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A dying Issei Hyoudou can only stare up at the darkening sky and press his hand onto the hole in his stomach so he can try and stop the blood from spilling out of it. Even with his feeble attempt to stop the flow of blood, Issei realizes that he's going to die. There's simply too much of his blood spilling out of his body so he'll be lucky to be alive for another few minutes.

And to think, he is dying because he went out on a date with some sort of Demon.

At first, Yuuma Amano seemed like a sweet and shy girl, but it's only now does Issei realize that it was nothing but a persona. For the entire date, she acted like any other highschool girl, but it was only when she and Issei were alone in the park did she reveal her true persona as a Demon. In a moment, she changed from a sweet girl to a sadistic Demon who transformed into an erotic dominatrix outfit. During Yuuma's transformation into her Demon form, Issei got to see her bare breasts and can tell by that one glance that they are very soft and bouncy.

Knowing that he's not going to be touching Yuuma's breasts and die as a virgin only worsens Issei's already terrible mood.

So distracted with the pain, Issei doesn't notice a pamphlet he got from someone earlier fall out of his pocket. On the pamphlet is a summoning circle which glows a bright red, indicating its activation.

All of a sudden, a red magical circle appears beside the dying form of Issei and from it, Rias Gremory appears, although Issei doesn't realize who it is, due to being delirious from losing so much of his blood. All he sees is a head of long, beautiful red hair.

Rias Gremory smirks down at the dying Issei as her Devil wings emerge from her back. "If you're dying, I'll take you" she stated with a knowing look in her eyes.

While this is going on, a hidden figure watches the events take place from high in the sky above the park.

"Hmm, it looks like I won't be able to take in the Red Dragon Emperor unless I want to reveal myself" said the floating figure, but they then shrug their shoulders. "No matter. He is of no importance to our goal anyway."

Knowing that the Gremory heir will be reincarnating the dying Red Dragon Emperor to join her Peerage, the figure hums to himself as a tear in reality opens right behind him. The figure then turns around and walks into the darkness of the tear which closes right behind him.


In an endless void of darkness, there lies a large stone table which is seemingly floating in the empty void. The stone table has thirteen sides to it with thirteen stone thrones positioned in front of each side of the table. Surrounding the stone table and thrones are thirteen massive stone Gates with each one standing behind one of the thrones. Displayed on the front of the Gates are one of thirteen different symbols that indicate which Gate it is. Floating in the centre of the stone table is a glass orb that's the size of a basketball. The orb seemingly has no actual purpose other than to float in the middle of the table.

Each of the stone thrones is empty, except for one which is filled by a young man who stands just above six feet, has spikey blonde hair which reaches his shoulders, blue eyes that seem to glow in the endless darkness and he has a slight tan which indicates that he spends some time out in the sun. The young man adorns a dark blue robe which has white outlines and has a symbol of an open eye in a circle on the front of the robe. The same symbol can be seen etched on the front of the Gate which is positioned behind his own throne. Under the man's robe is a simple black shirt and combat pants with the figure finishing the outfit with a pair of dark brown boots.

The young man has his eyes closed and appears to be thinking, but his thoughts are disturbed when a tear in reality opens up beside his throne. From the tear, a bespectacled man of average height steps out. The man has long blue hair which is bunched up into a ponytail by a golden brace and it hangs past his right shoulder, reaching up to his chest. The man also has a pair of alert red eyes which look at everything coldly. The man's attire comprises of a simple pair of dark dress pants and a white collared dress shirt which is completely buttoned up with a blue tie that is hanging from his neck. Over this, he adorns a blue trench cost with a white border which is fastened with a long belt.

This man is Invel Yura and he is a member of the Thirteen Gates and is the Gate Guardian of Ice.

( Invel Yura - Fairy Tail )

Invel steps to the right side of the seated man and offers a slight bow. "Apologies, but I have failed to retrieve the Red Dragon Emperor, sir."

The man opens his warm blue eyes and chuckles at Invel. "I figured that when I didn't see him with you, Invel. And how many times have I told you to call me Naruto?"

Invel doesn't reply and simply stares at Naruto with a strict expression to show that he won't change his mind.

Naruto sighs over the strictness of his Gate Guardian of Ice and waves his hand. "Fine, give me your report."

Invel nods his head. "Of course, sir. As ordered, I spent the past week observing the current Red Dragon Emperor and I believe that I have come up with an accurate account of what kind of person he is."

"And? What is your opinion of the current Red Dragon Emperor?" asked Naruto, studying Invel's expression, but the man's expression remains as strick as ever, giving nothing away. Still, he's curious to know about the current Red Dragon Emperor as he has met a few of them in the past, including a few previous White Dragon Emperors. On one occasion, he had to deal with the two Dragon Emperors at the same time after one of their constant battles interrupted his research in Brazil. He didn't want to kill the hosts of the Two Heavenly Dragons, but they wouldn't stop their squabbling and even tried to kill him when he attampted to intervene. With no other choice, Naruto gave the two hosts a quick death and went back to his research.

"He's perverted, weak and naive" said Invel as bluntly and cold as Naruto would expect from the Gate Guardian of Ice. "He doesn't even realize what he contains inside himself. The same can't be said for the Fallen Angels and local Devils who have all been watching him."

"I take it that it's because of them that you couldn't retrieve the Red Dragon Emperor" stated Naruto, knowingly. While disappointing to hear that the current Red Dragon Emperor doesn't realize the Sacred Gear inside of himself, Naruto is curious over what might have caused Invel to fail his task. The Gate Guardian of Ice is a perfectionist at heart so there must have been a good reason for him not to complete his mission.

Invel nods his head in confirmation. "Indeed, sir. One of the Fallen Angels used the boy's naivety to get close to him before attacking. She left the boy alive, but with a vital injury which surely would have killed him in seconds. I was about to retrieve the boy, but just as the Fallen Angel left the area, the Gremory heiress teleported beside the injured boy. As I am not to reveal myself, I had no other choice but to retreat. It's very likely that the Gremory heiress has already reincarnated him into her Peerage. I believe that was her plan all along."

