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Clicking his tongue in annoyance, Naruto starts writing in his notebook. "Test #34 is a failure. Possibly added too much Dragon scales to the potion" he said to himself, writing down his observations. On the wooden table in front of him sits a large black cauldron which is filled with a purplish liquid which is bubbling and emitting a purple mist.

Putting away his notebook, Naruto moves to clean up the mess and prepare for the next test, only for a bright white light to appear behind him. Naruto deadpans, since he knows that there is only one person in the entire world who knows the whereabouts of his lab. Dropping his head with an exaggerated sigh, Naruto turns around and folds his arms while leaning against the wooden table. "So what can I do for you today, God?"

Standing before Naruto is a young man with icy blue eyes and white hair which is brushed back. The man's entire attire consists of nothing but a pure white cloak which covers all of his body, except for his head. None would expect this person to be the Biblical God himself.

God smiles at Naruto. "Can't I just visit an old friend?" asked the Creator.

Naruto scoffs at the Biblical God. "Don't play coy with me. You only show up when you want something from me so spill it. What do you want?" If any of God's followers were to see Naruto talk to their God with such disrespect, they would very likely attempt to lynch him.

God opens his mouth to answer, only to tilt his head when he notices the black cauldron which is emitting purple gases behind Naruto. "Naruto, that wouldn't happen to be the Black Cauldron, would it?" The reason the Biblical God asks is because he knows that the Black Cauldron is a Demonic relic which can be used to create an army of the undead. Knowing what Naruto does in his pastimes, it wouldn't surprise the eternal being.

Awkwardly, Naruto coughs into his fist and with a wave of his hand, opens a portal beneath the Black Cauldron which sucks it up before closing. "Cauldron? What cauldron?"

The Biblical God does not look amused, but focuses on the reason for why he's in Naruto's lab. "I came here to tell you the news before you find out for yourself. War has been declared between Heaven and Hell."

Naruto covers his face with his right hand and shakes his head. Personally, Naruto doesn't really care if the Angels and Devils start killing each other, but their war will likely interfere with his research. "Did it really have to come to this?"

God looks downcast, showing how much it saddens him. "Unfortunately, I have no other choice. Lucifer continues to kidnap Angels and forcefully turning them into Devils. He may be my son, but he must be stopped. Unfortunately, I believe the Fallen Angels will enter the upcoming war as well."

Naruto looks at the God, surprised. "The Fallen Angels? What the hell do they have to do with the war?" he asked, confused. The upcoming war has nothing to do with the Fallen Angels so why would they try to join in on it? Especially when they have the lowest numbers when compared to the Angels and Devils.

"Nothing, but Azazel will see the war as the perfect moment to attack us. It's what I would expect him to do" answered God, honestly.

For a moment, Naruto looks at the Biblical God in annoyance before shrugging his shoulders. "Whatever. Just means more bodies when you're done with them" he said before turning so he can clean up his table.

Admittedly, the Devils have become a force to be reckoned with over the years. Most notably, the 72 Pillars which are the total number of Devil Clans who are known to have unique traits, such as the Bael's Power of Destruction or the Agare's Time Manipulation. Not only have their numbers grown to nearly match that of Heaven's, but the Four Satans are all powerful in their own right, easily matching, if not surpassing the Four Great Seraphs. While preferring the peace of isolation, Naruto has made sure to keep watch over the goings on in Heaven, the Underworld and the Human World. Through his spying, Naruto is made well aware of the power that the Four Satans wield, especially Lucifer who is most definitely the strongest of them all.

However, even with all their power, their plans has a big hitch in it and the Devils don't seem to be aware of it.

That hitch is the Biblical God.

True, the Four Satans are strong and Lucifer is nearing the power to rival a God, but the Biblical God isn't just any God. The Biblical God is the God. The Biblical God outclasses both the Devils and Fallen Angels in sheer overwhelming might. Other than Great Red and Ophis, the Biblical God is literally the oldest and most powerful being in the universe. It would merely take one battle with God for him to wipe out the Four Satans, as well as the entirety of the Devil race in a single moment. The same can be said for the Fallen Angels if they're truly stupid enough to actually involve themselves in the war.

"Naruto, the actual reason I came here is to ask for your assistance" stated God, surprising Naruto so much that he nearly drops a vial that he was picking up from the table. Good thing he didn't cause if the vial did hit the floor, it would cause one hell of an explosion. Naruto may be immortal, but getting your body blown up is never fun.

"What do you need my help for? Last time I checked, you can wipe out the Devils with just a snap of your fingers" remarked Naruto, snapping his fingers to show his point.

The Biblical God looks deep into Naruto's eyes and much to the mage's surprise, he realizes that God actually looks somewhat nervous. "I'm not asking for your help with the war. I'm asking for your help to stop a threat much greater than the Devils or Fallen Angels."

Feeling uneasy, Naruto swallows the saliva in his mouth. He has never known the Biblical God to be nervous before. Not even when Lucifer began creating more Devils to fill his army. "What threat?"

"The threat of Trihexa."


Naruto slowly opens his eyes and finds himself still sitting on his throne. "A dream?" he thought with a frown. Naruto never did think that meeting with the Biblical God all those millennia ago would change his immortal life so much.

