The following days, the big confession to their parents was made. After Mr. and Mrs. Holmes had tea with Mrs. Hudson. the landlady took a break, sitting in John's armchair as she listened to the peaceful sound of Sherlock's violin. It was her little ritual of escape. Whenever she would hear the faint sound of the Violin, from her flat downstairs, she would make herself a cuppa and made her way to Sherlock's living room.

He usually didn't complain. He's secretly enjoying it she would tell her friends.

Sherlock, being Sherlock of course told her everything. When the powerful sound of the instrument ceased, he turned around to face her, wishing for an answer to a question that was never asked.


He answered lost while gazing out of the window: "Hmm…?"

"I think you should visit her."

She kept quiet, waiting for a smart comeback from the young man. However, it nave came.

"I know she did horrible things, Sherlock. Alas, she's still your sister. She is your family. I know you don't realize yet, but you must not let her down. Not now, when she needs you the most…not now, when she needs her big brother."

Her big brother.

"...and then I found the will in which Euros left John. The truth is, I throw a rope down in the will, even though John could obviously not climb up it while being chained. But then again, as you know me, Mrs. Hudson, I could have never resisted the touch of the dramatic"

Mrs. Hudson watched the young man with eyes full of sorrow and sadness. The Homles brothers truly had tragic fates."

"Oh Sherlock...I am so, so sorry...for Victor...for your sister...for your poor parents..."

Mrs. Hudson put her hand over Sherlock's and he smiled. That sincere smile that he kept only for certain persons. His family.

"If you think about it, Sherlock, you really are special. And not only because of your superior intellect, but because you complete each other so well. Mycroft, being remarkable and having such strong moral principles..." Sherlock frowned.

"Do not give me that look, young man, you know it's the truth! Between all of you, Mycroft is actually the only one putting his gift in the service of the country.

The queen and country.

"I am putting it in the service of justice."

"As an alternative of getting high, dear."

"Eurus… she was the era-defining genius, Sherlock, but you are the one who is special."

Sherlock was confused.

"Mrs. Hudson, please stop thinking, it's remarkably loud."

As usual, the old lady straight-up ignored him.

"You feel, Sherlock. You let emotions in. A door both your brother and sister closed in their youth."

Is this an advantage or a disadvantage?

She's right. We are different.



"Bring her back."

Her words hung heavily.


"You cannot stop me."

"I can and I will. The place is under my control. I cannot let you do this. I've already put you in enough danger the first time, and cleary you are in no condition to handle the…emotional state of it." He spit the word 'emotional', like it was venom on his tongue.

"Fine. I'll just break into it then, if you refuse to grant me access."

"But you've already tried that, didn't you, brother dear?" Mycroft smirked ironically.

"I will ask nicely, one more time. Give me a keycard, or I will find another way to pass your security measurements."

"You cannot pass."

"I have my ways."

Sherlock whistled, and trough the door entered the feminine and gracious figure of Irene Adler.

two days before*

"Let me guess. You know the new governor."

"I know what he likes."

"Of course. But I suppose have a certain price."

"Of course."

She had a mysterious smile.

Mycroft, Sherlock, and Irene Adler were having supper in Mycroft's dining room. After the long conversation, 'more like a diplomatic war' Sherlock thought, between The Women and Mycroft, it was again confirmed that as long there'll be humans lived, there shall always be human error.

Mycroft was not impressed. Of course he knew his brother was going to seek help to Irene Adler to get into Sherrinford.

"I am sure my brother paid a big price for this."

"Oh, you can't even imagine how big it was." Irene Adler smirked. "Thank you for treating me with dinner Mr. Holes."

"You're welcome" the brothers answered in unison. They threw each other a venomous look.

"Such a pleasurable evening!" She graciously stood up and put her scarf around her slim neck. "I have a flight to catch. Do not try me, Mycroft Holmes."

"Certainly not."

"Have a wonderful evening, Mr Holmes!"

Irene Adler left, her long, red coat waving behind her. This time, the Holmes brothers kept silent.

"Alright. It's time, brother."

"Time for what?"

"Your final argument, Sherlock. You know very well that I am aware of The Dominatrix's methods. It was a nice try, but I would never let a woman like her close to my men. She's too dangerous."

Sherlock was quiet for a few seconds, Mycroft's gaze never leaving him. That weird and indescribable feeling between them, like during that night, was back. Mycroft rested his bare forearms on the table, his sleeves rolled up.


"I promised her I would take her home..."

Now that really took Mycroft by surprise. His eyes visibly widen. Not something to see every day. It wasn't just the promise that surprised him, but Sherlock's small?, almost vulnerable? voice. Again, not something to hear every day.

"I promised her she won't be lost anymore. That I will help her land."

"To help"

"She's lost. Lost in the sky, above any single one of us, condemned to fly there for eternity because she has no idea how to land. I told her I was on the ground...I..." did he just shuddered?! „...I told her I'd help."

Sherlock's eyes were wet.

"Her psychosis is the fuel of her airplane, driven by madness, anger, and hate. You locked her away."Did I? Did we? "I erased her. She never had anyone."

Sherlock just glanced at Mycroft and saw all those moments from their youth when he was there for him. Both hard and happy times during his childhood. During his difficult adolescence, on dark alleys swelling with junkies. Behind all those madmen who had him at gunpoint. Watching over him. Supporting him. Protecting him.

"Let me see her, Mycroft."

"If I do, what will you do?"

"Play the violin."

"The violin?"

To Mycroft, this all should have sounded so...childish, so hollow, and yet, it sounded nothing but real.

"Why do you want to do this?"

For the first time in years, Mycroft was confused.

Sherlock walked out of the dining room. While Mycroft silently followed him, he knew he lost. Alas, he wanted to hear it. From his chest pocket, he retrieved a silver card. When they were at the door, the older Holmes spoked.


"Everyone deserved a big brother, Mycroft." I am hers left hanging.

Mycroft handed Sherlock the keycard. He carefully approached, holding his brother's gaze. When he reached for it, Mycroft hand locked his in a firm handshake.

'Maybe I should have asked for his help from the beginning of all this madness' crossed Mycroft's mind.

Sherlock would always be his foolish little brother. Mycroft would always be his anchor, no matter what. But, for the first time in their lives, in this very room, they were shaking the hands of each other as two men that stood even.

...Everyone deserved a big brother...

A/N: I've always wondered why there was no big fuss about how brilliant is the connection between Mycroft lines in season one "My brother has the mind of a scientist or philosopher, yet he chooses to be a detective. What may we deduce about his heart?" and in season for "The man you are today is your memory of Euros". Also, there's Euros' line "Your first case, and the final problem". The fact that Sherlock became a detective because his brain had always been looking to solve the first murder he ever knew. Though he erased it from his memory, the feeling was still there. Just brilliant. What do you think about this?

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