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"Hello." – Normal talking.

"Hello." – Ichigo's thoughts.

"Hello." – Zanpakutō speaking.

"Hello." – Zanpakutō thoughts.

Note: Assume that this takes places in an AU where Ichigo didn't go to the Pokémon Universe yet.

It was a nice morning in Kuoh Town as Ichigo took Elizabeth, Kunou, and Senna to the local bookstore. There was an event about a new sequel book series that they all love. They begged Ichigo to take them. As soon as they arrived at the bookstore. They quickly rushed inside to participate in the event.

"Make sure you stay together!" He yelled.

"Yes, Tou-san!" Elizabeth and Kunou replied.

"Yes, Ichigo-san!" Senna replied. Ichigo shook his head as he joined the crowd of adults who sat on the sideline. After twenty minutes, Ichigo, Elizabeth, Kunou, and Senna found a small corner with four bean bag chairs. Everyone sat down and began to read their books. Ichigo picked up his book.

"Huh? I didn't recall grabbing this book." Ichigo thought as he took a closer look at the book. It appeared to be an old book, too old to be carried in a modern bookstore. It had a faded red cover. "The Records of the Four Legendary Heroes," was written on the front cover in faded golden text. Ichigo opened the book and began to read the first chapter.

The story begins with a prophecy that foretold the destruction of the world by something called the Wave of Calamity. To avert this, the people of that world had to summon Heroes from another world to save them. The Heroes would have to fight each wave until they defeat the final wave.

"This is a pretty generic plot, But it works." Ichigo thought as he recalled many Webnovels, manga, and anime that used a similar plotline. Ichigo looked down and continued to read.

There were four Heroes that were summoned, each wielding four weapons: a sword, a spear, a bow, and a shield.

"Hm… Makes sense from a formation standpoint of view. The Shield Hero could be the tank while the Sword and Spear Hero could be the main damage dealers and the Bow Hero could be sniping in the back." Ichigo thought as he continued reading.

In the end, the four Heroes set out on their own journey to gain strength and polish their skills to fight the Wave of Calamity. The next chapter began to describe the important characters. There was a princess. She was described as being physically beautiful but rotten to the core. She was manipulative and obsessed with the Heroes. She also kept casting flirtatious glances towards the Heroes while pitting them against each other.

"So…a bitch version of Aizen." Ichigo mentally jokes. The next character was the Bow Hero, who had a strong sense of justice and dreamed of being a Hero of Justice.

"EMYIA would cringe on this while Shirou would love this hero," Ichigo commented as he read the next description.

The Spear Hero trusted his friends with all his heart, but is incredibly naïve, gullible, and easily fooled by women.

"Why do I feel that that this describes Issei before he got smart." Ichigo thought as he looked back down at the book. The Sword Hero was the mightiest of them, fighting all foes by himself, but is forever alone. Ichigo flipped the page to the heading titled 'Shield Hero', but the page was blank. He turned the page again and again, but all further pages were blank.

"What the hell is this?" Ichigo said. His sudden outburst attracted the attention of Elizabeth, Senna, and Kunou.

"What happen Tou-san?" Elizabeth asked.

"Nothing. I'm just questioning the book." Ichigo replied. Suddenly book began to glow, and the pages began to flap fast.

"What's going on?" Kunou asked. Ichigo's hands were stuck on the book as a magic circle appeared around them.

"Senna grab Kunou and Elizabeth and get them away!" Ichigo ordered.

"Right!" Senna yelled as she grabbed Kunou and Elizabeth and pulled them out of the magic circle. With a flash of light, Ichigo disappeared.

"TOU-SAN!" Elizabeth shouted.

"PAPA!" Kunou shouted. Senna pulled out her phone and called Akasha and told her what happened. In a few minutes, the entire bookstore was locked down as Akasha, Yasaka, Tamamo, Medea, and Fleur arrived and investigated the area.

"It looks like a magical dimensional portal appeared and took Ichigo away," Yasaka reported. Tamamo, Medea, and Fleur nodded their heads.

"Is there any way for us to open it and pull Ichigo back?" Akasha asked.

"Impossible," Tamamo said. "It would require us to have access to the magic circle in question and something from the other world to help encore us."

"I see…" Akasha said.

"Ichigo…wherever you are…good luck and come home safely." Akasha thought as they cleaned up the mess.

Scene Change: Melromarc Ritual Room

Ichigo opened his eyes and could see a bunch of men in robes was staring right at him.

"What the…?" Someone said. Ichigo turned his head to see that he wasn't alone. Three other guys were here with him.

"Seems like the book acted as a dimensional teleportation device." Ichigo thought.

"Indeed. While we were being transferred here, that shield on your arm tried to bind itself to your soul." Kyōka added.

"What!?" Ichigo replied as he looked down to see a small shield with a green gem in the center attached to his arm.

"Luckily we were able to block it from fully binding, but it's still stuck on your arm for the time being," Hōgyoku said.

"Be vigilant Ichigo," Yhwach added. Ichigo looked around. He was in some sort of stone chamber. Underneath their feet was a large magic circle. Behind them was a small altar with candles, herbs, and other stuff on it. Ichigo looked to see the other three had a spear, bow, and sword.

"Where are we?" asked the person with the sword.

"Fantastic, the summoning was a success!" One of the people in the robes called gracefully, he had his hood down, he had blonde-brown hair, brown eyes and he was wearing a basic gold circlet with a red ruby in the center of it, "Oh brave heroes, please won't you save our world from pure evil."

"WHHHAT!?" The three questioned.

"Exactly like how the book began." Ichigo thought. "Where did the book go?"

"I immediately took the book and sent it in here," Kyōka said.

"Thank you," Ichigo replied.

"What do you mean by that?" asked the guy holding the bow.

"There is a long and complicated story behind this, but we've summoned you Four Cardinal Heroes here using an ancient ritual. Our world teeters on the brink of destruction. We beg you, O brave heroes! Please help us!" The man with the blonde-brown hair replied as he clapped his hands together and bowed to them. The other robed men bowed as well.

"I refuse." The guy holding the sword said.

"Likewise." The guy holding the bow said.

"We can go back to your world, right? We'll take about your problems after that." The guy holding the spear asked.

"Don't you guys have any shame at all, suddenly dragging us here without our permission?" The guy with the sword said as he pointed his weapon at the five men.

"Even if you send us home when the job is done, that's just using us as slave labor, you know?" the guy with the bow voiced his agreement with a glare.

"You get where we're coming from, right? Keep in mind that depending on your answer we might have to become your enemies." The guy holding the spear said.

"P-Please, at least have an audience with the king of our country, Melromarc. You can discuss the details of your compensation there." The man with the blonde-brown hair nervously replied.

"Well, I guess that's that." The guy with the sword said as he lowered his sword.

"I suppose we could consider their offer." The guy with the bow said.

"Not like our demands are gonna change, no matter whom we talk to." The guy with the spear said. Ichigo remains silent throughout the entire discussion.

"It appears that these three are familiar with the situation." Ichigo thought.

"Maybe these three are otaku and they've seen similar scenes in anime and are confident in how they're supposed to act." Kyōka theorized. They soon arrived in a large audience chamber. They could see an older man sitting on a throne.

"So, these men are the Four Cardinal Heroes of ancient legend?" The old man asked "I am the king of this country, Aultcray Melromarc the 32nd. "Now then, Heroes. Tell me your names." King Aultcray ordered.

"My name is Ren Amaki, age sixteen. I'm a high-schooler." Ichigo glanced at him. He has short black hair that falls flat on his head and cold and distant blue eyes.

"I'll go next, then. The name's Motoyasu Kitamura, college student, twenty-one." He has long blond hair that is held back in a ponytail with bangs hanging on the left side of his forehead and bright orange eyes.

"Oh, me now? My name is Itsuki Kawasumi. I'm a seventeen-year-old high-school student." He has short light brown curly hair and dull golden eyes due to the effects of his curse series.

"Oh, sorry. Guess I'm last. The name's Ichigo -."

"Hmm. Lord Ren, Lord Motoyasu, and Lord Itsuki is that right?" The king asked kindly as if Ichigo didn't say anything.

"So, it seems like this country has issues with Shield Hero." Ichigo thought.

"Forgive me your majesty, but you seemed to have skipped me," Ichigo informed the king firmly but politely. The King let out a sigh as if remembering his existence and having been forced to deal with him.

"Oh, my. My sincerest apologies… Shield Hero." The King said.

"Right, I'm Ichigo Kurosaki. Twenty years old, I'm also a college student." Ichigo partially lied.

"Now, I shall explain the current situation. This country - nay, the very world - is on the path to destruction." The King began to explain the situation.

"Kyōka, how accurate is the King's explanation compared to the book?"

"As of right now, it's correct," Kyōka replied.

"We get the gist of it now," Ren said. "Anyway, surely you didn't summon us expecting us to save you for free."

"Of course, once you repel all the Waves, we shall reward you handsomely." A man standing behind the King said.

"Will you, now? Well as long as we have your word." Motoyasu said.

"We'll work with you provided you don't turn on us. But don't think for a moment that you can control us." Ren said.

"Exactly, We can't have you looking down on us," Itsuki added.

"I trust we have an agreement." King Aultcray said. "Then, heroes, you should all check your statuses."

"Huh?" Three of the four heroes asked in shock.

"What, you guys didn't notice it the moment you got here?" Ren questioned. "Don't you see an icon in the corner of your peripheral vision?" Ichigo looked down and noticed a strange mark floating there. "Just focus on that." Ichigo focused on the small icon. Suddenly Ichigo could hear a ping sound as his entire field of vision and having a quick look he saw this.

Shield Hero Status

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Level: 1?

Class: ?, Legendary Shield Hero

HP: 200?

MP: 50?

SP: 100?

STR: 20?

DEX: 20?

INT: 20?

WIS: 20?

LUK: 20?


MAG: 11?

DEF: 20?

M. DEF: 20?

Fire Resistance: 15?

Aqua Resistance: 15?

Ice Resistance: 15?

Wind Resistance: 15?

Earth Resistance: 15?

Lightning Resistance: 15?

Holy Resistance: 15?

Demonic Resistance: 15?

Equipment: Small Shield (Legendary Weapon), Otherworld Clothes

Legendary Weapon Skill(s): Absorption: A small crystal on the shield that absorbs plants, animal parts, and other items into the shield, to unlock new shields and abilities for the Shield Hero.

Shield Hero Status End

"Strange. Why is my level and class full of question marks?" Ichigo thought.

"It could be because we interrupted it from fully merging with you." Hōgyoku theorized.

"I'm only level one? What a pain in the ass." Ren said with a sigh.

"Yeah, can we fight like this?" asked Motoyasu.

"Uh… more importantly, what the heck is this?" asked Itsuki.

"Do you not have status magic in your world, Heroes? Here, it is something that anybody can use." One of the men in robes informed them all.

"Anyway, what should we do from here on out?" Motoyasu asked.

"You must leave on an adventure to develop and upgrade the legendary weapon that you have equipped.

"Couldn't we at least use something else until these things are strong enough to be useful?" Motoyasu spoke up, twirling his spear absentmindedly.

"We can worry about that later. For now, we should focus on training to get stronger." Ren said.

"We'll have to level up as much as we can," Itsuki added.

