Pokémon Trainer Hero

Chapter 36: The Sports Festival part. 8-The Chariot race of Terror act.1

In a matter of minutes many more students ran through the finish line, completely topping off the 50 person limit. All of class 1-A, half of class 1-B, several General Ed students, and Mei. Once the needed amount was accounted for an announcement was made for all other participants to make their way back to the bleachers or to Recovery Girl. After the 50 students all grouped around the umpire stand and Recovery Girls Pokemon went around to give stamina gummies to everyone with a bit of healing on the side, Midnight made her announcement for the next round.

"Before we continue I would like to say congratulations to all of you who passed our first trial! You've truly gone beyond today!", Midnight proclaimed as the crowd cheers wildly!

With a quick snap of her whip, she managed to silence the crowd to where she could speak again.

"And to all those who didn't, you did an excellent job today! Don't let's today's loss be tomorrow's failure. Use it to better yourselves for next year and the long road ahead of you!", She announced to students sitting in the bleachers. She cracks her whip again and says, "Now then! I will announce the next event ahead of you, followed by some basic ground rules. From there you will have a ten minute recess to clean up or go get patches up. The full scope of this event will be properly announced by our special guest, who will be heading and participating in it!"

She turns to the jumbo board behind her and points to it expecting something to happen. But nothing does. The only thing on the board is Rotom's sleeping face. Midnight drops her arm and expression down at this lack of suspense of the sleeping pokémon.

She stamps her hell and yells through her mic, "ROTOM!"

The pokémon wakes up with a jolt and frantically looks around! Only to see many displeased or laughing faces pointed at him. Especially Midnight's face. Rotom sweat drops with a smile and bring up a colorful turn dial that starts to spin.

"Your next event will be-!", She draws out the suspension as the disk slows down.

It stops and on the board in big bright letters are the words 'Chariot Racing'. The students looked confused at this while everyone in the crowd oohed and cheered with excitement.

"In this event you are in teams of 4 to 5-no more and no less-if someone doesn't have a full team, go with them even if you don't want to. Each of you will be given a headband with the number of points that you earned in the event prior. You can steal head bands from others to gain more points. You must have a certain number of points to succeed to the next round. If you lose your headband, then you can retrieve it or steal someone else's. And our first place winner of the obstacle course will start off with-.", Midnight was about to continue until someone from the crowd of students and interrupted her.

"FOUL! FOUL! I CALL FOUL! HACKS! CHEATS!", Yelled the person as Midnight turned around to look at the groups of students who had made an opening to show the person.

Which was none other than Momona, looking salty as ever.

"What seems to be the problem?", She asked him, curious herself.

Momona pointed his finger at Izuku and proclaimed bodly, "Him! He's the problem! He cheated! He used those poke-things to get first! He shouldn't deserve to be in first! He should be disqualified!"

Even though Momona was known by all for bitching about anything regarding 1-A or anything that doesn't benefit 1-B, Izuku couldn't help but see the truth in his words. Was he not supposed to do those things? Did he cheat? Was what he did really cheating? Had he stolen someone else's chance at getting in for the sake of his own selfishness? Was he even really worthy to be here when everyone else worked themselves twice as hard as he?

He didn't know? And all he could feel were so many eyes pressing down on him at once! But they didn't even need to with the realization hitting him so hard he was already shrinking in on himself. He was ready to collapse to his knees and forfeit before Midnight could say the word, but she beat him to it.

With a sharp crack of her whip, all eyes were back on her! She fixes her glasses and announces, "Midoryia did not cheat by any means and will keep his first place spot!"

Momona, along with everyone around him, and the crowds all looked to the woman in confusion.

She flips her hair and follows up saying, "There is no rule that says a participant can't use the obstacles laid before them to their advantage. And that's exactly what the pokémon are, obstacles, obstructions, something to stop your progress. This first event wasn't just to gauge your speed and will power to make it to the end, but to also see your wit and resourcefulness. Midoryia did just that and fairly took first!", She stated with a crack of her whip, as if to cut the topic off there.

