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Elevated Emotions

Chapter 2

Hanker Sore

posted on April 2, 2020

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Hanker Sore

adj. finding a person so attractive it actually kinda pisses you off.

Mario was a man, but in this moment it felt like he was nothing but a fool. His love was standing right in front of him, but all he could do was stare as that woman touched his silky soft hands, his golden hair like spun silk- Turning away, he promised himself that he'd stop this even as his heart ached something fierce. Heading back to the academy, he told himself that he was a spy and spies do not love.

Chisato Misato,"He Was His Prince" Page 2, Paragraph 6 (An excerpt from Momo's favourite book)

Tomomi stood in a moment of indecision. Should she perhaps go to the Hunters' Association or the Vampire Council? What would, perhaps, help her reach her goal faster?

Now, it should be noted that Tomomi Hattori was a woman who was and is extremely loyal to those she cares for. Whether dead or alive, she took into account what they'd want her to do and in this moment, Tomomi could hear the screams of a dead Momoyama Tsuji echoing from the Beyond in annoyance.

If say, she decided to go to either group, whatever organization took her in would be blamed for the death of Momoyama's murderer. Momoyama's murderer who is currently still an Aristocrat vampire. Aristocrat vampires who, while not pureblood, were just one step below in the totem pole. Basically, if it was found that she was part of any organization that group might be the one blamed for starting a war.

And oh was she tempted. You see, Tomomi, in part, blamed both organizations for the death of her friend. After all, it was their plan to start an academy for vampires and humans in the first place. It wouldn't be wrong to say Tomomi wanted all those involved in Momoyama's death to pay, but she knew her old friend wouldn't have wanted that, so she refrained and resolved to kill just one person instead.

Besides, one of the pioneers for Cross Academy's establishment was precious to her too and she didn't want to hurt him. After all, she could still recall fond memories of a young boy with chubby cheeks demanding she tell him what she was. Chuckling at her memories of him, she couldn't wait to grab this chance to see and tease him again.

Looking at her bags, she checked if everything was settled. She had all her papers for the new school, including her new schedule printed and all the things she needed for her masterful plan to be put to action inside. Feeling set and ready, she opened the door and happily told the oxcart to bring her to the airport.

Now readers, I won't bore you with all the details of how her trip went and exactly how lost she got on her way there, but it's safe to say Tomomi would never be a tour guide. She'd probably sooner stumble into Cross Acade- I stand corrected. Tomomi stumbled her way into Cross Academy like one might into a car crash while walking on the street, clueless, a bit worried for those inside and altogether shocked. Probably shocked she even found the place at this point.

As usual for someone in her circumstances, Tomomi was told a few tips to find her way if ever she got lost. One of her most favorite ones is to go to high ground and look for landmarks from there, so she happily followed it as was her wont. Up high in the trees, she sniffed and tried to find where human scents could be. Upon catching one on the wind, she smiled and headed that way.

That is, she was smiling until she saw the moon and a group of gorgeous - If only rotten hearts were given the faces to match - vampires. Tomomi hated Tsukuyomi for killing her goddess and the sight of the moon brought a bad taste to her mouth as it was his symbol, but what was going on down in the clearing was making her day even worse. Really, the whole scene brought back horrible feelings of déjà vu. It'd been a while since she'd last seen schoolyard bullying at its finest. Minus, of course, how beautiful everyone looked.

Man, were these guys filming some action movie? That would be very embarrassing if she stopped someone's production because she mistook the events going on. The boy in the middle had a delicate beauty about him too and oh! But this was no time for Tomomi to be admiring their looks, she needed to make her decision whether to act soon.

Right, well, there doesn't seem to be any cameras hidden anywhere and the tension looks real enough. Should she act now? But- As she inhaled, the smell of a human floated to her with the breeze and she realized that this was her chance. Yes, that's right! She could wait for the human to get here and decide if the situation really needed her help from the newcomer's reaction. Besides, if she protected both the human running over and this one then she'd get more brownie points, right? Yeah, so she could hold herself back and wait, it was just for a little bit longer after all.

The delicate boy- And didn't he look like he'd break if a stiff breeze came by. His coloring didn't help matters what with his skin the color of mother of pearl and his eyes a soft lilac making him look like some princess locked up in a tower all her life. - seemed to have some tension on his face. Whether it was due to the circumstances or something else puzzled Tomomi. In her distraction, -drooling over his good looks- she didn't notice him take the gun and point it until he remarked,"What do you want, Night Class?"