"Well then, should the four of us party up?" Motoyasu suggested.

"Wait just a moment, Heroes." Everyone turned to look at the man. "You will have to recruit other people and adventure separately."

"Oh? And why is that?" asked Itsuki.

"According to legend, the legendary weapons you carry naturally repel each other. Should you operate together as a group, you will do nothing but impede each other's growth." The Minister informed them.

"However, the day grows late. For now, rest yourselves and gather your strength. In the meantime, we'll gather the best of the best to form your parties." King Aultcray said. A young woman in a dress stepped towards them.

"We've prepared rooms for you. Please come this way." She said. She escorted them down a long hallway. As they passed, Ichigo could hear some people question the decision on summoning the Shield Hero.

"Looks like they do have a bad history with the Shield Hero." Ichigo thought.

Scene Change: Private Guest Quarters

The four heroes sprawled out on the extravagant bedrooms that had been prepared for them. They gathered in the common room to study the Help Menu for their respective weapons. Ichigo discovered that his shield is indestructible and depending on the material, the shield could unlock new forms, which were recorded in a tab called Shield Log. Ichigo looked at the Shield Log to see countless different icons all grayed out with the words locked on top.

"Ichigo, it appears we have a spy listening in on our conversation," Kyōka said.

"Is there any magic detection spell around us?"

"No. This entire hallway is devoid of magic detection spells."

"What about our spy?" Ichigo asked.

"She is appeared to be using magic to hide her presence and enhance her hearing."

"I see… I'll deal with her tonight."

"Then we can deal with the shield."

"It's still trying to bind to my soul?"


"Man, this is just like a game, don't you think?" Ichigo suddenly said, breaking the silence around them.

"What are you talking about? This isn't just 'like' a game, it is a game. I'm pretty sure I've played it before." Motoyasu boasted.

"I agree, although the setting is rather cliché, I guess it has its charm." Itsuki let out as he looked at his bow.

"Right? The plot is somewhat similar to Emerald Online." Motoyasu said as he eyed his spear, doing a few basic thrusts to test the weapon.

"What are you talking about? This is just like a VRMMO I used to play." Ren said as he also did some experimental swings with his sword.

"You all must be confusing this with something totally different. This is one of those AI manipulated games that came out recently on the consoles, Odin Online and Fantasy Moon Online." Itsuki argued.

"Ichigo!" Motoyasu and Itsuki came to Ichigo, the spear-holding blonde calling out to him. "Tell him that I am right! You also played Emerald Online, right? It's super-famous" The duo came close to stepping inside his personal space, ushering him to agree with one of them.

"Look, I have no idea of what you guys are talking about. Whilst I've been out of gaming for a few years with college and work, none of my friends either mentioned anything about Emerald Online, no VRMMO, and no Odin Online and Fantasy Moon Online, or anything like that, you know? And my friends are a big fan of gaming, so they would have told me if any of those games were out." The trio of Ren, Itsuki, and Motoyasu looked at him weirdly. Itsuki raised his hand, getting everyone's attention.

"Umm… everybody, what game world do you think this is, exactly?" He asked.

"Bravestar Online," Ren answered

"Emerald Online," Motoyasu answered.

"I didn't even know there was a game like this," Ichigo answered.

"I see. By the way, to me, it looks like the world of Dimension Wave, a console game." For some reason, none of them had ever heard of any of the others' games.

"Wait, wait, we can sort this out." Motoyasu touched his hand to his forehead and tried to get a grip on the situation.

"Ren, according to you this is a VRMMO, right?"

"That's right," Ren admitted.

"And Itsuki and Ichigo, you understand what he means by that?" asked Motoyasu, trying to figure out what is going on.

"It's a term I've seen in science fiction games before, yeah," Itsuki told them.

"I've read a few light novels and manga about them. I even heard about a few games that have a plot around it," admitted Ichigo.

"Okay, same here." admitted Motoyasu, before asking Ren, "Then, Ren. This Bravestar Online you mentioned, it's a VRMMO?"

"Yeah, I used to play it all the time." Ren told the older man, "The way this world works resembled the game mechanics."

"So, do any of the games we've mentioned exist in your world's past?" asked Itsuki.

Ren shook his head. "I consider myself something of a gaming history buff, and I've never heard of any of them. Are you sure they're famous?"

"Then, how about a question based on common knowledge? Like, the name of the current Prime Minister, for example." Ichigo suggested. Everybody nodded in agreement. "Okay, all together now…"

"Yuta Masato." Ichigo said.

"Yawara Koutarou." Ren said.

"Kodaka Enichi." Itsuki said.

"Ichifuji Shigeno," Motoyasu said. Everyone had a confused look on their faces. Soon they compared various topics ranging from popular net slang to famous websites, but the result was always the same. They couldn't seem to agree on anything, not only that, but they all came from a different year.

"Not only are we from different versions of Japan but also different years," Ichigo concluded.

"Yeah. No matter how you look at it there's no way we all came from the same world." Motoyasu added.

"Still, fantasy worlds are one thing, but who'd have thought that alternate Japans exist too?" Ren commented.

"Well, there's still the possibility that we came from the same world but different eras, but with so many inconsistencies it's seeming less and less likely," Itsuki admitted. Everyone began to share their last moments before they were sent there.

"All three of them died before they were sent here but I was the only one alive." Ichigo though.

"I-I see. Then, do you think you could give me some pointers?" Ichigo asked, "Since I've been out of gaming for a while, I don't know if my world has games with systems like this."

"Why don't you play games?" Motoyasu asked. Itsuki looked at Ichigo with a curious look. While Ren glared at Ichigo for an unknown reason.

"Well in my world, apart from going to college, I also work part-time to support my sisters," Ichigo said. "My life had a few problems, and I was only getting things into order. I planned to get back into gaming but got sucked into this world before I could." Ichigo partially lied. Motoyasu and Itsuki nodded their heads, understanding Ichigo's situation. The glare Ren was giving him lessened a bit.

"Don't worry, your good buddy Motoyasu is here to tell you how it is." Motoyasu walked up to Ichigo and draped his arm across his shoulders. "Don't take this personal, but in Emerald Online, the Shielder - surprise, surprise - use shields as its main weapon." Motoyasu began his explanation.

"Okay," Ichigo said.

"But the problem is that Shielders were bottom-tier trash! Sure, their initial defense is high and all, which is nice, but as you progress through the game it starts to get overwhelmed by the ridiculous amount of damage the enemies can dish out. From what I can remember, there were no high-leveled shield users. Hell, a shield isn't even a weapon, it's more like protective gear." Itsuki nodded along with Motoyasu's words. Ren stood there silent.

"Wasn't it ever fixed in an update?" Ichigo asked.

"Nah, it was terrible and barely anybody played it, so they never bothered," Motoyasu replied. "Last I heard, they had decided to just get rid of it altogether."

"Was it the same with your games?" Ichigo asked Ren and Itsuki.


"It's the same in my world, too…"

"Guys, there's something I would like to ask you three. I was wondering if there are any tips you can offer me for tomorrow." Ichigo asked.

"Listen," Ren started. "While I'd admit that any tips, we offer him might work… those tips might not work for him at all."

"Whilst this world has the system of a gaming world, I don't know if it'll be anything like the games that I play in my world. So, until I know for sure, I can't give you any real tips." Motoyasu informed the other heroes, "But even if that is the case, the tip I'll give you is the one I'm going to be trying out and that's to try and copy other spears, but you, you would need to copy shields."

"Copying shields?" Ichigo asked confused, "How would that help me?" Motoyasu and Itsuki looked like this was the stupidest thing ever said by the looks that they were giving him, whilst Ren couldn't believe what Ichigo said either, he seemed to be more understanding.

"Motoyasu, remember, Ichigo never played any game similar to this world," Ren said. Motoyasu smacked himself in the head.

"Sorry forgot." He said.

"Let me explain and if I am wrong, you can correct me," Ren told Motoyasu.

"Sure, I have no problems with that." Motoyasu agreed with the idea.

"In BraveStar Online, we all had an ability that allows us to copy the same type of weapons based on our class. Those copied weapons all have the same stats as the original and allowed us to switch into them and granted us an active and passive stats boost. For me, I often played as a swordsman, so I would copy swords to give me better attack points and sometimes better skills. So as a Shielder, apart from some more defense stats, you may gain some counter-attacks to help you."

"Oh, I see," Ichigo said simply, as he understood what Ren was telling him, "So copying shields might be useful for me."

"Yeah, it might, but remember what I said earlier, none of us know how this world's system works yet, so could not work."

"Well, I think I'll go next," Ren told them, "My tip is about monster drops."

"Monster drops? Are you sure they'll work the same way as in games?" Ichigo asked, "I don't think that when we defeat monsters, they would drop items and money like they would in games."

"I'm with Ichigo with this one," Motoyasu agreed with the Shield Hero on this, "Whilst we're in a gaming world, I believe that there might be a few things that won't be the same as in the games we play. Almost everything yes, but I don't think that monsters drop items when defeated would be one of them."

"I don't believe that either," admitted Ren, "I often thought that if the monster disappears right away, you will lose many useful things, like meat, skin, fur, and such. In most games that I played;, you would only get so much from the defeated monster. But in Bravestar Online, they allow the defeated monster to stay around for a while so that the player can harvest the parts they want and over time the monster would disappear. Not only that, but we can absorb some of the parts into our weapons. It could enhance our current weapons, unlock new weapons, be used for potions, or be stored for future uses. So, if the monsters here don't disappear, I'll be doing trying out the loot system from Bravestar Online, you lot should try as well."

"That would make sense since it was one of the options to unlock more shields." Ichigo thought.

"And one more thing," Ren continued. "Try and see if you can create items with your weapons once you gain or learn recipes." explained Ren, "As in Bravestar Online, I could create things with my weapons once I learned the recipe it's the same with making weapons, medicine, and such."

"Would it be better to commission a weapon at a Blacksmith or try to make it yourself?" Ichigo asked.

"Depends on a few things." Ren began. "The first is the complexity of the weapon, the different materials used for the weapon, your expertise in forging the weapon, and luck. Your legendary weapon can create it, but it might not be as good compared to a blacksmith, but it would be cheaper and faster. On the other hand, a blacksmith costs money and time but is usually an expert on the craft and can guarantee you a partial refund or discount if they mess up your weapon." Ichigo nodded his head understanding the difference. He turned to Itsuki. "So, what about you Itsuki, do you have any tips I could use?" asked Ichigo.

"I don't feel comfortable giving you any tips until I know what I can and can't do here. All I can say is level up as fast as possible so that you can get the rare and unique items sooner. Not only that, but if you work on leveling up sooner, you would be able to get the better skills much sooner, instead of dealing with the weaker skills." Ren and Motoyasu nodded in agreement with Itsuki. Seeing how it was getting late, the four of them decided to turn in for the night. Ichigo immediately activated Schrift U: The Umbra and slipped into the shadows. Ichigo looked to see a robed figure standing beside their room. Ichigo could see a mask covering her eyes. Ichigo used the shadows to knock the spy out and dragged her into the shadows. Ichigo returned to his room with the unconscious spy. Ichigo quickly cast a few privacy spells, making sure no one realized what happened. Ichigo took off the mask to see a young woman with light skin. Ichigo summoned Tsuki no Hansha.