"Any other concerns before I proceed?", No one spoke a word. "Good. Now then, our first place winner will start off with 100 million points!"

As Midnight rambled on, Izuku immediately felt all eyes back on him! But this wasn't the eyes of disapprovingly shame, no, these were their eyes of jealousy and a predator stalking down its prey. Izuku had a target on his back, and everyone could see it clearly. Midnight snapped her whip again and told the students to take their recess for the next event. And with that they all left to heal up or clean up.

Some went to the Recover Girls office to get some proper healing from her or the pokémon. Some went to wash up after the race. While some went to a special area where some Bug types were mending torn or shredded gym uniforms to near perfection. Once they were all back in the stadium, someone came around and started to hand out ribbons with numbers printed on them.

Izuku got 100 million, so he knew these correspondents with the number of points they earned from which place they got. Izuku could still feel all eyes on him as he held the ribbon in his shaking sweaty hand. Though his train of thought was cut off as Midnight cracked her whip!

"I hope all of you are well rested enough for the next challenge ahead of you, because this will be no more difficult then the last! Today's event will be headed off by UA's very own special guest, Garfield!", She announced as the crowd cheered!

But the cheering quickly died down once the 'special guest's failed to show. After a few long moments of silence, Midnight tried again.

"The Chariot Race will be headed off by none other than our own Pokemon trainer, Garfield!", again no sign of Gar as the crowd started to whisper in a hush.

"Where are you?", Midnight said through the mic.

Suddenly the silent crowd's full attention was drawn towards the sound of a horse's whinny! A moment later and a flash of fire roared into the stadium and up to the base of the umpire stand! The flame stopped and showed itself as Gar riding on the back of Rapidash! The pokémon snorted and Gar quickly slid off while putting his head set back under his hood.

Izuku still wondered why he was trying to hide his face so bad?

"Sorry sorry! Sorry for being late, everyone. Ha ha. I was….taking care of something.", He apologized while finally putting his head back on and clearing his voice to speak. "Um, as Midnight was saying before, I will be heading off the Chariot Race. As I'm sure all of you know already, you'll be separating to teams of four or five, you will be given a headband corresponding with a number of points you gained from which place you got in the previous event, you can steal other people's points or get back the ones you had stolen, you must have a certain amount in order to make it to the next round. However…", he said with a mysterious tone. "In this chariot race you will not be climbing on top of one another shoulders and then hauling one person around the track. No no no, this one will be a little bit different."

Gar then took two fingers and gave a loud whistle! Two of the huge stadium doors opened and in walked a line of all different kinds of pokémon pulling Roman style chariots behind them numbering exactly ten. Taurus, Bufolant, Girafarig, Arcanine, Garchomp, Rhyhorn, Luxray, Sawsbuck, Aggron, and even a Keldeo.

Gar motioned to the line of pokémon and stated, "THIS time you'll be riding with literal chariots drawn by my own pokémon!"

The crowd oohed and awed at this as excitement began to steadily rise from the new change. While the crowd and teens marveled at the Pokémon and the challenge ahead, no one saw the Garchomps eyes glitter with excitement as it stared at Gar with a toothy grin! Before anyone could react fast enough the pokémon sprinted from the line and charged straight at Gar with an astounding and excited cry while jumping up towards the umpire stand!

The crowd of teens quickly bolted to keep from getting trampled while Gar raised his hands out in defense while shouting in plee, "No no no no! Garchomp! Garchomp! Wait! We talked about-WAH!"

Gar screamed as the shark dragon pokemon rammed it into him, knocking him off the podium and tackling him to the ground all while the chariot behind him managed to stay intact. The crowds gasped in horror as Midnight ran over to help Gar, but once she saw what Garchomp was doing, she immediately backed off while shaking her head. One of the cameras angled over to where Gar was rapidly kicking his legs from in between Garchomps body, and live feed to the crowds Gar being lovingly licked to death by the large pokemon as he tried to push it off him.

