For whatever reason, either error on my part or things not staying in the format I gave them when I uploaded the documents, the times when the dreamer consciously warps "reality" by repeating something three times were not underlined - like in the previous chapter when she ran through the door. I'm going back and fixing that as I see it. I think it happened in Lucid Dream: Until Dawn as well. I noticed the inconsistencies when I was reading over the story again. So if you see something underlined for whatever reason, that's what's going on. It just goes to show me that I need to pay closer attention to these things when I upload. But enough of that. Here is the final chapter of Lucid Dream: The Hunchback of Notre Dame. I know I promised you a hint to the third Lucid Dream. It'll be down at the end of this chapter. So for now, enjoy this final chapter of this dream.

Where was this room?

I knew Quasimodo put Esmeralda in a room where she would be safe.

Okay, how did it go in the movie? He put her in the room and ran out. And swung down to the open area between the towers. That gave me an idea, but I would have to trust my gut as to where I needed to go.

I just kept running up the levels. It was a good thing I was in this dress and not my houppelande. Running up the stairs in that once was enough.

I found the room and opened the door. Quasimodo was kneeling next to the bed Esmeralda was laying on, sobbing.

Was I too late?

I closed the door behind me and crossed the room.


He looked over his shoulder. "She's dead," he whispered.

I reached around him and checked for a pulse in Esmeralda's neck. I felt a pulse. She was still alive! And she would stay that way if I had anything to say about it.

I decided to play it safe than sorry.

Esmeralda lives. Esmeralda lives. Esmeralda lives.

Hopefully that would be enough to make sure she stays alive.

I leaned over and gave Quasimodo a small hug as he continued to cry.

The door to the room opened, casting the orange glow of the fire outside on Quasimodo and me. I whirled around to see Frollo. I backed away from Esmeralda and Quasimodo and up against the wall. Frollo cast me a glare as he crossed the room, but refocused on Quasimodo. He rested his hand on his hump.

"You killed her," Quasimodo whispered.

"It was my duty, horrible as it was. I hope you will forgive me," Frollo said calmly. "There, there, Quasimodo, I know it hurts. But now, the time has come to end your suffering."

Frollo took out the dagger he had hiding behind his back.

"Quasi!" I screamed.

Quasimodo looked up and saw Frollo's shadow with the dagger. He turned around and caught his arm as he tried to stab him in the back. Quasimodo wrestled the dagger from Frollo and threw him across the room. Quasimodo held the dagger in his hand and looked down at Frollo.

Frollo back away and into a corner in fear. "Now, now, listen to me, Quasimodo."

"No, you listen!" shouted Quasimodo. "All my life you have told me the world is a dark, cruel place. But now, I see that the only thing dark and cruel about it is people like you!" He threw the dagger down.


We all turned to the bed and saw Esmeralda sitting up.

"Esmeralda!" Quasimodo hobbled over to her, overjoyed that she was alive.

"She lives!" Frollo drew his sword he had under his robes.

Quasimodo turned at the sound of the sword unsheathing. "No!" He grabbed Esmeralda.

The three of us ran from the room as Frollo got to his feet.

We ran out around the tower.

"Get on my back!" Quasimodo told me.

I didn't hesitate and jumped onto his back. The next second, Quasimodo was jumping over the side of the tower and grabbed onto one of the gargoyles. We waited in tense silence.

Frollo leaned over the side and saw us. "Leaving so soon?" He swung his sword at us, but Quasimodo rocked back and it missed.

"Hang on!" Quasimodo yelled. He swung off the gargoyle and climbed across the side of the cathedral.

Frollo swung and kept missing, Quasimodo always being a little faster than him. Quasimodo kept climbing along the side of the cathedral carrying us, but I could tell it was wearing on him. I kept myself pressed to his back in one place the best I could, hoping not moving would help. Maybe it did, maybe it didn't, but it didn't matter because we were soon cornered.

Quasimodo pulled us up by holding onto a gargoyle perched on the railing. He guided Esmeralda onto the railing. I, on the other hand, thought it would be smart to try to jump from his back and catch the railing that way. I caught the railing with both hands, but my feet slipped out from under me. I let out a yelp.

Frollo caught up to us and tried to hit Esmeralda. Quasimodo shoved her off the railing and onto the floor and Frollo's sword hit the gargoyle instead. Quasimodo hopped up onto the gargoyle and balanced himself.

"I should have known you'd risk your life to save that gypsy witch," Frollo snarled at him. "Just as your own mother died trying to save you."

"What?" Quasimodo whispered in disbelief.