"What do you mean?" asked Naruto, although he has an idea on what Invel is referring to.

Invel pushes up his glasses. "I find it very hard to believe that both the Gremory and Sitri heiresses have failed to notice the Fallen Angel presence in their territory. With their focus on the Red Dragon Emperor, they should have noticed the Fallen Angel who were closing in on him. Since neither have done anything to remove the Fallen Angels, I believe the Gremory heiress had planned to wait for the Fallen Angels to make their move on the Red Dragon Emperor before swooping in to reincarnate him into her Peerage. This would make it so the Red Dragon Emperor becomes very appreciative to her for saving his life and quickly accept his new role as her servant" Invel explained to his leader.

Naruto nods his head in understanding. "That's something I would expect from the Devils. They might claim that they're better then what Humans see them as, but they are still Devils. They still fall to the Seven Deadly Sins" he said, knowingly.

In all his time walking the planet's surface, Naruto has met a lot of Devils and killed nearly as much of them. Naruto doesn't care much for the three Biblical Factions, but if he is to choose any one of them that he dislikes the most, it would be the Devils. The current Satans may be trying their best to change everyone's views of the Devils, but Naruto has seen enough of them do a lot of bad things because they fell for the Seven Deadly Sins. It wouldn't surprise him if the Gremory heiress could have saved Issei before his murder, but chose not to so she can swoop in and place him into her Peerage without his consent. Naruto thinks it over for a moment before he shrugs his shoulders. "In the end, it doesn't matter. Failing to recruit the Red Dragon Emperor isn't that important anyway, especially when they haven't been trained yet." Naruto looks up at the Gate Guardian of Ice. "What of the other Gate Guardians?"

Invel raises his right hand and a blue magic circle appears over it. From the magic circle, a clipboard appears and drops down into Invel's open hand. Looking over the clipboard, Invel begins reading off of it. "It appears that everything is going ahead of schedule. Those of us who aren't gathering followers are remaining low."

Naruto smiles over hearing the report. "Good. We can't have too many followers."

Invel doesn't exactly agree. "But sir, isn't there more of a chance of other Factions discovering our organization if we were to expand?" he asked, curiously. Surely, one of the Pantheons would discover them if they continue recruiting others to join the Thirteen Gates.

The Thirteen Gates are an organization which Naruto created thousands of years ago and over the years, he has recruited many powerful individuals from all over the world. The most powerful members are known as the Thirteen Gate Guardians who have all been found and trained by Naruto himself. Each of the Gate Guardians are assigned with gaining their own followers who they are to keep control of and train. Some of the Gate Guardians, like Invel, prefer to not have followers, but that hasn't stopped the others from scouring the globe for followers of their own. Even with all their power, the Thirteen Gates have remained a secret to all the other Factions and Pantheons. Naruto has made certain of that as recruiting the Thirteen Gate Guardians would have been impossible if the other Pantheons began getting too nosy for their own good. While the Thirteen Gates have members in the hundreds, only the Thirteen Gate Guardians know what their true goal actually is.

Naruto is happy to see that Invel's mind is remaining as sharp as it did when he found him two hundred years ago. "True, but that has always been the plan. For thousands of years, I have worked hard to make this organization into what it is now and I believe it's time to reveal ourselves to the world." Naruto waves his hand to stop Invel from interrupting him. "I'm not saying we start shouting our names from the rooftops or go looking for a fight, but there will no longer be any need to keep ourselves secret to the other Factions or Pantheons. We have more than enough power to defeat any who dare oppose us. I'll be informing the rest of the Gate Guardians of this as well" said Naruto, not out of arrogance, but out of confidence.

Invel accepts his leader's reasoning with a nod. In his many years of walking the planet, Invel has yet to meet anyone as wise and intelligent as the leader of the Thirteen Gates, Naruto Uzumaki.

The Gate Guardian of Ice can still recall the first time he had met the leader of their organization. It was roughly two hundred years ago and he was merely an orphaned child who was travelling from town to town in Canada, during the War of 1812 between America and Britain. With no memory of having a family, Invel has spent much of his childhood stealing food and shivering in the cold, snowy alleys while doing his best to avoid the war going on in the country. On one particular day, a powerful snowstorm swept across the small town he has been living in and his young body has been unprepared for the unbelievable cold of the piling snow. With no roof over his head and no way to fight against the cold, Invel was sure he was going to die that day. Thankfully, he did not as Naruto came across his shivering body before he could perish to the cold.

Naruto had taken in the impoverished child and provided him with warmth, food and a roof over his head. At first, Invel was suspicious of Naruto, having witnessed the depraved acts humans have done to one another throughout the war. However, Naruto wasn't insulted by the distrust and instead, told Invel he was smart to do so. After Invel was fed and fully warmed, Naruto decided to reveal to him his true identity as a Mage. At first, Invel believed Naruto to be insane, but that changed when Naruto conjured up fire and water from thin air. At the time, Invel was in awe, but after having calmed down, Naruto explained to Invel that the Immortal Mage could see a lot of potential in him and that he was willing to train Invel. With no family, friends or life left for him in the town, Invel agreed to study under Naruto and learn the secrets of magic.

Ever since then, Invel has learned to control the cold that use to make him suffer so much and he has dedicated his now immortal life to make Naruto's goal a success.

"Anyway, I would like for you to keep tabs on the Red Dragon Emperor" told Naruto to Invel who quirks his right brow slightly to show his surprise.

"Really, sir? I thought we agreed that the failed recruitment of the Red Dragon Emperor isn't of much benefit, especially now that he has likely been reincarnated into a Devil by now" asked Invel, curiously.

"And that hasn't changed, but even though the current Red Dragon Emperor has been turned into a Devil, the Fallen Angels will still likely go after him." Naruto places his left hand on the stone table and starts tapping his index finger against it. Every tap causes the stone table to somehow ripple like water. "I am quite curious about these Fallen Angels. Usually, they aren't as bold as to sneak into Devil territory, especially when the Devils in question are the younger siblings of the current Lucifer and Leviathan."