"Yomu Kioku [Reading Memory]," Ichigo said as he stabbed the spy in the chest.

"Interesting memories," Kyōka commented as she began to watch the spy's memories.

"Is that a good or bad thing?" Ichigo asked.

"Not sure, it'll take me a bit of time to go over her memories." Ichigo pulled the spy back in place and woke her up. He adjusted her memories, making her forget that she was knocked out.

"Should we use Yomu Kioku on the other heroes?" Kyōka asked.

"Might as well. They held back a lot of information." Ichigo thought. He dove into the shadow and stabbed each of the heroes with Tsuki no Hansha and activated Yomu Kioku on them.

"It'll take me a while to go through with their memories," Kyōka said.

"Time to deal with the shield." Ichigo thought as he laid down on his bed and entered his mindscape.

Scene Change: Mindscape

Ichigo arrived to see everyone in his mindscape glared at the intruder. It appears to be a figureless person made out of green energy. On its arm is a shield exactly like the one on Ichigo's arm. The figure was bounded and trapped in countless spells and kidōs.

"I didn't expect my chosen hero to be this strong." The being said.

"I assume you are the spirit that resides in the shield." Ichigo guessed.

"Correct." The Shield Spirit replied. "Can you release me from these bindings?"

"Not until we learn the full story," Ichigo replied.

"Very well." The Shield Spirit said. "The event you humans call the Wave of Calamities is nothing but a war between worlds."

"What do you mean?" Ichigo asked.

"Long ago, there were many worlds in their adolescence with their Gods ruling above. That all changed when they showed up."


"The Dokkaebis.

"How powerful are these Dokkaebis?" Ichigo asked.

"They are beings that can warp reality to make the situation entertaining for the Constellations."

"Constellation? Who are they?"

"They are beings of legends who left their home planets and ascended to the stars above. Some gods become Constellations but still come down to their home planet."

"Wouldn't these gods descend to prevent their homeworld from being used as entertainment for the other Constellations?" Ichigo asked.

"The Dokkaebis and these gods arrived at an agreement. If the gods abandoned their homeworld, the Dokkaebis would help them ascend to Narrative-Grade Constellation."

"Narrative-Grade Constellation?" Ichigo questioned.

"There is a tier list for Constellation, Historical-Grade, Narrative-Grade, and finally Mythic-Grade. Many gods start around the Historical-Grade Constellation."

"I see…" Ichigo said.

"Once the gods abandoned the world, the Dokkaebis announced to all the Will of the Worlds that they must create three heroes, one not native from their world or from a world that competes, and two that are native from their world or a competitive world. This requires the Will of the World to summon a person from another world and create three Legendary Weapons. The Dokkaebis also prevented the same type of weapon from being created twice."

"So that's how a Shield became a weapon," Ichigo said.

"Indeed." The Shield Spirit said. "Anyways, the summoned hero would be called the Legendary Hero while the other two would be called the Legendary Vassal Heroes. The event would begin with a few rounds of Waves of Calamities. It allows the Constellations to see the basic abilities of the Heroes. After that, the Heroes could invade their competitor's world during the Wavy of Calamity. The portal is open from the moment the Wave of Calamity starts till the boss is dead or 10 minutes after the opposing heroes begins to fight, whatever is later."

"What happens when the one world loses?"

"The losing world is merged with the winning world. The Will of the Losing World is devoured by The Will of the Winning World. The people of the Losing World would have their memories altered and became second-class citizens of the Winning World. Everyone's memories, winners and loser will also have their memories modified to prevent the truth from coming out."

"So, I assume something like that happened here?" Ichigo guessed.

"Yes. In the first round, the Shield Hero, the Vassal Carriage, and the Vassal Axe fought against the Bow Hero, the Vassal Projectile, and the Vassal Hammer. The Shield Hero won, causing the ancestor of the demi-humans to rule over the humans. While the Sword Hero, the Vassal Claw, and the Weapon Staff fought against the Spear Hero, the Vassal Whip, and the Vassal Gauntlet. The Past Sword Hero defeated the Past Spear Hero. Due to both locals being humans there was not as much conflict during the integration. In the 2nd round, the Shield Hero, Bow Hero, and their Vassal Weapons fought against the Sword Hero, Spear Hero, and their Vassal Weapons. The Bow Hero betrayed the Shield Hero and helped the Sword Hero and Spear Hero. Despite being outnumbered, the Shield Hero managed to kill Bow, Sword, and Spear Hero. During the merger, many human slaves escaped to the side of the Sword and Spear."

"This is the thing that started the Church of the Three Heroes and the Shield Demon,"Kyōka said.

"Likely." The Shield Spirit said. "Normally, this cycle would continue until only one world exists."


"But then you showed up." The Shield Spirit said. "Someone strong enough to fight and kill Dokkaebis." Ichigo's stat screen showed up.

True Status

Name: Ichigo Kurosaki

Level: 200+

Class: God Slayer, Legendary Shield Hero

HP: 999+

MP: 999+

SP: 999+

STR: 999+

DEX: 999+

INT: 900

WIS: 900

LUK: 900


MAG: 999+

DEF: 999+

M. DEF: 999+

Fire Resistance: 999+

Aqua Resistance: 999+

Ice Resistance: 999+

Wind Resistance: 999+

Earth Resistance: 999+

Lightning Resistance: 999+

Holy Resistance: 999+

Demonic Resistance: 999+

Equipment: Small Shield (Legendary Weapon), Otherworld Clothes

Legendary Weapon Skill(s):

- Absorption: The small crystal on the shield that absorbs plants, animal parts, and other items into the shield, to unlock new shields and abilities for the Shield Hero.

- Clone: The small crystal on the shield can scan and make an exact copy of the shield. This includes all abilities and enhancements currently present on the shield.

- Item Creation: The small crystal on the shield contain a pocket dimension capable of storing anything inside. If the Shield Hero knows the recipes, the small crystal on the shield can instantly create items based on the recipes.

True Status End

"This is my real stats?" Ichigo questioned upon seeing his real stats.


"What do you mean mostly?"

"Did you notice the plus sign after most of your stats?" Ichigo nodded his head. "Your stats go beyond the limit that the status magic can calculate."

"So, my states are beyond your comprehension," Ichigo said.

"Correct." The Shield said. "I manipulated your stats to hide your true strength."

"What would happen if they discovered my true power?" Ichigo asked.

"But if the Dokkaebis or other Constellation are aware of your true stats, then they will immediately attempt to balance the playing field."

"I see…When will the Constellations see us battle?"

"The first time the Constellations will see you is during the Waves of Calamities. During that time, you can only use your Shield Hero Skills and shields that match your level."

"How is my level calculated?" Ichigo asked.

"You will have to get party members and your level is the average level of your party members."

"So, I need to pretend to be a weak Hero during the Waves." Ichigo guessed.

"Or when you encounter one of the Legendary Heroes or a Constellations is watching you."

"They watch us all the time?"

"After you participate in your first Wave, the Dokkaebis will stream your entire adventures to the Constellations. Ads will be played during your private moments or boring events, so you don't need to worry about that. I can also warn you if any Constellations are watching your stream or when ads are playing."

"Since these Constellations are watching us, can they sponsor or donate to us?" Ichigo asked.

"Technically yes and no. Constellations can sponsor you Story Coins or Coins, the currency of Constellation but, Will of the Planet will hold on to those Coins, until the end of the Waves of Calamity, which is then given to you to use as you wish.

"But if we die, then the Will of the Planet gets to keep those coins." Ichigo pointed out.

"Correct. The Will of the Planet could use those coins to pay for another attempt or sponsor another victorious hero to fight on its behalf."

"I see…" Ichigo said.

"Any other questions?"

"Can you tell me who are the current Vassal Weapon holders?"

"I can only tell you the Vassal Hero of the Staff since you met him earlier."

"It's the king?"


"Is there any way I can revoke his rights as a Vassal Hero?"

"You can if the Vassal Hero in question is trying to kill you or betray you."

"I see… thank you."

"Any more questions?"

"Is there any way to hide you when I go out in public?"

"Yes, just say Hide Shield." The Shield Spirit answered. Ichigo could hear a notification. Ichigo looked to see one of his skills unlocked.

"Hide Shield – A skill that allows the Shield Hero to hide the Shield. No detection magic can detect the shield." The skill description read.

"Anything else?" The Shield Spirit asked.

"Not at this time," Ichigo said.

"Then let's finish the bonding process." Ichigo snapped his fingers, freeing the Shield Spirit from the bind spells and kidō. The Shield Spirit floated over to Ichigo and disappeared. Ichigo turned to Kyōka.

"Were you able to go through the spy's memories?"

"I was," Kyōka replied. "The spy is a part of a group called Shadows. Melromarc is a matriarchal monarchy. The Queen, who is the true ruler of Melromarc, is overseas dealing with politics. The King is working with the Church of the Three Heroes to do a coup d'état. The Shadows are divided. Some, like our captured spy, are loyal to the Church while there are a few Shadows still loyal to the Queen."

"I see…" Ichigo said.

"Also, the King is planning for you to have his eldest daughter as your party member. The next morning after, she is planning to accuse you of rape and put you on a fake trial to start discrediting you."

"I see…" Ichigo said. "Anything about the world?"

"Yes," Kyōka said. "So most begin at level 1 and they fight until level 10. At level 10, they can go to the Dragon Hourglass, located in the Church of the Three Heroes, and they can join one of the basic classes: Warrior, Mage, Archer, Assassin, or Artisan. Other special classes can be unlocked if certain requirements are met. At Level 30, 70, 120, 160, and 200 they return to the Dragon Hourglass to Class Up. Due to the difficulty in leveling up, most people stop around the 100s."

"I see… Anything else?"

"If we need loyal companions, we could purchase Demi-human slaves and train them since slavery is legal here," Kyōka suggested. Ichigo sighed.

"I will look into that," Ichigo said.

"I already uploaded her memories of the language so you can speak, write and read in German."

"Wait… they were speaking in German?"

"An older version of German."

"That oddly makes sense with the European architecture," Ichigo commented. "Is there anything else?"

"Remember when Ren mentioned that our legendary weapon can unlock new forms if we feed them different items?" Kyōka said.

"I do," Ichigo said.

"I had two suggestions we can try."

"What's the first one?" Ichigo asked.

"I was going to suggest we steal their phones and place them in our shield, to see what shields we unlock."

"Does their phones still work?"

"They're under 20% each. I can alter their memories, making them think it was 0% and they decided to abandon it."

"Do it," Ichigo said. "What's the other suggestion?"

"Pour your energy into the shields to see if we can unlock any more shields," Kyōka said.

"Sure," Ichigo said as he funneled his elemental energies, holy energy, and hellfire into the shield. Ichigo could sense Kisara, Valiona, Vermillion, Azrael, and Dusk also added their respective energy into the shield. He could hear multiple notifications. Ichigo opened them and read them.

Modified Notification ++ Modified Notification

Flame Shield Level 1/10 +1 DEF, +1 MEDF, +3 Fire Resistance Passive Ability: Warm Will– Surrounded the user and party in a warm aura which can slightly decrease fatigue. Active Ability: Firewall – Generate a wall of fire in front of the user for 5 minutes.

