Adrinette Beneath The Silver Moon Episode 1: The Fight

It is a beautiful morning and Marinette is up and almost finished with packing her things because she is flying to America to meet with her grandma. She is listening to her music while she is packing and Tikki is sitting by her computer watching a movie while she is eating chocolate chip cookies. Sabine and Tom are working peacefully in the bakery while they wait for Marinette to be done with her packing.

Down in the Bakery

Sabine: Marinette are you almost done packing? You leave to catch the plane in 2 hours!

Tom: Don't worry Honey, she still has time before she leaves to meet with my mother.

Sabine: (sighs) Your right as always Tom, she does still have time before she leaves to meet Jana.

Tom: She will come down when she is all set and ready to go. We both know that she will be fine with my mother for 2 months.

In Marinette's Room

Marinette: I'm almost done with packing for 2 months mom! (Continues to listen to her music) Hey Tikki, do you think that this is enough for two months?

Tikki pause the movie and flies over to Marinette to answer her question

Tikki: of course it's enough for two months and I am absolutely positive that we will enjoy the trip to America.

Marinette: I'm glad you know that it is enough. Just a few more pieces and . . . Done! Alright Tikki do you have everything you need for the trip?

Tikki: Yes I do Marinette, I'm super excited and just can't wait.

Marinette: Good, alright Tikki it's time to go. We only have an hour and forty-five minutes till we have to leave to catch the plane.

Tikki: Alright Marinette, Let's go!

Tikki flies into Marinette's bag and Marinette smiles and goes down to the bakery to say goodbye to her parents.

In the Bakery

Marinette: Hey mom, hey dad. I'm all packed and ready to go.

Sabine: Good, I wish you the best of luck and have a great 2 months with Jana.

Marinette: I will and I got word from grandma 2 weeks ago that she will be taking me on one of her trips, I'm pretty sure that my time with grandma will be amazing and wonderful.

Tom: Before I forget, I should tell you to tell your text your grandmother to let her know that you are going to be on the plane soon ok.

Marinette: Don't worry dad I will let grandma know when I get on the plane.

Tom: Good, I love you sweetheart. Don't forget that.

Marinette: Don't worry dad I wont forget that you both love me so much.

Sabine: Alright, alright you two. Enough chit chat, Marinette has to get going before she is late for her plane and it takes off without her.

Marinette: Ok, ok, I get it. I love you both so much and I hope you both will be ok without my help for 2 months. I'll miss you both and I will listen to grandma. (Hugs both her parents)

We now head over to the Agrest mansion where Gabriel is looking at a picture of his wife which disappeared when Adrien was 6 years old and Gabriel calls his assistant into the room.

In the Agrest Mansion

Gabriel: Natalie, tell Adrien that he is needed in my office in 10 minutes please.

Natalie: Yes sir, I will tell him right a way.

Gabriel: Thank you Natalie.

In Adrien's Room

Adrien: (Passing back and forth) I can't believe that my father keeps me locked up in this house in my room away from the life outside and all this because of my mother's disappearance!(angry)

Plagg: I agree with you. You need more freedom in you life and you need to be let out more kid.

Adrien: I know Plagg and I have more cheese for you in the . . . (Here's a knock on the door).

Natalie: Adrien, your father wants to see you in his office in 10 minutes.

Adrien: Ok Natalie! (under his breath)Of course he needs to see me in is office.

In Gabriel's Office

Gabriel is looking at the portrait of Emily and remembering about the time the had together.


Young Emily: Gabriel, do you think this is a good idea? What if we get caught doing this?

Young Gabriel: Don't worry Emily, we won't get caught this time. I promise, now come on let's go.

Young Emily:(sighs) I just hope you know what your doing.

Young Gabriel: Of course I know what I'm doing Emily. You would know if I wasn't serious.

Flash forward 10 years

Older Gabriel: Well isn't he the spinning image of you Emily, he has your eyes.

Older Emily: Yes he is. He will have many friends in the future.

Older Gabriel: I'm sure he will have many friends in the future.

Flash forward 6 years

Emily: Now you promise to allow Adrien to be himself and not bring him into your fashion career, just have him be himself.

Gabriel: I promise Emily, I won't to anything to make Adrien unhappy. I will do my best to keep him happy.

Emily: Good. Don't forget to keep this promise, because if you don't then Adrien won't have a happy future.

Two Months Later

Gabriel: No Emily, don't do this think about our son. He still needs you, I need you, we both need you!

Emily: I'm sorry Gabriel, but I have no choice! Remember to keep you promise, don't break it!

Gabriel: I promise, I won't break the promise!

Emily: Good, I love both of you so much!

Young Adrien: Don't go mommy! (Crying)

Emily: I love you both, and I will miss you both so much!

A portal is open and Emily walks inside and she gets stuck in the painting and afterwards a book and the peacock brooch flies out.

Gabriel: Emily, Emily, EMILY!

Young Adrien: Mommy, mommy, MOMMY!


A tear falls down Gabriel's check and the door opens.

Adrien: You wanted to see me father.

Gabriel: (Clears his throat) Yes I did. It's good to see you Adrien.

Adrien: yes, you did father. So what was the thing you wanted to talk to me about?

Gabriel: I just needed to let you know that you will stay homeschooled with Natalie while I got to Africa to look for more inspiration for my designs.

Adrien: WHAT! But Father! I don't want to be homeschooled any more. I want to go to regular school, and I want to travel to different places that aren't just for you career! I want to live my own life, one that you can't control! (Anger raising in his voice)

Gabriel: I'm sorry Adrien, but with your mother gone I can't bear to lose you to the real world too. I need to keep you safe, and that is a promise to your mother that I intend to keep until my dying breath.

Adrien: She didn't tell you to keep me locked up in this house that acts like a prison! She told you to keep me happy no matter what happens! That's what you promised to mom, but you broke that promise a very long time ago! I wish you weren't my FATHER! (Storms out of Gabriel's office and into his room)

Gabriel: Oh Adrien, why can't you see that I'm only trying to protect you so you don't get into the same danger that your mother got into. (Sad)

In Adrien's Room

Adrien bursts into his room very, very upset

Adrien: I can't believe my father, he only cares about himself and NOT his own son!

Plagg: You should try and calm down kid. You don't want to end up like your father, do you?

Adrien: (inhales and exhales) Your right Plagg. I hope my father will understand me someday. Why don't we leave for a while.

Plagg: I couldn't agree with you more kid. Let's do it!

Adrien: (grabs the remote and pushes a button on it and the window opens) Come on Plagg let's get ready.

Plagg: Agreed kid.

Adrien: Alright Plagg let's transform!

Plagg: Ready when you are kid.

Adrien: Alright. Plagg, Claws Out!

~~~~~ Transforms into Cat Noir ~~~~~~

After Adrien turned in to Cat Noir he packed his stuff and before he left he took one last look around his room.

Cat Noir: Time to leave this place behind, it's time to leave this prison.

Then he jumps outside his window and is gone

At the airport

Marinette: This is going to be so exciting Tikki. I can't wait to get to this amazing land with grandma. (excited)

Tikki: I know Marinette, this is really exciting. (Giggles) I can't wait, it's going to be amazing.

Then they get on the plain and a while later Adrien gets on the same plain and it takes off.

The screen goes black