Shaking his head to rid of the depressing memories, Naruto looks around the empty void of his pocket dimension, seeing none of his Thirteen Gates which isn't much of a surprise. They usually only use the Void as a meeting place to discuss future plans. "Well then, let's see what's going on in the world" he said before snapping his fingers. Immediately, dozens of mirrors appear in the air around Naruto and through them, Naruto can see what is happening in Heaven, the Underworld and the Human World. "Oh~, what's going on here?" he muttered, dispersing all the mirrors away, except for one which shows him footage from a section in the Dimensional Gap which the Devils use for their Rating Games.

"Even with the barrier protecting everyone within from the effects of the Dimensional Gap, those Devils are taking a big risk. All it takes is for Great Red to fly by and the barrier would shatter in an instant" thought Naruto, knowing how the current Beelzebub placed a barrier in a section of the Dimensional Gap so the Devils can use it for their Rating Games. True, the Dimensional Gap is absolutely massive in size and near infinite, but with how often Great Red likes to perform tricks, there is still a chance that Great Red will come in contact with the barrier and not even realize it. Ajuka Beelzebub may be a Super Devil, but his barrier would shatter like glass if Great Red manages to fly into it.

However, that isn't the reason for Naruto's curiosity.

"The Red Dragon Emperor against a Phenex? How peculiar" Naruto said to himself, watching as Issei Hyoudou squares off against Riser Phenex. Naruto will never understand these Devils and their love for Rating Games, but he does wonder why the Red Dragon Emperor is battling against a member of the Phenex Clan. Usually, Rating Games are fought with two Peerages, not with a single High-Class Pure-Blood Devil and Low-Class Reincarnated Devil.

Naruto watches as the match begins and it starts off with Issei promoting himself to a Queen. "That won't be enough to defeat the Phenex. The Phenex's 'immortality' will make it difficult for the Red Dragon Emperor to do any lasting damage and even then, the Phenex surpasses him in power" thought Naruto, waiting to see how the Red Dragon Emperor attempts to pull out a victory.

Issei's next move somewhat surprises Naruto who watches the Red Dragon Emperor activate his Boosted Gear's Balance Breaker.

"He has managed to unlock Balance Breaker?" thought Naruto before he narrows his eyes on Issei's armoured form. Having experience with previous Red Dragon Emperors, Naruto can tell that there's something not right with Issei's Balance Breaker. "No, it's an imperfect version of the Balance Breaker, but how did he manage to un-" Naruto's eyes widen, marginally before the immortal begins chuckling, mostly in amusement. "So he made a deal with Ddraig. I wonder what did he give up in order to gain that power? With his body not yet ready for Balance Breaker, I can't imagine him being capable of keeping up the Balance Breaker form for long, even if it's imperfect."

As usual, Naruto is correct.

For the next ten seconds, Naruto watches as the Red Dragon Emperor battles the Phenex member. With his analytic gaze, Naruto can tell that the two Devils are now even in power and while the Red Dragon Emperor is less experienced than the Phenex, the Phenex is far too arrogant which is making him careless so the match is somewhat even. That's until ten seconds pass by and the armour surrounding the Red Dragon Emperor disperses.

"So for the cost of an arm, the Red Dragon Emperor was allowed ten seconds to use an imperfect version of the Boosted Gear's Balance Breaker. Any longer and the power would have likely destroyed the boy's body" thought Naruto, waiting to see if the Red Dragon Emperor has anymore tricks up his sleeves. Anyone with a brain wouldn't just run into battle with only ten seconds available to use an imperfect Balance Breaker so Issei must have some sort of contingency plan in place.

It so happens that Issei does have some more tricks to use against the Phenex.

Naruto watches as the Phenex's arrogance gets the better of him and the Red Dragon Emperor uses that to his advantage. Once the showboating Phenex moves in close to the Red Dragon Emperor, Issei throws Holy Water into his face. Holy Water is already painful enough for any Devil, but said water has also been amplified by Issei's Boosted Gear, making its effects even more potent.

Similar to acid, the Holy Water burns the handsome Phenex's face. The Devil cries out in anguish as the amplified Holy Water burns his face and due to the Holy properties of his burns, not even the Phenex's regenerative abilities can hope to heal them. Being in so much pain, the Phenex fails to see Issei move in close until the Reincarnated Devil punches him in the stomach with his Boosted Gear arm which so happens to be holding onto a Holy Cross, further increasing the amount of damage done to the Phenex.

Naruto laughs as he watches the Red Dragon Emperor defeat the Phenex member, not with the overwhelming power which the Boosted Gear usually provides, but with tricks and Holy items.

"What a clever boy he is! To use the same arm he gave up to fight with Holy items is quite ingenious. I say Alexander himself would be impressed, if not for the fact that he's a Devil" stated Naruto, watching as the Reincarnated Devil earn his reward for defeating the Phenex member. Apparently, the whole reason for the Red Dragon Emperor fighting the Phenex member in the first place is so he can call off the engagement between the Gremory heiress and the Phenex Clan member.