Aqua Shield Level 1/10 +1 DEF, +1 MEDF, +3 Aqua Resistance Passive Ability: Misty Will – Surrounded the user and party in a misty aura which can slowly passively heal the party. Active Ability: Aqua Wall – Generate a wall of water in front of the user for 5 minutes.

Frost Shield Level 1/10 +1 DEF, +1 MEDF, +3 Ice Resistance Passive Ability: Frozen Will – Surround the user and party in a frosty aura that can temporarily weaken the enemy with the cold. Active Ability: Frozen Wall – Generate a wall of Ice in front of the user for 5 minutes.

Stone Shield Level 1/10 +2 DEF, +2 MEDF, +3 Earth Resistance Passive Ability: Stone Will – Surround the user and party with an earthly aura which slightly decreases stamina usage. Active Ability: Stonewall – Generate a stone wall in front of the user for 5 minutes.

Wind Shield Level 3/10 +2 DEX, +1 Wind Resistance Passive Ability: Wind Will – Surround the user and party with a windy aura that can slightly increase physical speed. Active Ability: Wind Tunnel – Generate a wall of wind in front of the user for 5 minutes.

Holy Shield Level 1/10 +2 DEF, +2 MEDF, +2 Holy Resistance Passive Ability: Holy Blessing– Surrounded the user and party in a warm holy aura that can slightly recover stamina. Active Ability: Holy Wall – Generate a wall of holy energy in front of the user for 5 minutes.

Shield of Rage Level 1/10 +1 ATK, +1 MATK, +1 Demonic Resistance Active Ability: Hate Reaction – Surround the user that an aura that attracts monsters the hatred of enemies, even if they are concealed.

White Dragon Shield Level 1/10 +1 ATK, +1 MATK, +2 Holy Resistance Active Ability: White Dragon Roar – Unleash a roar around the area, which can inflict fear and terror status to the enemy. Enemies with the demonic trait will be inflicted with fear, terror, and despair curse.

Black Dragon Shield Level 1/10 +1 ATK, +1 MATK, +2 Demonic Resistance Active Ability: Black Dragon Roar – Unleash a roar around the area, which can inflict fear and terror status to the enemy. Enemies with the holy trait will be inflicted with fear, terror, and despair curse.

Dragon Buster Shield Level 1/10 +2 ATK, +2 MATK Passive Ability: Buster Counter – Once every 12 hours, the Dragon Buster Shield gains a Buster Counter. Dragon Buster Explosion – Use up a Buster Counter to double the power of the next skill or attack. Multiple Buster Counters can be used at once.

Dragon Counter Shield Level 1/10 +2 DEF, +2 MEDF Passive Ability: Energy Devour – When you use your shield to block an attack the energy from that attack is absorbed and can be used to temporally increase your stats or elemental resistance, depending on the attack.

End of Modified Notification ++ End of Modified Notification

"It seems certain shields have an Active or Passive Ability," Ichigo said.

"Indeed. These effects are what you expect from a Shielder." Kyōka replied.

"I guess the modified tag is used to indicate that I unlocked a higher-level version of the shield but can't use it till later." Ichigo guessed

"Correct," Kyōka said. "It seems that our spy is currently outside our room, pretending to be a maid," Kyōka said.

"Thanks," Ichigo said as he left his mindscape.

Scene Change: Private Guest Quarters

Ichigo opened his eyes and used the shadows to steal their phones and placed them into his shield. A few notifications popped up.

Modified Notification ++ Modified Notification

Clock Shield Level 1/10 +1 MAG, +1 MDEF, +1 DEX Passive Ability: Seconds Hand- Increase user skill effects by 5%

Clock Shield II Level 1/10 +1 MAG, +1 MDEF, +1 DEX Passive Ability: Minute Hand – Decrease skill cooldown by 5 seconds.

Radio Shield Level 1/10 +2 INT Passive Ability: Communications - Allows voiced communication between party members.

Computer Shield Level 1/10 +2 INT Passive Ability: Enhanced Insight - Status magic is now enhanced, allowing more information to be revealed.

Battery Shield Level 1/10 Passive Ability: Portable Battery Each day, the user gains 9 battery counters on this shield. Battery counters can be used to substitute for SP, MP, or Stamina, in a 1 to 15 ratio.

Battery Shield II Level 1/10 Passive Ability: Rechargeable Battery - Gain 5 battery counters whenever an attack made by SP or MP is fully blocked.

Camera Shield Level 1/10 +1 INT Active Ability: Photography - Capture images and save them. Can save 5 photos for each level you possess.

Camera Shield II Level 1/10 +1 INT Active Ability: Recorder - Record up to 1 minute of video and audio for each level you possess.

Magnifying Glass Shield Level 1/10 +1 INT Active Ability: Magnify – Increase the Magic attacks of allies by 10% for 1 minute. 20 minutes cool down.

Flashlight Shield Level 1/10 +1 MAG Active Ability: Moonbeam - Release a bright light that stuns everyone that sees the light for 5 seconds

Laser Shield Level 1/10 + 1 MAG Active Ability: Laser Pointer - Fires a concentrated beam of light at the target for 5 seconds. 30 minutes cool down after use.

Map Shield I Level 1/10 + 1 DEF Passive Ability: World Map - Can display a world map of all explored terrain and relevant information. Can scan a map to expand the scope of the world map.

Map Shield II Level 1/10 + 1 DEX Active Ability: Minimap – Display a minimap of 20 meters around the user, displaying allies and incoming enemies.

Modified Notification End ++ Modified Notification End

"How come these shields are already under the Modified Notification tab despite me just unlocking them? Ichigo thought.

"Maybe using multiple of the unlocking material helped level them up?" Hōgyoku suggested.

"Possible," Ichigo replied as he stood up and stretched. He looked at a clock to see it was barely five in the morning. Ichigo entered the bathroom and took care of his business. Ichigo put his clothes back on and quietly walked out of his quarters.

"Oh, Hero-sama. Good morning." The spy said.

"Good morning," Ichigo replied.

"What can I do for you?" She asked.

"I was wondering if you are available for a short chat?"

"A short chat?" She questioned.

"Yes. Yesterday was a hectic day for all of us. I was wondering if you could tell me more about Melromarc." Ichigo asked.

"This might be an opportunity to see if we can convert this Shield Hero to our side." The spy thought.

"Sure. Let me get a pot of tea ready." She said.

"Sure," Ichigo said as he entered the empty common room. A few minutes later, the maid entered the common room and poured a cup of tea of each of them. Ichigo began to ask her a few questions about the world. The spy answered Ichigo's questions to the best of her ability. "So that's why the King, the various nobles, and knights were staring at me," Ichigo said once the spy explain told him why people hate the Shield Hero. "Do you think the adventurers that the King would want to join me?" Ichigo noticed the maid slightly flinch at the question. She took a sip of tea to regain her bearing.

"Hopefully you find at least someone who would want to party with you."

"But what if I don't? What do you recommend?" Ichigo asked.

"Kyōka make sure she suggests that I use demi-humans, slaves, as companions," Ichigo said.

"On it," Kyōka replied.

"Maybe enslaving a few disgusting demi-humans?" The maid suggested. "It would show everyone that you are different from the Shield Demon since he would never allow any of those beasts to be enslaved."

"Maybe," Ichigo said. One of the doors opened as he noticed Ren walked out. "Morning Ren."

"I must return to the kitchen to help get breakfast started." The spy quickly said as she bowed to them before leaving.

"What was that about?" Ren asked.

"I woke up early and bumped into the maid outside. We had a short discussion about Melromarc." Ichigo said.

"I see…" Ren said. Soon Itsuki and Motoyasu woke up and everyone headed down to breakfast.

Scene Change: Throne Room

After a good breakfast, the four heroes were escorted back to the throne room. They could see more people waiting for them than yesterday. There were twelve people carrying armor and weapons of different types.

"The girl in the red hair is the King's oldest daughter, Malty S Melromarc," Kyōka warned.

"Thanks," Ichigo replied.

"As I promised you, Heroes, we have gathered brave warriors who will fight the Waves of Calamity with you legendary heroes. Champions! Choose the Hero you wish to fight for!" King Melromarc ordered. The twelve Champions stepped forward at the King's words. They stood behind their chosen hero.

"It was a good thing that I chose nobles who also were followers of the Church of the Three Heroes." King Aultcray thought.

"This is... troublesome," King Aultcray admitted after seeing the results. Three people stood behind the Bow Hero. Four women had chosen the Spear Hero. Five champions were with the Sword Hero. And the Shield Hero had none.

"Strange. I expected the Shield Hero to cry out or be angry. Instead, he's calm as if he expected this."

"I have to admit, I wasn't expecting this." King Aultcray said. That was when his advisor leaned to tell him something. "I see…"

"What happen your highness?" Ichigo asked.

"It appears, that rumors of the Shield Hero's ignorant of this world have spread around town."

"It makes sense in a way," Ichigo said. "I should have expected this based on last night's discussion."

"Looks like someone was eavesdropping on our chat last night," Motoyasu whispered.

"No shit Sherlock." Ichigo mentally replied.

"I'll join the Shield Hero, Your Majesty!" Malty said.

"Are you sure?" Motoyasu asked. She nodded her head with enthusiasm.

"I am someone who prefers to work alone. If any of you wants to leave, you should do it now and join any of the others," Ren warned them. They all nodded their head, accepting Ren's warning.

"I am just fine working on my own for the time being," Ichigo said.

"You cannot claim that you would be alone against the Waves!" Malty replied.

"This is my wish, and hope you respect it. Plus, it's not the first time something like this has happened to me, I'll manage."

"The Shield Hero has spoken." King Aultcray said, "But, Shield Hero, should you get into trouble, you will be helpless with no one to lend a hand on your way. Are you certain that you are making a good decision?"

"I'm sure, your Majesty," Ichigo replied.

"Very well." King Aultcray said, ending the topic. One of the servants carried a try with four bags. "Now, I will proceed with the Heroes' initial funds. The Shield Hero will be granted eight hundred silver coins, while the other Heroes will have six hundred silver coins. Shield Hero, you may hire adventurers in your journey as you see fit."

"Your Majesty, is it possible for me to have a private word with you after this?" Ichigo asked.

"Very well then." King Aultcray said.

"Thank you, Your Majesty," Ichigo replied with a bow.

"Heroes! Now, you may begin your journey! Gain strength and power to defeat the Waves of Calamity!" He turned to Ichigo. "Follow me." Ichigo followed King Aultcray down a hallway. Soon they arrived in a private office.

"Is there anyone in the room with us?" Ichigo asked.

"Just the Shadow from this morning," Kyōka said.

"Good." Ichigo thought. Ichigo immediately summoned Tsuki no Hansha and activated Yomu Kioku [Reading Memory] before stabbing King Aultcray with it.

"I'm in," Kyōka said. She deleted King Aultcray's and the Shadow's memory of the stabbing. Ichigo sent Tsuki no Hansha back to his mindscape.

"Now Shield Hero, what do you wish to ask me about?" King Aultcray asked, not aware of what just happened.

"Your highness, I wish to apologize for the actions my predecessor has done to your country."

"What actions?" He asked.

"I learned about the war with the beasts," Ichigo said.

"I see…" King Aultcray said.

