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"What is the definition of 'Thermodynamic'?" Bailey looked up from her note cards at a disinterested Cody. The young couple had been studying up on the Sky Deck for an hour now, but it was clear that Cody didn't want to study. Cody was staring off into the water. "Cody?" Bailey waved her hand in front of his face. Cody blinked. "Hmm?" He said. "I've said your name like four times now… Definition of thermodynamic." Bailey repeated. "Oh. S-sorry. Um… thermodynamic, is… Um. Physics, dealing with heat. And other energy forms." Cody shook his head, thinking. Bailey frowned at him. "Correct. What's going on with you?" She asked. Cody sighed internally. Here we go…

"What do you mean?" Cody asked. "You know what I mean. You've been quiet and distant for two weeks now. You never want to hang out with anyone or study with me. What is going on with you?" Bailey sat up more, looking at Cody directly. "I'm fine Bailey. I told you, I've just been tired. I haven't been sleeping very well." Cody lied. "What's wrong?" Bailey pushed. Cody felt himself becoming agitated, and his heart began to race. "I told you Bailey. I'm tired. That's all." He said a little too forcefully. Bailey sat back a little. "Okay, okay. Sorry Mr. Cranky Pants." She said. "Thanks…" Cody said sarcastically. "I should just go." He stood up. "No-Cody, I was just kidding." Bailey tried. "Ha ha ha ha very funny. I'll see you later." Cody said, and he walked away.

Zack, Maya, Woody, and Marcus sat out on the Sky Deck hours later, when Bailey walked up to them. "Hey Bailey." Maya said sweetly. "Hey." Bailey replied quietly. "What's wrong?" Marcus asked her, frowning. "It's nothing." She said, smiling. Maya looked to Zack, then back at Bailey. "What is it?" She asked. Bailey sighed. "Cody's been acting weird, right?" She asked. Marcus and Maya both nodded. "Yeah, he's been super quiet in classes, and he never wants to hang out anymore." Marcus said. Maya nodded again. "Yeah I've noticed that too!" She said, looking back to her distracted boyfriend. Zack only shrugged. "He probably got an A- on a test and he's being baby about it. I'm sure he's fine." He said.

Maya rolled her eyes. "No it's more than that. He doesn't even want to see me. Our study sessions are something he used to look forward to. Now he doesn't even want to talk to me." Bailey explained, sitting down in a chair next to Marcus. "Do you think he's sick?" Maya asked. "For two weeks?" Bailey responded with another question. Maya looked down. "Maybe?" She said, shrugging. "No, I don't think he's sick." Woody spoke up. "What's he like when you're in the cabin?" Bailey asked him. Woody hesitated. "Quiet. He hasn't lectured me on cleaning up my side of the cabin in a while."

"See? Now we know something's wrong! Cody always lectures Woody on keeping his side of the room clean!" Bailey said with a hint of worry. Woody nodded, "He kind of just sits in the room. And that's if it's curfew. If he's in there, I walk in and he leaves." The fluffy-haired boy added. "That's not like Cody." Maya noted. Bailey nodded. "It's really not." Maya looked to her boyfriend again, who still wasn't really listening. "Zack?" She said. "Yeah?" Zack said, turning to look at her. "Can you talk to Cody?" Maya asked him.

Zack rolled his eyes. "You guys don't know Cody like I do. He gets all weird and illogical if he gets something less than a 100% on something." He said. "Zack… Please?" Maya asked him sweetly, batting her eyelashes. Zack looked at her and smiled. "You're lucky you're so adorable." He said, kissing the tip of her nose. Maya giggled. "Alright. I'll go talk to him. But I'm telling you, you're all probably freaking out over nothing." Zack stood up, and walked across the Sky Deck.

Cody sat in his room, reading, trying to keep his mind from racing. He was trying whatever he could to avoid another episode As he was about to turn a page, a sequence of weirdly timed consecutive knocks sounded on the other side of his door. This made Cody jump, and he rolled his eyes. The teen stood up to see who it was. "You really need to stop forgetting your stupid key, Woody." Cody said, assuming it was Woody at the door, and turned back around to look at his book. "Um… It's not my key to forget." His brother's voice made him jump again, and Cody turned around.

"Oh, Zack. Hi. Um, I haven't done the homework yet. I'm sure Bailey has it. Tell her I said to please let you look at it." He said. Zack chuckled. "I'm not here for the homework. But you haven't done the homework yet? Normally you do the homework during class or right when class is over." Zack noted. Cody frowned. "Then why are you here?" He asked, it sounded a bit harsher than he'd meant it to. Zack shrugged, "I can't just stop by to see my twin brother?" He asked. Cody cocked his head, looking at him. "Not naturally", He said. Zack sighed, "Okay, look… you're freaking everyone out. Including my girlfriend. And when someone freaks out my girlfriend, I have to get involved or she'll never stop bugging me. So, lay off with the weird mood swings, okay? I'm sure whatever test you didn't ace won't drop your grade that much", He explained.