"I wonder if he'd be so willing to free her from the engagement if he knew what she did to get him as member of her Peerage" muttered Naruto, finding himself very interested with the Red Dragon Emperor. At first, he didn't see the failure of recruiting the Red Dragon Emperor to be that great of a loss, but with how far he's progressing, Naruto can't help but be interested in the thought of having the Red Dragon Emperor become a member of the Thirteen Gates. Him being a Reincarnated Devil is of no consequence for Naruto and the Thirteen Gates, especially when the members of the organization all vary in species.

"I'll just have to wait and see how far he progresses."


Reluctantly, Asia steps through the tear and finds herself in a clearing inside a strange and creepy forest. "Where are we?" she asked to the person stepping out of the tear behind her.

Once the tear behind him is closed, Alexander Anderson grins as he looks around the forest. "Welcome to the Familiar Forest" he said, spreading his arms out wide. "Usually, only the vile Devils are allowed in here, but luckily for us, we got special privileges." Truthfully, they aren't allowed in the Familiar Forest, but Alexander isn't one who cares much for the rules of the Devils.

"But what are we doing here?" Asia asked, having thought she would be starting her training to get better control over her Sacred Gear. "Is this where I'm going to do my training?"

Alexander looks down at Asia who appears tiny compared to Alexander's height. "Nope, but that isn't a bad idea. We are here so we can find you a Familiar. Since your Sacred Gear is mostly for support and you don't strike me as the fighting type, you will need a Familiar to fight for you. I recommend the Hydra which is rumored to be hiding around here somewhere" remarked Alexander who looks around the clearing with a grin on his face, as if he's expecting the Hydra to pop out from the surrounding forestry at any moment.

"H-Hydra!?" stuttered Asia in terror, knowing about the powerful beast. She doesn't like the idea of having a large, nine-headed beast which spits deadly venom as a Familiar.

Alexander laughs over Asia's scared expression and lightly pats her on the back. "I am just messing with ya. I know you aren't strong enough to have a Hydra as a Familiar. It'd probably eat you up and spit ya out without a second thought."

Asia presses a hand to her chest and sighs in relief. "Thank God."

Alexander chuckles, but without any warning, a bayonet appears in his right hand and is immediately thrown into one of the surrounding trees. Asia's surprised by the sudden attack, but is more surprised when she sees a man fall out of the same tree which now has a bayonet stuck in its trunk.

Even after falling out of the tree, the man quickly recovers and glares at Alexander while shaking his fist. "Hey, what's the big idea with throwing your blades at me!" shouted the man.

Asia finds the man's odd appearance to not match up with his age. While the man appears to be in his sixties or seventies, his outfit is what one would expect a teenager to wear.

Alexander smirks at the elderly man. "If I wanted to hit you, I would have. I just don't care for being spied on, that's all" answered Alexander is complete honesty. The moment Asia and himself arrived into the Familiar Forest, Alexander sensed the Devil hiding in the tree. Obviously, the Devil didn't intend to reveal himself so Alexander did it for him with a well placed throw of his bayonet. "I take it you're the Familiar Master?"

The old man places his fists to his hips and huffs. "That's right. My name is Zatouji and I am the Familiar Master, but what I want to know is what are you two doing, trespassing on Devil territory?"

Alexander smirks. "And how can you tell we aren't Devils?"

Zatouji folds his arms and scoffs. "You two reek of Holy Light. I feel myself nearly burning up, just by being this close to you" he answered before glaring at two. "Now answer my question! What are two members of the Church doing in the Familiar Forest and how did you get here? The full moon isn't even out yet."

"Just looking for a familiar for my friend here. Once we find one, we'll be on our way." Having enough of the Familiar Master, Alexander turns to Asia. "Now, let's get a move on" he said before walking down one direction of the forest.

The Gate Guardian of Light only manages to take three steps before the Familiar Master jumps in his path. "No way am I just going to let the two of you in trespass into the Familiar Forest!" declared Zatouji who summons two blue magic circles which lay on the floor on both of his sides. From the two magic circles, pillars of water shoot upwards into the sky and once they disperse, two female, but muscular beings with long blue hair appear. "Undines, attack!" Zatouji ordered his Familiars. The two Undines let out a loud masculine roar before they jump towards Alexander and Asia.

Asia scream in terror, but Alexander's shows a maniacal grin while his round glasses glint to the light. Just as the Undines are five feet away from the former exorcist and nun, they immediately collapse when a dozen bayonets suddenly materialize throughout their bodies, killing them both in an instant.

Zatouji widens his eyes in shock and horror, seeing his two Familiars be killed so quickly. "I didn't even see them move!" thought the Familiar Master who notices that the two Humans haven't moved a muscle during the time that it took to kill his Undines. There is a possibility that Zatouji's Familiars might have been killed by someone else who is hiding in the surrounding forestry. It's either that or the exorcist somehow moved faster than what the Devil can see, but that's impossible. They might be exorcists, but they're still Humans. Zatouji begins to have second thoughts after he notices a bayonet fall down the exorcist's right sleeve before it's caught in his hand.