"Is it possible that this Shield Hero isn't like the Shield Demon?" King Aultcray thought.

"I was wondering if you can show help me get a few of those beasts as slaves," Ichigo said.

"Why?" King Aultcray asked.

"The first is that I want to show the citizens of Melromarc that I'm not the Shield Demon. To do that, if they see me having demi-human slaves, then they might think differently."

"Hm… Let's see how this goes. I can use the Shadows to keep an eye on him."

"Fine then. I will allow it." He said.

"Your highness is it possible for you to make it a formal document. That way, if I encounter the other heroes, they wouldn't try to free my slaves." Ichigo said. King Aultcray nodded his head as he took a sheet of parchment and began to write a formal declaration, giving Ichigo, the Shield Hero, permission to own slaves. He lit a candle and placed the royal seal on the document. He rolled it up and handed it to Ichigo.

"Thank you, your highness," Ichigo said before storing it in his shield.

"Is there anything else?" King Aultcray asked.

"Who would I look for to buy slaves," Ichigo asked.

"You would need to go find a man named Beloukas. He should be near the southern side of town. I do recommend you see him at night." King Aultcray said.

"Will I have enough money to buy a slave from him?" Ichigo asked.

"High-quality slaves from Beloukas are usually expensive." King Aultcray said before he pulled a bag of money from his drawer. "This is a bag with an additional eight hundred silver coins. This should be able to help you with your problems."

"Thank you, your highness. Ichigo said as he stored the bag of coins in his shield. After that, he left King Aultcray's office. King Aultcray turned to the Shadow, hiding in the room. "It seems your report was correct."

"Indeed. While this morning discussion was an unexpected one, it allowed us an opportunity to prevent the Shield Hero from becoming the Shield Demon." The Shadow said. "I will inform go and Pope Balmus about the potential change."

"Go ahead." The Shadow bowed before disappearing.

Scene Change: Courtyard

Ichigo was escorted to the courtyard where the other three heroes waited.

"About time you showed up. If you took any longer, I would have left." Motoyasu said.

"Sorry. It took longer than I thought." Ichigo said.

"What did you ask him about?" Ren asked.

"I asked him if I could use slaves as companions."

"Slaves?" The three heroes questioned.

"Slavery is illegal!" Itsuki shouted.

"Not here," Ichigo said.

"Lord Shield Hero is right." One of Itsuki's party members added.

"Anyways, his highness gave me permission to go purchase slaves as my party member," Ichigo said. He could tell that Itsuki and Motoyasu were unconformable about the idea.

"Look, yesterday the three of us considered which areas would be better suited for each of us," Ren said, changing the discussion. "In the end, we decided that Motoyasu will go north, Itsuki east and me west," Ren said.

"So, I'd be going south of the city. Is that a good area?" Ichigo asked.

"Yes, it is. Well, for you at least it should be the best area." Motoyasu said.

"All right, I can tell you guys know something about the place. Why are you saying that?" Ichigo asked. Itsuki looked away, somewhat ashamed.

"We aren't hiding anything from you, Ichigo. It's... well, you know those games we mentioned? For the three of us, that area only has a bunch of weak monsters called Balloons, which are not going to do much for us. Maybe you can get something out of them, though, since you're a Shielder."

"I see…" Ichigo said. "Thank you for the information." With that, the four heroes and their parties parted ways. Ichigo walked to a nearby alleyway and transfigured his clothing to match normal clothes in Melromarc.

"Hide Shield." Ichigo mentally cast, making himself look like a regular person. Ichigo visited an apothecary and purchased a set of books and potion-making equipment. Ichigo discreetly sent them into his shield. Ichigo ignored the notifications from his shield as he walked to the blacksmith.

"Good afternoon." Ichigo could see a middle-aged light-skinned male manning the shop. "The names Erhard. What can I do for you?" I'm looking for a set of armor that is great with defenses and doesn't restrict my mobility."

"Hm… I might get something for you." Erhard said as he brought over a set of armor. He helped Ichigo place the armor on. "What do you think?"

"It feels good." Ichigo tried to move in it. "I'll take it."

"Great. Anything else?"

"Has the Legendary Heroes came here yet?" Ichigo asked.

"No, they haven't."

"Great," Ichigo revealed his Shield. Erhard's eyes widen as he realized who Ichigo was.

"You're the Shield Hero."

"Yep," Ichigo replied. "Now then, I want to warn you about the other heroes. Under no circumstance should you give them either a spear, sword, or bow?"


"Each of our Legendary Weapon can copy our respective weapon." Erhard's eyes widen with realization.

"So, they could have come in, ask for my weapons, copied them, return me the original, and walk away with their copies."

"Correct," Ichigo said.

"Why did you tell me this?"

"I just wanted to help my future business partner," Ichigo said. Suddenly Ichigo disappeared as the door opened to reveal Itsuki, Ren, and Motoyasu. Erhard, aware of the other heroes' intentions, demand they pay a portion of the price before they could see the weapon. He told them that he heard legends that the Legendary Heroes could create copies of other weapons. After bargaining, the heroes paid a third of the price to make a copy of all Erhard's swords, spears, and bows. Soon the heroes left Erhard's shop, complaining about the treatment. Ichigo reappeared in Erhard's shop.

"Seems like you made some profit," Ichigo commented.

"Indeed," Erhard said.

"So, what do I owe you for that?" He asked.

"Just a discount for your loyal customer," Ichigo said.

"Fine." He said. He showed Ichigo all his shields, even some higher-level ones. Soon Ichigo paid a fourth of the price for the shields and the armor. Ichigo noticed the sun was going down. He walked over to a nearby in and booked a room for the night. Ichigo ate dinner. The sun finally set, Ichigo left the inn and continued to explore Castle Town. He soon spotted a large popup tent. Someone from the tent stepped out. It was a short, creepy-looking little man dressed in a tuxedo, glasses with a small chain attached, white gloves, a long top hat, and a red bow tie with a small diamond brooch in its center. He has a small, old-fashioned handlebar mustache and wears a somewhat sinister, omnipresent grin on his face.

"Good evening. What can I do for you?" He asked.

"I assume you are Beloukas?" Ichigo asked.

"I am." He replied.

"I am looking for some slaves," Ichigo said.

"You're looking for the right place." He said as he entered his tent. Ichigo quietly followed behind him. They arrived at a bunch of covered cages.

"This is the one I would recommend to you," Beloukas said as he moved the covers. Ichigo could see a large bipedal wolf. It was covered in multiple chains.

"Offensive-based slave. Level 75. Race Wolf." Ichigo's status screen read.

"How is he? Aren't his stats simply wonderful?" Beloukas asked.

"Simple salesperson trick." Ichigo realized.

"As for the price."

"Don't tell me." Ichigo interrupted. "Good trick to show me the most expensive item first."

"You're a very observant customer," Beloukas said with an eerie smile as he let go of the cover. "What kind of product are you looking for?" He asked.

"Something cheap. Something that hasn't broken down. Something I can raise to fight with me."

"I see…" Beloukas said. They soon arrived in another tent. "In this direction, you find the lower-priced good that I can offer. They are problematic but can be trained. Ichigo heard someone coughing. Ichigo walked over and raised one of the covers. He could see a small figure wrapped in chains.

"Raise your head," Ichigo said. The figure looked up to see a little girl with brown long, dirty, unkempt hair that flowed down to her hips. She wore torn rags and chain buckles around her neck and wrists. "What is your name?"

"Raph-talia." She nervously said.

"Ah… this one has been sold back to me three times. She's prone to panic attacks and suffering some kind of disease."

"I'll take her," Ichigo said as he continued to look around the cage. Ichigo spotted another slave. She had long scarlet hair and dark brown eyes. She has some small red reptile scales to cover the outer edges of her face. Her clothes were in much better condition than Raphtalia. She glared at Ichigo.

"What is your name," Ichigo asked. She glared at Ichigo.

"Tell him your name," Beloukas ordered. The slave crest on her chest glowed as purple electricity suddenly shocked her. She screamed out in pain.

"Erza Scarlet!" She answered. The slave cress stop glowing, stopping the purple electricity.

"I apologize," Beloukas said. "She was one of the newer slaves I received from my source. My source found her unconscious on the road and grabbed her."

"I like the look in her eyes." Ichigo complimented. "Any other troublesome slaves?"

"Well… I got one more." He showed Ichigo a cage. She is a petite girl with white hair and gold eyes. Atop her head is a pair of small, pointed cat ears.

"What is your name?" Ichigo asked.

"Leonmitchelli." She growled. He could see a fang protruding from her mouth.

"I'll take her as well," Ichigo said.

"Excellent," Beloukas said. "That will be 100 silver."

"Make it 90 silver. Since you believe Raphtalia is going to die first and the other two are fresh wild slaves."

"Fair, fair. Come then, let's draw up the paperwork." Beloukas replied with a smile. He unlocked all their cages and they entered Beloukas's office. As they concluded their talks it was decided that Ichigo would get a basic seal. No stealing from him, no lying to him, no betrayal of his trust, and obey all orders he gives. Ichigo's blood was mixed into the ink before it was set on Raphtalia, Erza, and Leonmitchelli, they squealed in pain for a brief moment. "Be at ease, sir. The pain is a passing side-effect. Give it a few moments." Sure enough, it faded and Ichigo handed the man his coin.

[Slave: Raphtalia, Erza Scarlet, Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois acquired]

"I just realized I didn't get your name. I like to remember my business partners." Beloukas said.

"It's Ichigo," Ichigo said.

"Ah… I didn't expect the Shield Hero to be one of my customers." Beloukas said.

"Beloukas I'd like some of that ink."

"Sorry, the slave ink is only available for use by licensed slave traders. Legally I can't."

"Reveal Shield." Ichigo thought as his shield reappeared.

"You misunderstand, my shield gains forms and abilities based on absorbed material. I won't have the ink either, just the effects."

"Oh, that's not illegal then. Which would you like?" He had 4 bottles at his desk. Looked at the label to see it was basic slave ink, intermediate slave ink, advanced slave ink, and slave ink remover.

"A bit of all 4 then," Ichigo said.

"I'll settle for 20 silver apiece."

"Come on. Take 10 silver apiece. That's as much as one of the girls?"

"Would you believe me if I told you the ink is actually worth more than them?" Beloukas replied. Ichigo sighed.

"Fine. 20 silver..." Ichigo handed the silvers over Beloukas. Beloukas poured a few drops into the gem on the shield Ichigo could hear the notifications status screen, but he ignored it for now.

"Come on let's get something to eat," Ichigo said. The three slave girls silently followed behind Ichigo. Ichigo returned to the inn he was staying at. Ichigo walked to the receptionist's desk. "Can I get four sets of meals delivered to my room?" Ichigo asked.

"Sure. 5 copper coins per meal and an additional 5 for delivery." Ichigo placed 30 bronze coins on the desk as he walked up to his room. Ichigo snapped his fingers placed a set of privacy spells around them. Ichigo also put a spell to alert him when the food arrived. "Erza, Leonmitchelli. Can I trust both of you to take a bath without me there?"

"Yes Master." Erza and Leonmitchelli said.

