Main Cast

Jamie Lynn-Spears as Zoey Brooks

Paul Butcher as Dustin Brooks

Sean Flynn as Chase Matthews

Victoria Justice as Lola Martinez

Christopher Massey as Michael Barret

Erin Sanders as Quinn Pensky

Matthew Underwood as Logan Reese

Guest Cast

Drake Bell as Drake Parker

Miranda Cosgrove as Megan Parker

Christopher Murray as Dean Rivers

Jessica Chaffin as Coco Wexler

Josh Peck as Josh Nichols (cameo)

Yvette Nicole Brown as Helen Dubois (cameo)

"I can't believe my birthday is finally here." Dustin said.

"I can't believe you're 15." Zoey said.

"Next year you'll get your license." Michael said.

"Happy birthday Dustin." Drake said.

"Happy birthday." Logan said.

"Happy b-day little dude." Chase said.

"Happy happy birthday." Lola said.

"Happy birthday Dustin." Quinn said.

"Thanks guys." Dustin said.

"Dustin I'm here." Megan said.

"Oh perfect. Thanks for coming." Dustin said.

"No problem. Happy birthday." Megan said.

"Thanks." Dustin said.

"Drake." Megan said.

"Megan." Drake said.

"So Dustin how old are you now?" Megan said.

"15." Dustin said.

"You're 15?" Megan said.

"Yeah." Dustin said.

"I'm 15 1/2. I'm older than you?" Megan said.

"It looks like it." Dustin said.

"I hope it's not weird." Megan said.

"You guys are only 6 months apart. It's nothing to worry about." Zoey said.

"Yeah." Michael said.

"Well okay then. I have something for you, Dustin." Megan said.

"What?" Dustin said.

"This." Megan said.

(Megan and Dustin kiss)

"Here Dustin have come cake." Zoey said.

"Thanks Zoey." Dustin said.

"Dustin." Dean Rivers said.

"Yes Dean." Dustin said.

"Your parents wanted me to give this to you for your birthday." Dean Rivers said.

"Oh okay." Dustin said.

"What did mom and dad give you?" Zoey said.

"They gave me a check for $100 and a Pear Watch." Dustin said.

"That's a good gift." Drake said.

"Yeah." Lola said.

"Be careful with the Pear Watch. They break easy." Megan said.

"She's not wrong. I broke 4 Pear Watches by accident." Michael said.

"Enjoy your gift. Happy Birthday. Also Megan is it?" Dean Rivers said.

"If you tell me that I look like Carly from , I'm going to scream." Megan said.

"No I was going to say you look like this girl that used to go to school here. Paige Howard." Dean Rivers said.

"You do look like Paige." Logan said.

"Yeah." Quinn said.

"Do I really?" Megan said.

"You actually do." Lola said.

"Here I'll pull up a picture." Zoey said.

(Zoey shows a pic of Paige)

"Wow." Megan said.

"Drake you don't happen to have another sister do you?" Quinn said.

"No I only have two siblings." Drake said.

"Well technically Josh is our step sibling." Megan said.

"Whatever." Drake said.

"Okay I got to get to my office. Stay out of trouble. Yeah I'm talking to you Logan." Dean Rivers said.

"Ohh." Chase said.

"Burn." Michael sad.

"That was cool mom and dad got you that Pear Watch." Zoey said.

"Yeah." Dustin said.

"Do they really break easy?" Drake said.

"Oh yes. After I broke my 4th one, I just got a Pear Book instead." Michael said.

"Don't you have a phone?" Megan said.

"Yes but it's Sumsun." Michael said.

"Michael those phones break easy." Drake said.

"I know. I broke 3. When I got my 4th one, I got a case too." Michael said.

"Hey Dustin happy birthday." Coco said.

"Thanks Coco." Dustin said.

"Hey Josh wants to video chat. Hey Josh." Drake said.

"Hey Drake. I heard it's Megan's boyfriend's birthday." Josh said.

"It is. I'm 15 now." Dustin said.

"Wait Megan you're older than your boyfriend?" Josh said.

"By 6 months." Megan said.

"That's not weird." Josh said.

"Exactly." Drake said.

"Well happy birthday Dustin." Josh said.

"Thanks Josh." Dustin said.

"Josh break time is over. Get back to work." Helen said.

"I have 15 minutes." Helen said.

"I don't care. Do you want to keep your job?" Helen said.

"Fine I'll get back to work." Josh said.

"Good." Helen said.

"Bye Drake." Josh said.

"Bye." Drake said.

"Dustin I have to get back to San Diego." Megan said.

"Okay." Dustin said.

"Happy birthday." Megan said.

"Thanks." Dustin said.

(Megan and Dustin kiss for 10 seconds)

"Bye Dustin." Megan said.

"Bye." Dustin said.

"Did you have a great birthday, Dustin?" Chase said.

"Yes I did, Chase." Dustin said.

"If you need help setting up your Pear Watch I can help you." Zoey said.

"Thanks Zoey." Dustin said.

"Happy birthday Dustin." Zoey said.

"Happy birthday." Quinn said.

"Happy birthday." Lola said.

"Happy birthday." Michael said.

"Happy birthday." Logan said.

"Feliz Cumpleanos." Chase said.

"Happy birthday." Drake said.

"Thanks guys." Dustin said.

Hope you enjoy this. Note: Although this is a partial crossover with Drake & Josh, the only Drake & Josh characters that really appear are Drake and Megan. However Josh and Helen do make a cameo appearance.