"Maybe it isn't boldness, but idiocy?" pointed out Invel, but Naruto shakes his head in disagreement.

"I don't believe so. These Fallen Angels may be planning something interesting and it might involve the Red Dragon Emperor. With how lax the Gremory and Sitri heiresses are, the Fallen Angels won't have any problem moving across their territory" said Naruto as a grin slowly stretches across his face.

Invel notices the grin on his teacher's face. "A point of weakness, sir?" he asked, knowingly.

Naruto nods and stops his tapping of the table. "I believe so. Keep watch over the Red Dragon Emperor as I'm sure the Fallen Angels will reveal themselves to him soon enough. Also, make sure to keep an eye on the heiresses and their Peerages. Who knows, we might find something interesting enough to poke our noses into."

Invel cross his left arm across his chest and bows. "I will do my best, sir" stated the Gate Guardian of Ice before he turns around and walks through another tear in reality he just opens.

Left to himself in his personal dimension, Naruto's grin drops from his face as he stares at the floating orb in the middle of the table. The orb appears normal, but Naruto's eyes can see the tiniest of cracks on the orb. The crack is so small that it's almost invisible to the naked eye, but not to Naruto who finds the sight of the crack very worrying.

"It won't be long now."


It turns out that Naruto is right to having Invel continue his watch over the Devils, especially the Red Dragon Emperor, Issei Hyoudou.

As expected, Rias Gremory has reincarnated the Red Dragon Emperor and has made him into her Pawn. What Invel finds surprising is that while Issei has now become a Devil, his skill in magic is abysmal at best. Obviously, the Red Dragon Emperor isn't suppose to suddenly become a master in using magic just because he has become a Devil, but the fact his magic power is so low that he can't even perform a simple teleportation spell is embarrassing. What's even worse is that the Pawn can't even awaken his Sacred Gear yet.

While the Red Dragon Emperor struggles with performing his Devil duties, Invel spends some time studying the Gremory and Sitri heiresses so he can get a read on their skill set and power levels. What he discovers is very disappointing.

Rias Gremory's Peerage has the most potential between the two, but at the moment, their skills and power are nothing short of embarrassing. It doesn't take much for Invel to figure out that they all rely too heavily on the specific skills granted to them by their Evil Pieces and they don't even attempt to try and fix their weaknesses.

Being Gremory's Knight, Yuuto Kiba is faster than anyone else in Gremory's Peerage, but due to him focusing on his sword skills and speed, he is weak in both defense and durability. Invel can tell that a strong enough blow would wipe out the Knight easily enough. What does catch the attention of the Gate Guardian of Ice is that he can see a hidden bloodthirst in the Knight's eyes. The Knight may hide it under the mask of a kind smile, but Invel can see through it with ease and wonders what caused such hatred to dwell within the Gremory's Knight.

Gremory's Rook, Koneko Toujou relies on the strength that's provided to her by her Evil Piece. Due to that, she is strong in both strength and defence, but lacks speed so a fast enough opponent would make short work of her. She is another curiosity for Invel as he can sense that the Rook is a Half-Devil hybrid, but he can't figure out what the other half of her species is. He can tell that she's a Youkai of sorts, but he isn't sure what type.

Gremory's Queen, Akeno Himejima appears to be the Peerage's main magic caster. Like Kiba, she seems to be more fragile than others and likely focuses on using her magic at a distance, instead of using it up close. Just like Gremory's Rook, she is also a Half-Devil hybrid, but this time, Invel can sense what the other half of the Gremory's Queen is. Invel wonders how the Gremory heiress managed to get a Fallen Angel to join her Peerage.

Rias Gremory is similar to her Queen in that she appears to prefer using her magic to fight in a distance so she doesn't have to fight in close quarters. While she may be a High-Class Devil, Invel is disappointed at the average amount of magic power he can sense within her. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that the Gremory heiress is only a High-Class Devil because she is the heiress of one of the remaining 32 Pillars. Her pedigree might also be a reason why she doesn't seem to care about improving her own skills and the skills of her Peerage.

Unlike Gremory's Peerage, Sitri's own Peerage doesn't have the same quality as Gremory's own members, but she makes up for it by having quantity and unlike Gremory, the Sitri heiress has proven to train her Peerage. While they still aren't anything special, Invel can tell that a battle between the two Peerages would most likely end with the Sitri's own Peerage winning.

After studying the two heiresses and writing them off as not important, Invel focuses most of his attention on the Red Dragon Emperor who seems to be constantly finding himself in trouble. Not long after being reincarnated as a Devil, the Red Dragon Emperor is once again attacked by another Fallen Angel and he would have died again, if not for the timely intervention of Gremory who was accompanied by her Queen and Rook.

Soon, he's attacked by yet another Fallen Angel, but to Invel's slight surprise, Issei manages to awaken his Sacred Gear, the Boosted Gear and defeat the Fallen Angel, if only barely.

After a few days of watching the Red Dragon Emperor, Invel decides to look around the town and search for the Fallen Angels himself so he can discover what their goal is. It doesn't take him long to find the headquarters of the group of Fallen Angels and it's no surprise to him that it's an abandoned Church.

"I can sense several individuals within the church" thought Invel, although he does note that a majority of them have very weak presences. Only four of them seem to have some magical power, but it's all just below average. "Likely the Fallen Angels. The weaker members must be stray exorcists" he thought, knowing that stray exorcists tend to join up with Fallen Angels after being kicked out of the Church.

Since he has already found the location of the Fallen Angels and has no reason to remain hidden, Invel decides to walk in and find out the goals of the Fallen Angel himself.


Inside the church, the Fallen Angels can be found conversing with one another.

"So that blonde bitch is the one, Raynare?" asked the tall and voluptuous woman, Kalawarner who is referring to the unconscious nun who is laying on the floor by their feet. The Fallen Angel is still annoyed with having to retreat after having faced against the reincarnated Red Dragon Emperor, but promises to herself that she'll get a chance to kill him after their goal is complete.

