Thought I would re-write this before I started on chapter 2 Tomorrow. I also want to apologize for having writers block for the worst amount of time, I feel like I have not been kind to you guys and I'm sorry

Chapter 1: The New Recruit

Finn watched as Rey floated in meditation in the forest clearing on Ajan Kloss. Rocks floated around her like moons around a planet "Be with me, Be with me" she kept saying to herself. Finn knew who she was talking about, the various generations of Jedi knights that came before her including her master, Luke Skywalker the famous Jedi knight whose disappearance was the reason he and Rey had met. Suddenly Rey opened her eyes "Did you meet them?" Finn asked with excitement "I did, I spoke with Master Luke and another Jedi named Obi-Wan Kenobi" Rey said as she descended to the forest floor and the rocks fell to the ground "What did they say?" Finn asked "They told me about my destiny, to defeat the First Order and bring balance to the force, stuff like that" Rey replied as she walked up to Finn "Am I in your destiny?" Finn said with a sly smile "What do you think?" Rey responded and then kissed him on the lips. It was no secret to anyone in the Resistance that Finn and Rey were in love with each other. "Come on, we should get back to base, let General Organa know how your training went" Finn said.

It had only been a year since the Resistance had set up a base in the vast cave network on Ajan Kloss with only a handful of survivors from the battle of Crait, but now the base was bustling with activity. Finn and Rey walked among the various ships that dotted the airfield underneath the rainforest canopy "It's amazing how far we've come since Crait" Rey said to him "Yeah" Finn replied. Rey could tell his mind was elsewhere "Is something wrong?" she asked "No, not really" Finn said. Rey looked at him, she could tell he was lying "Okay fine, there is something" Finn said "You're still thinking about him, aren't you?" Rey said. Finn knew that she was talking about Kylo Ren, the new supreme leader of the First Order. A year ago he asked Rey to join him in leading the Order, an offer that Rey had told Finn she had secretly wanted to accept "Why do you think he is worth saving? He's a murderer" Finn said "And the Son of General Organa" Rey replied "Ben is worth saving" she added. Finn hated it when she called him Ben, his real name "Stop humanizing him" Finn said with a hint of anger in his voice. Rey looked at Finn with shock "Coming from the person who was once a stormtrooper, I know of the terrible things that they have done" Rey snapped back "Yeah, but-" Finn said but stopped as he saw that many of the people on the base were looking at them arguing "We should probably stop" he said as Rey then realized the same thing "Fine, but this is not over" she responded.

"So how did it go?" Leia asked Rey "Fine, I was able to talk to Luke" Rey replied. The old woman smiled at her, Luke was her brother and Rey's former master and the fact that Luke was helping Rey even in death meant a lot to her "Hopefully with this training you can help us defeat the Order" another voice said. Rey turned to see Lieutenant Connix walking towards the command center "After all, you are the best fighter here on base" she added. Rey sighed, she knew Connix was right, many in the Resistance were hoping her training was over soon because they wanted her in the fight, not training to be ready to fight. Suddenly an alarm on a holo computer went off "What's that for?" Rey asked "That is our ship detector, it does that when an unknown ship enters orbit" Connix said nervously "Pull up the video feed" Leia said. Rey pushed a few buttons on a holotable and pulled up footage of S-161 Stinger XL ship coming out of hyperspace "Who is that?" Rey asked. Suddenly the radio comlink went off "Ajan Kloss base this is the Manticore requesting permission to land, over" a voice on the radio said "This is general Leia Organa of the Resistance, state your business Manticore" Leia said sternly "I wish to join your army General" The voice on the other end said.

The throng of Resistance soldiers watched the Manticore land and the gangplank extended. When the door opened a young man with a brimmed hat and a brown overcoat appeared along with an animal with grey fur and a long lower jaw with a tusk at the end of it. "Howdy" the young man said as he walked down the gangplank "Name's Cole Ryder, and this is my trusty Anooba, Thrack" the young man said causing the Anooba to bark. Suddenly people began to move aside as a voice said "Coming through" and "Scuse me". Cole watched as a young man in a white shirt appeared from the crowd "Poe Dameron" Cole said to the man "No way, Cole Ryder! You son of a bitch!" Poe said as he embraced Cole "Never thought I would see you again" Poe added. Thrack then bounded up to Poe and wagged his tail like crazy "Hey Thrack, how have you been boy?" Poe said as he petted the Anooba. Suddenly Poe's droid BB-8 appeared and without warning Thrack took off after him causing BB-8 to flee "Thrack, No! BB-8 is not a toy!" Cole said as he sprinted after his pet. When Cole finally caught up with Thrack he was rolled over and was being petted by a young woman and a young man "There you are, bad Anooba, you know better!" Cole said as he walked towards Thrack "He's fine, he just thought BB-8 was ball" the young woman said "I'm Rey" she added as she got up from petting Thrack "Cole Ryder" he said as he shook her hand "I'm Finn" the young man said "Good to meet you guys" Cole replied "Welcome to the Resistance" Finn added.

"So Cole how do you know Poe?" Finn asked as he helped Cole unpack in the room that general Organa had given him "Him and I go way back" Cole said as he put one of his bags down "We used to be quite the team of spice runners back in the day" Cole said. Poe looked like he was about to explode when he heard what Cole said "You were a spice runner?" Rey asked "And you were a scavenger!" Poe retorted "Poe Dameron, spice runner" Finn said jokingly "And you were a stormtrooper, I could literally do this all damn day!" Poe said angrily. Cole then walked up to him "Hey, I get it, we did things that I'm still not proud of to this day" Cole told Poe "At least I had the courage to get out first" Poe replied. Then a young woman with black hair entered the room "General Organa needs you guys ASAP" the young woman said "Thanks Rose, tell the general that we will be right there" Rey said with a smile. Cole looked at Rey and her friends "Well shall we?" he said "Thought you were going to unpack" Finn said "It can wait, I want in on this mission" Cole said with a smile.