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disclaimer: it's 2020 y'all. if i owned austin and ally, they'd have a movie by now.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away -

It's not far away. Like, it's literally right over there.

I was making it more interesting!

Honesty over dramatics, babe.

Ugh, fine.

Not so long ago, in a land somewhat far away, were two kingdoms - the Kingdom of Vendeva and the Kingdom of Armosia. Now, in ancient times Vendeva was a part of Armosia. It was one large kingdom. However, a group of citizens became irritated with the government, and frustrated with the strict laws and inequality present in society, they revolted and broke away from Armosia. And this is how the Kingdom of Vendeva came to be.

Vendeva was a small kingdom, but it was unstable for a long time. No one could agree on how to form a government and rule the people; everyone had different ideas and nobody could agree on which ideas to implement.

Compromise, Daddy! They should've compromised. That's what you always say.

You're right, buddy. But they weren't so good at that.

Amidst the conflict, riots occurred and kings were always short-lived, overthrown frequently and replaced by another citizen. One province even broke away and tried to establish their own government, but that only lasted so long. Soon, they were nothing but ruins.

But that's besides the point.

In Vendeva, eventually, after many turbulent years, a woman came to the rescue. Wrapped in a black cloak, with a gleaming dagger tucked in her boot and a satchel of maps slung across her shoulder, she emerged from the shadows on a cold December Monday. A wander as she was, she had traveled many lands and acquired a lot of knowledge, including knowledge about governing systems and politics. Besides her brilliant mind and varied education, she was clever and empathetic. She made an effort to get to know the townsfolk, listen to their concerns, and connect with them on a personal level, earning their trust and becoming an ally. Her efforts paid off big time. This woman had big ideas for the country and she knew exactly how to earn the support of the citizens. Using her charm and reasoning, she touched the hearts of those in Vendeva and gave them much to think about.

However, there was one problem - she wasn't of royal descent. She didn't have a single drop of nobility in her blood and had no title next to her name. Not to mention, she was also woman. The horror. This was concerning, and the people didn't know how to proceed. Sense told them she was the best choice they had for a leader, the best they'd had in years, but it was unorthodox for a woman, a single woman, nonetheless, to be the ruler of a kingdom, especially if she wasn't royalty. After much debate and discussion, the people of Vendeva came to a consensus - she would become the new leader of Vendeva, with an exception: She had to marry within' the year, because of course, women are useless without a man.

That's not true.

I know, honey. It was truly disgusting.

But the woman -

Does she have a name, or are you only gonna call her "the woman?"

The woman, whose name was Marie Dawson, was clever, as I mentioned before. She agreed to the requirement of wedding a man within' the year, but she had no intention of actually going through with it. See, she had decided that once she was well into her leadership, earning the loyalties of her subjects, she would push to have a law passed against that notion. Life had other plans, though, because she ended up falling in love with the General and they got married three months before her year was over. And the law, drafted and revised, never got passed; it sat in between Marie's books, collecting dust.

Was this really necessary to the story?

Necessary? Not necessarily. Interesting? I like to think so.

So, anyways. When Marie Dawson was chosen to be the new leader of Vendeva, she was given the status of a royal, earning the title of Queen Marie Dawson of Vendeva. It was also established in the Vendevian Constitution that from now on, only members of royalty could inherit the crown; no common folk could take the throne, no matter their expertise and skill.

Queen Marie Dawson was a gracious, progressive leader and under her leadership the kingdom flourished. Vendeva now consisted of five formally recognized provinces, each of which had their own little governing system. The Queen and Parliament were still in charge of implementing the major laws and were responsible for matters on the national level, but these smaller governments had the power to implement their own laws and manage activities at the local, provided that it didn't go against the royal decrees. This system worked really well; peace and harmony fueled society and the discovery of gold in the mines caused the economy to spike. All was good in Vendeva.

Oh, shoot I forgot! The Palace of Vendeva was in the northern province of the kingdom, Feniva, sitting atop of a grassy green hill, looking over the village. The castle was smaller than most castles, but still it was quite big, especially in comparison to the village huts and apartments of the townspeople. Built of yellow limestone, the castle glowed in the sunlight, appearing to be a bright golden. Behind the castle was a shimmering blue lake, surrounded by more hills and a waterfall on the side opposite from Vendeva. Legend has it that the water of this lake, the Lake of Sona, was magical. According to the myths, not only did the water have the ability to heal physical and psychological ailments, but it also had the power to mend a broken heart.

Woah. That's so cool!

It's not true, doofus.

Hey, you know the rules. No name-calling.

You call Dad 'doofus' all the time.

