The Nightmare

The cold breeze blew the thin curtains away from the window, revealing the shinning full moon and the shadow of uninvited guest … Doflamingo.

Princess Viola gasped in fear as she noticed the mighty frame of the crazy Warlord leaning casually against her window's frame.

" Fufufufu .. Did you miss me, princess?" hummed the blond noble.

"How did you get out of the Impel Down? " Asked the terrified royalty.

"I am not here to chat about my escape plans; I am here for an offer "answered the Warlord, as he, daringly, stepped down the window and walked into the room.

Viola took a step back, anticipating his mad actions. "What offer?" she managed to speak in her shaky voice.

" I want you to become a pirate and join my crew " replied the noble , as his mighty frame towered over her . He cupped her face in his ample hands and squeezed her cheeks " I want your devil fruit powers."

" N .. No way " replied Viola weakly.

" Fufufufu .. as if you have a choice " laughed the maniac king. " I will destroy every dear to you , if you thought abot rejecting my generous offer." Continued Dofalmingo with threat in his voice.

Viola knew he was capable of re destroying her homeland and killing her family. The mere idea of him escaping Impel Down was a proof he is strong enough to do what he threats.

" If I accept your offer , would you promise to never return to Dressrosa again ?" asked Viola sadly.

" I don't want this country anymore." His answer was simple, she knew he wasn't lying.

" Then I accept it " she replied .

" Good " replied Doflamingo with a wide grin across his noble face. " Then we have to seal this deal " he continued as he licked his lips.

Viola gasped when she realized what he meant, as his rough hand traced the humps of her regal body . She wanted to protest but he tightened his grip around her cheeks , making it harder to breathe.

" Scream and I will rape you as you watch your country burn" threatened the Warlord once more.

Tears rolled down her cheeks as she surrendered her body to the lustful king , who was now enjoying her body roughly.

She laid in silent tears as she agonized with his thrusts and moves, she couldn't tell if it was her dignity or body that aches more at the moment.

He knew no mercy , not towards anyone . A mad man like him wouldn't think twice about taking away everything she loves. His threats were real.

Viola chocked on her trapped screams, no one knew what was happening to her now, and Doflamingo knew well he would enjoy raping her and she wouldn't dare let out a breath without his permission.

Once he was done with her, he grabbed her by the hair and threw her out of bed " Go clean up " he ordered firmly as he relaxed in her bed " We should leave now" . Continued the king.

" Yes , Young Master " she answered in a muffled tone . The agony in her heart was now killing her. She wondered if she will ever be saved … again. She wondered if this nightmare will ever end... Again.

A/N: A sad one-shot of how I see Viola x Doffy . Not a pairing I support but it was requested and I thought why not … Not the romantic type of pairing stories , but couldn't think of another scenario for these two . Hope you enjoy it….. R&R please :* 3