Alexander smirks and throws his summoned bayonet at the Devil who dares get in his way. The Devil shows that he's no slouch in fighting by summoning a defensive magic circle to block the bayonet. At least, that is the intended purpose, but the bayonet pierces through the magic circle like as if it's made out of flimsy glass. The Devil doesn't get time to think as the bayonet then pierces through his heart and impales his body to the tree behind him. With a blade through his heart and said blade containing Holy properties, Zatouji dies in an instant.

Ignoring the corpse which is now impaled onto a tree, Alexander pushes his glasses up the bridge of his nose and turns back to the shivering Asia with a gentle smile on his face, a large contrast to the face he made when killing the Devil. "Now, how about we go and find you a Familiar?"

Crocodile tears drip down Asia's face as she stares up at the scary exorcist. "What have I gotten myself into?"


Life has generally gotten back to normal for everyone in the Gremory Peerage, other than Rias being far more affectionate with Issei. In fact, she has recently moved into Issei's home, not that he's complaining.

Tonight, Rias and her Peerage have been tasked with hunting a Stray Devil and they've managed to figure out its location which is inside an abandoned factory. Outside the abandoned factory, Rias folds her arms under her large chest and smirks, confidently. "Issei, Kiba and Koneko will go in and draw the Stray out of its hiding place. Once outside, Akeno and myself will finish it off. Clear?"

"Clear!" everyone repeated before Koneko, Kiba and Issei run into the abandoned factory to search for the Stray Devil, although they all notice that Kiba seems to be distracted about something ever since they all visited Issei's house earlier.

Opening the large door to the abandoned factory, the three Devils enter with Issei holding a hand to his mouth so he doesn't breathe in the dust. "Man, this place really needs a spring cleaning" said the Red Dragon Emperor with a cough.

While Kiba looks down at the floor, seemingly in his own thoughts, Koneko's nose twitches before she nearly gags at the disgusting smell. "I smell something disgusting" she said, turning towards the direction in which the scent is coming from. What she sees is the corpse of the Stray Devil who she has been tasked with killing, lying against the wall on the other side of the factory. "She's dead" stated Koneko who tenses up, figuring out that someone got to the Stray Devil before them.

"Who could've done this?" wondered Issei, walking over towards the corpse. True, he is suppose to help with killing the Stray Devil, but seeing her already dead is somewhat uncomfortable for him. "Did Sona's Peerage get here before us?" he asked, dropping down to his knee so he can inspect the corpse.

Koneko shakes her head while remaining alert. "Not possible. She would have told us if any of her Peerage members came across a Stray Devil."

Issei hums in thought, but notices something strange about the corpse. The corpse itself seems to be rotting, looking like as if the Stray Devil has been dead for months. Even the stench is making Issei gag, causing him to block his nose so he doesn't have to breathe it in. "By the looks of it, she didn't die quickly. Her skin is peeling off, her muscles look like they've been melting and she smells like she has been dead for months."

Koneko furrows her brows in thought. "That can't be. The Stray was spotted just a week ago so why is her corpse so badly decomposed?" she wondered

Just as Koneko is about to call Rias and Akeno, Koneko suddenly hears movement. She can hear the sound of shoes shifting on metal and its coming from... above! "Issei, above you!" she shouted a warning to her fellow Devil.

Issei turns to his fellow Devil in confusion and with his back turned, Issei doesn't see someone drop down from the ceiling above him and land right behind him. However, Issei does feel the kick which hits his back and launches him towards Koneko who catches him. "T-Thanks" groaned Issei, standing back up to his feet with Koneko's help.

"Finally! I've been waiting for you guys to show up for nearly an hour" stated the individual who has a arrogant grin on his face. Issei, Koneko and a surprised Kiba turn towards the unknown man and take in his appearance.

Their attacker is a slim, young man who appears to be in his mid twenties. He has dark tan skin, spikey maroon hair with a tuft covering his forehead and two bangs framing his face, pointy ears and strangely enough, purple slit-pupil eyes, although his right eye remains closed, due to the scar going through it. His attire consists of a white coat with gold lines and fur edges. Underneath, he wears a dark red shirt and sports a pair of black pants and simple brown shoes. They also can't ignore the abnormally large purple snake which is wrapped around the man, almost lovingly.

The man grins at the Devils and Issei grits his teeth in annoyance when he realizes the guy has the same smug grin as Riser. He's even handsome like Riser. "Why am I surrounded by so many handsome pretty boys!?" he thought, raging in thought. First, there's Kiba, then Riser and now the punk who just kicked him!

"For those of you who may be wondering, I go by the name, Cobra and I am a member of the Thirteen Gates" introduced the now revealed Cobra who has yet to take his hands out of his coat's pockets. The large snake which has its head looking over Cobra's left shoulder hisses at the Devils, but quiets down when Cobra scratches her chin.

( X791 Cobra - Fairy Tail )

Upon revealing himself to be a member of the Thirteen Gates, the three Devils tense up even more, recalling the last time they clashed with a Gate Guardian.

"So you're one of those Gate Guardians?" asked Kiba who decides to forget his troubles with the Holy Swords for now and focus on the unknown attacker in front of him. The last time he fought a Gate Guardian, he nearly lost the use of his hands. Kiba summons a blade to his hands and focuses his attention entirely on Cobra so he's prepared for whatever will come his way.