An anti-vampire weapon? Ho, now this is getting even more interesting. Is the boy perhaps a vampire hunter or are those weapons given out to all the human students on campus to protect them?

Out of the hoard coming the delicate boy's way, one toffee haired beauty came forward. "Why is Kaname-sama so interested in this human? I can't stand it."

Have any of you thought that hurting someone your precious master was interested in could hurt you? Looking at this, Tomomi thought the answer to that is a big fat NO. She could only feel one [Aura] strong enough to be a pureblood, so she was assuming that is who this aristocrat is calling "Kuran-sama". She felt bad for him, to have such terrible subordinates.

You don't see their like in the yōkai world because someone as weak as them would've been crushed by now for hurting what was his master's new toy. Oh? She thought vampires had the same hierarchy thing going on though? Ah, so this Kuran-sama, whoever he is, must be kind to his subordinates then. In a world like ours that's kinda rare. It's also something only the strongest could do. If he's the strongest and has this many lackeys, then I'm assuming he's the dorm head, this "Kuran-sama".

Tomomi wasn't wrong necessarily, but she wasn't right either. After all, if this "Kuran-sama" was actually being nice he would've tried to protect his "precious" people from this sort of envious bunch in the first place knowing how all powerful purebloods are but I'm just the narrator, so what would I really know?

"-Hey Kiryū-san, you should put that away too, okay?" Tomomi came out of her thoughts to what seems to be one of the vampires- A smoking hot disheveled guy with red hair. - having a conscience and actually trying to stop the bullying.

Unfortunately for him, the delicate boy- Kiryū-san - took exception to him and grabbed him, performing a good impression of a judo flip. Definitely a 10/10 from her for that fantastic judo flip, but really! That guy was trying to stop them from fighting, how ungrateful!

"That was so uncool," Commented a strawberry blonde as pretty as a picture while a boy equally as pretty gave a breath of laughter right beside her.

"Shut up," Smoking hot guy answered back even as he laid on his back like an uncommonly embarrassed turtle.

Tucking his gun back into his holster, Kiryū spoke up,"So Kaname Kuran is the reason why you've suddenly all decided to gang up and take me down?" Cracking his knuckles, he continued,"I'd like to see you try, vampires. I've been waiting for a chance like this."

Ooh, talk about gap moe! This guy's really got a strong personality contradicting his delicate appearance. Despite how rude he is, this is- Well- It's so unexpectedly charming!

The smell of human female got stronger before a girl-child leap into the scene with another anti-vampire weapon,"Stop right there!" She stopped right in front of Kiryū-san and began to lecture them,"No fighting allowed! Didn't you read that in the student handbook?" She flashed the red band around her arm as she continued,"So regardless of whether it was Zero or a student from the Night Class who's trying to pick a fight, as a prefect I simply won't allow it!"

Tomomi wanted to put a stop to this joke of a battle. Really, the youth these days. What folly for a human who didn't even seem to be fully trained and a human on the verge of turning into a Level D to pick a fight with a group of people so much higher than them in the food chain without backup. At that moment, Tomomi heard an echo of someone saying,"Ok, boomer" Is this perhaps karma for all those times she'd said that very same phrase to those older than her?

Wait, that's enough thinking, that was her cue to butt in right there, wasn't it? She didn't want to be that otaku that quotes their favourite characters but, "Mendōkusei," she sighed. With that, she used [Aura], careful not to blast it up too high so the human girl couldn't feel it, but definitely high enough for the vamps in the vicinity to. Every vampire in the vicinity froze and she felt a smile alight on her lips. Looking up she caught sight of the moon and immediately, her smile went upside down. Letting herself fall from the tree branch, Tomomi conjured a smile as she landed on her feet in the middle of both sides. "A pleasant eve to you all. Might I ask where the Headmaster's Office is?"

All eyes shot to her and Zero Kiryū even moved to grab and point his gun at her. Ara ara, such a nice threatening expression, but isn't that just so cuuuuuuuuuuute! Before anyone could react Tomomi took everyone's shocked pause to use [Enhancement] to strengthen her body enough that she could move before Kiryū-san could blink and glomp such a cuuuuuuutie~

A shot went off, but really she was using [Enhancement], such things lacking kinryoku-Kinryoku is the excess of a soul.- of their own wouldn't affect her onmyōdō-Spells cast with the use of kinryoku.-. True enough, the sound of an empty round falling to the floor ineffectively resounded as Tomomi allowed her face to smush Kiryū-san's even as she hugged- correction, glomped- him. "Aren't you just the cutest thing! So gap moe! So cuuuuuuuuute!"