"Good. Just place your dirty clothes outside the door when you take them off." Ichigo instructed. The girls nodded their heads and did as instructed. Ichigo waved his hand. Erza and Leonmitchelli's clothes were cleaned, repaired, folded nicely, and appeared in the bathroom sink.

"Wow," Raphtalia said before she began to cough badly. Ichigo placed his hand on Raphtalia's chest as he began to use healing kidō on her. Raphtalia's eyes widen as she could feel his reiatsu flow into her body. Erza and Leonmitchelli walked out of the bathroom to see Ichigo's hands glowing green. Ichigo turned to them.

"Both of you look better." Ichigo complimented as he stopped healing Raphtalia. "How are you feeling," Ichigo asked.

"Good master," Raphtalia admitted.

"Good," Ichigo said. Ichigo has Erza and Leonmitchelli join Raphtalia on the bed, while he sat on the chair. "Do you girls know why I bought you?" He asked. They shook their heads.

"Reveal Shield." Ichigo cast, showing them his shield.

"You're the Shield Hero," Raphtalia said, realizing who Ichigo was.

"Correct," Ichigo said. "Because of this Shield, I can't fight the incoming Waves of Calamity." He paused as he looked at them. "So, I need all of you to be my swords to compliment my shield."

"Will we grow stronger?" Erza asked.

"Under my training, you will."

"Good," Erza said. "I want to grow stronger to kill the people who killed my mother." She said. Her eyes showed her absolute resolve for vengeance. Ichigo nodded his head. He looked at Leonmitchelli.

"What about you?" He asked.

"I too desire to grow stronger." She paused. "I never want to feel weak again." Ichigo nodded his head.

"Leonmitchelli, is it ok for me to give you a nickname?" Ichigo asked.

"That's fine Master. My name is kind of long and it may make it hard to issue commands at a moment's notice." She said.

"How about Leo or Leona?" Ichigo offered.

"Leo is fine Master," Leo said. Ichigo looked at Raphtalia.

"I…I." Raphtalia mumbled.

"It's all right," Ichigo said noticing how nervous Raphtalia was. Suddenly they heard someone knock on the door. Ichigo walked over and opened the door. It was the receptionist with their dinner. Ichigo allowed the receptionist to enter their room. She placed the food on the table and quickly left. "Let's eat dinner." Ichigo, Erza, and Leonmitchelli sat down at the table and dug in.

"Um… Ichigo-sama?" Raphtalia mumbled.

"You can join us at the table." Raphtalia nervously sat at the table.

"Do I get to eat all of this?" She asked.

"That is all your food," Ichigo said. Raphtalia's face lit up as she quickly dug into her food. After finishing their dinner, Ichigo cut Erza's, Leo's, and Raphtalia's hair. After that, Raphtalia took a shower. Ichigo waved his hand, expanding the bed so everyone could fit comfortably. Soon the girls were all asleep on the bed. Ichigo took the time to look at his newly acquired shields.

Shield Log ++ Shield Log

Slave Shield Level 1/10 +1 DEX Passive Ability: Slave Status Adjustment I - Slaves gain 1 more stats upon level up.

Slave Shield II Level 1/10 +1 MAG Passive Ability: Slave Maturation Adjustment - Slaves mature faster. Slaves gain 5% more EXP, minimum +1 EXP.

Slave Shield III Level 1/10 +1 ATK Passive Ability: Slave Status Adjustment II - Slaves gain 2 more stats upon level up.

Freedom Shield Level 1/10 +4 DEX Active Ability: Liberation - Remove any form of status, curse, or binding that impedes movement on target. Cooldown 1 Hour

Wooden Buckler Level 1/10 +1 DEF, +1

Iron Shield Level 1/10 +2 DEF, +2

Red Iron Shield Level 1/10 +2 DEF, +2

Silver Iron Shield Level 1/10 +3 DEF, +3

Raccoon Shield Level 3/10 +1 DEX, +1 MAG

Dragon Shield Level 3/10 +2 DEF, +2 MAG

Lion Shield Level 3/10 +2 DEF Active Ability: Guts – Increase ally's attack speed for 5 minutes. 10 minutes cooldown.

Sharpening Shield Level 1/10 Passive Ability: Refined Sharpening - Increase attack power of bladed weapons.

End of Shield Log ++ End of Shield Log

"The Slave Series shields should help me with training the girls up." Ichigo thought. "I should look at their stats."

Slave Status Window ++ Slave Status Window

Slave Raphtalia Status Window ++ Slave Raphtalia Status Window

Name: Raphtalia

Race: Half Raccoon / Half Tanuki Demi-human

Level: 1

Class: Beginner

HP: 50

MP: 25

SP: 0

STR: 4

DEX: 4

INT: 4

WIS: 4

LUK: 4


MAG: 6

DEF: 5

M. DEF: 5

Fire Resistance: 5

Aqua Resistance: 1

Ice Resistance: 1

Wind Resistance: 1

Earth Resistance: 1

Lightning Resistance: 1

Holy Resistance: 1

Demonic Resistance: 1

Slave Leonmitchelli Status Window ++ Slave Leonmitchelli Status Window

Name: Leonmitchelli

Race: Lion Demi-human

Level: 1

Class: Beginner

HP: 80

MP: 25

SP: 0

STR: 7

DEX: 4

INT: 4

WIS: 4

LUK: 4


MAG: 5

DEF: 6

M. DEF: 6

Fire Resistance: 2

Aqua Resistance: 2

Ice Resistance: 2

Wind Resistance: 2

Earth Resistance: 2

Lightning Resistance: 2

Holy Resistance: 1

Demonic Resistance: 1

Slave Erza Status Window ++ Slave Erza Status Window

Name: Erza

Race: Dragon Demi-human

Level: 1

Class: Beginner

HP: 75

MP: 30

SP: 0

STR: 6

DEX: 4

INT: 4

WIS: 4

LUK: 4


MAG: 6

DEF: 5

M. DEF: 5

Fire Resistance: 5

Aqua Resistance: 1

Ice Resistance: 1

Wind Resistance: 5

Earth Resistance: 5

Lightning Resistance: 1

Holy Resistance: 1

Demonic Resistance: 1

End of Slave Status Window ++ End of Slave Status Window

"With some good training, they could be strong."

"I made sure the King assigned the Shadow from this morning to follow us," Kyōka said.

"Good. Make sure make the Shadow doesn't remember the important information on us."

"Got it," Kyōka replied. Ichigo went to sleep.

Time Skip: Middle of the Night

Everyone was peacefully sleeping in the bed suddenly they were interrupted by someone yelling.

"NO!" She shot up with her hands out, reaching for something. "Oto-san! Okaa-san!" Ichigo quickly wake up and carefully hugged her.

"Calm down. Just calm down." Ichigo said as he gently rubbed her back.

"No! Oto-san! Okaa-san!"

"It's ok," Ichigo reassured. Raphtalia opened her eyes and realized everyone looked at her. She nervously looked at Ichigo, fearing what her master would do to her. "Are you feeling better now?" He asked.

"Yes, Master." She whispered.

"Good. Get some rest." He said as he laid back down. Erza and Leonmitchelli followed suit.

"I wasn't punished." Raphtalia thought. "Maybe he might be a good master." Raphtalia thought as she went to bed.

Time Skip: Morning

Everyone woke up. Ichigo told the girls to use the bathroom first while he ordered breakfast for everyone. Soon they all ate their breakfast and left the inn. Ichigo made sure his shield was hidden. On their way to their destination,

They soon arrived at a magic shop and entered it. They were greeted with an older lady sitting at a desk.

"Good morning." She said.

"Good morning." Ichigo and his party replied.

"What can I do for you?"

"I was wondering if all of us could be tested for our magic affinity," Ichigo asked.

"That would be 7 coppers for each person." She said. Ichigo pulled out 28 copper coins and placed them on her desk. She collected the coins and placed them in a draw. She placed her hands on her crystal ball. Her eyes widen. "Unbelievable!" She shouted, looking at Ichigo. "I've never met someone with an affinity for all the elements. You have the potential to become a powerful Sage. You must become my apprentice."

"I'm sorry. I can't." Ichigo said.

"How come?"

"Reveal Shield." Ichigo cast, showing her his shield.

"I see…" the older lady said. "But you can learn from these grimoires." She walked over and pulled a few books out and placed them on the deck.

"What about the girls?" Ichigo asked as he hid his shield again. The older lady sat back down and looked at her crystal ball.

"The raccoon girl has the affinity for dark and light magic. The dragon girl has an affinity for fire, warrior magic, and beast magic. Finally, the lion girl has the affinity for earth, warrior magic, and beast magic."

"What's warrior and beast magic?" Ichigo asked.

"Warrior magic is a branch of magic where the caster augments themselves with magic to increase their offensive and defensive capability. Beast magic is an obscure branch of magic only for demi-beasts. It allows them to use their animal traits and instincts more."

"I see…" Ichigo said. Ichigo purchases the grimoires from her. They headed to a seamstress and ordered a few sets of clothes for everyone. After that, they headed to Erhard.

"Welcome." Erhard greeted. "Hey, hey… What's with the girls." He asked.

"You know why I need them," Ichigo said.

"Right. Right." Erhard said. "So, what can I do for you?"

"I need weapons for each of them," Ichigo said. Erhard pulled out three large daggers and handed them to Raphtalia, Erza, and Leo.

"Try these out." Erza and Leo grabbed the daggers and swung them a few times.

"It looks like they know how to swing a weapon around." Ichigo thought. Raphtalia looked nervous as she held the dagger. Ichigo sighed. "Looks like she needs to overcome whatever trauma she suffered in the past before she could be an efficient fighter."

"How much for them?" Ichigo asked.

"Six silvers." He said. Ichigo pulled out six silvers and left the shop. Ichigo took them out of Castle Town and headed to the fields.

"Erza, Leo, Raphtalia. We will start training." Ichigo said. They nodded their heads. Ichigo warned as he spotted a few red markers heading towards them. "Enemies are coming."

"Yes, Master." Erza and Leo replied as they pulled out their daggers. Three Orange Balloons leaped out of the tall grass.

"Orange Balloon Level 1" The status screen displayed. Leo and Erza each took one Orange Balloon and stabbed them with their dagger. The Orange Balloons popped.

"Leo +4 EXP. Erza +4 EXP. Raphtalia +2 EXP." The displayed said. Ichigo noticed the third Orange Balloon was biting his arm, but it failed to pierce his defenses.

"Raphtalia, draw your knife." He said as he pulled the Orange Balloon off his arm and held it in front of Raphtalia. Raphtalia took a few steps back from the Orange Balloon, which began to growl at her. "Let me see you stab and burst this thing."

"N-no!" Raphtalia replied.

"This is an order." He said. The slave crest began to glow as purple sparks began to shock her. The pain caused her to fall on her knees. "Raphtalia, you only hurt yourself by refusing." Raphtalia slowly stood back up. The slave crest stopped shocking her. She pulled out her dagger and blindly charged at the orange balloon. Ichigo adjusted the Orange Balloon so that Raphtalia's attack would hit it in the mouth. Despite that, the Orange Balloon still survived. "Too weak. Put more heart in it!" Ichigo said as he pushed Raphtalia back. The Orange Balloon let out another roar. Raphtalia stood there unsure what to do. "Do it," Ichigo ordered. Raphtalia charged in with another stab, this time causing the Orange Balloon to pop. The force from the pop knocked Raphtalia off her feet, falling on her butt.

