A/N: So, this is my first Fairy Tail fanfic; I got this idea after re-watching Fairy Tail and was up to the Galuna Island Arc. I liked the idea of Lucy and Gray being siblings, but sadly there wasn't one that I could find. Well, not one where LUCY was Gray's sister, anyway. So my solution? Make up my own!

Lucy might not appear for a lot of the story, but she will be in a lot of flashbacks and you can see how she influences Gray's life after Deliora, even in her absence.

I hope you enjoy the story.

Gray sat on a rock, a massive block of solid ice in front of him. He was glaring at nothing while his thoughts ran a mile a minute. Why was he even here? He was facing the possibility of being kicked out of Fairy Tail, as well as facing the almighty wrath of one Erza Scarlet.

But even with his almost-certain, impending doom on the horizon, there was an ever-present hole in his heart, that only seemed to become more pronounced after he quite literally saw a demon from his past. What was Deliora doing here? How did this "Cold Emperor" even find him? And why did he need the Demon of Destruction?

Gray closed his eyes, attempting to rein in the storm of emotions swirling within him.

That's right... he couldn't let the fire-breathing idiot go alone on an S-Class mission with only his Exceed. Despite how often they fought, it was a mutual understanding that both considered each other as the brother they never had. That's just how it was in Fairy Tail — everyone was family. As if to make up for the broken pasts that nearly every member came from. Fighting was their way of showing how they cared. Gray nearly snorted at the irony.

And yet, his mind continued to wander past his current circumstances, past Fairy Tail... and to a place where he hadn't visited in a long time...

Gray panted as he knelt in the snow, his breath fogging in front of him. A white-haired boy around his age stood beside him, while a tall woman with dark hair stood in front of him, her back to the boys.

"Can you keep up, Gray?" she asked, not unkindly. It held a reminiscent of motherly concern. She turned around with a teasing smile, "My training is tough, you know."

Gray brushed it off as rage thrummed through his veins. Rage at his helplessness, rage at Deliora for taking everything he knew and loved away from him. "I'll do whatever I have to!"

Gray clenched his teeth, his grip on his interlocked hands tightening so much he thought he would break his knuckles. In the silence, he could almost hear her voice, asking him why he was so angry, begging him to calm down and think rationally. He didn't dare look up from where he had pressed his eyes into his hands, as if it would dispel the illusion he had in his mind.

Her light footsteps, like a fairy. Her tinkling laugh. Her gentleness, her kindness, her fragility. Her voice, soft and sweet.

If he focused, he could almost hear her...

Words are born into air,

And quickly fade out into the wind.

But they find their way inside you, and they live on forevermore.

Gray watched as Ur demonstrated an Ice Make: Shield. Gray then attempted to make a shield himself, but only succeeded in making something that resembled a snowflake. And even then, it held for barely a minute before breaking with a small burst of magic power and sending him flying back into the snow.

Gray glared up at his teacher's amused smile.

But with his rage-driven motivation, it wasn't long before Gray mastered the move. After demonstrating it flawlessly in front of Ur, Gray turned around to see the woman smiling proudly at him.

He didn't smile back.

When the skies are dark and full of rain, look inside your heart.

The light, so warm will come and glow,

Shining just like the sun.

You can see just how much you've grown, how strong you are.

"Why are you moping around?" Gray stepped into the coral-pink bedroom. A mop of blonde was curled up dejectedly on her bed. "You love the carnival."

"Yeah, but it's gonna be my first carnival without you," the muffled voice answered.

Gray's eyebrows rose and he started to walk over to the bed. "I don't get it." He sat down on the bed and ducked his head down, trying to look the girl in the eye. "Why do you wanna hang out with me so much?"

There was silence from the younger for a moment before a pair of chocolate-brown eyes, an exact replica of their mother's, glanced up shyly. Gray smiled encouragingly, reaching over to tuck a stray strand of blonde hair behind her ear.

"The truth is... I like to hang out with you because..." her voice softened so Gray had to strain to hear it, "I wanna be just like you." Seeming to regain her confidence, her voice rose a little, "You're smart, confident, kind, determined, and really cool." The chocolate-brown gaze fell to the floor again. "And... I miss you."

Gray tilted his head. "What do you mean? I'm always here for you. You're my baby sister."

"But you're never around anymore. You're always out with your friends," the girl frowned slightly. "I know Mom and Dad say it's normal, and that I'll find friends of my own soon, but..."

"Hey," Gray said softly, reaching over to pull the little girl onto his lap. "I like hanging out with you too, you know?"

"Really?" she looked up at him hopefully, and Gray grinned down at her.

"Well, you're a little nutty..." he paused before suddenly hugging her close to him, causing her to squeal in both delight and surprise, "but you always make me laugh!" he chuckled, pressing a kiss to her temple. The girl giggled, closing her eye at the close proximity.

"You don't mind me tagging along?" the doe eyes looked up at him earnestly, and Gray could feel a soft smile across his face.

"Maybe not all the time," he corrected absent-mindedly, "but tell you what: I'll set aside some time every day, just for you. How does that sound?"

A bright grin lit up the little girl's face. "That sounds great!" she exclaimed happily, before throwing her arms around her older brother. "I love you, Gray-nii."

Gray smiled into the blonde hair. "And I love you, imouto. I promise I'll always be there for you, okay?"

A love will open up to you,

And it starts from the day that you first heard those words.

Gray rested his elbows on his knees, his forehead leaning on his hands that were clasped as if in prayer. He bared his gritted teeth as he tried to contain his rising grief and rage. A tear slipped, unbidden, down his cheek.