"Now I'm going to do what I should have done twenty years ago!" Frollo grabbed his cape and threw it at Quasimodo. It wrapped around his head and Frollo yanked back hard. Quasimodo fell from the gargoyle, but he managed to catch hold of the cape. He swung around and grabbed the side of the cathedral and pulled on the cape. Frollo fell over the side, but held on to the fabric.

I jumped over the railing and ran with Esmeralda to help Quasimodo. She reached over the side and grabbed his wrist. I got beside her and managed to get Quasimodo's hand. Below him, Frollo was swinging himself over and caught hold of a gargoyle.

"Hold on!" Esmeralda encouraged Quasimodo. "Hold on!"

Quasimodo was exhausted and I couldn't blame him. His grip failed on Frollo's cape and it fell away into the smoke and fire below.

Frollo pulled himself up on the gargoyle, his sword still in hand. He laughed evilly as he stood up on the stone waterspout. Esmeralda and I turned to him as he raised his sword above his head.

"And He shall smite the wicked and plunge them into the fiery pit!" he declared with a mad gleam in his eye.

Fearlessly, I looked back at him and yelled, "Yes, He shall!"

The gargoyle Frollo was standing on cracked and shifted and Frollo lost his balance and slipped. He grabbed the gargoyle, looking at it in the mouth. For a moment it looked like the gargoyle came alive, its eyes lighting up with fire and snarling at Frollo.

"No!" Frollo yelled desperately, but the gargoyle broke off and he fell into the fire below.

"Quasimodo!" Esmeralda cried.

Our grip on him was slipping. He was already out of my hands.

"Quasi!" Esmeralda tried again. He slipped out of her hands. "No!"

Quasimodo fell only to be caught at the floor below us.

"Somebody caught him," I quickly told her.

We both ran down to find Quasimodo on his feet with Phoebus. Esmeralda ran to Quasimodo and gave him a hug. I walked over and gave him one as well.

Quasimodo drew back from the both of us. He took Esmeralda's hand in one of his and reached back and took Phoebus's hand. He gently joined them together and stepped away. Esmeralda and Phoebus took a second to look at each other before kissing. Quasimodo and I watched them with smiles.

We went downstairs where Phoebus and Esmeralda ran outside hand in hand. The crowd cheered at their appearance. Phoebus put his hands up in the air, lifting one of Esmeralda's with his. I stepped out behind them with a smile on my face.

Esmeralda turned and looked at Phoebus. She walked back to the door and reached out her hand to Quasimodo. He had stayed inside, in the shadows. Quasimodo hesitated for a moment before taking her hand. She led him outside into the sunlight. He had to put up his hand and squint a little until his eyes adjusted. The crowd made no sound, just stared at him. Esmeralda let go of his hand and stepped back next to Phoebus.

A little girl in a purple dress came up the steps of Notre Dame, looking at him curiously. She reached out her hands and touched his face. Quasimodo gasped and drew back a little, expecting pain, but after a few seconds, he put his hands down and the little girl gave him a hug. The little girl then took his hand and led him into the crowd. The people were still scared and nervous of him and stepped back, but that all changed a second later.

Up on a pole, Clopin shouted out, "Three cheers for Quasimodo!"

The crowd cheered and Quasimodo was lifted up on their shoulders.

Clopin jumped down from the pole and up to the little girl in purple.

"So here is a riddle to guess if you can
"Sing the bells of Notre Dame.

Clopin picked up the little girl. He quickly pulled out his Frollo puppet and the little girl giggled at it.

I strolled up beside him. "What makes a monster and what makes a man?"

Clopin looked at me with a smile.

"Sing the bells, bells, bells, bells," the choir sang.

The crowd continued to cheer as Quasimodo was carried away from Notre Dame.

I looked over and saw Djali jump into Esmeralda's arms and lick Phoebus. They smiled and continued to watch Quasimodo be carried off.

Clopin continued the song.

"Whatever their pitch,
"You can feel them bewitch you,
"The rich and ritual knells,
"Of the bells of Notre Dame!"

I took a few steps back away from everyone. Just as I did, I heard a woman's voice shout angrily.

"Don't you ever migrate?"

I had to laugh as the choir finished out the song.

I smiled and raised my hands. "The end." I gave a single clap on the final note and everything went black.

And thus the dream has ended.

Thank you so much for reading, everybody. The dreamer will be back soon for another entry in the Lucid Dream story in the near future. I did hint in another author's note that the dreamer will be going into a story many people are familiar with in some form. The only other hint I'll give you is this: the dreamer is going into a world of pure imagination.