"Leo +1 EXP. Erza +1 EXP. Raphtalia +2 EXP." The displayed said.

Ichigo walked over to Raphtalia and helped her stand back up. "Good job." He said. "But from here on out, I need your help to fight monsters with me." He said.

"I'll try." She said.

"Here you go, master," Erza said as they walked over to Ichigo with orange balloon skins. He placed them into the shield.

"Thank you," Ichigo said. "Let's continue!" He yelled.

"Yes, Master!" They shouted. They continued hunting down other Balloons and other weak-level monsters. A few hours later, Ichigo, Erza, Leo, and Raphtalia were sitting by a creek, eating fish they caught from a nearby stream.

"Raphtalia, Leo, and Erza are currently level 5." Ichigo thought. "I unlocked the Small Orange Shield, Small Yellow Shield, Small Red Shield, Leaf Shield, Egg Shield, Fish Shield, Mush Shield, Blue Mush Shield, and Green Mush Shield," Ichigo observed. The girls took pulled out a tent, a large sleeping pad, and four sleeping bags from his mindscape.

"What is this Master?" Erza asked.

"This is a tent, sleeping pad, and sleeping bags. These are essential things we used for camping from my world." Ichigo said as he stood up. Their eyes widen upon hearing 'my world'. "Let me show you how to set this up. Ichigo spent an hour showing them how to set up the tent. The girls were amazed by everything Ichigo brought out. For the rest of the afternoon, Ichigo had the girls practice how to put up and take down the tent. As they practiced, Ichigo was experimenting with his shield, and the potion books from the apothecary in addition to his experience in brewing potions in Hogwarts. In front of him were three potions. The first potion was Ichigo following the instructions from the book. The second potion was using the shield after making the potion for the first time. The third potion was an experiment where Ichigo used a few potion-making tips in addition to the regular steps from the apothecary book. Ichigo used his status magic on them.

"Both the first and second potions were identified as basic quality potions, which heals 50 HP. While the third potion was identified as an improved basic quality potion which heals 75 HP." Ichigo observed. Suddenly he received a new notification from his shield.

"Unlock Small Medicine Shield. Ability: Increase the efficiency of medicine by 5%."

"Maybe I should check out another shield, see if having it out helps improve potion production." Ichigo thought as he swapped his shield from Small Shield to Green Mush Shield which slightly increase the efficiency in potion production. Ichigo used the shield to create a fourth potion.

"This one is also an improved basic quality potion but, it used a few fewer herbs to produce." Ichigo thought as a plan formed to make money, especially as he recalled the increased demand for medicine and potion due to the Waves of Calamity. Ichigo stored his potions in his shield.

"What did the Shadow see today?" Ichigo asked.

"The Shadow is aware that you went to Erhard for weapons for the girls, purchase clothes for them from the seamstress, and visited the Magic Shop," Kyōka replied.

"Does the Shadow know about our magic affinity?"

"No. The Witch has a privacy spell wrapped around her store, preventing her from overhearing what happened inside."

"Good. What about this entire afternoon?"

"The Shadow remembered that you pulled a few sheets from your shield and used them as blankets for the girls while you stay up and make potions by hand," Kyōka said.

"Is the Shadow still here?"

"No. She returned to Castle Town after you finished the second potion by hand."

"Do you know the levels of the other three heroes?"

"All of them are about level 10 right now."

"I see…"

"When we return to Castle Town, you need to go to the Church of the Three Heroes and register with the Hourglass so that you get teleported to the location of the Wave of Calamity. That's also where the girls could pick their classes once they reach level 10." Kyōka added.

"Ok. Thanks for the info." Ichigo replied before he cast a small barrier spell around them, preventing anyone from noticing them and waking him up if someone crosses the barrier. Ichigo cast a quiet spell around Raphtalia and himself just in case she had another nightmare.

Time Skip: Next Day: Noon

Ichigo, Raphtalia, Erza, and Leo were walking around the woods, looking for herbs Ichigo could use to make potions. Whenever they encountered a Balloon, they would kill it. Suddenly a rabbit lunged towards them. Ichigo caught the rabbit and turned it towards Raphtalia.

"Raphtalia, stab it!" Ichigo ordered. Raphtalia nervously took a step back. "Get on with it," Ichigo said.

"B-but… It'll bleed if I do…"

"Hurry up!" Ichigo said. Erza took out her dagger, ready to attack when Leo pulled her back.

"Ichigo is helping Raphtalia overcome her fear," Leo whispered. Erza sighed as she sheathed her dagger.

"I'm scared of blood." She cried out. The slave crest began to glow as purple sparks began to shock her. The pain caused her to fall on her knees.

"Listen well." Ichigo began. "If you can't fight, then I won't be able to look after you anymore." Her eyes widen with realization. "A Wave that threatens this world's existence is coming soon. I have to get as strong as I before it does. But all I'm good for is defending. I need someone to fight for me. If you can't fight, then…"

"You're going to fight the Catastrophe?"

"That's my job," Ichigo said.

"Got it," Raphtalia said as she picked up her dagger. The slave crest stopped glowing as she prepared to charge. Ichigo grabbed the rabbit, adjusted his grip as she charged in. She stabbed the Rabbit directly in the chest. The Rabbit's blood splattered all over them.

"Leo +7 EXP. Erza +7 EXP. Raphtalia +15 EXP." The displayed said.

"Master… I'll fight for you. So please… don't throw me away." " Raphtalia begged.

"All right," Ichigo said.

Time Skip: Two days later

Ichigo, Erza, Raphtalia, and Leo returned to Castle Town. Ichigo sold the majority of his basic quality potion and improved basic quality potion at the apothecary and sold the rest of his monster drops in his shield. After that, they walked to the Church of the Three Heroes. Ichigo made sure to have his shield revealed.

"Welcome Shield Hero." One of the nuns said as they entered the church.

"Hello. I am looking for the Dragon Hourglass." He said.

"I see… follow me." She said. Ichigo warned them to ignore any looks or stares while they were in there. Ichigo also warned them about the Church of the Three Heroes' ideology, especially towards the Shield Hero and demi-humans. They soon arrived in a large chamber. Ichigo and his slaves took a few steps forward. Suddenly the gem on the shield glow and shot a beam towards the Dragon Hourglass. On Ichigo's screen, a new display appeared. It was a red countdown.

"So, a little less than a month left." Ichigo thought. He stepped aside allowing, Erza, Leo, and Raphtalia to touch the Dragon Hourglass. Suddenly Erza's, Leo's, and Raphtalia's status screen appeared in front of him. "Since I am their master, I can choose which job for them." Ichigo thought before passing the decision back to them. Erza and Leo were quick to choose which job they wanted. Ichigo glanced at his screen to see both of them choose the path of a Warrior.

"Master?" Raphtalia said. Ichigo looked at her. "Can you help me choose a path?" Ichigo walked over and looked at her screen.

"She could also become a warrior, like Erza and Leo. She could also become a mage or an assassin that specializes in Light and Dark magic." Ichigo thought. He noticed that there was a blacked-out line connecting warrior and assassin. Ichigo clicked on it and a screen showed up.

"Blade Specialist: A job that requires the user to dual wield two bladed weapons. It has access to some skills from both the warrior path and assassin path." Ichigo turned to Leo.

"Leo, hand Raphtalia your dagger." Leo drew her dagger and handed it to Raphtalia. The Blade Specialist option lit up. Raphtalia quickly read the job description. She turned to Ichigo.

"Master. Do you want me to pick this job?"

"I would recommend it," Ichigo said. Raphtalia nodded her head and selected Blade Specialist job. Ichigo thank the nun and left the Church of the Three Heroes. With more money at hand, and a need for new weapons they went to Erhard.

"It's been a while," Erhard said.

"Indeed. Everyone grew to level 10." Ichigo said.

"Ah, the classic level 10 job advancement," Erhard said. "I assume all of you chose the Warrior?"

"Erza and Leo did. While Raphtalia chose Blade Specialist."

"I see… Give me a moment." Erhard pulled out all kinds of weapons. "Now pick which one that feels right with you." He said. Ichigo glanced at the weapon. They all share the name, 'Weapon Path' followed by the name of the actual weapon. All of them have a skill called 'Weapon Selection" which helps the wielder find their suitable weapon for them.

"Strange skill description," Ichigo said.

"Indeed," Erhard said. "These weapons were forged with sand from the Dragon Hourglass and later blessed with by a prophet. It can help foresee what future weapon the wielder might wield. These weapons are considered royal artifacts and only the royal blacksmith are allowed to carry them."

"I see," Ichigo said. Raphtalia picked up a short sword in her right hand while having a dagger in her other hand. She tried to do some basic slashes.

"Master." Raphtalia walked over to Ichigo.

"Is there a problem?" He asked.

"I saw myself holding two blades, but they were different from these," Raphtalia said.

"What do you mean?" Erhard asked as he pulled out a sheet of parchment and a piece of charcoal. She drew two weapons. Erhard's eyes suddenly widen. Ichigo on the other hand recognized what he saw.

"A katana and a kodachi." Ichigo recognized. Raphtalia looked at him with a confused look. "These are weapons from my world."

"Hm… Give me a moment." Erhard opened a backdoor and entered it. Ichigo turned to Erza and Leo. Ichigo could see Leo holding a battle-ax in her right hand, a longsword in her left hand, and had a longbow over her shoulder. The thing was that all of these weapons were over six feet tall, and she was barely five feet.

"Leo, I think we should hold off on the longbow until you're tall enough," Ichigo commented.

"Ok Master," Leo said as she took off the longbow. She stared at the battle-ax and longsword. Ichigo turned to Erza who was holding two swords: a short sword and a longsword.

"Are you ok Erza?" Ichigo asked.

"I saw myself holding a short sword and sometimes I was holding a longsword."

"Maybe you use a short sword for a while before shifting to a longsword," Ichigo suggested.

"Ok," Erza said. Erhard returned to the front of the store holding something wrapped in cloth. He pressed something on the counter. Immediately all the windows and doors closed and were surrounded by magic.

"Special lockdown ward. Prevents anyone from listening to private conversations or breaking in." Erhard explained. He turned to Raphtalia.

"Girl…what's your name?"

"My name is Raphtalia." She said. Erhard placed the object on the counter and took out a letter he stared at it for a few seconds before tears began to wet his eyes.

"Are you ok?" Raphtalia asked, unsure of the situation. Erhard dried his tears.

"I knew your parents." He said.

"Really?" Raphtalia's eyes widen in surprise. Erhard pushed a letter over to her. Raphtalia took the letter and read it. Her eyes teared us. Ichigo took a knee and comforted Raphtalia.

"Her parents are from Q'ten Lo, a country far from here." Erhard began. My master was staying there for the time being. That's when I met her father. He was a very important noble there. While her mother was a maid for them. I was acquainted with her father at the time. I helped smuggle her parents out of Q'ten Lo when I was returning to Melromarc. When we arrived, her father handed me these as collateral for a loan. Eventually, her parents paid off the loan but refused to accept the weapon." Erhard revealed the weapons. It was a beautiful black katana and kodachi pair. "They gave me a sad smile and said that someday they will be returned to them. I didn't know what he meant… until now." Raphtalia pulled the katana and kodachi out. She closed her eyes and began to swing them. As she did, tears began to fall. She stopped swinging and opened her eyes.

