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Peace was something Hogwarts had not known for the past 5 years. The Basilisk, the Dementors, The Tri-Wizard Tournament, The Um-bitch as she was affectionately called and finally Tom Riddle. The Dark Lord had finally lost his patience after failing to obtain the prophecy and had cracked. Not content with the usual muggle baiting and torture, he had attacked Hogwarts. What he was not expecting was a Harry Potter who had been contemplating the reason for his existence for the past week. A Harry Potter who had lost everything. Needless to say, a wizard who didn't care for his own well-being while throwing curse after curse and having a huge magical core was not something Lord Voldemort was expecting to run into. After seeing his followers fall all around him, He tried his last ploy. Taking possession of the body of Harry in the middle of Great Hall. A move that he would later consider to be second biggest mistake. The first, going to the Potter's house all those years ago.

Thrown out in an almost inhumanly violent fashion, it had taken him some time to gather his bearings. When he finally got a grasp of reality, he realised something was wrong. He looked to see his hand slowly wither away into nothing, followed by the rest of his body. He had finally been beaten. Not by magic, but by the will and love of a boy, no a man who had lost everything to him, only to avenge those whom he had wronged. His last thought was a surprised show of respect to his foe before his soul passed on.

4 months later

As the rain came down on the grounds, Daphne Greengrass was reflecting on her life. She would have to take a major decision soon. Her parents had been after her to take up the family business but her passion lay in healing. A couple years of being bullied in Slytherin had left her with a soft spot for people feeling depressed and in pain. As she walked towards her favourite spot under the tree near the lakeshore, she found it occupied already. As she turned to walk away, she heard a voice shout out to her "Hey Greengrass, I'm leaving in 10 mins anyways, so you can sit here is you want to". She turned out and came face to face with Harry Potter.

Harry-fricking-Potter, the Boy-Who-Lived, the Man-Who-Won, the crown jewel of Britain. The boy everyone had put their hopes on and had come out of shit smelling like roses. But what many didn't notice were that his eyes had lost the shine. They had a feeling of perpetual sadness among them. Especially now that Weasely and Granger were nowhere to be seen.

"Thanks for the offer Potter. How did you guess I was coming here ? " A hint of a blush crept over his neck as he replied

"I came here last week bit you were already sitting here, so I left" he said, still staring at the farthest point of the lake.

Daphne allowed a hint of a smirk to come to her face before she asked him a question " Why do you like the place ?'

Harry turned towards her, looked her in the eye said "Peace and Quiet" in a low tone and then turned back.

"And not the mention the sweet smell of the rain, as it crashes unto the ground that makes the Grass Greener".

I oogled. Had he just made a pun on my name ? After some consideration, I let him be.

As Harry started to get up and walk away, I felt a in my gut. "Hey Potter, In a hurry or you going the leave me alone here ? "

To say he was taken back was an understatement . " Why Miss Greengrass, I'd say you enjoying my company a bit too much. "

Ignoring the jab, I simply told him the truth, "I've had a lot on my plate. Just needed some thine to think on it. Should be fine in a day or too.'

To m surprise, he just sits down next to me and gives me a small hug, before sitting down in front of me and " So whats up ?'

10 mins turned to hours , hour into days and days into weeks. Classmates turned colleagues turned friends. Friends turned lovers. Sitting the same way as they did months ago. Listening to the sound of the rain falling on the grass. Smelling the sweet scent of petrichor.