Cody frowned. "What are you talking about?" He asked quietly. "You know. The way you've been all quiet and not wanting to talk to anybody, or whatever. It's scaring Bailey, Maya, Woody, and Marcus", Zack clarified. Cody looked down. "Just talk to Mrs. Tutwiler and I'm sure she can round your grade up from a 99%, because God forbid that you get anything less than 100%." Zack laughed, Cody remained quiet. Zack looked at him. "Like that." He said. Cody glanced up at him. "Thanks for the memo." He said sarcastically. He looked down again and rushed out of the room. "What? Cody, what. What'd I do?" Zack asked, caught a little off guard by his brother's reaction. He followed Cody into the hall and stopped. As Cody rushed off, Mr. Moseby passed by. He looked at Cody, frowned, and looked to Zack. "What did you do to your brother this time?" The manager sighed. Zack shook his head, "I didn't do anything." He said. Mr. Moseby smiled. "I find that hard to believe." He said, walking away. Zack stood in the hallway, confused, for another minute. Then, he headed back to his friends.

Zack approached the group cautiously, but he couldn't avoid it. The onslaught of the questions came instantly. Zack hushed everyone and spoke. When he explained what had happened, Bailey stood up and walked over to him. "What do you mean he left the cabin?" She asked, clearly annoyed. Zack held his hands up. "He left! I didn't do anything… All I said was that he's freaking everybody out with the moodiness and to knock it off." He said. Everyone rolled their eyes. "Did it sound that insensitive when you said it to him?" Marcus asked. Zack shrugged and Bailey groaned. "Great", She said. Zack walked back over to Maya. Woody stood up. "I'll go see if he's back at the cabin." He began walking away. Maya looked at Zack. "When I told you to talk to him, I meant nicely." She said and Zack shrugged again. "You should've been more clear." He said. Maya rolled her eyes at him and turned to Bailey. "I'm sure he's just tired or something." She consoled her. Bailey shook her head. "It's more than that", she mumbled. "Um, guys? Here he comes… he doesn't look too good", Marcus warned.

Everyone turned to see Cody rushing up to them. Bailey smiled. "Hey babe. How-" Cody cut her off mid-sentence, "Don't. If you guys have a problem with me, why don't you just talk to me yourselves? Instead of sending my brother to do it for you?" He said.. His hands were trembling and his breathing was uneven. Everyone frowned. "We were just worried about you", Bailey said, looking from her friends to her boyfriend. "Well don't be! I'm fine, okay?!" Cody said loudly. He turned on his heels to walk away, but Bailey stood. "Cody!" She called. Cody turned back. "What!?" He yelled. Bailey walked up to him. "Stop yelling at us. You can't be mad at us for worrying about you!" She said. Cody rolled his eyes. "I've asked you six times this week if you wanna study, or hang out, and you always turn me down. You've never done that before! Yeah, obviously I'm gonna worry", Bailey continued. "Well you can stop worrying. Because there's nothing wrong!" Cody said. "Oh, so you just don't wanna hang out with me?" Bailey said, expecting Cody to realize what he was doing and apologize. But Cody stayed quiet and Bailey's heart dropped. "Cody?" She said.

Cody didn't reply and Bailey felt a lump form in her throat. "Fine…" she choked. Cody sighed, "B-Bailey…" he tried. "No. Just forget I even asked you, Cody", Bailey said, shaking her head. "Come on." Cody said. "You don't wanna hang out? Fine. I won't ask you anymore." She said and walked back to the table with Marcus and Maya. "What does that mean?" Cody asked her but she ignored him. He felt his stomach lurch. Did… did she just break up with me?! He thought. Cody felt as though every eye on the ship was glued on him. "Dude, what was that?" Zack asked him. Cody's breathing hitched. "Why would you do that to her?" Maya asked. Cody felt sick. His vision blurred with tears. "Dude, are you okay?" Zack asked him. Cody just shook his head and ran.

Cody sprinted back to his cabin. He threw open the door and stopped dead in his tracks when he saw woody standing there. "Hey! Cody, I was just looking for-" Cody cut his friend off. "Get out!" He said. Woody frowned. "What?" He questioned. "OUT!" Cody yelled. "Okay, okay, jeez." Woody said, walking toward the door. Cody was breathing heavily, his whole body shaking now. "Are you okay?" Woody asked. Cody was shaking a lot and wobbling on his feet. Cody didn't reply. Woody walked into the hallway and Cody slammed the door in his face. He locked it quickly and began pacing. A knock came at the door. "Cody? I forgot my key… Can I get it?" Woody called through the door. "OUT!" Cody screamed. He threw his text book across the room. It hit the wall and landed with a loud thud. Woody knocked again. "What was that?" He asked. Cody was fuming. He walked to the door and opened it harshly. "Go away!" He yelled, slamming it again. He locked it and walked to the middle of the room, pacing again.

He felt extremely dizzy and he dropped to the floor. As his conversation with Bailey played back in his head, he burst into tears, unable to hold them back. Fear, anger, and sadness consumed him as he began hyperventilating. He wanted to scream. He wanted to find Bailey and apologize. He wanted to jump off the side of the ship. But mostly, he just wanted everything to end.

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