I'm married to him; it's my job.

You used to call me 'doofus' way before we were -

Whatever. Keep going.

So on one side of the lake was Vendeva and on the other was Armosia. Yeah, that's right. The only thing separating them was the lake and their disdain for each other. Actually, wait. At this point they didn't hate each other. They coexisted in peace and there wasn't any bad blood between them as of yet. They were friendly with one another; no grudges or bitter feelings. Armosia was okay with Vendeva becoming an independent country, because it's succession wasn't a major loss for them. Already the Kingdom of Armosia was a large kingdom, and Vendeva breaking away meant they had more resources available to them, since they now had one less territory to worry about. Not wasting these extra resources, they expanded their empire, conquering new lands and annexing more territories. At the time our story takes place, the kingdom ruled over more than 130 territories, or city-states as they came to be known.

What was their castle like?

Oh, it was beautiful. Similar to the Palace of Vendeva, the Palace of Armosia was on top of a grassy hill, clusters of deciduous trees surrounding the palace walls. However, Armosia's palace was three times the size of Vendeva's, not to mention it was extremely lavish. Instead of being built of stones or bricks like most castles at time, the Palace of Armosia was built of white-gray marble and was adorned with solid gold details.

Wow, that's fancy.

Yeah, Armosia really valued extravagance.

So, these two kingdoms lived life normally for a while. Vendeva was stable, developing nation, peace and knowledge fueling society, and making their presence known internationally, establishing a few allies. Armosia was a prosperous and influential country, gaining the loyalty of many cities and became one of the largest and most powerful nation in the world.

Then, 25 years after she became queen, Queen Marie fell ill and passed away. Though he was her husband, the General didn't acquire the status of royalty, so the crown was inherited by Marie's only child - Edgar. King Edgar was a good leader, having been influenced by his mother. But, a few years into his reign, an unexpected virus broke out in the kingdom. It was a new, unusual virus and no one had any clue how to prevent it or treat it. A national pandemic occurred, the virus spreading fast through the kingdom, inflicting many. A lot of lives were lost due to the lack of treatment and people not taking proper precautions. To ensure the safety of everyone, King Edgar ordered a decree that everyone had to remain indoors and limit social interaction as much as possible, so that the disease wasn't transmitted any further and it could be contained. Because of this isolation, the stores and businesses all shut down, causing villagers to lose their jobs and this in turn hurt the economy badly.

Desperate, King Edgar began taking water out of the Lake of Sona.

Ohhhh, because of the legend!


Did it work though?


Some people were healed, but whether it was because of the water's magical qualities or the isolation, it's not sure. The King of Armosia was notified of Vendeva using the lake water, and he became really angry. There was never any official occupation of the lake, but Armosia just assumed that it was silent agreement that the lake was theirs. With this perspective, Vendeva was overstepping their boundaries and stealing from Armosia, a crime punishable by death in the Legal Code of Armosia. King Edgar held his ground that he had done nothing wrong, insisting that Vendeva had just as much control over the lake as Armosia did. The King of Armosia disagreed and he declared war on Vendeva.

It was a bloody, gruesome war. Heads were flying, guts were scattered across the ground... The country was doused in blood. People lost not only their homes and families, but also their will to live. There was no hope in sight, just ruins of what once was and a lot of blood. So. Much. Blood.


Okay, honestly, babe, you need to stop interrupting me.

But that's not what happened!

I'm being creative! Don't dull my light.

Daddy, was there really that much blood?

Oh yeah, bud. There was so much blood, the country was drowning in it.

Ugh, this is so gross.

If you don't like it, you can leave. The door's right over there.


Eventually, the King of Vendeva surrendered. The war had added to their poverty, the food shortage increased, and panic was at an all time high. They had lost too many people; people who weren't victim to the bloodshed were dying of sickness. It was a terrible time for Vendeva, and so in the best interest of his people, Edgar surrendered.

Did the war really happen because of a stupid lake?

Well, honey, you have to understand King Edgar did go against the law.

Not really, though. You said it wasn't official if Vendeva could use the lake.

Yes, but -

Even if they hadn't been allowed to, they should've been in this case. What the King of Armosia did was inhumane.

You're a smart cookie.

I know. I'm Mommy's daughter.

Exactly. I'm so proud.

My genes contributed too, you know.


Anyways, the Treaty of Tolleranza, which also served as a formal apology from King Edgar, was drafted. In this treaty it was stated that the King of Vendeva transgressed and the Kingdom of Vendeva was not allowed in any circumstance to utilize the lake, unless granted permission by the King or Queen of Armosia. The kings of both kingdoms signed and shook on it. And they all lived happily ever after!