The leader of the small group of Fallen Angels and stray exorcists, Raynare smirks down at the unconscious body of Asia Argento. Just recently, she had found the nun hanging around with Issei Hyoudou and forced her to come back to the church, but not before stabbing Issei in the gut again with another spear of light. "This is the one. She holds the Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing and soon, it'll be all mine" stated the Fallen Angel, smirking at the idea of getting the powerful Sacred Gear for herself. It'll require Raynare to rip the Sacred Gear out of the nun, thus killing her, but it's not like she cares.

Both Kalawarner and the gothic Mittelt chuckle evilly while the only male Fallen Angel, Dohnaseek turns to the church's closed doors and frowns. "Do any of you feel that?" asked Dohnaseek, noticing something strange going on.

His question stops the chuckling between Kalawarner and Mittelt and has Raynare turn towards the doors as well. The leader of the group frowns as she figures out what Dohnaseek means. "Now that you mention it, has it gotten colder all of a sudden?"

Just as Raynare finishes her question, the double doors of the church opens up and a lone man walks into the building. All the stray exorcists which are sitting in the pews immediately stand up and quickly take out their light swords and pistols which are loaded with light bullets.

"It's freezing!" hissed Mittelt who wraps her arms around herself to try and fight off the chilly breeze which has suddenly blown into the church. She even wraps herself with her wings so to try and fend off the cold.

It isn't only Mittelt who is feeling the sudden chill in the air as the temperature in the church seems to have severely dropped down. Everyone from the stray exorcists to the Fallen Angels are now shivering from the intense cold. Frost can be seen stretching along the walls and floor of the church.

Dohnaseek tries to ignore the cold and glares at the man who has just entered the church. "He's the cause of this, I know it" he thought, knowing that the person who just walked into the church is the one responsible for the intense chill. The Fallen Angel waves his arm towards the blue-haired man. "Kill him!"

The stray exorcists don't need to be told twice and immediately attack the intruder with either their light swords or guns.

Even with all the stray exorcists attacking him at the same time, Invel Yura remains completely calm while keeping his hands folded behind his back. The Gate Guardian of Ice is more focused on the Fallen Angels who are gathered at the other side of the church. "Only one set of wings each? I guess I was expecting too much from them" he thought with a disappointed frown when he notices the number of wings from each of the Fallen Angels.

Just as the stray exorcists all charge at Invel, the temperature in the church drops down in an instant. Everyone widens their eyes and before they can do anything, a white mist quickly envelops the church.


Outside the church, a recently healed Issei Hyoudou is hiding behind the nearby forestry with Yuuto Kiba and Koneko Toujou while scouting out the enemy territory. "So this is it, huh?" asked Issei as he looks over the church where the Fallen Angels are keeping Asia.

Kiba nods and narrows his eyes at the church. "It makes sense that the Fallen Angels would hideout in an abandoned church."

Issei nods in agreement, but the stone-faced Koneko frowns. "Something isn't right" she said, catching the attention of her fellow Peerage members. "I can smell Fallen Angels, but the smell is faded. And there's someone else in there as well. A... human?" said Koneko, tilting her head in confusion.

"That's Asia!" stated Issei who attempts to run up to the church, only for Kiba to pull him back behind cover.

Koneko shakes her head. "Not Asia. This human is male."

The revelation of an unknown Human being inside the abandoned church has Kiba frown in confusion. "Perhaps its a stray exorcist?" he asked, thinking of the crazy exorcist Issei encountered before.

However, Koneko shakes her head again. "No, exorcists generally all smell the same, but this person smells different. Smells too minty."

Koneko has the best senses among the Peerage so Kiba trusts her instincts, but he can't understand why an unknown Human would be in the church. "Maybe he's working with them. Or he could be another hostage" he thought, but prepares himself for what he might find in the church.

Koneko steps out of the forestry and stops in front of the church doors. Both Kiba and Issei walk up behind her and wait for Koneko to do her thing. Raising her foot, the Rook kicks open the church doors, easily breaking through the wooden doors. Once she does so, a mist blows out of the church and into their faces, surprising them all and it causes them to cross their arms across their faces.

"It's cold!" exclaimed Issei, holding himself so to warm himself up from the cold mist.

Once the cold mist fades away, Kiba and Koneko drop their arms from their faces so they can see what's inside the church. What they see has all three Devils gape in shock.

The interior of the church has been completely frozen solid. Everything from the floor to the ceiling is covered in solid ice, but what's even more surprising are the several stray exorcists which have been completely frozen solid.

"The stray exorcists... they've been frozen solid" stated Kiba in surprise. He may not care that they've been killed, but he's confused over who could have frozen them and the church. "Even their swords of light have been frozen!" he thought in further surprise. Freezing the complete interior of the church is one thing, but Kiba can't comprehend how someone could have managed to freeze actual holy light!

"Did the Fallen Angels do this?" asked a confused Issei.

"No" replied a calm, but shivering Koneko who points to the other side of the church.

Kiba and Issei turn to the other side of the church and are surprised to see four frozen statues with wings coming from their backs. It doesn't take long for them to realize that the frozen statues are the Fallen Angels.

And standing in between them is a blue-haired figure who has their back turned to them.

Immediately, Issei summons his Boosted Gear to his left arm, Kiba summons a blade using his own Sacred Gear, Sword Birth and Koneko raises her fists in preparation for a battle. "Who the hell are you and what have you done with Asia?" demanded Issei, glaring at the back of the man.

For a moment, nothing happens until Invel slowly turns around, revealing himself to the Devils, although Issei is more focused on the unconscious woman in his arms.

"Asia!" Issei shouted before glaring cold murder at Invel. "Let her go!"

With a facial expression colder than even Koneko's, Invel looks at the Devils before him. "No, I don't think I will."

This proves to be the wrong thing to say as Issei charges at Invel while rearing his left arm back.


"Promotion: Rook!" declared Issei, promoting himself to a Rook so he gains the Rooks enhanced strength.