"Thank you." She said. Ichigo helped her put the katana and kodachi on. He turned to Erza who picked the short sword. He pulled out a set of short swords for her to pick. He turned to Leo who was still conflicted between the longsword and the battle-ax.

"Which one feels more comfortable to use?" He asked.

"Both," Leo admitted.

"Maybe she should try to attack a live target," Ichigo suggested.

"Ok," Leo said. Leo used the longsword first. She did a few different downward strikes at Ichigo. She switched to the battle-ax and repeated the process.

"Were you able to pick your weapon?" Ichigo asked.

"I did," Leo said as she held the battle-ax tightly. Everyone got their armors repaired.

"So, Erhard. Is there a town or village nearby that we can travel to with our equipment?"

"With your current stuff, I'd recommend Lute Village." He said. "It's southeast from us. You would have to cross the river." He said as he pointed it out on the map. Ichigo scanned the map of Melromarc with his shield.

"Thanks," Ichigo said as they left.

Scene Change: Lute Village

It took them a few hours before they arrived at Lute Village. They used the extra time to practice their new weapons and skills. Ichigo entered an inn, planning to book a room when he overheard a group of three men talking.

"Hey, how was the mining?" One of the guys said.

"We had to stop." The miner replied.

"How come?" The third man replied.

"It became a home to dangerous monsters after the First Wave." The miner replied.

"Hm… The monsters there should be monsters Raphtalia witnessed when her parents died. Hopefully, this ends her nightmares." Ichigo thought as he set sights on the coal mine. Ichigo finished booking their room in the in before heading out towards the coal mine.

"Erza. Leo." Ichigo called through the use of the Radio Shield.

"Yes, Master?" They replied. "According to rumors, the cave we're going to has some monster from the first wave. If we encounter a Cerberus leave it to me and Raphtalia." Ichigo said.

"We'll step in if it gets out of hand," Leo said. They soon arrived at an abandoned building, near the entrance to the cave. Ichigo found a piece of rope, a pickaxe, shovel, and lantern and placed them in his shield.

Notification ++ Notification

Pickaxe Shield Level 1/10 Passive Ability: Mining – Increase rate of mining ores

Shovel Shield Level 1/10 Passive Ability: Digging – Increase chance of finding ores Mining and Digging Synergy effect – Increase the rate of finding rare ores.

Lantern shield Level 1/10 Illumination – Shines a light around the area. The dull light makes it less likely enemies will approach.

Rope Shield Level 1/10 Spell: First Strike Shield – Create a Shield made of energy.

"So, I also got a spell." Ichigo thought as he summoned his Rope Shield. He pointed his hand out in front of him.

"First Strike Shield!" Ichigo cast. A green transparent shield appeared in front of him. The shield faded away.

"I wonder if I can use the spell without using the Rope Shield." Ichigo thought as he shifted to the Mining Shield.

"First Strike Shield!" Ichigo cast. The green transparent shield appeared again.

"Interesting. So Passive Abilities and Spells does not require me to have the related shield out to use while Active Abilities does." Ichigo thought. They began to venture into the cave. Ichigo used his Lantern Shield to illuminate the way. They soon arrived at a fork in the road.

"Erza and Leo take the left path. We'll take right." Ichigo said.

"Wait five minutes before quietly following behind us." Ichigo told Leo and Erza.

"Yes, Master." They replied as they took the left path while Ichigo and Raphtalia took the right path. They soon arrived at a large cavern full of green crystals. Ichigo changed his shield to his Pickaxe Shield and began to mine the green crystals.

"M-Master," Raphtalia mumbled. Ichigo purposely ignored her as he pulled out a few large chunks of green crystals.

"Raphtalia, let's try over there next," Ichigo said as he turned to Raphtalia, who was on her butt and nervously scooted away. Ichigo turned to see something walking towards them. The monster arrived, revealing a two-headed black dog.

"An Orthrus." Ichigo recognized. Raphtalia's eyes widen as the real image of the Orthrus and the Cerberus from her nightmare began to overlap.

"NO!" She screamed in absolute fear. The Orthrus rushed towards them, the eyes glowed red and its mouth wide open, leaking salivating. Ichigo ran over and grabbed the stunned Raphtalia before leaping off a small cliff.

"Master!" Leo and Erza shouted.

"Don't worry. We're fine." Ichigo replied. "Make sure you two avoid the Orthrus." They crashed into underground steam. Ichigo changed into his Rope Shield had it wrapped around a nearby rock before pulling himself and Raphtalia out of the steam.

"Are you ok?" Ichigo asked.

"Dog monster... Killed all the villagers, even Otou-san and Okaa-san." Raphtalia cried.

"During the first Wave?" Ichigo asked. Soon the Orthrus arrived near them. It let out another intimidating growl. Ichigo and Raphtalia hid behind a nearby rock. "Is that the same dog that killed your parents?" He asked.

"No…" Raphtalia admitted.

"Listen, Raphtalia. Take that thing out."


"If you fight and make me stronger, we can fend off the Waves of Calamity and prevent others from suffering the same tragedy that you suffered." Ichigo stood up. "And all I'm capable of is making sure you can fight the best you can!" Ichigo charged towards Orthrus. He swaps into his Lion Shield. He blocked one of Orthrus's heads. The other head used the opportunity and bit down on Ichigo's shoulder. Blood gushed out of the wound. "Now, Raphtalia! Stab it!" Ichigo said as he cast Guts on her, increasing her attack speed.

"No," Raphtalia said as she shook her head. More blood gushed out of Ichigo's wound.

"If I die, so will you!" Ichigo said.

"Please don't!" Raphtalia cried out in denial.

"Then hurry up and kill it!" Ichigo yelled. "This is an order!" The slave crest on her chest glowed as purple electricity suddenly shocked her. She screamed out in pain. She slowly stood up and drew her katana. Ichigo glanced back, seeing her hesitating to attack Orthrus. "Raphtalia, forget it," Ichigo said, that Raphtalia isn't able to conquer her fears. The slave cress stop glowing, stopping the purple electricity. "If you can't fight, then get out of here."

"But what about you?" She asked.

"I'll buy time for you to escape," Ichigo said.

"What? That'd be just like then…" Raphtalia said, remembering her parent's sacrifice.

"Hurry up and go!"

"Master!" Raphtalia cried out. More blood gushed out of Ichigo's wound. "No… No… No." Raphtalia tightened her grip on her katana before lunging towards the Orthrus. "DON'T DIE!" She shouted as she stabbed the Orthrus that bit down on Ichigo's shoulder. The Orthrus howled in pain from the attack. The momentum knocked Raphtalia to the side. The Orthrus slowly turned towards her and pounced towards her.

"First Air Shield!" Ichigo cast. A large green shield appeared in front of Raphtalia, protecting her from the Orthrus. "Raphtalia!"

"Blade Slash!" She shouted. Her katana glowed yellow as she stabbed the Orthrus in the chest. Orthrus howled in pain as blood flooded out of the wound as it collapsed on its back.

"Well done," Ichigo said as they gained EXP. Tears began to form around Raphtalia's eyes as she rushed towards Ichigo, crying on him. Ichigo looked to see Erza and Leo arrived. Both of them were relieved.

"Don't ever die! Please don't leave me alone! Ichigo-sama!" She shouted. Ichigo wrapped his hands around her and comforted her. Ichigo motioned for Erza and Leo to join them.

"Thank you for listening to my crazy plan," Ichigo said.

"All of you will attack, and I will defend and teach you," Ichigo said as he gently patted Raphtalia's head. "We'll move on once I feed the Orthrus to my shield."

"Ok," Raphtalia said.

"Erza, Leo, keep an eye out for any monsters," Ichigo ordered.

"Yes, Master. They replied. During their time in the forest, Ichigo taught them all how to gut and drain out the blood from monsters. Ichigo took out an improved basic health potion and drank it down. Ichigo's wound closed up. Raphtalia let him stand up. They walked over to the body of the Orthrus. Ichigo placed the entire body and the green crystals he minded into his shield as well. Ichigo received a few notifications from his shield.

"We're going to explore the rest of the cave and hunt down any other stray monsters," Ichigo said.

"Yes, Master." Erza, Leo, and Raphtalia replied. They ventured down the rest of the cave. They found more green crystal and a lot of iron ores, which Ichigo mined, and a few more canines, which the girls killed. They carried the dead dogs back to Lute Village. The residents immediately noticed their bloody and dirty attire. Ichigo kept the entire Orthrus while he sold the canine corpse. Ichigo went back to his room and joined Leo, Raphtalia, and Erza on the bed. The girls instantly went to bed, while Ichigo looked over the shields he gained.

Notification ++ Notification

CanineFur Shield Level 3/10 +3 Dex.

CanineMeat Shield Level 3/10 Passive Ability: Dissection – Increase the salvageability of a corpse.

Orthrus Shield Level 1/10 +2 MAG Passive Ability: Double Shield – Allows the Shield Hero to use an additional shield on the other arm. Active Ability: Dog Bite – Summon Orthrus on the shield's face and allow Orthrus to attack enemies.

Canine Shield Level 5/10 + 1 DEX Active Ability: Bloodhound – Summons a Canine head on the shield's face. It can use its sense of smell to find anything within range. Dog Bite – Summon a Canine head on the shield's face and used it to attack enemies.

Green Crystal Shield Level 5/10 +3 DEF +3 MDEF Active Ability: Crystal Wall – Summon a large green crystal all in front of the caster.

Notification Ended ++ Notification Ended.

Ichigo closed his notification screen and glanced at the red timer.

"Soon the real game." Ichigo thought as he went to sleep.

First off, all the needed disclaimers. Erza Scarlet is from Fairy Tail, which is owned by A-1 Pictures, Satelight, Bridge Madhouse Entertainment, Funimation, TXN, Kodansha, and Hiro Mashima. Leonmitchelli Galette des Rois is from Dog Days, which is owned by Masaki Tsuzuki and Seven Arcs. The concept of Constellation is from a web novel/webtoon called Omniscient Reader's Viewpoint/Omniscient Reader which is owned by Sing-Shong/싱숑, Media, and LINE Webtoon. The job names and leveling system were inspired by Maplestory, which is owned by Nexon, and Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God, another Webnovel written under the username Lucky Old Cat.

I disliked the leveling mechanic shown in the anime, so I decided to go with this.

Second, Erza, Leo, and Raphtalia. Seeing Raphtalia's magic, I felt that her as an assassin would make more sense instead of just a warrior. But I considered keeping her somewhat canon. Then I recalled Maplestory's Dual Blade and went with that. I added Erza since they will need the main DPS since Raphtalia would be more of a hybrid between DPS and Scout. Leo serves as a secondary DPS since in Dog Days she can do long-range with her bow in addition to being DPS.

Third, Ichigo's use of Kyōka Suigetsu on the three heroes. It makes sense since they are hoarding a lot of knowledge, regardless if it's useful or not. This also means that Ichigo is aware of the King's and the Church of the Three Heroes' plans.

As you can see, this is well detailed for an Omake. Dam you Muses! Anyways hope you enjoyed this Omake.