Cobra pauses for a moment and blinks before he begins chuckling. Suddenly, his back arcs backwards as his laughing only gets louder. During Cobra's laughing fit, Koneko discretely summons a communication circle to her mouth and informs Rias about the Thirteen Gates member. After a good few seconds of laughing, Cobra sighs and wipes a tear from his only good eye. "It's been a while since someone made me laugh like that" he sighed before focusing his attention on the Peerage members in front of him. "No, I am not a Gate Guardian, but it is a dream of mine to become one someday. Obviously, not anytime soon cause any one of them could destroy me with ease" answered Cobra, noticing Rias and Akeno who run to their Peerage's sides. "At the moment, I'm just a follower to one of the Gate Guardians."

Surrounded in an aura of her Power of Destruction, Rias glares at the Thirteen Gates member. "So what is a follower doing in my territory?" she demanded, preparing to launch a beam of destruction at Cobra if she sees him move to attack.

Cobra looks at Rias in annoyance and looks like he wants to say something to her, but instead, he shrugs his shoulders. "Actually, I'm here to deliver a message" he answered, taking his left hand out of his pocket to reveal a letter. Cobra throws the letter at Issei who barely manages to catch it. "It's a challenge for the Red Dragon Emperor. If I was you, I wouldn't dare try to reject it. The person who sent it doesn't exactly take no for an answer" stated Cobra, smirking in a knowing manner.

Surprised, Issei looks down at the letter and notices that there are no words, just a strange symbol. The symbol is that of a Dragon's face which has twelve spikes surrounding it and pointing outwards in all directions.

Rias glances at the letter in Issei's hand before glaring back at Cobra. "And who is it that wishes to challenge my Pawn?" she asked, emphasizing how she says the word, Pawn.

Obviously, Cobra notices, but it only makes him smirk in amusement. "The Gate Guardian of Dragon" answered Cobra who is delighted to see all the Devils shiver at the title, even though the Gremory heiress attempts to fake her bravado. Cobra knows that the group of Devils before him had a run in with the Gate Guardian of Ice not too long ago. With the encounter fresh in their memories, they obviously recognize how great a threat a Gate Guardian can be.

"Dragon" muttered Koneko in realization, but everyone hears the Devil and turns to her. "You smell of a Dragon" she stated, finally getting a grasp of what she can smell from the man before her. Usually, she would have picked up that scent before coming into the factory, but there's something surrounding Cobra which is nearly blocking out his Dragonic scent. Whatever the other scent is, it's enough to make Koneko gag in disgust. Now that she thinks about it, the terrible stench also surrounds the Stray Devil's corpse.

However, Issei surprises them all when he scrunches up the letter in his hand before throwing it at Cobra who doesn't react as the ball of paper bounches off his forehead. "Screw your challenge! I don't give a crap about you or your stupid Gate Guardians. For all I care, they can take that letter and shove it up their asses!" exclaimed Issei who glares at Cobra who's own expression darkens. "What I do want is for you guys to give back Asia!" he shouted, showcasing his Boosted Gear which glows.

[Boost!] [Boost!] [Boost!] [Boost!]

"Issei..." muttered Rias who is shocked, but mostly proud with how far he has come. With her eyes on Issei, Rias doesn't see Cobra's expression darken.

"You should learn how to keep your mouth shut, boy. Obviously, you didn't learn your lesson after the last time you dealt with us" growled Cobra who's hair shadows his eyes. The large snake unravels itself from Cobra and slithers away to a safe distance.

Feeling her survival instincts go wild, Rias orders her Peerage to attack. "Mov-" Rias doesn't get far before a powerful aura from Cobra emerges and pushes everyone backwards. Purple wisps of magic swirl around Cobra, flooding the abandoned factory with a disgusting stench. Rias summons her Devil wings to stop herself from being blown into the wall behind her, but she still struggles to push back against the powerful aura. While still powerful, the Gremory heiress definitely doesn't find Cobra's magical power to be as overwhelmingly powerful as Invel's, but it's still much stronger than her own.

Issei grits his teeth and prepares to use his Booster Gear to amplify his strength, but Cobra suddenly appears in front of him in a burst of speed and knees him in the stomach. While the attack is painful, Issei manages to fight through the pain and throw a punch at Cobra, but the man leans his head to avoid the blow, moving like as if he knew Issei would do that. Cobra replies with a punch to Issei's left temple which has Issei drop down to his knees, but strangely enough, Issei doesn't feel much pain from the blow. In fact, the side of his head is starting to feel numb for some strange reason.

[Issei, you've just been poisoned!] Ddraig informed his partner. [I can flood it out, but I need you to-] Ddraig is interrupted when Cobra roughly grabs Issei by his face. With his left eye poking out from between Cobra's fingers, Issei can see that the sleeves of Cobra's coat have melted away, revealing his hands which have transformed into claws with purple scales covering Cobra's arms. From Cobra's scaly arms, a purple mist seeps from them. Not letting that distract him, Issei struggles to get out of Cobra's grip, but he doesn't notice Cobra's dark smirk.