Invel doesn't attempt to move as he watches Issei move in to attack him. Once Issei is close enough, Issei throws his fist at Invel who raises his right arm to block the punch while using the other to hold up Asia. Once Issei's gauntlet-covered fist makes contact with Invel's open palm, a small shockwave occurs which blows away a cold mist. However, Invel manages to easily block the punch, as shown with how Issei's fist is in Invel's open palm, having done absolutely no damage to the Gate Guardian.

Issei grits his teeth as he tries to overpower Invel with his physical strength, but it appears to be fruitless. While Invel may look lanky, his physical strength proves to be more than enough for him to hold back the inexperienced Red Dragon Emperor.

[Boost!] [Boost!] [Boost!]

Even after doubling his power three more times, Issei isn't any closer to overpowering his opponent. In fact, it doesn't look like his boost did anything, due to how easily his opponent seems to be able to hold him back.

"Is that all the Red Dragon Emperor can do?" asked Invel who surprises Issei with the fact he knows who Issei is. Before Issei can ask him how he knows that, Kiba appears beside Issei and swings his sword at Invel who easily jumps away in time to avoid the attack.

Just as the Gate Guardian of Ice jumps away to a safe distance, Koneko lifts one of the church's pews and throws it at Invel. Invel sees the incoming object and with his free hand, he catches the thrown pew which instantly freezes upon his touch. A second later, the frozen pew shatters and disperses into tiny particles, surprising the Devils. "If you wish to take the nun from my possession, you must try better than that" stated Invel who wants to test the Devils or rather, he wants to test the Red Dragon Emperor.

"Give Asia back, now!" roared Issei as he charges at Invel. He throws another punch, but this time, Invel steps to the side to avoid the attack and for a split second, Issei sees his opponent's cold facial expression change into a disappointed frown. That's just before Invel thrusts a lone finger into Issei's chest who is then suddenly thrown backwards into one of the frozen walls of the church.

In a burst of speed, Kiba appears behind Invel and thrusts his sword towards his back. However, Kiba is caught off guard when Invel not only manages to turn around, but also catch his sword in between two of his fingers in a split second. All the while, he is still holding onto the unconscious body of Asia with one arm.

"You're fast, but I've seen faster" Invel stated, unimpressed with the Knight. Invel has sparred many times with his fellow Gate Guardians and one of them specializes in speed. In fact, their speed is so impressive that they can cut down a hundred enemies in a split second. In comparison, Gremory's Knight may as well be moving in slow motion.

Kiba glares at his unknown opponent and tries to pull back his sword, only to realize his sword won't budge. "Is this the Human Koneko mentioned?!" wondered Kiba who is starting to realize that they might be out matched against whoever the unknown man is. It further solidifies that they are outmatched when Invel instantly freezes Kiba's blade. The Devil would let go of the frozen sword, if not for his hands being stuck to the frozen sword as well. Invel let's go of the frozen blade, allowing a screaming Kiba to drop down to his knees as he suffers from the pain of having his hands frozen alongside his blade.

Just after he defeats the Knight, another Devil attacks Invel. This time, Koneko charges at Invel from the side and while kicking off the ground, she thrusts her fist and lands a powerful punch to the left side of Invel's face.

At least, that's what she thought.

Koneko remains impassive, even after scoring a punch to the man's face, but her expression finally shifts when she realizes that her punch didn't do anything to her opponent who is looking right at her, even with her face planted to the side of his face. "I punched him with all my strength and he didn't even flinch?" thought Koneko in shock. With her Rook strength, she can break boulders and bend steel!

It's only now does Koneko notice that her fist hasn't actually managed to make contact with the side of her opponent's face. Instead, her fist has punched a small, but powerful magic circle which is floating an inch away from Invel's cheek, protecting him from the blow.

Faster than Koneko can react to, Invel deactivates the defensive magic circle and grabs the Devil's outstretched arm before he throws her into the row of pews which break apart upon Koneko being thrown into them. "Is this all you Devils can do? I must say, I am disappointed" said Invel, attempting to rile up his opponents so he can further see what they can do. Obviously, no matter what they do, they won't be able to defeat him for he's severely suppressing his magic power and they still haven't managed to harm him. If he's to guess, he's using around 2% of his complete strength.

"Give her back."

Blinking, Invel turns towards Issei who has managed to pry himself out of the frozen wall he threw him in. The Red Dragon Emperor is shaking from the cold as pieces of ice are clinging to his clothes and skin, but Issei remains standing, although on shaking legs.

Invel is somewhat impressed by that, but he remains cold. "And what will you do if I don't, Red Dragon Emperor? You do not possess the strength necessary to take her from me."

This doesn't stop Issei from taking a step forward. "Then I will borrow the strength."

Invel looks at the young Devil, strangely. "Borrow it? From who?" The Gate Guardian looks over at the two other Devils in the church. The barely conscious hybrid is leaning against the frozen wall she smashed into, while the Knight is only now starting to get use to the pain in his frozen hands, but its obvious he won't be able to continue fighting. "From these two?" he asked, referring to the two weakened Devils. True, they do have higher magic power than what the Red Dragon Emperor has at the moment, but it's just still only average. Even if the Red Dragon Emperor combines his magic power with his allies own, it still wouldn't be enough to defeat him.

"No. From Lucifer" replied Issei, panting in exhaustion.

Invel is starting to wonder if the Red Dragon Emperor had hit himself in the head too hard after crashing into the wall. "You are going to borrow strength from Lucifer?" he asked, wanting to make sure he heard him right.

Even more strangely, Issei grins as tears begin to drip from his eyes. "I am a Devil, aren't I? I can't pray to God, so I'll pray to Lucifer instead. Just this once, Lucifer, please give me the strength needed to beat this prick!" pleaded Issei, raising his Boosted Gear over his head.

While unimpressed with the name calling, Invel looks on in curiosity as the Red Dragon Emperor's power begins to rise all of a sudden. From Issei's back, a pair of Devil wings emerge while the gauntlet on Issei's left arm glows a bright red before it shifts. The once small red gauntlet actually increases in size and now covers most of Issei's arm while a green beam of light shoots up from the green gem on it.


