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Back to the fight!

"Trap of Argalia!" After the lance's name was called all it took to partially immobilized Saber's opponent was a single touch. Lancelot's left leg falling victim to the noble phantasm's effect and dematerializing on contact. 'It's scary to think that even with only one leg his speed is still terrifying.' Saber thought while dodging yet another attack from the mad servant who quickly adjusted to having only one leg.

"AAARRTH-*thunk" Thankfully while Lancelot's speed was only somewhat reduced, his mobility was effectively slashed in half and he became far more predictable since the berserker was now limited to launching himself in one direction at a time. A quality that let Saber land a considerable blow to Lancelot's helmet with one of his few blunt weapons.

'Who would have thought that this monstrosity would help me kill two berserkers?' The giant slab of stone wasn't even a proper noble phantasm, it was merely an improvised weapon used by the demigod who created the true noble phantasm that Saber was about to use. "Thank you for this Heracles. Nine Lives Blade Works!"

The technique was slightly modified to deal with his armored and already weakened opponent. Upper arm, sternum, trachea, the back of the skull, diaphragm, right lung, testicles, right femur, and finally the heart. In less than a moment Lancelot's body sustained trauma so heavy that it was a minor miracle that he did not die on the spot. His rage being the sole reason for him remaining conscious even as he collapsed on the ground, all of his major bones broken and most of his organs ruptured from the force of the hits he sustained.

The only thing that prevented an instant death was Lancelot's powerful armor which stopped the sharpened edge of Heracles' axe-sword from cutting the servant into small pieces. "What a sorry state for such a powerful and once glorious knight to be in. I apologize, please accept this blade as a proper way to end the unlife of Lancelot du Lac." A familiar golden glow illuminated Lancelot's dark armor. The aura of peace and authority coming from the freshly summoned Caliburn seemingly catching the berserker's whole attention.

This. This was the justice that Lancelot had sought for his transgressions against his king. The rightful punishment that never came would now be delivered by king Arthur's newest and most trusted knight...This fate, he could accept with dignity, his helmet disappeared and the madness in Lancelot's eyes slowly faded.

"Rest now proud knight, know that you have been forgiven long ago. Sword of Selection, please grant this knight his wish. Caliburn!" The blade exploded in Saber's arm as he sunk it into Lancelot's neck, completely destroying his body but also sending the injured and frankly exhausted crimson servant across his mental landscape.

"Uugh. A missing right arm, burn marks over my entire lower body, countless smaller wounds from a holy weapon...And to top it all off Technically Satan is trying to corrupt and consume my very being… Yeah, I think I'm done here. Gilgamesh, would you be so kind?" Saber asked, practically begged really, for Gilgamesh to fulfill his end of the bargain. He didn't know how much longer he could hold back the corruption. Even his reality marble was beginning to turn unstable, the sky itself had massive dark tears in it.

"Well I'll be damned, you actually did it mongrel. Well done, I'll happily grant your wish for a quick death." He wouldn't promise a painless one though. Clean as it may be, Ea had a habit of...Unmaking things at their fundamental level which he imagined was quite painful. "Any last words mongrel, perhaps to your master and his sex toy?"

"Oi." Kiritsugu raised his voice but did not dare antagonize the powerful servant that insulted them while his own servant was bleeding and broken on the ground. If anything, he was more worried about how his wife looked oddly thoughtful and finally smiled at him despite the insult flung at her.

Something told the former assassin for hire that have a busy time after all of this was over. "Thank you for being so understanding Kiritsugu, if you weren't then I doubt I could have gotten this far. Please, as my last request, take care of Sakura and Shinji. Illya would be sad if something happened to her new siblings right?" Saber asked for the obvious as if Kiritsugu or Irisviel would even think of leaving the poor kids behind.

"Last words spoken, back away now you fleshy mongrel and doll. Or don't I couldn't care less." Gilgamesh thoroughly ruined the moment and took out his pulsing red rod of destruction. "Now awaken Ea!"He called out to his second favorite weapon.

*Enuma Elish goes brrr

*Unlimited Blade Works doesn't feel so good *Undertale death sound

Gilgamesh took a moment to look over the crater that used to have the body of Saber in it, his reality marble long gone, and thankfully so was the taint of Angra Mainyu. All that existed at the tip of Ea's reach was removed from existence entirely and most of the surrounding area was ripped apart molecule by molecule soon after.

"My work here is done, I shall leave you mongrels to your pathetic lives, don't you dare disturb me if you value your lives." Behind the arrogance and malice there was genuine sadness in the king's voice. This was the most entertainment he'd had in quite a long time. Counterfeiter or not the Saber class servant would be remembered.

Perhaps a final drink of wine before oblivion came would cure his boredom?

The golden king left unceremoniously leaving the remaining Emiya family to their grief. They too would remember their fallen servant, knowing that if he were never summoned then things would have ended far worse for them. "Saber, you were a blessing to this family, even if you shaved a few years off my lifespan with some of the stuff you pulled." Kiritsugu broke the silence, taking out another cigarette in honor of the fallen warrior.

He might be breaking a promise to himself with this, but he felt that it was an appropriate send off for the crimson servant. Something about the fire and ash just seemed right. "Shirou." Kiritsugu's attention was grabbed by the only non-Emiya in the group. Waver spoke up again. "H-he told Rider and I that his name was Shirou." He clarified, thinking that Kiritsugu deserved to know at least that much.

"Emiya Shirou it is then. It's a good name I think." He was already an honorary brother of the newly named Emiya Sakura and Shinji after all. It was only appropriate that he joined the family even if it was posthumously. Speaking of the two kids. "Come on you two, staying here won't do anything. We should head back to Germany to pick up Illya, she'll be ecstatic to meet you I just know it."

"Wouldn't that interfere with your plan of becoming a dead man after this? Oh who am I kidding, you're the magus killer, you probably already have a plan for keeping the Einzbern's mouths shut." He only hoped that Kayneth wouldn't call Waver out on his bullshit when he claimed the kill. He was the only loose end left in their little scheme.

Though in all honesty, Kayneth would probably be lucky to even be allowed back into the Archibald family after such a 'disgraceful' loss. Not to mention all the resources he wasted by coming here and failing. The blonde traditionalist would likely be in the proverbial dog house for the foreseeable future.

"You're damn right I have a plan. What, did you think I'd leave my daughter with those soulless sociopaths without a way to get her out? Nothing short of the devil himself is going to stop me from getting her back." Kiritsugu said, realizing the irony in his words the moment they came out. 'Is that what you were trying to prevent Shirou? I'm not sure how much more thanks I can give.'

"I'll take your word for it. We really should get going though. As isolated as this place is I'm certain that someone sensed the tremors from Archer's last attack. We should get out of here and part ways as quickly as possible. It's...It's been an unexpected pleasure, Kiritsugu, Irisviel." Waver bowed respectfully before walking off.

"Hm, good kid. I hope he does well for himself. Now, let's head back to Europe Iri, little ones. You can stay in one of my safe houses in Belgium while I go get Illya. It shouldn't take more than two days." He would try the peaceful route first as a courtesy to his employers. If that failed…

Then the Einzbern legacy would end much sooner than old man Acht anticipated.

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