I finally have a new chapter out for this story! Before you read I just want to say that I have never done a LGBT couple in a story before and I hope that the couple I pick for this story does not offend the community. Anyway I thought I would clarify the context of this story, this is a prequel to a Rise of Skywalker rewrite I am going to do with the characters from this story. I will tell you that the sequel to this story will NOT include Palpatine, but Exegol will be in the story (And also in Titans of the Force, which is not connected at all to this story). Also I plan to explore Finn being force sensitive in future chapters, which is actually cannon because JJ said that the thing Finn was trying to tell Rey but never got to in Rise of Skywalker is that he was force sensitive (Something that will come into play in two other stories I plan to do in the future). Okay enough of my chattering, back to the action!

Chapter 2: The New Mission

"So what is the situation?" Cole asked General Organa as he entered the command center with Poe, Finn, Rey, Rose, and Thrack in tow "We have intercepted communications from the planet Zeffo" Leia said "First Order?" Finn asked "No, it's something else" Leia said. Finn shot a confused look at Leia "What do you mean?" Finn asked "The communication is from an old Imperial outpost" Leia replied "And what is so important about that?" Poe asked "Zeffo is home to the ruins of an ancient force sensitive civilization, The communication sent out was to let the Empire know that the troops stationed at the outpost found something of great value to Palpatine" Leia said "We need to get to Zeffo and find whatever the communication was talking about before the First Order does" Rey said "I was going to say that" Leia replied with a smile.

"I wish you didn't have to go" Connix said to Rose as she packed her gear for the mission "Same here Connie, but you know Leia" Rose said as she put a thermal detonator in her satchel. If Rose Tico had any secrets it was that she and Connix were a couple, only Leia and her late sister Paige knew that she and Connix were romantically involved, despite everyone thinking that her and Finn were secretly a couple behind Rey's back. Connix then handed Rose her EL-16 blaster "Promise to come back" Connix said before she let go of the weapon causing Rose to laugh a little "I will" she replied. Connix then leaned in and kissed Rose on her lips "I love you Rose" Connix said "I know" Rose replied.

"So ever been to Zeffo?" Finn asked Cole as he worked on his IQ-11A sniper rifle "No, I've heard of it though, been told the mountains are a sight to behold" Cole replied as he finished his blaster "It doesn't feel right though" Cole added. Finn looked at him nervously "What do you mean?" he asked "That outpost has been abandoned for 30 years, and all of a sudden it starts transmitting, doesn't that sound suspicious to you?" Cole said. Thrack barked in agreement "I will admit you have a point, but what if it is a legit transmission?" Finn replied. Cole sighed as he put his DL-18 pistol in its holster "If it is, I owe you an apology" Cole said with a smile "Let's go Thrack!" Cole added and the Anooba bounded off after him.

Rey sat in the cockpit of the Falcon alongside Chewbacca, her Wookie first mate "Ready for another adventure?" She asked him. The Wookie growled in agreement "Same, I just hope we get to Zeffo in time" Rey replied with a hint of nervousness in her voice. The fact that the ruins were of a force sensitive civilization peaked her excitement, but it also caused her to worry. If the item they were after was of force sensitive origin the First Order and Kylo Ren would also be looking for it, and Rey did not want to have another run in with Kylo. You have no place in this story, you come from nothing, you are nothing Ren had told her during their last encounter on board the Supremacy and those words still stuck with her. "All set?" Finn said causing Rey to snap back to reality "Yeah, Zeffo, here we come" Rey said as she started up the Falcon and the ship took to the air.