"How odd. I didn't expect him to grow in strength that quickly" thought Invel, watching as Issei's power continues to rise. "From what I recall, strong enough emotions can play a big part in increasing the strength of Sacred Gear users. He must really care for the nun."

Invel looks down at the unconscious nun who is the reason for all this trouble. He could just give her to the Red Dragon Emperor and stop this farce, but Invel knows that if he does so, the Gremory heiress would very likely turn her into a Reincarnated Devil. Invel may be cold, but he isn't cold enough to let an innocent nun be changed into a Devil by another's greed. "Besides, her Sacred Gear can prove useful to the Thirteen Gates" he thought, having already decided to have her join the organization. Having interrogated the Fallen Angels before killing them, Invel already knows about Asia's Sacred Gear and its ability to heal wounds. Such an ability can prove quite useful for the organization.

Once the green light fades from the gauntlet's gem, Issei runs at Invel again and with all his power and emotions, he throws his left fist at Invel with everything he got.

Only for Invel to block the gauntlet again with his open palm, just as easily as he did so before. A more powerful shockwave than before occurs from the collision and shatters all the frozen windows in the church, but in the end, Invel is still able to hold back Issei's punch, easily.

Issei's eyes widen in horror when his empowered punch is stopped once again. "No..." he whispered.

"You've surprised me, Red Dragon Emperor. Not many can admit to having done so, but you are now one of them. Be proud of that. Still, it's about time I leave" said Invel and with the slightest of pressure, Issei is thrown backwards and slides on his back across the middle of the church before stopping by the front doors.

From the open doors of the church, a bolt of lightning shoots out towards Invel who summons a magic circle in front of himself to block the attack. The Gate Guardian looks unimpressed as he gazes at the Gremory heiress and her Queen who had attacked him.

Rias and Akeno had teleported to the church, expecting to be needed to kill a few Fallen Angels, but instead, they come across a frozen church with Issei, Koneko and Kiba beaten, but not by the Fallen Angels.

Rias glares at the unknown man while Akeno has a flirtatious smirk on her face. "Who are you and what are you doing in my territory?" she demanded with all the power and intimidation that her position requires of her.

Being the gentleman that he is, Invel crosses his free arm across his chest and offers a small bow. "I am Invel Yura of the Thirteen Gates, Lady Gremory and for what I'm doing? I am retrieving this one" he said, referring to the unconscious nun in his arm.

"Thirteen Gates? I've never heard of them before" thought Rias, but she continues to glare at the man as a red aura covers the Gremory heiress while she emits her Power of Destruction. "You will do no such thing. Stand down now before I am forced to destroy you" she exclaimed. From beside Rias, Koneko unleashes her own power which covers the Queen in a layer of lightning.

Issei pushes himself up from the floor and smiles at the sight of his King and Queen who are ready to save the day. "Buchou..."

Others might find themselves intimidated by the aura of the Gremory heiress and her Queen, but Invel is not so easily intimidated. In fact, the power levels they're releasing is pitiful in comparison to Invel's own. "I'm afraid I cannot do that, Lady Gremory. I must return with my cargo in hand so if you'll excuse me." Invel doesn't wait and opens a tear behind him.

"How!? I have placed a barrier around the church" Rias wondered how Invel manages to use a form of teleportation while inside her barrier, but she remains focused on trying to make sure the intruder doesn't escape. Both Rias and Akeno raise their arms, preparing to unleash spells on the intruder's back to either stop him or kill him.

Only for an overwhelming amount of magical pressure to be dropped down onto their shoulders. The overwhelming power is so great that Rias and Akeno immediately cancel their spells and collapse to the floor in a heap. The already weakened Issei, Koneko and Kiba quickly fall unconscious under the pressure and from the fading vision of Rias and her Queen, they can tell that they're going to be following their lead soon.

"Let this be a lesson for you, Lady Gremory. There will always be those who are much stronger than you" told Invel who is no longer surpressing his magical power. As it is a requirement to be one of the Thirteen Gate Guardians, Invel possesses a gigantic amount of magical power which supposedly rivals that of a Super Devil, but because of that, he has to suppress it so he won't attract any unwanted attention from other Factions or Pantheons.

For the Gremory heiress and her Peerage who have no experience in battling any actual powerful opponents, they stand no chance in remaining conscious under the pressure of his magical power. As expected, Gremory and her entire Peerage fall unconscious after experiencing his magical pressure for a few seconds.

With the Gremory heiress and her Peerage dealt with, Invel steps into the tear and appears back into the Void, leaving behind a group of defeated Devils.


Again, Invel finds Naruto sitting on his throne, seemingly having not moved since the last time Invel met him, but he knows better than that. Naruto's body may be sitting on the throne, but his soul could be anywhere. Invel knows that when bored, Naruto tends to remove his soul from his body and travel around with no one the wiser. It may leave his body vulnerable, but those who know Naruto also know that it won't matter.

Luckily, Naruto is in one piece as he turns to greet the Gate Guardian, but he looks at the unconscious young girl in Invel's arms, curiously. "Oh? And who's this, Invel?"

Invel lifts up Asia so Naruto can get a better view of her. "A nun that had been excommunicated from the Church after she used her Sacred Gear, Twilight Healing to heal an injured Devil. The Fallen Angels were preparing a ritual so they could steal her Sacred Gear for their own gain."

"Hmm, that doesn't sound like something Azazel would approve of. From what I gather, he has managed to change his ways ever since the end of the Great War" remarked Naruto, tilting his head in thought.

"These Fallen Angels were operating outside of Grigori's command. Their leader simply intended to steal Twilight Healing for herself" answered Invel, having interrogated the Fallen Angels for information before killing them.

"Makes sense. Still, it's a surprise that you found the wielder of the Smile of the Holy Mother" said Naruto, saying the other name for the nun's Sacred Gear. "While not unique, it is a rare Sacred Gear which can heal most wounds. If she manages to unlock and master her Balance Breaker, she can prove to be quite a boon for our organization. What is her name?"

"If I remember correctly, her first name is Asia" answered Invel.

