Discovering a Hidden Constellation Chapter 1

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For Sirius Black, this last year has been very shitty. Hell, if he was honest, most of his life hadn't been a picnic. Yes, his Hogwarts years had been great; what with his four best mates, but before school, he had been stuck in a family that was known to be full of dark, demented individuals. His mother was one of the more unhinged members to date. Now that they were out of school, he was up to his ears with stress. Between being an Auror with his best mate, James Potter, to going on different missions for the Order of the Phoenix, Sirius had a lot of weight on his shoulders.

That is why he currently sat in a pub in the middle of Muggle London, enjoying a regular, non-magical brew. The alcohol wasn't as strong as the ones someone would find at The Leaky, but the fact that no one knew who he was made it worth the walk from the nearest apparition point. He had been frequenting this particular pub for around a month now; coming about two or three times a week. He loved that he could sit back, relax, and not have to put on his Auror or his Marauders hat. He could just BE.

Sirius took another sip of his beer, looking down the bar. It was fairly empty, as it was still the middle of the week. He was fairly happy about that as he wasn't really in the mood to be around anyone at the moment.

"Rum and Black, please," a woman said as she took a seat two stools away from him. She had beautiful honey color hair that curled wildly and fell past her shoulders and a killer body.

Sirius watched as the lovely woman consumed her drink in one long swig before looking at the barkeep and said, "Another, please. Actually, you might want to just make two more."

'Bloody hell, that's hot,' Sirius thought as the women swallowed both of those back to back just as quickly before ordering yet another. She threw her hair behind her shoulder a few minutes later before finally surveying her surroundings. She caught Sirius staring and raised an eyebrow at the handsome Auror.

"What, haven't you ever seen a woman try to get utterly pissed in just a few minutes?" she asked him boldly.

Sirius smirked, raising his freshly poured whiskey to her. "Not by herself, I haven't. All of the women I know try to get pissed in a group of friends or with their boyfriend or their husband," he replied, thinking fondly of Lily, Dorcas, and Marlene.

The women laughed bitterly and flagged down the bartender to order yet another drink.

"Well, my husband is currently balls deep in our dental assistant, so he's unavailable at the moment." She looked at her watch and laughed humorlessly. "Well, he should be quite finished by now if how he screws me is any indication. Unless I'm just so utterly cow-like that he can only keep it up for a few thrusts at a time."

Sirius whistled and moved over a seat, wanting to comfort this total stranger. Women who he felt a strong connection with always made him want to fix their problems. When he was a boy, he had always wanted to save Narcissa, his cousin, from her demented older sister. While he was at Hogwarts, and in a smaller way even now, he wanted to protect Lily from all of the pureblood supremacy bull shit that was running rampant in their world. And now, in a muggle pub in London, he wanted to fix this beautiful, wonderful woman that sat beside him. Even if she was a perfect stranger.

"Love, you are definitely not cow-like. And if that idiot can't see it, then he's barking mad."

The women looked Sirius over, taking in every single inch of him, while sipping her newest libation. She put down the glass and licked her lips, causing the pair of jeans that the Black heir had chosen to wear to become very uncomfortable, very quickly.

"Do you really think I don't look like a cow?" she asked, turning away from the bar and now facing completely toward him.

"Of course not," he reassured her, taking a long look at the woman in front of him.

She stood, closing the distance between them to near nothing. "I don't know if I should believe you," she finally said, taking her new seat beside him now.

"Why not?" he found himself asking, turning his own self around to look at her.

"Well, handsome stranger," she started.

"Sirius," he interrupted, giving her his name.

She raised an eyebrow and nodded before pointing to herself. "Helen. And Sirius, I know I'm not the most petite thing in the world. I've always had broad shoulders; more like ones a man would have," she informed him, taking off the sweater she had on. It was warmer than normal late September day. The thin blouse she wore left very little to the imagination.

"He told me these were too big, almost deformed-looking," she sighed, looking down at the mounds that had been taunting Sirius for the last thirty minutes.

"He must be a bloody idiot," he said, looking her in the eyes as he did so.

"My stomach has too much fat on it. It's disgusting the way it jiggles when I move. And my damn hips are entirely too wide," Helen added, taking another sip of her drink that was making her so bold and honest.

Sirius put his empty glass down on the sticky bar and stood up, taking a small step that had them touching. She had him so hard he could barely think straight.

Helen looked up into his grey eyes and became mesmerized by the way he looked at her. She had never been looked at with such desire. No one had looked at her with such lust. She took one last sip of her drink, before putting it down on the bar.

"Don't even get me started on my thighs," she whispered, looking back up at him through her eyelashes.

"Shit," he hissed, pulling her to him and kissing her. He had never tasted anything as amazing as Helen. Merlin, this woman was driving him insane.

"Get a room," someone yelled, pulling Helen from their drunken snogging.