"GWAK! Garchomp! No! BLECK! Your slobber is getting all over me!", Gar exclaimed as the large pokemon continued to lick him!

Eventually the teen managed to push the pokemon off enough for him to sit up, but the pokemon was still persistent as it took to rubbing its head against Gar's chest. Gar wiped his face off of the dragon spit and pushed the pokemons head away enough for him to stand. From there the pokemon went lovingly nibbling on his hood. Gar sighed exasperatedly and just stood there with definite acceptance.

"You okay there?", Midnight asked rhetorically.

"Yeah I'm fine, he does this all the damn time.", Gar said while looking over the crowds of bewildered and confused teens. "Take note kids. Never rush to evolve a newly hatched pokemon. Otherwise you end up with a man sized war machine with the mind of a child."

Most of the teen sweat dropped at the sight of the powerful trainer being slobbered on by a killing machine that acts like a baby. At this point, Garchomp's nibbling had already started to leak slobber into Gars hood, so he pushed the pokemon off and told him to go back in line. The pokemon rejected the command and began to wine like a child while falling to the ground at his feet and curling around them. Gar looked unamused by this, but with one strict command in his tone the child minded pokemon sulked back to the line of pokemon.

"Uh sorry about that everyone. Kids, am I right?", Gar tried to play it off cool but only got cold silence from everyone. The older teen cleared his throat and got back on track saying, "Well….anyway, though with this in mind there will be some rules you'll have to adhere to. First off you can use your pokémon to attack, there will be a sheet provided in the coach with the moves the pokemon knows. However you can only attack the other pokémon. If you attack a person your team is disqualified. Not that they would, I specifically instructed them to do something if you did do that, and then you'll be disqualified. Second you are not allowed to directly attack a pokémon with your quirk, but you can parry or block attacks. Third If your Pokemon faints, your whole team is disqualified. Fourth If a team member falls out of the coach, that person and only that person is disqualified. And finally you can use your pokemon to steal any headbands from other opponents.", he summed up before asking, "Any questions?"

Someone from the crowd raised a hand and Gar called them out. After a brief 'ahem' the person asked, "Aren't you also supposed to be participating?"

Gar slapped his head and replied, "Oh right! I nearly forgot about that! But yes, I will be participating myself. Though rules regarding me will be quite different.", this put everyone on edge as he continued to speak. "I too will have a 10 million headband, so you can either grab one or both to really show off. Although, I will be allowed to attack you or your pokemon directly and you know what happens if that occurs.", this made everyone start to sweat, especially 1-A.

They knew from first hand experience just how powerful a trainer Gar is, and how unforgiving and un-perverse he is when battling. Even by giving him a weaker pokemon he'll still be able to find a way to win. And also know the vast amount of pokemon he has at his beck and call, including legendary, none of them would win!

Sensing what they were thinking, Gar put their minds at some ease by saying, "But don't worry. I won't be using any legendary pokemon, and for the sake of fairness I'll only use three.", he explained while holding three rest state pokeballs between his fingers.

"Only three? Psh! This'll be the easiest 10 million ever!", a person from the crowd commented with pride!

However, that same pride was rattler when they looked over and saw one of the 1-A students looking directly with the most pale faced expression ever!

"Three is all he needs.", the students said to the other in a tone that was nearly holding it together with tears streaming down his face.

Now the prideful student looked a little greener under the gills but still held up the facade well.

"If you can beat one of my pokemon, a small sum of the points from my 10 million will be transferred to your team. Points that won't be able to be stolen. If you can beat all three of them, then the full 10 million will be yours! That's to say, you actually beat me. I look forward to seeing anyone who can.", Gar finished off while leaning towards the group of teens with one finger pointed up and a mischievous and sinister expression that made everyone gulp.

"As for controlling the Pokémon, it's quite simple.", He said while pulling out one of the steering controls from…. somewhere. "Turn the steering column to the right or left for obvious directions, pull it back to make the pokémon slow down or stop, and push forward to make them speed up. Any questions?", No one answered.