"Poison Dragon Grip Strike!" declared Cobra before he releases a burst of poison into Issei's face at point-blank range. All the fight in Issei quickly dies out when the poison quickly floods into his system. Letting go of Issei's face, Cobra steps away from the Devil who collapses onto his stomach. "I'm not even close to the Gate Guardian of Dragon's level so if I were you, I'd begin training, Red Dragon Emperor. That is, if you want to have the slightest change of defeating him" informed a smug Cobra, ignoring Rias who runs over to Issei's fallen body.

"Issei! Issei!" cried out Rias who flips Issei onto his back. The Devil gasps when she sees the burn marks around Issei's mouth. "What did you do to him?!" Rias shouted at Cobra, glaring at the man's back.

Cobra turns around with a cocky smirk and showcases his scaly arms which are producing a toxic gas. "Your Pawn is suffering from an severe case of poisoning, sweetheart. As the Poison Dragon Slayer, my poison can destroy anything it touches and right now, it is circulating inside your Pawn's body and destroying everything it can touch. I wouldn't worry too much about it, though. With him possessing the Boosted Gear, he should be able to purge the poison from his body" explained Cobra before his smirk widens. "However, that pain from doing so is going to be excruciating."

With tears in her eyes, Rias throws a bolt of destruction at Cobra who jumps away, making Rias destroy the wall behind Cobra instead. "Temper, temper" taunted Cobra who tilts his head to avoid his neck from being pierced by Kiba's blade. Cobra turns to face the Knight and his grin hasn't faltered for even a second. "I heard you~" sang Cobra who delivers a swift kick to Kiba's chest which launches the Knight back, giving Cobra all the space he needs to summon a teleportation magic circle beneath his feet.

"Come, Cubellios!" shouted Cobra, just before the large purple snake slithers from the shadows and wraps itself back around Cobra. "Remember what I said, Gremory. The Gate Guardian of Dragon doesn't take no for an answer. He will come to fight the Red Dragon Emperor so he better be prepared to fight for his life." With that said, Cobra teleports himself and Cubellios away, just in time as Akeno shoots a bolt of lightning at him.

"Missed" muttered Akeno, clicking her teeth in annoyance. A second earlier and she could have fried the arrogant man and his pet snake.

Rias is more focused on getting help for Issei and so, she teleports her Peerage and herself back to Kuoh Academy.


Vali Lucifer can't help but be disappointed in his rival, the Red Dragon Emperor.

During a meeting between himself and Grigori's leader, Azazel, they received a public broadcast from the Devils which showed a battle between a Phenex Clan member and the Red Dragon Emperor. Seeing as Vali is the White Dragon Emperor, he made sure to watch the battle with keen interest so he can get a gauge on the strength of his rival. However, Vali found himself greatly disappointed with the strength of the current Red Dragon Emperor.

Not only can he not activate his Balance Breaker on will, but he had to sacrifice his arm, just so he could use a weaker version of his Balance Breaker for ten whole seconds!

Due to his disappointment in his rival, Vali has decided to take a walk through the park to help clear his head. With it being so late, Vali is left alone to walk through the park in peace.

At least, that's what he thought.

"Poison Dragon's Fang Thrust!"

Vali summons his Sacred Gear, Divine Dividing which takes the shape as a pair of wings made up of blue light and quickly flies up into the air, just as a wave of poison which is shaped as a snake crashes into where he use to stand and explode into a cloud of poison. Once Vali is flying at a safe distance, he narrows his eyes at the small crater where a cloud of poison is eating away at the surrounding grass. Vali turns to the direction of where the attack came from and sees a maroon-haired man who has purple scaled arms, just like a Dragon.

"I take it you're looking for a fight?" asked Vali, feeling some excitement build up inside him. A good fight might just be the thing he needs to forget about how weak his rival is at the moment.

From down below, Cobra smirks up at Vali. "I guess you can say that, White Dragon Emperor."

Vali has a smirk of his own, inwardly surprised by the fact his opponent knows his identity, yet Vali doesn't know who he is. "So you know who I am, yet I don't know of you."

Poison begins seeping off of Cobra as he prepares to battle the White Dragon Emperor. Truthfully, he's only suppose to be giving the challenge letter to the White Dragon Emperor, but after destroying the Red Dragon Emperor so easily, Cobra wants to test out the White Dragon Emperor as well. Cobra can tell that the White Dragon Emperor is on a whole different level than the Red Dragon Emperor. "The name's Cobra and I am a member of the Thirteen Gates."

"Never heard of you" dismissed Vali, having never heard of Cobra or of the Thirteen Gates.

In a burst of speed, Cobra appears above the flying Vali with his left fist pulled back for a punch. "That's the point!" exclaimed Cobra as he throws his punch.

In a near instant, Vali activates his Sacred Gear's Balance Breaker, Scale Mail which covers him in a suit of White Dragon Armour. Once he's covered in his armour, Vali raises his right arm to block Cobra's punch, causing an explosion to engulf the both of them, although it's only Cobra who's blown back. Quickly, Cobra backflips while in midair and lands on his feet.

Vali on the other hand hasn't moved from his spot in the sky, seemingly having blocked the punch with no issue. "Is that all you got?"

[Vali, look at your arm!] shouted Albion to his partner.

Cobra chuckles as he can almost see the confused expression on Vali's face. "I'd listen to your partner, White Dragon Emperor."