Tomomi was stopped from her fawning when another guy - He was attractive and very pleasing to the eye in a cool guy way with his electric blue eyes and golden blond hair as well. Honestly! I'm running out of synonyms for "hot" here, guys. Let's just assume everyone Tomomi bumps into in Cross Academy is criminally beautiful. What? I can't do that? Ugh, fine!- came forward along with the other vampires and seemed to ineffectually flutter around in worry, "Milady! Are you okay?!"

Aw! He's cute too~ She wanted to hug him, but she resolved to do it later after she finished hugging Kiryū-san~ And everyone taking an alarmed step forward as if to pull her away from that shot, were they all worried for her? How cute! "Oh? No worries~ Such measly things won't harm me."

It started from his shoulders, but Kiryū-san began to shake at this point. Feeling a bit bad for going over his limit and not introducing herself properly, Tomomi patted his back before taking several steps back. "Oh! That was terribly rude of me, sorry. It's just that you were so cute." Turning to address everyone in the clearing, she smiled- thinking of kittens, puppies, unicorns and rainbows for max naivety effect- as charmingly as she could. " It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I'm Tomomi Hattori."

The sound of someone trying to quiet their footsteps had been echoing around them for a while, but after she introduced herself it got even louder. She wasn't sure if they were enemy or friend, so it was best to keep her silence until they revealed themselves. Keeping [Enhancement] active, she turned to the icy-eyed hottie from earlier.

He seemed to have frozen when he saw that she didn't have a single injury on herself. "Milady, w-," his eyes scanned her and he realized that she did indeed have no injuries from the anti-vampire round before going a shade paler and his next words were spoken as if it was automatic,"we didn't know you would be arriving tonight."

"You weren't? But I personally called ahead."

The vamps weren't wrong and neither was one Tomomi Hattori. You see, Tomomi did in fact call Kaien Cross. The thing is that after getting the previous call for an enrollment he assumed that an old friend's family name, no warning from the Hunters' Association, Vampire Council or Kaname Kuran himself meant the student was to be a Day Class student.

The loud sound of someone stepping on several twigs resounded before out from the surrounding wilderness a man - He was tall, bespectacled, wearing a green poncho and a tan coat and pants underneath. With his hazel eyes and ash-blond hair, he reminded her of a particularly bedraggled scarecrow. - in his mid-twenties jumped out. "Hattori-san! Are you alright? I heard a gunshot."

Ho? Trying to act like you didn't feel my [Aura] Vampire Without Fangs? Tomomi felt mildly annoyed. En-chan was, after all, one of the children who used to go to the festivals her shrine would host and he wasn't greeting her properly at all. She couldn't hold it against him though, what with how she always kept an act up as if she had grandchildren taking over her role as head shrine priestess.

"I'm sorry I couldn't receive you at the gates, but how did you enter-"

"She's a pureblood obviously!"

She was getting a bit worried, but if Kiryū-san was shouting like that then she had nothing to worry about. Feeling the piercing gaze of someone, she looked up and oh gods above, what did they keep in the water here?! Whoever made that slice of perfection should be sainted! No, awarded with-

"On the contrary Kiryū, she's not." The fine piece of man meat turned her way and graced her with a smile and oh, was it enough to question if she'd died and gone to heaven."Hello Hattori-sama, welcome to Cross Academy. I am the head of the Moon Dorms, Kaname Kuran."

His introduction was enough to send her back to the present and remember her manners. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance as you no doubt know my name is Tomomi Hattori, Kuran-sama. Please take care of me."

Turning back to En-chan and looking at everyone in the clearing, she smiled. "Is there a place I can finish my enrollment process at?"

"Oh! I apologize. Please, right this way." An apologetic, but quite tense En-chan continued.

Ah, he must've realized she was here for more than just continuing their old games, but this atmosphere wasn't fun at all and according to Great-Aunt Anna's old teachings this wouldn't do. "Oh En-chan, such a cold welcome! I would've expected that you'd at least hug your old obā-chan. It seems the young do forget their old frail grannies after they reach adulthood." Tomomi put a chagrined expression on her face and sniffled a bit with her favourite handkerchief to push En-chan on. Peeking at him from the corner of her vision, she saw as realization struck that it was finally his chance to figure out what she was. After all, it seemed Kuran-sama knew as well, so even if he went a bit too far this time he'd still be able to get his answer by asking him.

"Obā-chan?!," En-chan's guard, to an unobservant beholder, fell like a tower of cards to the wind,"I thought your granddaughter took over?"