"Good! Now choose your teams and find a pokémon! You have five minutes!", Midnight announced to them all!

All the teens scrambled away from one another as they quickly tried to find their teams and choose a Pokemon to pilot! As everyone scurried around like bugs, Izuku was left standing all by himself in an island of isolation. Everytime he looked at someone they would pretend to look away or ignore him. No one wanted to team up with him, cause it meant they too would be a target and Izuku was really starting to feel helpless. If he couldn't put together or get into a team, it meant being disqualified.

Though this thought was dashed away as he felt someone place a hand on his shoulder, causing him to jump! He turned around fast and saw Uraraka standing behind him with a concerned expression.

"Woah woah woah Deku-kun, it's just me! I didn't mean to scare you so bad.", She apologized.

Izuku shook his head and replied, "No no no, your fine. I just spaced out a little. Wait, did you want to join me?"

She nods her head.

"Even though I'll be the biggest target?"

She nods.

"Even though we could lose?"

She nods again.

"Even though-.", He began to say until the girl pinched his lips together.

"Deku-kun if you keep making me nod, my head will fall off. And yes I'm fully aware of the risks involved. But I don't care, cause I trust you. And I can possibly leave you alone after you helped me so much. So now it's my turn to repay the favor.", She told him with the brightest smile ever.

Izuku was so swept up with happiness that he almost tuned out when someone else said, "I'll join you as well."

He turned around and saw Tokoyami and Dark Shadow standing behind him.

Izuku looked confused at the bird headed teen and asked, "T-Tokoyami!? Why do you wanna join me? You know the risks involved."

He nodded and replied back, "I'm very aware. But is this not what a hero would do? Helping those who are in peril instead of giving aid to someone who can easily stand on their own. If that's not enough to garner a want to help you, then I certainly don't know what is."

Izuku's eyes glittered with joy as he said back, "Tokoyami, I…. thank yo-wait a minute! Did you just call me a damsel in distress?"

The bird teen looks away with wide eyes, too quickly, and pretends to look at something else while Dark Shadow confirms his thought with a thumbs up. Izuku felt dejection hit him like a bus as he slumped over to one side in disappointment.

Though the aura in the air didn't hold long as another person strolled up to them and announced in a loud and cheery, "And don't forget about me! I'm joining you too!"

All teens looked over their shoulders and saw Mei behind them with a plethora of different objects hanging off and onto her, all very complex and made from the same white metallic material.

"Mei-chan? You too? Why?", Izuku asked, knowing he and the girl didn't really have any prior relations.

"You're in first place now, and that means all eyes are on you! Which means I'll be able to display all my wonderful babies to the investors that are watching!", She stated with wondrous glitter in her eyes.

The teens sweat dropped at this while Uraraka mumbled aloud, "I should've known she had a double reason."

"At least we have a full team now.", Izuku said with a dry laugh. "All we gotta do is get a chariot and hope for the best.", He tried to be optimistic.

"Well I think that'll be easy with our options.", Tokoyami said while tapping Izuku's shoulder.

Izuku looked over and his face puckered in on itself as he saw all the chariots had been taken, apart from one. The only one being pulled by a Girafarig. The pokémon was looking at the group of teens, slightly shaking its tail. Izuku whipped his head around looking for something else, but saw that all other teams had grabbed a chariot pokemon. With this he sighed disappointed at this but motioned for the pokémon to come forward. It does, and once close enough, begins to lick the green haired teens head as it was dropped down in disappointment.

"That's one strange looking Giraffe.", Tokoyami commented as Dark Shadow stretched out to observe the pokémon.

"What's that pokémon?", Uraraka is somewhat turned off by it's weird appearance.

Izuku takes a minute to snap out of his disappointed trance as he explains, "Wha-? Oh, this is Girafarig, the Long Neck pokémon. Dex #203. Girafarig's rear head contains a tiny brain that is too small for thinking. However, the rear head doesn't need to sleep, so it can keep watch over its surroundings 24 hours a day."