"That's the best idea I've heard in quite some time," she said, trying to slow down her breathing.

"Yea?" Sirius asked, wanting to make sure that this mysterious goddess was sure of the sweet things she was saying. He didn't know if he could stop himself once he saw all of her.

Helen took a good look at the gorgeous man in front of her. She had never felt more wanted and by someone who was completely out of her league. She figured that if Richard can have his little slut, then she sure as hell could have some fun of her own. Consequences be damned! She gathered her sweater, flopping it over her arm, and her purse, opening it to reach for some money to pay her tab.

"I've got it, Love," Sirius said quickly, having already put enough down for their tab plus a hefty tip. He put his hand at the small of her back and led her out of the pub, extremely ready for what the rest of the night would bring.

"Dear Lord," Helen breathed, falling back on the pillow, completely and totally spent. She had never been more thoroughly taken in her whole life. Granted, other than Richard, she had only been with one other boy and that was when she was in her last year of secondary. 'And that was bloody awful,' Helen thought, as she tried to catch her breath.

"Bloody hell," Sirius sighed, looking over at the women he had just slept with. 'That was the most amazing shag I have ever had. The things that women can do,' he thought. He looked at her generously sized breasts down to her silky, thick thighs. Her beauty was completely wasted on her idiot husband; the bloody wanker. Sirius leaned over and kissed her breast, causing her to suck in a breath.

"Sirius, that was amazing and just what I needed. But I do have to go," Helen sighed, leaning over and kissing Sirius one more time. She would never forget how beautiful she felt when she was with him.

"You're going back to him?" Sirius asked, raising his eyebrows.

"We have a business together and a life together. Even if he is a cheating bastard. Now I'm a cheating slut," she said with a shrug.

Sirius didn't like hearing her call herself a slut. What they had just experienced together didn't feel dirty or something to be ashamed of at all.

"Helen," he started, but stopped himself from saying what he really wanted to say. Instead, he gave her his most charming smile. "If you ever find yourself in need of another reality escape, I'll be at that pub a few times a week."

Helen smiled as she finished dressing, leaning in for one more kiss. "Goodbye, beautiful Sirius."

"Merlin, you are amazing," Sirius declared three months later. He wore nothing but a Santa hat and a smile. The last three months have been some of the best in his life.

They had been meeting once or twice a week since that first night and he had loved every minute of it. If he was being honest with himself, he was falling completely and totally in love with his sexy Helen.

"Merlin, huh?" Helen asked, smiling over at the man that had started to mean so much to her.

"Yes, Merlin," he agreed, pulling her closer and smacking her ass playfully, causing her to laugh. Her smile lessened as she looked into his eyes, seeing how much she meant to him. She knew she needed to tell him, but she had no clue how he was going to take it.

"What's wrong, Love?" he asked, moving a stray piece of hair out of her eyes. "Is it Richard? Has he found out about us?" he asked conspiratorially. Sirius would be extremely happy if he had. Then maybe they could finally be together outside of the pub and this hotel room.

"Hell no! He's too busy enjoying the little affair he's having to even notice I'm not home often myself," she replied, sitting up. "I'm not sure he even remembers we are married."

"Then why are you?" Sirius wondered.

Helen sighed, standing up to pull the dress she had worn over her head. "Because it's expected of me. It's what my father wants and since he's the one who paid for my education and our practice, he basically owns me."

That statement did something to Sirius. He stood up and round the bed, stopping right in front of Helen.

"No man owns you, Helen! He may be your father and he may have paid for your education and your practice, but he does not own you, Love. You can walk away and start a new life. You can work at another dentist's office and make your own decisions," he explained fervently, taking her hands in his.

"How could I just walk away from my family, Sirius? I would never see my mum again, or my sister. And rest assured, my father would make damn well sure that they both knew they were to have nothing to do with me," Helen asked, tears starting to form in her eyes. Her father may be a tyrant, but she had always had a wonderful relationship with her mother and her sister.

"For your happiness and for what is right, a person should do just about anything," he replied, thinking about his own exodus from his family all those years ago.

Helen nodded. She had never truly been in love with Richard Granger, but her father had liked him since their very first date. She had been highly encouraged to pursue him or the money for her education might happen to find itself tied up in something else. After all, the only reason a woman went to University was to find an acceptable husband; at least, according to her father.

"You're right," she agreed, taking in a shaky breath.

Sirius pulled the women that he was in love with into his lap and kissed her tenderly. "I will help you however you need me to," he vowed, placing soft kisses along her neck.

Helen smiled slightly, always so surprised when this gorgeous man loved her so gently. "Sirius, there's something I need to tell you," she said nervously, pulling away from him slightly so that she could look at him.

"What is it, Love?" he asked, slightly concerned. Was she going to try and leave her husband but also walk away from him? Was she going to tell him she was going to stay with her husband anyway and tell him they couldn't be together any longer? Was she...

"I'm pregnant."

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