"He can hear Albion?" thought Vali in surprise, seeing as he only speaks to his partner through their connection so it should be impossible for anyone else to hear them speak to one another. Deciding to listen to Albion, Vali looks at his right arm and widens his eyes when he sees that a piece of his arm's armour has a chunk missing out of it. Surrounding the missing chunk of armour is a purple mist. "Poison and a strong one at that" he thought in annoyance.

Not one to let something like that slow him down, Vali has the armour around his right arm disperse itself before summoning a new one to replace it, now with no trace of Cobra's poison. "Your name suits your magic, Cobra" stated Vali, glancing at Cobra from below. The White Dragon Emperor aims his arm towards Cobra and gathers magic before firing a concentrated beam of energy.

Cobra gathers his Poison Magic around his hands and swings them upwards. "Poison Dragon's Guard!" he declared, having his poison form a defensive wall in front of him.

Vali is quick to counter. [Divide!] [Divide!] [Divide!]

Cobra widens his lone eye when he sees his wall of poison weaken until there's literally nothing left. With no wall of poison to protect himself with, Vali's energy beam hits Cobra head on, engulfing him in an explosion of white light.

Once the explosion dies down, Vali can see Cobra still standing, although his white coat in practically destroyed and Cobra is in obvious pain. Smirking underneath his helmet, Vali spreads his wings before disappearing in light-speed. The White Dragon Emperor appears right in front of Cobra before throwing a punch to his face.

To Vali's surprise, Cobra actually manages to tilt his head, just in time to avoid Vali's punch. With Vali so close, Cobra punches Vali in the chest and manages to crack his armour. Ignoring the blow, Vali throws a left roundhouse punch which contacts with the right side of Cobra's face. While painful, Cobra uses the momentum of the attack to spin around and claw at Vali who jumps away.

Once he's at a safe enough distance, Vali looks down at his chest and is surprised to see claw marks on his chestpiece. While the armour has protected his flesh from being hit with Cobra's poison, the fact that he is somehow able to cut through Vali's Scale Mail with no trouble is problematic. "Not a lot of people can cut through my Scale Mail, especially not as easily as you can" stated Vali, glaring at Cobra. "Who are you?"

Cobra grins and shows off his poisoned-covered claws. "I am Cobra, the Poison Dragon Slayer" he answered, proudly.

"Poison Dragon Slayer? Is there actually such a thing?" wondered Vali, having never heard of such a title. Yes, there are Dragon Slaying weapons, such as the Holy Sword Ascalon, but he has never heard of someone being a Dragon Slayer themselves.

[Your opponent isn't normal, Vali] informed Albion.

"Obviously" scoffed Vali, but Albion continues.

[Whatever magic he uses, it's capable of bypassing your Scale Mail or rather, it erodes it. It would be wise to retreat for now] said Albion, hoping his partner would listen.

Unfortunately for Albion, Vali is enjoying the rush of a battle, especially against someone who possesses a strange type of magic that is effective against Dragons. "Not yet. I want to see what else this guy can do" stated Vali as he floods himself with more power.

Cobra smirks, having heard the entire conversation between Vali and Albion, due to his mastery over Sound Magic. While he can use Sound Magic for battle purposes, Cobra can also use it to hear the thoughts of everyone, including Sacred Gears like the Boosted Gear and Divine Dividing. "Well, what are you waiting for? Bring it on!"

Vali raises his arm above his head and summons a large ball of energy which is increasing in size. At the same time, Cobra is taking in a deep breath of air, preparing to launch one of the most powerful attacks that Dragon Slayers can make.

However, just as the two are about to unleash their powerful spells, a teleportation magic circle appears between them, showing the symbol of Grigori. Teleporting himself in between Cobra and Vali is none other than the big man himself, Azazel.

"So, this was where you were hiding, Vali" stated Azazel, looking up at Vali who disperses his spell and lowers himself to the floor.

"I wasn't hiding" answered Vali as his Scale Mail disperses into white particles. Vali knows that he won't be allowed to continue with the battle, now that Azazel has showed up to interrupt it.

Once he's sure Vali won't try anything, Azazel turns to Vali's opponent while also making sure to show off his twelve black wings. "And who might you be?" It may sound like he's asking, but everyone knows that it's actually a demand.

Even though he's standing before the leader of GrigorI and the strongest Fallen Angel, Cobra shows no fear as he keeps his grin. "Just a messenger who's here to give your boy a message."

Azazel quirks a brow and looks around the destruction that is displayed around the park. "A message, you say?"

Cobra shrugs his shoulders. "Just wanted to make sure I wasn't entirely wasting my time" he answered before pulling out a letter from his pocket and throwing it towards Vali.

Azazel allows the letter to fly past his shoulder to reach Vali who catches it without taking his eyes off Cobra. Vali looks down at the letter and only sees a strange symbol on it. "What's this suppose to be?"

"A challenge. The Gate Guardian of Dragon has issued a challenge for both you and the Red Dragon Emperor" answered Cobra, noticing Vali tense up at the mention of the Red Dragon Emperor.