"And she's unconscious because...?" Naruto waits for Invel to answer before he can pass judgement. If he saw anyone else walking around with an unconscious teen girl in their arms, he would have to hurt that person very badly.

"The Fallen Angels put her in this condition by the time I arrived" answered Invel, slightly quicker than normal upon noticing the tone his teacher and leader had begun to use. After years of studying under him, Invel has learned the mannerisms of Naruto and knows the tone that his mentor uses when he's getting mad.

Naruto releases a sigh of relief. "Good. For a minute there, I thought you had just kidnapped an innocent nun from the streets. You know what he would do if you did that" he said, tilting his head in the direction of the Gate which has the symbol of an open book which appears to have light emerging from the book's pages. The Gate that Naruto is referring to is the Gate of Light.

Invel nods in agreement, knowing that the Gate Guardian of Light wouldn't appreciate them forcing a nun to join their organization. He has killed people for far less.

"Find a quarters for her and inform him so he can speak to her himself when she wakes up. If there's anyone that can convince her to join, it's him" told Naruto and Invel nods before stepping through a tear, leaving Naruto alone once again.


Slowly, Rias opens her eyes and finds herself looking up at the ceiling of her bedroom. Confused over why she's in bed, Rias suddenly pushes herself up when she remembers the events that took place in the church. Once she pushes herself up, the Gremory heiress groans as a headache suddenly hits her hard. "Ooh, my head" she moaned in pain.

"Nice to see you finally awake."

Rias turns to the owner of the voice and sees her friend and rival, Sona who is glaring at Rias with her arms folded across her chest. "Sona? What happened?"

"What happened is that you got way over your head and could have gotten yourself and your entire Peerage killed" told Sona, sitting down on the comfortable chair beside Rias's bed.

Rias widens her eyes. "My Peerage?" she asked, worried for their condition. She remembers that Issei, Kiba and Koneko appeared to be injured when she and Akeno arrived at the church.

Sona raises a hand to stop her friend from panicking. "They are injured, but alive."

Hearing that her Peerage is alive helps Rias to control her breathing. "Thank Lucifer for that."

"I wouldn't be thanking him just yet" remarked an unhappy looking Sona. "Koneko has sustained two broken ribs and a concussion while Issei has a couple of bruises. They're being tended to at moment and should make a full recovery in a day" she said, having a few members of her own Peerage help with healing the injured Devils. "Kiba on the other hand is going to need a week of care if he's hoping to wield a sword again."

"What happened to him, Sona?" Rias asked, concerned for her Knight's health.

Sona sighs and pushes her glasses up. "Kiba's hands had been completely frozen onto one of his swords by the unknown assailant. If we had found you all a few minutes later, it would have been likely that Kiba would have lost the use of his hands."

Rias widens her eyes at the implications. "Kiba could have lost his hands?" The thought of her Knight being maimed has Rias glare at the wall, picturing it as the face of the blue-haired man who beaten her Peerage members. Remembering what he told her at the church, Rias turns to Sona. "Sona, have you ever heard of the name, Invel Yura or of the Thirteen Gates?"

Sona frowns in thought. "No, I don't believe I do. Neither names are ringing any bells. Why do you ask?"

"That's the name of the man who attacked my Peerage and the organization he's apart of" answered Rias, wishing that he would show up so she can turn him into dust.

"I can speak to my sister and ask if she knows anything. I find myself very curious about this Invel character myself" stated Sona as she folds her arms and leans back in her chair. "I was talking to your Peerage members a while ago and what they told me has caught my interest. Specifically, Invel's race and power level."

Rias's imagination of killing Invel comes to a halt once she recalls the last few seconds of her interactions with the Invel character. She remembers the moment an unbearable amount of magic power was released, saturating the very air itself with magic. The sheer amount of magic power she felt in that church has a cold shiver crawl up Rias's spine. "He could have killed me at any moment" she thought and it frightens Rias that she could have been killed so easily.

Sona doesn't miss out on Rias's scared expression. "By the terrified expression on your face, I'm guessing that what they said about Invel's magic power is true." Sona makes a thinking posture and stares at the floor. "That is troubling and only adds to the mystery of who this man is and what the Thirteen Gate organization are."

Taking a deep breath, Rias looks at Sona. "What did you find out from my Peerage?"

"Only that Invel uses Ice Magic, has an incredibly high amount of magic power and to my further disbelief, is a genuine Human" Sona answered back.

Rias gapes at Sona in disbelief. "Human? There is no way that... whatever he is, is a Human!?" declared Rias. She knows that there are Humans who can use magic or have Sacred Gears, but none have she ever found that could wield such a godly amount of magic power. The pressure of Invel releasing it was enough to make Rias fall unconscious so no, she can't believe that person was an actual Human.

Sona nods. "I would usually agree with you, but this information comes from Koneko."

Now this perplexes Rias. Koneko has exceptional senses and she would know what a Human smells like. If she says someone is a Human, then they must be a Human. "But this doesn't make sense. No Human could be able to possess that much magic power" Rias thought, trying to figure out the mystery which is Invel.

"Upon your request, I ignored the Fallen Angel presence in our territory, but I cannot ignore the fact an unknown Human with incredibly high magic power has managed to sneak inside our territory, kill four Fallen Angels and twelve stray exorcists, defeat three of your Peerage members and vanish into thin air. I'm going to need to contact our siblings" stated Sona, standing up from her seat.

Sona's statement has Rias stand up from the bed and try to pull Sona back. "Sona, you can't! If you tell Sirzech's what happened, he'll force me back home!" pleaded Rias.

Sona looks back and glares at Rias. "And is that a bad thing? If we inform them, they can investigate this Invel character while we and our Peerages can remain safe in the Underworld."

"You know I can't go back. Not while..."

Sona sighs, knowing that her friend is still trying to get out of her arranged marriage with Riser Phoenix and it's not like Sona can't blame her. Riser Phoenix is a scumbag of the highest order, but the only way Rias can get out of the arranged marriage is by beating Riser in a Rating's Game. If they do return to the Underworld, Rias will not have the necessary freedom to gather anymore Peerage members and worse, they might push the date of the Rating Game sooner. Rias may have a unique Peerage, but they are not ready to battle Riser and his experienced Peerage.

