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Elevated Emotions


posted on March 31, 2020

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Kneeling in front of her dear friend's grave, Tomomi sniffles, trying to push back the tears and snot. A snort broke through the silence and a choked laugh escaped her throat,"Seems like you were right after all, Momo. You were going to kick the bucket first."That pathetic attempt at humor didn't seem to help as it just made her realize once again that the one person she could be human with was gone and the tears came raining down like she was a broken faucet.

Taking a moment to sniffle and blow her nose, she reached into her bag and pulled out a sheaf of papers held together delicately by a lavender ribbon -Momo's favorite color- and a bouquet of peach blossoms - Her favorite flowers - Was it dramatic that she came here with all the things that made her remember Momo the most? In that moment, she didn't care one bit because despite knowing graves were normally made for the living, she still wanted to leave something for Momo's spirit. She was, after all, in the unique position to know that the dead could see graves too.

Hands shaking, she tried to put the items down properly. "I'm so so sorry, Momo. I-" Thoughts of the one who caused this flitted through her head. Quickly, she dropped the items down in front of the tombstone as her fingers clenched hard enough to leave welts,"I'll take that bastard's head for doing this to you, I swear it!"