"Hmph, that flighty child won't be kicking me out of the business so soon." Folding her handkerchief, Tomomi felt her lips lift at the corners as if a string was there to pull them up at the banter.

"But-But you look so young!" Wow, has he gotten better at acting? Really, this made her even more curious about how and what En-chan's been doing in their years apart.

"Are you saying I should look more my age?!" Taking the collective skills she'd earned being the old lady in the street and having weekly get-togethers with the other old coots, Tomomi used her "grandmother" voice. "Kaien Cross, why I never! Your Mother taught you better than to speak ill about people's looks or their age. Shame on you!"

Flinching back from a non-existent slipper, Kaien Cross bowed down deeply to apologize. "S-Sorry, obā-chan! I just meant that you don't look a day over twenty."

Enough of this farce, En-chan knew better than anyone that Tomomi wasn't exactly human. He was one of the kids that asked what she was once upon a time after all. Acting like a child to needle her into giving her answer, really! He should know better that when Tomomi wanted to keep her mouth shut no one would get answers. "Hmph, that's right! But the answer to that is obvious, isn't it, En-chan? When you were a little tyke, what did you ask me then?" She peeked at him from under her lashes, wondering if he'd take the bait.

A spark seemed to light his eyes as the answer he'd been waiting centuries for finally came within his grasp. "What are you, obā-chan?"

"Perhaps Kuran-sama can clear the air?" How much does he know, exactly? Was he aware of what she was? En-chan just gave her the perfect chance to check, so let's take it.

"They're called onmyōji. In plain language, they're what we all know as witches."

Give this guy a prize! Kaname Kuran wasn't just all looks then, he actually knew a part of what she was. He was eerily close to the complete truth though, this makes her wonder how he knows, but never mind that. She needed to handle the reactions of the eavesdroppers quietly trailing behind them for now.

"Impossible! I felt a vampire presence-" Shouted Kiryū-san, ever so determined to point out how vampiric Tomomi was. How cute.

"That's just because my kind can have "presences" too. In fact, it's something of a weapon among us onmyōji. Would you like to see it?" Upending their world with a few choice words and seeing such cute reactions. Man, she couldn't wait until her kind finally exposed themselves. Though that's a bit far off yet. Speaking of those revelations,"Really though, calling us witches, how offensive! We're not all green. We don't all have warts either!"

It would be smart to notice here that she never mentioned they didn't have flying brooms. Neither did she mention she couldn't do magic, but yes, do focus on the fact that she mentioned "not all" of them were green or had warts.

"EH?!" Came a shout from the icy-eyed hottie - or should she call him the cool guy or yuki-otoko? - from the back of the procession En-chan was leading to, what she assumes, would be the headmaster's office.

Stopping, and consequently forcing everyone else to stop, she admonished him verbally for his classless response to the realization "witches" -onmyōji- existed. "Really, is it so shocking that there's more to the world than vampires, vampire hunters and humans? Besides, you already saw, didn't you? Kiryō-san's anti-vampire weapon didn't leave a scratch on me."

"Don't be so harsh on them, Hattori-san. After all, your kind rarely ever allows evidence you exist to be known." Translation,"What the fuck do you think you're doing disciplining my bitches?" Or well, he looks like the type that if he ever spoke plainly wouldn't use "bad" words but well tomato tomahto, the intent was there. Man, I knew his face was too good to be true. He was one of those political types that used double-speak! Was it too much to ask for the world to drop total bishies like this man and have them be all nice and naive?

"I suppose so, my kind don't often show themselves in the first place." She'd give this guy this one, if only to make sure that her first impression on the Night Class wasn't terrible.

"Wait, so Hattori-san is a witch? Which class will you be in then?" Cut in the girl-child from earlier.

Damn, Tomomi really did need them to start getting their names before their nicknames became what she addressed them as out loud. The girl-child, while rude, gave the perfect comment though so she'd let her off as it would allow her to smoothly say,"Well, since everyone is aware I'm not human, I was hoping to get into the Night Class."

En-chan's face became a serious mask. "Why?" Why now? Why reveal everything while she knew there were students trailing behind them instead of a secure room? Man, he was an open book, wasn't he?

"Because I plan on staying here," picking up the pace she whirled around to face the lot of them,"and others of my kind are interested in exposing ourselves like the vamps have, but a lot of us still need proof that it's a viable alternative to hiding." Not to be overly dramatic, but Tomomi gestured with both her arms to the whole school," This school is to be the proof of concept that two differing species can live in harmony. I'm here to make sure everything goes smoothly." More like get some revenge, but no one else needs to know that.