Just kidding! They did not live happily ever after.

Though both kingdoms had agreed to be at peace with each other and not initiate another war, their feelings toward each other strengthened. In the bad way. They hated each other. Due to being neighbors, they were competitive and ruthless with one another, always looking for ways to one-up the other. This silent war was harder on the Kingdom of Vendeva, because the war hurt them more than Armosia. The virus was eventually contained after a vaccine had been discovered, but even so Vendeva was weak. They had lost too many of their citizens, many people were now without a home, and a lot of their crops and animals had died because of the fires and bloodshed.

That's terrible.

It was, bud.

But life moved on, and soon the Kingdom of Vendeva was in better shape. Not as good as before, though. There was still a high rate of poverty, the economy was weak, and a lot of people were still homeless, but alas, it wasn't as terrible as the war had left them.

Some years pass and the son of Edgar takes the throne - King Lester Dawson. He was a gracious and kind ruler, much like his father and grandmother; all the people of Vendeva loved him and his wife, the lovely Queen Penelope Dawson.

On the other side of the lake, a few years later, King Michael Moon inherited the crown and he reigned over the Kingdom of Armosia with Queen Miriam Moon by his side. They were powerful, innovative leaders, and soon Armosia became a leading nation.

The feud between the two kingdoms seldom disappeared. They still hated each other and their competitive nature did not cease, only increased. But things soon began to change and it all happened because of a little boy.

Okay. Wow.

It's true and you know it.

At the edge of dawn on a warm May morning, a beautiful baby boy was born - Prince Desmond Hatfield Dawson of Vendeva. He was the king and queen's miracle, and boy, was he a cute one! He was such a cutie, that the entire kingdom had to be shutdown for a week, because nobody could function.


It's true! They were so overcome with adoration, they couldn't focus on any of their tasks.

Stop lying to the kids.

I'm not.

Vendeva celebrated his birth happily, overjoyed about their heir. About a year later, Armosia celebrated for the same reason, for the handsome and magnificent Prince Austin Monica Moon was born. And of course, we can't forget about the beautiful Lady Patricia Maria de la Rosa of Brazxxane. She blessed the world with her existence a few months before Prince Austin.

That's true.

Finally, you agree on something.

Last but not least, Princess Allison Edgar Dawson was born three years after her older brother.

Did the kingdom shutdown because of her, too?

No. She wasn't that cute.

Shut up. No, the kingdom wasn't shutdown. But yes, Princess Allison was adorable. More so than Prince Desmond even.


Now, who's spreading lies, hmm?

Still you, babe.

Remember how I said things began to change because of a little boy? Yeah, so Prince Desmond, or as he prefers to be called - Dez, loved everyone. He was a friendly little kid, who enjoyed getting to know everyone, regardless of which kingdom they lived in or what their status was. So even though the Moons and Dawsons despised each other, Dez struck up a friendship with Austin.

Mommy, is that true? Or is Daddy just making things up again?

No, honey. Your dad is actually right this time.

I'm offended.

Dez and Austin very quickly became the best of friends, despite their parents' rivalry. They grew up together, learning the responsibilities of being the crown prince and keeping each other sane while they were being annoyed by Ally and Trish.


I said nothing wrong.

The Kings and Queens of Vendeva and Armosia attempted to break apart Austin and Dez, trying everything in their power to prevent the two from getting closer. Ultimately, though, they failed. Their bond was so strong, no force could break them apart.

Except for that one time.

Shush. We don't speak of it.

What time? I wanna know! Daddy, tell us!

It's not important.

Mommy, will you tell us?

Of course, honey. Later.


Oh, before I continue, there's an important law that should be mentioned. No member of the Dawson blood could, in any circumstance, wed a Moon. If a union between the royal members of the Kingdom of Vendeva and the Kingdom of Armosia were to happen, the two individuals would be banished from their respected kingdoms and it'd be like they never existed. Remember that, okay?

And so, because of Austin and Dez, the Dawsons and Moons were forced to spend more time together, be more courteous with each other. They, by no means, liked each other, but well, they tolerated each other. And that was enough.

For now, at least.

okay, so i know this is short, and be warned - this whole fic is probably gonna be short - in terms of total chapters and chapter length. i was originally going to write this as a one-shot, but then there was more content than i expected, so i decided to make it a mini multichap, so yay! but we all know i'm terrible at multichaps so hahaha let's hope this goes well. although, i probably won't update for another two years lmao... jk! hopefully i'll update really soon; i have notes written so let's hope that means something.

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