Azazel picks his ear with his pinkie, acting a lot less mature for a man who runs Grigori. "Are we supposed to know who this Gate Guardian of Dragon is?" he asked, having never heard of such a person in all his years of being alive.

"I'd be surprised if you did. After all, the Thirteen Gates have been hiding from you all for the past millennia or so" answered Cobra.

The lazy and immature expression of Azazel's disappears as the Fallen Angel now looks a lot more serious. "Thirte-"

Before Azazel can ask, a teleportation circle appears beneath Cobra's beneath his feet. Before the Fallen Angel can stop him, Cobra teleports himself away, leaving a curious Azazel and an excited Vali.

"Gate Guardian of Dragon, huh? I hope he's as powerful as he sounds" thought Vali, gazing down at the strange symbol on the letter.


Within the void, Alexander Anderson steps out of a tear, finding Naruto on his throne, as usual.

"Welcome back, Anderson. I am guessing that you found the young nun a Familiar?" asked a smiling Naruto.

Alexander nods and sits down to his own throne which is seven thrones to Naruto's right. "Yep. Found her a baby Sprite Dragon which took quite a liking to her."

"Really? Those Sprite Dragons are usually known to be untamable" stated Naruto, slightly impressed with the nun managing to get a Sprite Dragon as a Familiar. Sprite Dragons can only be tamed when young and even then, they tend to be difficult to their masters. Hearing that a Sprite Dragon has taken a liking to the gentle nun is an impressive feat.

Alexander has a proud smile on his face. "I'll admit, little Asia was quite a find. I'm going to have to thank Invel the next time I see him" he said with a chuckle.

Naruto interlocks his fingers together. "I'm sure that Invel will appreciate that. By the way, where is the little nun?" he asked, noticing that Asia isn't with Alexander.

"I dropped her off with my followers. Heinkel and Yumiko are more than capable of training the little nun. Once she has improved enough, I shall take over her training" answered a grinning Alexander, fully trusting his disciples to get Asia into fighting condition. While she may prefer to act as support, the battlefield may not allow her to do so. Having her learn how to fight and defend herself may save her life someday.

Having met both of Alexander's disciples, Naruto knows that Asia is in good hands. Both of them are quite skilled and when working together, Naruto predicts that they can defeat an Ultimate-Class Devil. "Good to hear."

Alexander's grin soon fades and the exorcist looks at Naruto with a serious expression on his face. "By the way, I've heard about the pieces of Excalibur being stolen."

"Thats right. Three were stolen, if what I hear is correct."

"And I can make an educated guess and say that you know exactly who stole them" stated Alexander, narrowing his eyes at Naruto. Alexander has learned a long time ago to never underestimate Naruto. The exorcist has seen the immortal mage perform tasks which were once deemed as impossible so he knows that if there's anyone in the world who knows who stole the Excalibur pieces, it would be the man before him.

Naruto smirks over Alexander's accusation. "That I do know. The one who stole the pieces of Excalibur was Kokabiel."

Alexander blinks as he processes that bit of knowledge before he scowls. "Shit."

"Shit is right" agreed Naruto, since it is common knowledge that the Cadre-Class Fallen Angel is a maniac for war. "It wouldn't surprise me if Kokabiel was attempting to use the pieces of Excalibur to try and start a war. With the temperamental relationship between the Angels, Fallen Angels and Devils, it honestly wouldn't take much for a war to break out between them again. All it takes is a specific person to be assassinated and everyone will start pointing fingers at one another." A sudden thought comes to Naruto, making the mage groan. "And I can make a good guess on who he will attempt to kill."

A focused Alexander looks at Naruto. "Who?"

"The heiresses of the Gremory and Sitri Clans. Not only are they one of the few remaining heiresses of the 72 Pillars, but they also happen to be the siblings of two of the Four Great Satans. Their deaths would definitely lead to another war" exclaimed Naruto, knowingly. Unlike the original Four Great Satans, the currents Satans are terribly emotional and would react to the deaths of their siblings by declaring war on both Heaven and Grigori.

Alexander frowns at the thought of another Great War. "Can they protect themselves?"

Immediately, Naruto shakes his head. "Against Kokabiel? No way. They are so weak that it wouldn't surprise me if Kokabiel played with them first before killing them. He was always known to showcase his superiority to everyone who had no choice but to listen."

Alexander looks down at the stone table for a moment before standing up. "If you'll excuse me, I've got work to do." Alexander opens a tear behind him, but is interrupted before he can enter.

"May God be with you, Anderson."

Alexander looks over his shoulder at Naruto. "God is always with me." The exorcist then enters the tear with his destination being Kuoh Town.

Having enough of sitting around, Naruto stands up from his throne. Raising his hands above his head, Naruto stretches and hears his bones crack. "It's time I go get some fresh air."


Thirteen Gate Members:

1) Gate of ?: Naruto Uzumaki

2) Gate of Ice: Invel Yura

3) Gate of Light: Alexander Anderson

4) Gate of Dragon: ?

5) Gate of ?: ?

6) Gate of ?: ?

7) Gate of ?: ?

8) Gate of ?: ?

9) Gate of ?: ?

10) Gate of ?: ?

11) Gate of ?: ?

12) Gate of ?: ?

13) Gate of ?: ?