Girafarig is a hooved quadruped Pokémon with a long neck resembling a Giraffe. There is a white blaze on its muzzle, which ends in a round, pink nose. It has two horns with bulbous tips on top of its head. Its front half is yellow with black spots, while its back half is black with yellow spots. There are many triangular, pink spikes along its back. Girafarig's tail possesses a head of its own. The tail's head has yellow eyes, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and a small brain.

"That weird looking growth on its butt is a second head?", Mei asked while moving to the pokémons butt ready to poke the weird looking head.

"Don't touch it Mei-san, it's not very smart and will bite anything that gets close enough.", Izuku warned.

But she didn't listen, and the tail quickly shifted it's head and snapped at Mei's hand! Luckily it only got her glove and began to tear it apart like a dog.

"Told you.", Izuku huffed out.

"Don't worry so much Midoriya-kun! With my babies at our disposal, we'll make it out on top for sure!", Mei exclaimed with joyful excitement as she gave a thumbs up and Girafarig reared up with excitement! "In fact, I've got just the babies that'll help us a bunch!", she chirped while rustling through her bag!

Mei then pulled out what looked like moon shoes and rocket jets with long straps! With surprised and confused looks on their faces, not one of the teens could decide who should question her ideas and sanity first. Until Dark Shadow took one for the team and did it for them.

"You're not seriously going to strap those death devices to us, are you?"

"No no no. Don't be silly.", she waved it off, much to everyone's relief. "I'm going to strap it to that giraffe-a-laugh thingy and the chariot!"

"I was fearing you'd say that.", Tokoyami mumbled under his breath.

"Now come'er you giraffe thingy!", Mei exclaimed while lunging towards the pokémon and zooming around its body like a blur! Within moments the pokémon was outfitted with the moon boots and the chariot was hooked up with several different rocket attachments!

"Mei-san, I don't think Girafarig is comfortable with your 'babies'.", Izuku tried to get the blur of a girl to stop as Girafarig became uneasy.

"Oh don't worry she's fine, see.", She finally stopped while waving it off. While Girafarig uneasily shook and stuck it's covered hooves on the ground, beginning to sway unevenly. "She loves my babies!", Mei states with a perky smile.

"Yeah. 'love'.", Uraraka says sarcastically.

"Well well well!", the group of teens heard a snie and prideful voice cut towards them.

"Oh god, not again.", Izuku groaned silently.

They all turned their heads to see none other than Momona coming toward them with a condescending smirk with four other 1-B students trailing behind him, and an unusual looking pokemon.

The students sighed inwardly as the teen began to try and jostle them, again. "Look what the front runner of 1-A managed to scrape together? A girl, a nutcase, a bird, and a long horse.", he vexed them.

Tokyoyami looked neutral while Dark Shadows feather(?) were puffed up in anger, Izuku looked 200% done with everything, Uraraka was already flexing her finger, and Mei just looked confused as she broke the tense silence by asking, "Am I the girl or the long horse?"

"Please go away Momona.", Izuku tried to say in the nicest way possible without rolling his eyes into the back of his skull.

"Why? Are you already admitting defeat? And here I thought 1-A was the best. Seems I was wrong. You've gone and got yourself the bottom of the barrel while I have this magnificent creature that will without doubt take you 1-A fools down!", he boasted loudly while motiong to his team consisting of Kosei Tsuburaba, Sen Kaibara, Ibara Shiozaki, Shihai Kuroiro, and their stead.

Standing behind Momona, strapped to a similar chariot to their own, was a quadruped colt-like Pokémon with a cream-colored body. It has a short, rounded snout with large nostrils, and blue eyes. It has a large, feathery red mane, long, dark blue, ridged eyebrow-like protrusions, and a single cream-colored horn that curves slightly. The back of its head, as well as its neck, is covered with fluffy, light blue fur, and blue hooves. Its tail is light blue with white spots and resembles an elaborate feather in a cap.

