from her and towards the rest of the gang.

"Robin wait, please!" Morgan pleaded as she pulled the too big shirt over her head and tied a knot in the corner, attempting to make it fit. "I can explain…"

"Well someone had better! I can't wait to hear why you lied to me all these years. After everything… how could you? You know what, no, I actually don't want to hear it right now. The rest of us have to get this cargo back to the camp. You can meet us there, and then you can explain yourself." Robin hissed at her.

"Robin, I can still help. I'm not that wounded…" Morgan started before being interrupted by Much.

"Master, how did you want to—What is going on here and why do I get the feeling that I am interrupting something?" Much asked in confusion.

"It's ok Much, Robin and I are simply disagreeing," Morgan replied tersely.

"Do not talk to him, or anyone else in the gang do you understand me?! You've lost that right." Robin yelled at her.

Much was becoming more and more confused at this newfound animosity between his master and the man that his master was in love with.

Much knew he wasn't the brightest of men but he, along with the rest of the gang, had watched Robin and Morgan go from tolerating each other to friends to assumed lovers over the years. No matter how hard Robin and Morgan had tried to hide their feelings from one another, and the gang, it was obvious to just about everyone else that they were in love with each other. A special smile for each other, a soft caress here, sharing of blankets. Much had also witnessed a few secret kisses in the past, which neither Morgan nor Robin was aware of. All these actions confirmed the gang's suspicion over the years. So, he couldn't understand what had happened to cause Robin to be so upset with Morgan in such a short amount of time.

"Much go back and finish helping the others! Tell them I will be there soon." Robin barked at his servant.

Much simply turned and walked away defeatedly, he knew his master wasn't angry at him, but that didn't mean that it bothered him any less, or that it didn't make him feel like a nobody! He had always taken it to heart when his master yelled at him, no matter how many times he told himself over the years that Robin didn't mean it.

"Robin! Do not take your anger out on Much, he didn't do anything and is, therefore, undeserving of your wrath. You're angry with me, I get it, so take out your anger on me, not the innocent." Morgan argued with him.

"Who do you think you are, telling me what I should and shouldn't do?" Robin shot back at her, still attempting to keep some control over his anger.

"A friend Robin, that's who! I've always been a friend to you, nothing's changed. I'm still me! Besides, do you want to do this right here and right now? The sheriff could be sending his men to escort the convoy the rest of the way to Nottingham." Morgan tried to reason with him, they needed to talk that much was true, but this wasn't the time nor the place for this kind of conversation she thought.

"FINE. Go back to the camp and stay there. That is an order, not a suggestion." Robin responded.


Hours later back at the camp, D'Jaq was attempting to bandage Morgan's wounds, but she was not getting anywhere due to the argument between Morgan and Robin. It had been brought to the gang's attention that Morgan had been hiding her identity ever since they met. D'Jaq, had been thrilled at having another woman in the camp; however, she had quickly hidden that excitement when she learned how angry Robin was about that.

"Robin, I'm sorry I lied to you, to the gang, but you have to understand I did it to protect myself. It's not safe for a woman to travel by herself, especially in these times. If you don't believe me ask Jaq as to why she disguised herself as a man. Look, no one blinks an eye at a young man traveling alone, but anytime I saw a woman traveling alone she was harassed, or worse by men. Do you know how many horror stories I head from women while I was traveling when I first came here? Don't you think I wanted to tell you? I had planned on telling you tonight, but we all see how well that plan went didn't we?" Morgan explained.

"After all these years though you couldn't have told me? Did you not trust me enough, haven't I kept your other secrets?! What else have you been hiding from me then, hmm? Are you a spy for Gisborne or even the sheriff?" Robin accused, getting in Morgan's face.

Getting up and stumbling towards Robin, ruining D'Jaq's work for the third time, Morgan shoved Robin away from her. "Take that back!" 'How dare he accuse me of such a thing!' she thought to herself. "Take it back! When have I ever done something that would lead you to such thoughts? I will give you a clue, NEVER. I have been loyal to you since day one, and you know that. So, until you can figure out how to be a rational adult, piss off!" Morgan spat at him as she backed him into a tree.

"You are on dangerous grounds woman. I'll not have you talking to me with such disrespect and I'll have no more of your lies! I am the leader of the gang, I make the final calls, I'm responsible for everyone's safety and well-being, or did you forget that as well?" Robin shot back in a tone that made everyone stop what they were doing and stare at Robin. They couldn't understand why he was so upset, wasn't this just like D'Jaqs situation when they first met her? Did it have something to do with how he felt towards Morgan?

"Robin, you are so full of shit right now. There is no reasoning with you apparently, so I'll take my leave of you until you can figure out how to stop acting like a child!" Morgan stumbled, as a wave of dizziness washed over her, as she attempted to walk away from Robin. 'Damn it! I guess I lost more blood than I realized because I'm having a hard time standing. I need to just suck it up until I'm away from Robin, then I can sit down for just a moment and rest.' Morgan thought to herself as she leaned up against the nearest tree for support.

"Robin, stop this nonsense please! Morgan is injured and her wounds need to be taken care of. This fighting is not good for her health." Jaq attempted to intervein, seeing the paleness in Morgan's face and the way she was using the tree for support.

"Hear this, as leader of this gang, I hear-by decree Morgan as a traitor and banish her from the camp forever. For all intent and purposes, after today she is dead to us. No one is to speak to her, or even mention her name again!" Robin decreed to the gang, ignoring the protests and gasps from everyone. Robin then turned his attention back on Morgan "If I ever see your face around here again, I will not be held responsible for my actions. This is your only warning!" He then turned to D'Jaq, "Finish bandaging her up and then you!" he pointed to Morgan "will leave" Robin stated as he walked away from the group, leaving everyone stunned. Had they all witnessed the same thing just now? Had Robin gone and lost his mind, banishing Morgan just for hiding her sex? Surely there was more to this story?

"Don't bother Jaq, I wouldn't want you to be accused of helping a traitor and getting banished as well. I'll just grab my things and be on my way then. There is one thing that you should hear Robin if you didn't already know. I've loved you for many years now and I hope you realize what you are doing." Morgan called out to Robin, her voice breaking at the end.

Robin pivoted around, his face devoid of any emotion, but his eyes flashing with anger, hurt, betrayal. Continuing to walk back towards Morgan, he reached his hand out and clasped the dog tag around Morgan's neck, tearing it off and throwing it into the campfire. "Get out, now!" he shouted at Morgan pushing her away from him as if she disgusted him.

"Robin!" Little John warned him. Robin was pushing boundaries and Little John would have no qualms smacking sense into Robin, he'd done so before and would do it again should the need arise.

"The rest of you don't just stand there, start packing up camp. We move today and leave for the holy land in two days". Robin stated as if it was an everyday thing.

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