Sona pushes her glasses up so she can rub the bridge between her eyes. "Fine. I'll ask my sister for information on Invel Yura and the Thirteen Gates, but not anything else." Just as Rias sighs in relief, Sona raises a lone finger. "But, if an incident like that happens again, I will not hesitate to inform your brother of what is going on" threatened Sona and Rias nods in understanding.

"Thank you, Sona."

Sona shakes her head and walks out of the room. "Don't thank me yet."


Asia stirs before finally opening her eyes. The nun blinks in confusion as she gazes up at the unfamiliar ceiling. Remembering what had happened before being forced into unconsciousness by Raynare, Asia pushes herself up. "Issei!" she cried, worried for her friend.

"Be calm, child. Your friend is alive and well, but as he is now among those vile Devils, that will remain to be seen."

Asia nearly jumps out of her skin when she hears a sudden voice. A quick glance around the simple room reveals the most intimidating man Asia has ever seen.

Leaning against the wall beside the only door to the room is a tall middle aged man who has short, spikey gold hair, blue eyes, tanned skin and a defined squared jaw with light facial hair. On his left cheek is a large wedge-shaped scar. The tall and imposing man adorns a cassock which has a blue trim and interior, black pants, black boots, a black shirt and white gloves. Asia's nerves slightly fade away when she sees the gold cross dangling from the man's neck, indicating that the man is a follower of God.

"W-Who are you?" asked Asia, who pushes herself against the wall beside the bed she is in. Looking around the room, Asia sees that it's fairly empty with only a lone single bed that she's lying in, a dresser and a small table with a chair.

The tall and imposing man pushes himself off the wall and takes two steps towards Asia, but stays at a respectable distance. While the man's appearance is quite intimidating to Asia, the man offers a gentle smile to the nun which eases her. "Be at peace, child for I am a friend to all those who follow the word of God, unlike those Angels who have Fallen to sin. My name is Alexander Anderson and I am the Gate Guardian of Light, but more importantly, I am a loyal follower of the Almighty Lord."

( Alexander Anderson - Hellsing Ultimate )

"Alexander Anderson? That name sounds familiar" thought Asia, feeling like she heard that name from somewhere before. Hearing that he's a follower of God somewhat eases Asia's worries, but she remains with her back pressed to the wall. "Are you a priest or maybe an exorcist?" With his attire, it's the only two options she can think of, although she would figure him to be an exorcist first, due to his intimidating appearance.

Asia's question has Alexander chuckle. "I guess you could say I am a bit of both, lass. No better way to spread the will of God then by either preaching or by killing those vile Devils." Noticing the exiled nun shaking, Alexander raises his arms to placate her. "No need for fear, lass. There's no one here to harm you. In fact, we brought you here to ask for your help."

Asia looks over the intimidating priest in confusion. "My h-help? Help who?"

Alexander smiles down at Asia, finding her innocence to be quite refreshing. Just by looking at her, he knows that she is a loyal follower of God so he finds it frustrating that the Church was so quick to exile her, just because a Devil tricked her into healing him. How can they blame the kind and innocent young nun for being tricked by the Devil. "Young lass, God has led us both to the doorsteps of the Thirteen Gates so we can do his will" said Alexander, spreading his arms out. "A threat intends to destroy all that the Lord has created and as a loyal follower, I refuse to allow the threat to bring harm to the Lord's creation."

Asia looks at Alexander in confusion. "W-What threat could do that?"

"A threat far worse than any Devil, lass and I ask you to help us defeat it."


Naruto watches as his Guardian of Light emerges from a tear and awaits for the news.

"She's in" stated Alexander.

"That's surprising. With her friendship with the Red Dragon Emperor, I expected her to wish to return back to him" stated Naruto, although he doesn't look too surprised.

Alexander let's out a laugh. "She is a loyal follower of God. She wouldn't dare go back to that Devil once I explained to her the goal set out by our Lord."

Naruto can somewhat understand that. While he may have created the Thirteen Gates himself, it was with the help of the Biblical God who is the only other being who understood the enemy which threatens the destruction of everything. "God would be proud to see how loyal his followers are."

Alexander's eyes turn somber for a moment as he thinks back to how he learned of God's death. Being such a devout follower, it struck Alexander hard, but he remains a loyal follower of Christianity, even if it's Arch-Angel Michael who is the one that is now running the Church. "I am taking her for my group. I'm sure you don't mind."

Naruto waves off the exorcist. "I was going to insist that anyway. There's no other group better for her to join. Although, I do recommend bringing her to the Familiar Forest. She doesn't strike me as the type who knows how to defend herself so finding her a Familiar may help in that regard."

Alexander grins at his leader. "I was thinking the exact same thing" replied Alexander before opening a tear beside himself and walks into it.

Alone in the little dimension, Naruto looks up at the endless darkness above him and smiles.

"I wish you were here to help, old friend."


Thirteen Gate Members:

1) Gate of ?: Naruto Uzumaki

2) Gate of Ice: Invel Yura

3) Gate of Light: Alexander Anderson

4) Gate of ?: ?

5) Gate of ?: ?

6) Gate of ?: ?

7) Gate of ?: ?

8) Gate of ?: ?

9) Gate of ?: ?

10) Gate of ?: ?

11) Gate of ?: ?

12) Gate of ?: ?

13) Gate of ?: ?

Author's Note: Power level wise, the Thirteen Gates are beasts as each member have power that rival that of a Super Devil. However, there are four members which are known to be stronger then the rest and yes, Naruto is one of them.

Naruto will be very OP in this fic, which is why he won't be doing much fighting till later, but there will be incidents which will show his strength. For this character of Naruto, I am basing him off of a mix of Merlin from Seven Deadly Sins and Zeref from Fairy Tail.

If you have someone you would like see as a Gate Guardian, PM me cause I don't read reviews. There are five spots which have not been filled yet.