Izuku's eyes nearly shot off his head as he saw the Pokémon and stuttered to make comprehensible words while pointing at it!

Momona saw this and latched onto it to prod them more, vexing, "Ho oh! So you admit our steed is better!"

"What's wrong Deku-kun?", Uraraka asked, genuinely confused and concerned.

"T-T-Thats a K-K-Keldo, a Mythical p-p-pokemon!", Izuku managed to stammer out from wide and glossed over eyes.

"What!?", the whole entire team shouted in surprise!

Uraraka was already pretty peeved from having to run the Obstacle Course of HELL and directed the full face of her ire in the direction of Gar!

Gar saw, or sensed, this ire and resounded over the mic in defense, "What? I ran out of pokémon strong and fast enough to pull a cart. Sue me!"

"With that in mind, you 1-A losers might as well throw in the towel since we have the utmost advantage!", the bowl haircut teen boasted and vexed them further.

At his words, Izuku shook himself out of his shock and stated, "Uh, well, actually, we somewhat have the advantage."

Momona's expression dropped at this and he demanded in confusion, "What? But you were just gawking at our Legendary!"

Izuku huffed and counted on his fingers he recited Momona's mistakes, "First I was gawking because you even got such a pokemon, Second it's a Mythical not Legendary, and Third we have the advantage in typing."

"Typing? What's that got to do with anything?!", he asked confused.

"Well Girafarig is a Physic type.", Izuku started.
"So?", Momona prodded him.

"And Keldeo part Fighting."


"And Fighting is weak to Physics.", Izuku finished off.

"That doesn't make a lick of sense!", Momona raised his arms out in a display of dumbfoundedness.

"Yeah Deku-kun, how can something that can read minds beat something that punches?", Uraraka asked him.

"Mind over the Body, Brain vs Brawn.", Izuku briefly explained.

"Oh! That actually does make sense.", Mei agreed with him.

Without anyone seeing it, Girafrig and Keldo were locking eyes in an intense staring contest. Which Girafarig won after igniting physic energy between its horns, causing Keldo to get spooked! Meanwhile, Momona was already red in the face with frustration and white knuckling his fists so hard they were about to bleed!

He whipped his arms in front of him and exclaimed, "It doesn't matter if you have the advantage or not! We're still gonna curb stomp you no matter what!"

"2 minutes till we start students!", Midnight announced!

At her words, Momona simply huffed out an aggravated sigh and walked off with his team and rode pokemon. Once he was gone, Izuku gathered his team together and set a plane of action.

"Okay guys here's our plan of attack. Were gonna go full defensive. Tokyoyami, you'll take the rear of the chariot and keep anyone from attacking behind. Uraraka is at the sides. And Mei will stay in the center while operating her…..babies. I'll take front and be at the controls with the head bands. Sounds good?", everyone nodded. "Then let's get ready for the wave!"

A minute had passed and all teams were all stacked and ready with one another at their chariots. All waiting in anticipation for the beginning, and all eyes trained on Izuku and his 100 million. All except for Gar who wasn't inside of a chariot, but instead riding on the back of Dodrio.

"I hope you're all prepared! Cause now….", Midnight trailed off in announcement as every clenched and white knuckled for the start! "BEGIN!", she shouted and all hell broke loose!

When Midnight called to start the second event, every person around the stadium immediately ran after Izuku and his group! And Izuku, in retort, immediately B-lined it for anywhere except the imminent mosh pit that was about to form around him! Weaning in and out from commands given to Girafarig and sterling of the control horns, Izuku was just barely able to move out of the way from incoming attacks from nearly every side and was already sweating like a pig while muttering incoherently! Uraraka and Tokoyami were doing their best at keeping everyone at bay while Mei was looking at a control panel in the center of the chariot, smiling and cackling like a mad scientist! With only 10 minutes on the clock they had to think smart and fast if they wanted to survive this hell!

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